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Probably my grandmother. She let me play with her old lipsticks when I was a little girl. I loved all the heavy duty cases and the way they smelled. Later on, probably my mom – I used to watch her get ready and the transformation always amazed me.

Definitely my older sister! I didn’t get into makeup until about 21? One Christmas she just bought me a ton of stuff. I remember the Vice 2 palette, the NARS lip kit for that year, and theBalm nudes palette. Initially, I was upset because she knew I didn’t wear makeup, but now I have a pretty extensive collection. I’m almost certain that she only bought me all that for Christmas so she could make VIB that year! πŸ˜›

My mom. I remember her getting dressed to go out and she would whip her hair into a bee hive and put on black eyeliner and lipstick. She let me wear makeup when I was about 12. My second choice would be Mary Kay Ash. I was in my mid 20’s when I first started to sell cosmetics. She was still alive then and such an inspiration. I learned many makeup tips I still use today.

I’m the first in my family to wear makeup, so there were no real role models. I was inspired by looking at models in magazines and actresses on TV and in movies. But my mom often sent me to the local bank to get change for our family business, and there was this nice bank teller there who was always dressed to the nines and fully made up, like she was ready to go out for the evening. She looked so glamorous and beautiful compared to all of the other drab-looking workers, and I told myself that I would like to look like her some day. So that’s probably where my interest in makeup started.

I don’t think there was a person, or even a group of people. I grew up in a family where everyone was very plain — unadorned — in a down-to-earth semi-religious kind of way, so I didn’t see much makeup when I was younger. I started noticing makeup and making feeble attempts at using it in junior high school, mostly because I saw other girls using it, but I wouldn’t say they inspired me. I was pretty hopeless, though, and ridiculously tomboyish, so I couldn’t get into it enough to get good at it and dropped it on and off and on and off again for about 15 years. I think I became seriously interested after I became a makeup artist for the local Opera company. But it was never about the people, or a person, it was about the colors and the way they could transform a face.

I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until the pastor’s daughter at our church was allowed to wear it and she wore only a lip gloss. In high school I became really interested in makeup and that was mostly because of fashion magazines in the school library. I loved Twiggy and Cheryl Tiegs and would have to say that they really were my inspiration and were responsible for my love of makeup along with my best friends mother. Her mother worked in an upscale drug store that carried expensive makeup and while she wouldn’t allow her daughter to wear the makeup she did give me samples and told me how important it was to take care of my skin. I tried to follow her advice. After college I was single and making very good money so I started buying makeup and used only high end makeup for many years. I primarily used Chanel, Shiseido and Estee Lauder. After getting married, buying a house and having a child I had to cut back on my expensive purchases so started wearing more drugstore makeup while trying to use mostly high end skin care. Today, I am single again and have money to buy what I want so I purchase for myself and for my daughter who has inherited a love of makeup from me. By the way, my first high end purchase was “Joy” perfume. I purchased it at Macy’s and took it home. When I get there I couldn’t get it to open. I had to work so couldn’t take it right back but when I did my mother went with me and when the sales associate commented that I wouldn’t want to spend ******** dollars on a perfume and not be able to wear it, my mother just about had a heart attack. They had inadvertently given me a bottle that was empty and sealed shut to be used as part of the display. My Mom and I still laugh about it sometimes.

For me it was also a website rather than a person: beaute-test.com, a very popular site in French with reviews and very active forums.

I have no idea at all but I can tell you that the whole “online” makeup world has really fed my interest. I remember one of the first youtubers I watched – her “name” was Califjewls; she’s long gone from the internet now, sadly. And Temptalia (the blog and the now dormant youtube channel) continues to be the biggest influence, along with a few favourite youtubers – that has done more than anything to foster my interest, purchasing and skill-set.

I feel like something is very wrong. This post says 8-11-16 and it is 8-12. Is this yesterday’s post and I am just now seeing it for the first time? I am wondering if something is wrong with my phone because yesterday, 8-11, I could not see the posts from the prior day, 8-10, until the afternoon, and I did not see the 8-11 posts until after 8 p.m. I might be losing my mind, lol!

At any rate, I was raised by my father with no women in my life and I was totally into make up by age 11. There were no television or music influences either, and I don’t remember any of my girlfriends even wearing make up, so I think it was just all me.

Hi Tammy,

The Temptalia Asks You posts go up at 10PM PST each day, so this went up on 8/11 10PMST PST (or 8/12 1AM EST). My publishing schedule is based on PST, as that was always my time zone (now it’s MST, but I keep it as PST for ease now). If there’s a server blip, it is possible that a post scheduled at say, 11AM wouldn’t post until the server was available and it could try again, but if that were so, I would definitely know about it! And the comments would come in later but I have comments with timestamps that show posts went live at the normal time (and viewable by others, since comments were left!).

I’m not sure what’s going on for you that you’re not seeing posts πŸ™ The only thing I could think of is to delete your cookies/clear cache if you can.

I also got influenced by the online world! I had no one that I knew in person who loved makeup- I just followed online reviews/blogs/etc. I started on makeup alley, then I got onto Specktra, and I know I found you around the same time!!

You. I’d played with it and spent a little money on it before, but it wasn’t until reading your blog that I understood makeup is, to a very great (and I think under-realized) extent about a love of color and creativity, rather than insecurity. I grew up hearing that makeup was about creaking and marketing to women’s insecurity about their looks and of course that is very true and very real. But it is also about little pots of really gorgeous colors, and the way wearing a touch of pure beauty makes you feel. (This is also true about yarn, BTW: I am a highly-skilled hand-knitter.)

Self-taught, really, Someone showed me how to cast-on, knit and purl. Which was all I did. Then I read Sharon Miller, who designs some of the most complicated and beautiful shawls in the world, saying, if you can knit, purl, do a yarn over, K2, SSK, and a centered double decrease–basic, basic stitches–you can knit these shawls. Now, she’s simplifying a little… but only a little.

Miller’s statement totally changed my outlook. I went and commissioned handspun for my first stranded colourwork sweater after that, and it required far more manipulation than the Starmores I’ve knit since.

You don’t need to knit miles of scarves. You can practice a pattern or a technique in a 4-inch gauge swatch.

Buy good patterns, like Carol Sunday and Alice and Jade Starmore, that are perfectly written, then execute in quality yarns. I knit a Starmore in trash yarn and that…saddens me.

Techknitter’s resources. And that’s really about it.

My mom, of course, helped me buy my first makeup in 5th grade (concealer and mascara). So from then through college my experience was drugstore makeup and it was all self-motivated. I used to do fun looks in the evening before I took a shower so no one would see me. Then, 4 years ago, I discovered that YouTube makeup tutorials were a thing and a bunch of different “gurus” inspired me to check out the more high-end makeup area of Ulta. For the past 2 years it’s really been the Instagram community that’s inspired me to put myself out there. And recently, I made a real-life friend who shares my love for all things cosmetic. That’s been a huge motivator to continue trying new things.

My cousin Debbie in California!!! Because that was the one who showed me that even though I didn’t have hardly any lid space showing, I could STILL wear some seriously kick butt eye makeup!
But a shout out goes to my Mom, too. Even though she didn’t go full throttle, she knew how to rock an intense red lip with very little else. She had a distinct old Hollywood look that I like to channel when the mood hits.

I’ve always been fascinated by makeup since I was a little girl. I used to play in my Mom’s makeup and I would watch her in the mirror when she would apply her makeup….I thought she was beautiful (and she is!!)…..so I guess she would be my first inspiration, but I’ve always loved to browse and research new collections, swatch shades at makeup counters, learn about new products and what they can do for your skin or your appearance, etc. I find makeup fun but no one I know loves it as much as I do. πŸ™‚

I know this sounds crazy, but my male high school science teacher. Heres the weird backstory. On a band trip to NYC in my grade 12 year, I was one of few senior students on the trip. I was miserable with the younger kids. The teachers kind of adopted me and let me hangout with them. I saw naked 3 and bought it on a whim. My first palette. Back on the bus I told my teacher (who had apperently taught guitar class at some point previous to my starting high school) that i felt so silly for spending so much money on something just because it was pretty. He looked at me and said “No shame on spending something that makes you happy. If you’re an adult, sometimes you have to buy adult make i guess. I don’t know how these things work.” It made me laugh and took away my guilt. And since then, if it makes me happy and I can get it without hurting other aspects of my life, then I’m gonna get it.

Both of my grandmothers and my mom in there own ways but what really did it was my parents worked for a silent film star when I was very young. She was exceedingly glamorous. Even though she was in her twilight years she was always turned out.

Back in the day there was no internet, no YouTube, and no beauty gurus. I do remember a book I took out of the library called A New You by Emily Wilkins. This was where I started learning about grooming, diet, and exercise. It was my first foray into the world of becoming the me that I am now. I remember renewing that book about a gazillion times and studying as if I were studying for a test. I followed the diet it outlined, the exercise routine, and started, much to the distress of my mother, to become interested in beauty products. I also would go to the library and study every issue of Seventeen, Glamour, Vogue, and Mademoiselle.

Perhaps my grandmother, who had a small table in the bathroom covered with pretty perfume bottles, mirrors, and makeup, all so glamorous to me. My mother was more patient than fostering of my makeup interest; she would let me practice on her, in early years before I was allowed to wear it myself.

2 people had a big visual impact on me. I noticed beauty products and fashion at an early age. In the 60’s my mom’s best friend, Helen, who was very hip and mod, epitomized everything I thought to be on trend and beautiful. She used to let me traipse around in her heels. I loved her for it. My favourite aunt (mom’s youngest sister from a very large family) is only 7 years older than me and was more hands on instrumental. She would bring me hand me down jewelry and clothes. She was more like an older sister than an aunt; very attractive, killer figure, and always always pulled together . My mother prohibited her from giving me cosmetics (doesn’t wear a stitch..never has, still doesn’t). Polar opposites in almost every respect, my mother and I eerily sound exactly the same and look scarily alike, but that’s as far as similarities go. My mom still wears clothes I left at the house when I went to University 36 years ago. They don’t even fit her properly. I’m 5’10 and she is 5’3″. Seriously! LOL I cannot relate.

I blame emilynoel83’s YouTube channel. I discovered her videos the summer after graduating from college and became addicted! I used to watch YouTube for like 4 hours at a time but have since pared down to maybe 2 hours per week. It’s crazy to think that just 6 short years ago I didn’t even know what things like bronzer and eyeshadow primer were. My makeup bag consisted of like 6 items. Haha!

No one I know in ‘real’ life is as into makeup as I am and the obsession wasn’t really fostered by a person, but I guess Leesha from the xsparkage YouTube channel/ blog was one of the very first people whose videos inspired me and whose looks I tried to recreate!

HMM I really don’t know. About a few years ago I discovered Sephora and that’s when my love kind of grew……no wait, my girl Kim, she always had expensive makeup and face was always beat to the gods so I got advice from her then discovered Sephora and now i’m a makeup maniac!

My mom. She was a former model who loved makeup. She always let me look at her makeup when I was little. I’d watch her put on her makeup. She bought me my first lipsticks and blush when I was old enough.

No one I knew was really big into makeup, and even into my early adulthood I found it silly that anyone would spend any more money than necessary on basic makeup. Ha! Then I discovered YouTube. I can’t pinpoint any particular person that I admired, but it made “looking put together” more attainable for me so I started trying more… now I’m addicted!

My mom doesn’t really wear makeup aside from blush. My love of makeup who gave me a red lipstick for a Halloween costume in 2nd grade. Always snuck in her bathroom to check out her lipsticks and nail polishes. Also my older sister. She was a teenager when I was in elementary school so I loved to try her makeup too much to her dislike!

You! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

In all honesty, I never wore makeup save sunscreen since I was in highschool. In my last two years of HS I started wearing liquid eyeliner, and I can attest that as someone who has been using black liquid liner daily for over 25 years, there are days I still look like that meme that ends with one’s eyelids completely lined THICKLY in liner – lol! I started reading your site about 7 or so years ago and then tried out a full face look – foundation (I still didn’t understand the concept of primer back then), blush, lip color, brows – and from the moment I stepped into my office it was compliments all around like they were looking at me for the first time – lol. Since then, I went from resenting “having” to wear makeup to now enjoying it!! But thanks to your reviews and swatches – I’m here. One of the things I’m happiest about getting that you reviewed highly which was LE was the Chanel Camelias des Plumes highlighter – and yep, I got a back up. Which is funny since I rarely use the one I have but when I do, boy oh boy, I get all giddy inside and feel so very chuffed about it! Keep up the amazing work! Big hugs!

My mom . She was a very young mom and would always wear edgy makeup . She let me wear makeup when I was 14 ,and thirty years later she still giving me makeup advice.

When I was 12 (40 years ago lol), I used to ride my bike down to Merle Norman on the weekends. The young women that worked there were usually bored and would give me facials and do my face all up then they’d send me home with all kinds of lipsticks samples….I’ve been addicted ever since.

Most definitely my mother! She had a mirrored tray on her dresser full of Elizabeth Arden products that I was not allowed to touch but I would watch her “put on her face” and be fascinated by the whole transformation. I learned early how important eyebrows are (she had practically no eyebrows and had to draw them in with her auburn Maybelline eyebrow pencil; unfortunately, I also inherited sparse eyebrows). When I was older, she went back to work at an elementary school so she would be home around the same time I got home from school and she would relax until just before 5:00 p.m., then she would throw on a steak, run to her bedroom to fluff her hair, powder her face, apply lipstick and put her heels back on so she would look nice for my dad, LOL!

My love came from watching the Miss America pageants when I was a little girl. They were perfect faces with the clearest skin. Makeup was at perfection for each one in different shades of lipsticks and blushes. The varied shades of eye shadows was amazing to me me as well.

My grandmother! As a child, I would always watch her do her skincare routine and ask questions about the products she used. She swears by rose water – it’s because of her that I use it every day.
My love for makeup was fostered again by my grandma and my mum too. It made me so happy when they’d give me their old lipsticks or blushes to play with!

I guess my love of beauty as far as hair and clothes came in my late twenty’s but my love of makeup came much later. I really did not love makeup til my late forty’s or early fifty’s. I would wear a little foundation, a matte nude eye shadow and mascara and a little blush with a lip gloss sometimes a lipstick. I hated looking at makeup in department stores because a sales person would end up talking me into buying a bunch of makeup that I would never wear. I would end up eventually throwing it out.

My oldest sister, who was a fashion maven in her own right. I just thought she was everything and wanted to do everything she did, except when she married that jerk. Ooops, sorry, tangent not necessary.
She loved makeup her entire life.

It was mostly magazines like Seventeen and such that influenced me. Maybe it was just Teen Magazine – anyway, in a small town that is where I got my first ideas. Twiggy was a huge hit with girls my age – 14 and up. (We perfected the ‘winged’ eyeliner many years ago. Everything old is new again) : )

I never really had anyone in my life who had a positive view of makeup. I got into it when my health went downhill, and I’ve managed to make my mom have a grudging respect and understanding of makeup (as well as my dad) but don’t have friends because of said health issues so that would be a moot point. I guess in that sense the person who got me into makeup was my health issues? I’ve found a community of makeup lovers online though, thankfully!

No Person I Know personally. I got a Set with Different high End products from a Person on eBay for a very very good Price. In this Set there was a dior Addict Lipstick and a Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in bare again. I tried These lipsticks and Liked them sooo much that I started buying more dior Addict Lipsticks. The colours Are not very intense so I also started bying more and more Mac lipsticks because they have so many colours. So I Fell in Love with lipsticks and started trying out other Brands and my Collection is growing since Then. Unfortunately my favourite colours Are often LE colours so I started buying LE stuff and because of the nice packaging I began to buy not only lipsticks. So now I am collecting all Beauty stuff with a beautiful packaging. I also Love eyeshadows in Gold/beige/Brown/nude colours. Lately I have begun to buy also blushes and skinfinishes/Beauty powders. But lipsticks Are still my Most loved Beauty product.
So I think if I had not bought this Beauty Set on eBay from this Person I Do not Know I would not have started buying and loving so much Beauty stuff.

No-one really – my parents fostered my love of other things as a child: the outdoors, science, reading etc. But as far as makeup is concerned, I just always loved it. Sure, I played with my mother’s lipsticks – but that and powder were the only makeup items she had.
I think it is going to be very different with my grand daughter Olivia – she loves watching Nonna put on her makeup.

I had worn makeup but didn’t really know a whole lot about it until a few years after high school when a former classmate, Annie, had just started working for a brand new cosmetics line called Prescriptives and one day she looks at me and asks me if I had ever thought about working in cosmetics. I loved working in cosmetics and worked for some good lines. Prescriptives, Clinique, Borghese, Alexandra De Markoff, Stendhal, and YSL. But it all started with Annie and Prescriptives. The sad thing for me is that most of these lines are gone or virtually forgotten.

I only very recently got into makeup, and it was because of my best friend – she is a makeup addict, and has exactly 50 lipsticks and over 100 eyeshadows. I adore her and her collection, and she always looks so wonderful!

For me it’s easy, my grandma…Seriously she bought me a little kit with eyeshadow, blush and mascara in it. My dad was so mad. I was only 9 at the time. She passed away when I was 10 so I’m thankful for a fun memory.

My Mom hands down. My Mom always wore makeup, beautiful clothing, fragrance, beautiful undergarments, great nightgowns and has a killer vanity. She made sure I had a beautiful dresser full of sheer lip glosses, the pink/clear nail polish and my own little fragrances as a young girl. She is 76 now and is still very meticulous about her skincare, makeup and appearance. We do serious damage when we’re together in Sephora and dept. stores. Mom is still a bombshell.

As a child, I loved painting, and was chosen for a series of art classes given at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio. One of my most memorable instructors was Diana Attie, a former Miss Toledo and finalist for Miss Ohio. She was a fabulous artist and so glamorous and beautiful. Her makeup and hair were always perfect, and I admired her greatly as an artist and as a woman. Many, many years later, I spoke with a younger artist who mentioned she’d studied with Attie. I told her I had too, and asked about her. The artist said she was fine, “and still absolutely gorgeous.”

i had a friend that wore a lot of lippies and i thought she looked great, why am i not in the bandwagon? then i hop into youtube, your blog and the rest is history

Very difficult question. No one I knew wore make-up. I think portrait artists and magazines made me interested in faces and drawing made meet interested in the effects of colors around eyes. I also enjoyed working back stage in the school drama club doing stage make-up. Probably it was a combination of all these factors.

My mom. I remember her getting dressed to go out and she would whip her hair into a bee hive and put on black eyeliner and lipstick. She let me wear makeup when I was about 12. My second cuoice would be Mary Kay Ash. I was in my mid 20’s when I first started to sell cosmetics. She was still alive then and such an inspiration. I learned many makeup tips I still use today.

The mother of my godson. She was the responsible of The Body Shop Kifissia in Greece, I think for 18 years and a talented makeup artist!

My mom and grandmother. I would always study them applying their makeup. I adored going to the salons, my aunt’s salon, specialty stores and department stores with them, testing makeup and perfumes, experiencing and studying everything going on around me. I feel as if hair and makeup are part of my dna. I remember all of this from the age of 3, and now 25 years later i am a stylist and mua of 10 years, and a cosmetic science educator, and I wouldn’t have it any other way ?❀

Definitely my mom. She always had a certain Revlon lipstick, her mascara and her moisturizers and a touch of lipstick on her cheeks. So now I’m a mascara and blush junky and also face creams and nice colonges but it’s fun but kind of pricey lol.

Hi Temptalia,

The very first person that helped me foster my love of beauty was never just one person and a huge factor. But one was my beautiful Mother who rarely wore makeup, but when she did, she looked like a Princess! My Mom had blonde hair and blue eyes and she would go out of her way to not only look absolutely stunning on the outside but also on the inside! That’s who I wanted to emulate all my life! My other person was my Grams, she always got those samples of Avon lipsticks and said, “To, always let the World see you as you, but better”. Awesome advice and beautiful role models! Miss them terribly! The main Factor is when you have teenage cystic acne, you aren’t as thin as you would like everyone else and you have the old fashioned brace’s with the headgear and elastic bands, I guess you can say I was the “popular one” for being tormented everyday in school!! To the point of where you run away from home and hurt nobody but your parents, who DIDN’T Deserve That. A good heart doesn’t matter, it’s how you look. It’s body shaming, bullying, harassment, and whatever else word you can put in there! See, a good heart is inside of you, it’s NOT the first thing people see. I have lost all the weight, my teeth are straight and I don’t suffer from cystic acne, and my heart never changed. I’m still ME! I had to go through all that at 13 years old and up. We all have our own Cross’s to bear in life. I just thank my beautiful Mom and Gram’s to thank for leaving me with the warmth and caring of my heart, and telling me that it’s better to be real, than a Phony. I did survive and I thank them with everything that I am. In the end, it’s awesome to Know that I am still that girl inside! So thank you Mom,Grams, and all the ignorant people who made ME stronger! ??

It was my mom – when my parents went out for an evening, I would sit on the bed in their room and watch mom put on her makeup – she always looked beautiful and I wanted to be just like her,

Lots of us inspired by our Grandmas πŸ™‚ Mine used to sell Avon when I was really little. There are tons of pictures of me on the floor surrounded by Avon usually very carefully applying those tiny little bullet samples of lipstick. I wonder if they still make those? I was no more than 3 or 4 so my lipstick obsession is pretty ingrained lol I don’t really buy Avon anymore unless someone I know starts selling it but there’s a certain “Avon smell ” that is such a strong sense memory to me. Oh and eyebrows! My Grandma NEVER went without doing her brows from a little brown cake sold by Revlon. She even used the included tiny brush, I don’t know how she acquired her Jedi level brow skills but I’d give anything to introduce her to all the new brow products. I still have her last little box of Revlon brow powder with a half full cake. I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks!

It was my babysitter, Elaine πŸ™‚ My parents used to have date nights every Saturday so Elaine was at our house a lot and became quite close with my family. I ADORED her. I remember vividly the night where she was more interested in talking on the phone than she was in playing with me and my Barbie dolls, so I was pestering her to hang up, hang up, hang up already! She reached into her purse, pulled out a frosty white Yardley lipstick and handed it to me, saying, “Play with this until I get off the phone.” Now, at this point I had already become somewhat fascinated with makeup and took every opportunity to watch my mom put on her face, and my mom was always pretty cool about letting me try on a little bit of her lipstick, but they were always bright pinky-coral or bright red, and they just didn’t look right on me (seeing as I was a CHILD lol). But when I opened Elaine’s white lipstick and looked at it, I instantly fell in love. Then I swiped it on my lips and swooned <3 I LOVED it! I can still remember the pink/purple/green paisley pattern of the tube, the plasticky-violet scent of the lipstick and the slightly gritty feel of it on my lips. That was the definitely moment I went from girl-with-slight-fascination-with-makeup to full-on-makeup-junkie lol. Thanks to Elaine!

Wow, tough one. I wasn’t raised with a mom who was into makeup, and when she was willing to do it with me, it was always like one look, no experimentation. As long as I can remember, I always was fascinated with pretty, glamourous women, first Ginger (yep, Gilligan’s Island), then Charlie’s Angels and Miss Universe types. I wanted that kind of glamour. I used to pore over Teen magazine and try to recreate every look in there – hair, makuep, clothes, with stuff I had or would buy at the local dime store. It was the 80s, and I bought Wet n Wild, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Max Factor’s Maxi line, Aziza…any of you born before 1980 get the point. The other women in my family did not support this obsession, but I didn’t care. From the time I was 12, I was wearing it, and I think I had every product, in every shade, that these lines came out with.

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