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I totally agree with you, Christine! I am still kicking myself for not purchasing some stuff while I was in Taiwan.

Even a more well-known Asian brand like Shu Uemura would be great to have back in the U.S. I wish they hadn’t pulled out because I would really like to try some of their items without getting stuck with them if I hate them, you know?

Boots is starting to make it’s way here slowly, but I wish it was faster. I love their Conditioning Nail Polish Remover so much that I’m having my fiance bring over 3 bottles when he comes from the UK. Crazy that a store brand can be so good, but it’s a miracle and smells fantastic!

I really want to try out Korean BB Cream but I’m scared of getting it online and having it not match my skin tone. I also found out about Estee Lauder’s Violet Underground eyeshadow palette after it was sold out everywhere and I’m so upset I missed out on that! 🙁

Try a tester pack! Pretty and Cute (prettyandcute.com) are my current BB go-to (for ogling, I haven’t ordered off them yet) and they offer a decent selection of brand samples and minis! And they offer free samples with every order, which I think you can choose?

I have always wanted to try the legit BB Creams from Asia. I won’t try any of the American BB Creams, lol. Other than that, I can’t really think of much. I’d love if I had easy access to Red Cherry lashes! There are other high end brands that I’d love to have in my city, too, so I could try them out in person.

The legit asian bb creams are awesome. I’m lucky there’s Korean stores in Southern California. The sample size they give are also very generous sizes. I’m in love with the Korean bb creams I’ve tried because they don’t break out my skin and help improve it. I’ve worn bb creams for years so when i have to wear foundation, I barely need foundation. But their serums and emulsions are also underrated and overlooked. Koreans and most asian are obsessed with skincare and their many steps skincare routine reflects that. They have some really great products. But there are also so many fakes out there too.

Can you recommend any particular stores, or at least approximate locations (ie, intersections, etc)? I’m in L.A., but it’s been so long since I’ve been to that area, I’d have no idea where to start. TIA

There aren’t many brands that are totally unavailable to me, because I’ve been willing to take chances ordering brands like Rouge Bunny Rouge and Le Metier de Beaute on line. Burberry is frustratingly difficult, since most US retailers won’t ship here and the shipping charges are exorbitant from those who do and Chantecaille, since they are available only from retailers who charge a huge markup to ship to Canada. If I can get brands from a reliable on line source, I’m fine with not seeing them in person.

I was going to suggest Harrods, because a Canadian friend of mine always jokes about how it’s cheaper for her to ship from the UK than the US, but delivery is £25 to NA. Dang.

I wish I had more access to Shu Uemura – I can buy online, but I want to be able to see the products in person and touch them, swatch them, etc. In general I’d like more access to some Asian brands for the same reason. I also wish LMdB was available in-person locally instead of just online (this may be changing though).

However, mostly I’m spoiled for choice; I live in a pretty wealthy area, and the shopping is usually excellent. So usually if it’s a brand sold in the US, I can find it.

Tarte, nyx, and cover girl are all brands that are difficult to get hold of in the uk, and of course in the uk you can’t return makeup after you’ve purchased

Many ! Tom Ford, Chantecaille, Clé de Peau, Inglot. Now i can order Le Métier de Beauté at BeautyBay ( great ! ) but there are still a lot of brand unavailable in France and ordering from Harrods is pricey. Inglot is really a brand that looks great too.

I have an Asian district in my area and I am lucky enough to see things like Lioele in one of the malls so I’m happy for that! BUT, I do how ever wish my sephora had a bigger selection of illamasqua, and I really wanna try Barry M and Ben Nye… But that’s not in my area at all to my knowledge!

Used to use and love their 2000 calorie mascara and still haven’t found anything close. They had great liptick and foundation too.
Plus! Max Factor has a whole bunch of beautiful new products.
Too bad MF is not available in US or Canada anymore. It is an iconic American brand.

P&G made the decision to stop selling MF in North America so they could raise the prices on CoverGirl, and not have another of their own brands compete. MF is definitely an iconic brand, and to me, represents Hollywood, and should have remained in the US.

I was excited to see MF again when I was in the UK, then upon closer inspection, many of the products actually looked like my Cover Girl stuff with a MF label on it! So disappointing. Still clinging to some of my MF concealer that’s gotta be expired but I can’t bear to toss it.

I’d really love to have access to MUFE. I wouldn’t be averse to buying it online either (relying on swatches), but I haven’t found ANY webside that’ll it ship it to Norway. Lots of other brands are unavailable in Norway as well, but most of them are purchasable in someway online, so MUFE is the one I miss the most.

Tom Ford is unfortunately relatively unobtainable for me. A kind ebay seller who from time to time procured things for me upon request seems to have left ebay..

I’d love to be able to access Tarte – here in the U.K. it’s impossible to even buy online. I love the palettes they come out with – they have a kaleidoscope of amazing colours!! Must have the Carried Away Collection …… Santa, will you help me out here?

Ugh there’s so many brands I want to try, but are not sold locally. Burberry and Tom Ford come first to mind. Add Shu Uemura, Urban Decay, NARS to that list as well.

The main brand I’ve been reading & hearing about lately that sounds good is Suqqu. I’m looking forward to checking out a few of their products once the brand comes to the States.

I wish we could get the Neutrogena make up in the UK, we only get their skincare range here. I’d also love it if we had a Sephora here again. We had them here for a few years and then they left the UK completely and their website doesnt ship to the UK.

I’d love better access to some UK brands, especially Sleek. I know they’re pretty easy to get a hold of, but I don’t like not being able to see and handle a product before purchasing.

I’d love to have access to Inglot.
I’ve heard so many good things about them, but sadly they aren’t available in my country and there is no online retailer for their stuff.

I have plenty of access to Asian cosmetics in my area so I’m not worried about that. I really want to try some Canadian and UK brands though!! Luckily I’m going to Canada next summer so I can stock up on Canadian beauty goodies while I’m there.

Hourglasse, Tarte, Deborah Lippman, Tarina Tarantino…there are so many which I can’t get here in Paris! 🙁

Sweden is an underdevelopted country when it comes to beauty. But it is getting better. We now have one Sephora-store and more are coming. But european Sephora do not sell all brands that are available in the US. For instance Sephora by OPI and Revlon… Beautyproducts are much more expensive in Sweden than in the US. Grrr…

I’m in Singapore, so I will offer an Asian perspective! I would like to try LMdB and Chantecaille, both of which are not available in Singapore. I would love to try some of the niche Japanese brands who have not made its ways out of the country either – Addiction, Three, Chicca. 🙂

NARS is only available in a few european countries so i don’t have much access to it. I have ordered a couple of their products online, however, i really want to try the sheer glow foundation but i don’t want to risk ordering it without ever seeing it in person, particularly when it’s such a pricey product.

there’s really nice brand of mascaras in japan called fairy drops. Aya Yasuda, a japanese sports anchor based in LA, supposedly wanted to create those doll eyed looks which are the craze in japan. really wanted to get a hand of those mascaras 🙂

I wish Urban Decay was available in Australia. I’ve ordered it on eBay, but still. Illamasqua is available, but not in my city, and as far as I’m aware Make Up For Ever isn’t available. I don’t think I’d buy any at that price point but having Cle de Peau and Guerlain around would be good too. It’s also annoying that some Mac collections are North America only, or get a ridiculous markup in Australia.

If you don’t mind ordering online there is,

Ebay for certain brands like:

Korean Cosmetics = Aritaum, Baviphat, Etude House, Innisfree, Lioele, Laneige, Missha, Mizon, SK-II, Skin79, Skinfood, Sulwhasoo, The Face Shop, Tony Moly

Japanese Cosmetics Brands = Canmake, Dariya, Jill Stuart, JuJu, Kanebo, Kate, Koji Kose, Obagi, SANA, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, YS Beauty

Missha and Skinfood both have US websites to order from. Skinfood also has a store in San Francisco. If you go to San Francisco, there are a couple Asian markets that sell these cosmetics too if online purchases sounds iffy.

OHH and SK-II is a very high end cosmetic/skincare brand which is available through Sephora and bloomingdales has a counter too

Well, we don’t get a tonne of brands in Australia that you can get most everywhere else. Urban Decay, Wet n Wild, Make Up For Ever, Milani, Zoya, the list goes on and on and on.


This will make Finland sound really bad but here it goes.

I would love to get my hands on Products from Stila, Benefit,Smashbox, Asian BB creams ( of course), Tarte…
We do have Sephora over here… Shu Uemura we do have over here! I almost forgot? Almay make up remver pads!! I always stock up when in US.

if you don’t mind the high mark up you can try ichibankao.com, there is a wide range but the mark up is pretty significant (around 40% more i guess). i nearly caved and ordered some suqqu eye palettes but i decided against it…
you can also try custom orders if you can find them online, they’re normally run by bloggers or beauty fanatics but most aren’t well publicized though they’re reliable…i’m currently placing an order at custompurchasecosmetics.wordpress.com that ends in 2 days. you can also try that if you see this on time
but if you have a specific limited edition collection in mind/want a wider range/all year round website and don’t mind the mark up i guess you can give ichibankao a try!

does anyone know of others? sorry this is such a long comment!

Shu Uemura was so much fun to have when it was in the U.S….a candy color of selection….now what is online is just plain dull…It used to be color galore. Another brand now gone downhill with the acquisition from Loreal. Mr. Uemura was classical yet modern.

I would like to get the Asian brands like Jill Stuart, Majorca and all those brands that the Muse from Musings of a Muse have. Gosh, I envy her having friends overseas to get the products for her. I wish I live in Hong Kong. That is where those fabulous brands are.

I would like to see all those French brands that are likely in Lafayette Galleria (I believe that is the name.)

I live in Hong Kong and there are a lot of brands we don’t have! I would love to see Hourglass, Inglot, Illamasqua, Rouge Bunny Rouge and Suqqu here. And also drugstore brands like NYX and Wet‘n’Wild…

KIKO Milano cosmetics! They have the most amazing nail polishes ever! Their makeup is top quality! Very reasonably priced. When I was in Italy, I bought as much as I possibly could at Roma Termini train station. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!

My, where to begin?!? We don’t even have Sephora in our country (though *every single* neighboring country does…thankfully!) so you kinda get the picture…

I would love to try some OCC, Tarte, Inglot, Hourglass, Illamasqua, Becca and Clé de Peau. I know some of these brands ship internationally but I’d love to see the colors, textures etc. up close first. That’s a big part of the makeup experience for me 😀

There’s so many! Burberry is only available in London as in Inglot. I can get them online an have bought things in the past based on Christines amazing swatches but I would love to see them in person. Tarte, Too Faced, Shu Uemura, Le Metier de Beaute are all totally unavailable over here and I have real problems trying to find reputable online stores that don’t cost the earth in shipping. I’m so happy that Boots stock Essie nail polish now though coz I’ve always wanted to try them!

China Glaze nail polish. I manage pretty well with the cosmetics brands I can access, and since I’m at Chadstone (the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere) fairly often I have plenty of variety. But China Glaze has so many amazing colours (currently got my eye on Solar Power for summer!), and I just don’t like buying online. It takes away that process of looking through the rainbow of bottles! I’m very close to giving in and ordering a few though.

I’d also love to look at Urban Decay’s range. I doubt I’d buy anything, but it’s one of those brands that, like Illamasqua, half the fun would be browsing.

Like most, I’d love more in person access to Asian brands. I hate ordering online if I can help it.

Otherwiiiise, brands I’d love to get but can’t really find in the North of England/North Wales:
– Tarina Tarantino DEAR GOD PLEASE.
– Hourglass (available in Space.nk, but not in my usual branch!)
– Burberry (again, available at in UK stores – Harrods and Harvey Nichols, iirc – but nowhere NEAR me)
– Wet ‘n’ Wild
– Milani
– theBalm (eh, this is a half-case. I know it’s on feelunique and I’ve heard of it turning up in TKMaxx, but a proper display somewhere near me would be glorious)
– NYX (HAVE found it on occasion, but it’s a really hit-and-miss search.)
– Inglot
– Rouge Bunny Rouge
– IsaDora
– NuBar (again, half case of I can get it, but I’d rather have it IRL)

All of these are AFAIK though. I bet I’ll go back to my mum’s now and Hourglass will be in our Space.nk.

All of them!! We do have some of the brands like Chanel and Dior, but sadly they don’t carry all product lines. I would love to try Urban Decay, Nars and Bobbi Brown which are not available at all here 🙁

I wish there were an Inglot near where I live. I would absolutely kill to make a custom palette, but I don’t just want to go off swatches online.

For me, that’s mostly brands that are distributed in the US and which I see on temptalia. I’d like to try Wet’n’Wild, Tarte, Le Métier de Beauté or Hourglass, for instance. I don’t know any store that carries them in France, and I don’t shop online for make up. I wish Burberry or Shu Uemura were more readily available, but at least I’m still able to find them in my country.

OMG we are obsessed with the same japanese brands. I’m placing an order for Three eyeliners, addiction eyeshadows, suqqu lipsticks and suqqu eyeshadow palettes. i’m thinking of the lunasol three dimentional eyes palettes and maybe the glossy eyeshadow pots which are supposed to be better than illusion d’ombres. i know i sound crazy it’s just that i have no access at all and i found this wordpress that is doing custom orders for the next two days….if you’re interested it’s custompurchasecosmetics.wordpress.com

have you ordered from ichibankao? i wanted to but the mark up was just urghh

You did hot the spot with this questions

Bobbie brown was also in the list but it did arrive here a month ago.

Urban Decay ( really really )
Too Faced ( really rally)
lime crime (a few stuff)

I wish I could try Laura Geller products out in the store. I’m too hesitant to buy online without trying because of my extremely fair colouring.

I live in the Netherlands and Wet ‘n wild had been dicontinued here, which is really sad. Also I’d like to try ELF (which is available online, but shipping is super expensive) and NARS.

On the other hand, I loooveee Catrice’s products, most of them are amazing and fairly low priced (considering drugstore foundations like maybelline and revlon cost approx. 20 dollar here (15 euro) Catrice’s 6 euro foundations are quite reasonably priced).

Illamasqua….would really love to see this in person. I’m also on board with everyone on the Asian BB creams. Suqqu as well.

illamasqua and rouge bunny rouge so please include them on one of your giveaways sometime they are not easy for me to get a hold of actually, i have zero so far.

Suqqu. I tried it in London, but they were sold out of the brushes that I wanted. Those brushes were the most lux I’ve tried to date. So squirrelly soft.

UK brands. I still can’t order from Sleek as SagePay doesn’t want to process my chip VISA. So boo on SagePay you suck! (not Sleek)

Inglot because again they don’t offer a shipping to Canada and the closet store to me is in New York…..

For Asain brands I shop Sasa.com

If I can’t buy it in person or order it online then I consider them unavailable.

Have you tried Macy’s (US department store) for Inglot? Some stores are starting to carry it, but I’m not sure if it’s online, or if they ship to Canada… It may be worth a try, though.

Inglot has some stores in Canada, all in Quebec, three of which are in Montreal. (See inglotcosmetics(dot)com and click on Stores.) You could try calling one of them and seeing if you can place an order.

I can’t order from Sleek’s website for a different reason: my bank has blocked debit card transactions with UK-based websites for fraud reasons. (If Sleek used Paypal it wouldn’t be an issue.)

Suqqu. I’ve heard Lisa Eldridge talk about their brushes on youtube and how they’re so amazingly soft. I want to try them so bad but it’s impossible to get them anywhere except at a Suqqu store and I don’t have one anywhere near me.

Actually Suqqu’s brushes are made by Chikuhodo (One of the three best brush makers in Japan), so I really wish I could purchase Chikuhodo makeup brushes!

Yeah, that’s about the only thing I want to try that I can’t get. But I looked it up online and its super expensive so it’s probably a good thing I can’t get it.

@Caroline: thanks for letting me know about Chikuhodo…gotta check that out then.

Nars. And MAC, to a certain extent. I’ve poked around the MAC counter once when I was abroad, and I bought several things, but I’d like to explore the brand properly. I can’t afford shelling out absurd sums of money at once, I prefer buying gradually throughout the year.

Living in Austria, there are many brands that are not available here that I’d love to have access to – Urban Decay, Tom Ford (lipsticks are sold in one store, but that’s all), Burberry, Illamasqua, NARS, Tarte Cosmetics to name just a few. Even for the brands that are available here, I wish they’d sell, for example, the very light foundation shades that are available elsewhere (Bobbi Brown’s Alabaster was the only shade light enough that was available to me, now it’s been taken off the Austrian market too, so I have no idea what to do when my current bottle runs out).

I totally agree with you! really wish i could get my hands on popular asian brands like suqqu and addiction. i tried looking for them online but the mark-up is crazy. i also want to try some korean/japanese felt tip eyeliners i’ve been told they’re amazing

Definitely Asian cosmetics, we don’t have a lot of places in my city that sells a variety of them. Just the most popular types and it’s double the price than what you can pay on the internet. Also Milani, Sonia Kashuk and Ingot, I really wanted to try those out.

Art Deco from Germany. Well thought out, and Germans do great products period. Dreck is apparently not allowed, lol.

And real Chanel No. 5 from France. The stuff here is half synthetic. The French product is all real oils from flowers, etc. Or was; I hope it’s still so. Amazing stuff!

Tom Ford, Burberry and Inglot. The first two I’d really like to try, but they’re so expensive that I don’t want to just get something on the internet without seeing it first. Inglot I love, love, love and wish it were just more easily accessible.

We don’t have access to quite a few brands here (being in Western Australia). There’s brands that are present in the eastern states, but not here, so there’s no real retail option to look at products, test colours and textures and formulas in person. The main ones I really wish I had access to are Illamasqua (they look divine, I really want to try their foundations), The Balm and Urban Decay. E.L.F. and NYX would be cool to have in a retail sense, but they’re cheap enough to buy online that it’s not so much of a risk buying untested.

Having said that, there are options online, from within the country or internationally (though interestingly, it’s cheaper to buy from overseas in most cases, even factoring in postage costs) but it’s always a risk buying untested cosmetics, and I’d love to be able to test before buying, especially on higher end stuff.

I thought I’d struck gold when I heard DJs had The Balm, but only in the eastern states though, WA gets bugger all!

Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, Revlon, Makeup Forever, Shu Uemura, Tom Ford, Burberry…
just to name a few.

I am going to have to go with Sleek Makeup here. They do ship to the US through their website, but for some reason they won’t ship the ultra matte v1,ultra matte v2 or the acid iDivine palettes to the US or canada….and those are the only ones that I want!

This has been driving me mad for ages!

Yeah definitely Sleek and Ben Nye. I don’t know any free standing places that sell that makeup here in socal.

Hi Lexy,

Depending on where in SoCal you live, Cinema Secrets might be an option. It’s located in Burbank and sells Ben Nye.

Hi, I live in SoCal as well and they sell Ben Nye in almost every beauty supply type store like Naimies, Beauty Collection, Nigels beauty emporium, Frends which are all located in North Hollywood. Hope this helps!

There are a lot of brands I can’t get ahold of because of where I live. I can’t even get drugstore brands because the only drugstore that is within driving distance only stock LA colors and NYC.

The ones that are at the top of my list are Physicians Formula, OPI (I really, really, really wanted some of the bond collection D:), ZOYA, NYX, Sleek makeup, but other than that I can find most of the others online. I wish I could get some more Maybeline Falsies mascara too, D:.

Where do I START?? Illamasqua, tarte, Make Up For Ever, Tarina Tarantino, Urban Decay, Tom Ford, Burberry, Coastal Scents, Sugarpill, Jack Black Lip balm, Seche, Sigma, Sonia Kashuk, Zoya, Terra Firma – honestly I could think of WAY more!

Then there are the brand’s I CAN get from Australian online retailers, but not in person: NYX, Milani, OCC, Wet n Wild, lions and tigers and bears oh my!

I was at a mall the other day that used to have an Inglot, and I couldn’t find it! I really hope it’s just moved, I really want to check them out.

Where I live, you can’t find NARS, Benefit, Urban Decay, Illamasqua, tarte, Tom Ford (i’d love to try) and the list continues. All the other well known brands are sold in higher prices, for instance, a mac lipstick is sold for $30 USD, so lame!!!

I would really like to try Sleek, and Makeup Atelier Paris. I also want to try OCC, I know Sephora is starting to carry their lip tars, but the one I went to only had 6 colors, and I want to try their foundation and concealer.

I’ve always wanted to try some super luxury brand like Tom Ford or the Hakuhodo brushes. Unfortunately, even if I had the money, it is way too much. I’ve also wanted to try Lime Crime, but I can’t really shop online! Oh well.

Oh gosh! Most of the Japanese brands! I really regret not being more familiar with them when I was in Japan a few years ago, but the ones I want the most are Suqqu and Three. There are a few retailers that I can order through, but they have a limited stock and a large mark-up.

Seriously lacking so many brands in South Africa. We don’t have Sephora in South Africa. That would be a great place to start, because I know sephora carries a number of great big brands. (NARS,MUFE,Urban decay, to name a few)

Just Illamasqua. The Sephora by me at Dallas’s NorthPark mall used to be the only one in TX that had their stuff. I was so bummed out when I when in a couple months ago looking for it and was told it was no longer carried in that store due to poor sales.

Make Up For Ever, Even though we have a stockist in London,Its really hard to always go to London just for a bit of make up shopping as its 3-4 hours away from me. I could buy it online but i need to see them in person. And also i visited the MUFE stockist in august, and for some reason they dont carry the rouge artist lipsticks :S

We’re getting Inglot in Los Angeles this week, or next, so I’m very happy. It’s going to be inside Macy’s (at the Westfield Culver City Mall (formerly Fox Hills Mall), so I don’t imagine there will be a vast assortment, but at least it’ll be a nice way to start. Until now, the closest store was about 2 hours away, but this will be about 20 minutes, and I’m always at this mall, anyway. We just got an Ulta, too, and a second Sephora. Now, if either Sephora carried Illamasqua…

Hi, I live in Los Angeles, and I check out Inglot at Nigels beauty emporium in the valley, and Sephora in Hollywood and Highland mall and third street promenade carry Illamasqua. I hope this helps, although it could be that those are still far from you.

It’s not that they’re too far, but I’m always in Culver City almost every weekend, and it would just be sooo convenient to have everything in one place. I guess I’m a bit spoiled, LOL. Thank you, though!

I’d like to try Sleek Cosmetics. I know they are available online, but the shipping is so expensive in my opinion. Also, I like to see things in person if possible before purchasing.

Bourjois (well, I could order this from Asos), Anna Sui, Paul & Joe (again, a small selection of which is on Asos), and Jill Stuart

Tom Ford(we have only lipsticks, nail varnishes and private blend perfumes, I crave brushes and the rest of the makeup line), Illamasqua we have only nail polishes and I want it all sephora do not ship to canada-cry cry, Jill Stuart, SUQQU

I really want to try real Asian BB creams. Also, but not readily available to me that means anything I can’t buy at a store but I want: Lit Cosmetics, Kett, Sugarpill, Nyx.

Bourjois, Sleek, Collection (2000), Inglot (despite it being available online), Illamasqua (some products are EU-only), Becca (even though it’s back at Sephora),… so many, as I don’t live near a Sephora, Ulta, or a MAC store or counter. 🙁 Also the theatrical/professional brands like Ben Nye, Graftobian, Kryolan, and the like.

In my area my beauty loving friends joked that we hit the big time when MAC finally came to our Dillards..

So my answer is just about every fun brand you can think of! LOL

Sleek makeup is the one product I would like to actually see prior to purchasing. I plan on going to the UK next year, so I will check them out then. I would also like to try the Avon gel liner pencil I saw used by the pixiwoo sisters. From all of the comments below, I realize we are very fortunate to have access to so many beauty products here in the US without the exorbitant mark up, so I will be grateful for the many products I have access to.

I have a couple of Sleek palettes and they are ok but not the best eye shadows I ever used. They leaving loads of fallouts and can look messy. I don’t think I will but any more of these pallets and rather stick to a bit more expensive but so much better Urban Decay eyeshadows.
But when you come to UK try Barry M brand. The dazzle dusts are great.

Oh my God! great question…and a little painfull to me. In my area we have the most popular brands like Chanel, Guerlain, Ysl… but no Burberry 🙁 I have wanted to try a lipstick from them for the longest time… and you aren´t helping with your latest reviews of those gorgeous Burberry lipsticks Christine 😛 , on the other hand I like those reviews because of how pretty those lipsticks are, I know I´m going to buy one or two athe first chance I have to get to a counter. Also I´m interested for some reason on Bourjois…even though I´m not holding my breath for the brand it´s the only drugstore brand I´m interested in.

However I have to say that part of the problem are the consumers. We have brands like the balm, Too faced and MICA here but no one purchases them…I know I´m guilty aswell. They are new of course so that doesn´t help, like two or three years old where I live and that doesn´t help. Lol at the small Too faced and The balm counters, next to the enormous monster Chanel counter which is like 10 times bigger than the other little ones…as if done on purpose.

Bourjois! their baking eye shadow is fabulous. I have one, black with green shimmering. Also the baking blush is very well-known but I haven’t tried that yet.

Tarte, Ilamasqua, Rouge Benny Rouge, Tarina Tarantino, Becca, Shu Uemura, Dolce & Gabanna, the complete line of Makeup Forever (the pro stuf u know??, Kevin Aucoin….
My local Sephora kindda sucks actually

I would have to say some Asian brands as well, such as canmake, skin food, étude house, etc. also some uk brands I’d love to seen in Canada, like Sleek, MUA, BarryM, and Model’s Own. However I think we in Canada have gotten some fantastic brands lately with the introduction of Giorgio Armani, Becca and Illamasqua in Sephora!

was stoked about this brand addition also at the Eaton Centre…but still hoping for some more like Edward Bess, Omorovicza, Koh Gen Do…

With the internet, I could buy items from all the brands I’m interested in. However, it would be nice to have a makeup counter for the following brands in my city:
– Burberry
– Guerlain
– Shu Uemura (I listed here even though I know Shu pulled out of the U.S.)

Sleek! I can order it online, but it’s a hassle and takes forever to get to the states. I have seen some of it on eBay, but I’m leary about ordering makeup there.

These are mostly products that I’d love to try but have no counter near me or are only available online: Tom Ford’s full line, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Shu Uemura, Sleek, Bourjois

Products that I cannot seem to get my hands on or locate a way to order online: Hydraluron and Collection 2000 Concealer.

I live in LA so thankfully, almost every single brand is available to me that I’m interested in and luckily I get a MUA discount at almost all those brands as well. Although its kind of annoying that they are scattered all over the place. I’d really like to try Hakuhodo brushes and those are only around at IMATs a few times a year, otherwise, the UK brands like sleek,etc. Also, I wish Illamasqua would have a free standing store in LA so I could use their discount since it doesn’t apply at Sephora.

Wow, I never realized how lucky I am to live where I live (Vancouver & Toronto). I have Holts, The Bay and easy access to Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus in the Seattle area. Plus, large Asian populations so I can get most Asian brands. EXCEPT I really want to see the Laduree makeup in Japan. I’ve seen it in blogs but I would love to see it in real life. Too bad I can’t jet to Tokyo.

We only recently got a mini-Sephora in JC Penneys.. before that there was almost no access to any highend products IRL. So I can’t complain too much. I really hate to buy anything I have not personally touched though. Would love to see more asian brands, not only do they seem to have really great quality, many of them are so darn cute.

Helena Rubinstein(I don’t know if I spell them correct), lash queen….the mascaras are amazing
no store in US, such a pity!

NARS, bobbi brown, covergirl, suger pill, Ilamasqua, Samoa
our local cosmetics stores suck ˘~˘̩ *at Qatar* lol,

NARS, Illamasqua, Revlon, Urban Decay and I’m not sure if The Balm is available in Sweden? Haven’t seen it in our bigger department stores…

Which Asian cosmetic brands do you like Christine? What about you gals? I’ve not tried many but I’ve heard good things. I know about Shiseido and Shu Uemura, so I guess I’m curious about the less well known brands.

I really want to try Dita Von Teese’s line with the German company Art Deco. I also want to try lots of UK brands from drugstore (MUA, Sleek, Bourjois) to HE (Burberry). I’d buy more from Inglot if they had a store here, I think are great quality.

1 definitely Kryolan! I happened to buy 3 aqua eye of them and I m totally sold. Their product put ‘professional’ brand like Mac totally in shame. But I’m in Seattle area don’t have any retail shop of kryolan. If u look up their company background u will know what is real professional make up is.

2 I also want try japanese brand like three chicca

I collect Sleek eye palettes, but lately, the newer palettes are all restricted by the US FDA so I cannot order these unless I go through eBay, which I really hate. I have the Acid palette (available everywhere BUT America), and I love it. Now there are several lovely palettes I would have to pay more than double each to obtain due to these pigment regulations. It’s frustrating, especially since most of these colors are not approved by the FDA because they have not been through enough testing. Apparently tested well in the UK, just not here. *sadface*

Burberry, Tom ford, inglot, makeup forever is a big one!! I live in New Zealand and its mpossible to find these, and most places who sell them won’t ship to nz 🙁 so deprived!!!

this is going to be one long list 😛
Hard Candy, more ELF products (what we have locally is way overdue for an update), Milani, those L’Oreal Infallible shadows, Bourjois, Soap and Glory, Sonia Kashuk, Catrice, Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works (stand-alone stores), Physician’s Formula. for higher end brands, i would love to try Ilamasqua, Urban Decay, Inglot, Kevyn Aucoin, Too Faced.
(1) i know i can get some of them online through eBay or other sites but i want to see them personally and (2) we have a local Sephora called Beauty Bar, but it NEEDS to have more brands.
i definitely believe we have the market here, too. 😉
a beauty-crazed Filipina

Sleek, Inglot, Bourgois, Makeup Atelier Paris, Graftobian and Ben Nye!

I’d like to actually see, touch and experiment with these brands

Yes, a good question indeed!
If I start naming brands, the list will go on forever… See, I live in Split, Croatia and we don’t have Sephora, Ulta, not even a Illamasqua store! US and UK brands not shipping intl’ are just a dream for the majority of women here.
Sure, ebay exists, but most brands are quite expensive for our salaries and buying products without testing them first is a huge risk.
There’s few products I’m coveting, and I’ll share them with you: UD Naked; Sugarpill Burning Heart palette; NARS Orgasm blush + any other(really) MAC blush; LimeCrime My Beautiful Rocket. Also, any product from Shu Uemura, Too Faced, Tarte, Inglot just to name a few.
funny how most of you from the States wish to try stuff we have in Europe 🙂 But let me tell you, those do not compare to what you have and how affordable stuff in US compared to Croatia. ie, a Max Factor foundation is sold for 100+ KN, which is about $20.

Burberry, OCC, Burberry, Becca, Burberry, RBR, Burberry, Shu, Burberry, Georgio Armani (which is available to me but out of my price range), Burberry, a lot of Korean and other Asian products not sold here. And–oh–did I mention Burberry???? (WHEN are they going to spread the love a little? It’s been, what, two, three years since they started?) 😉

Omorovicza, Sunday Riley, Alpha H, This Works, Liz Earle, Jemma Kidd, Koh Gen Do, Inglot, Rodin Olio Lusso, ELF, Sonia Kashuk. But as of very recently, they brought Becca, Illamasqua and REN to one of my city’s Sephoras!

I would love to try HE brands like Tom Ford, Burberry or Anna Sui. Sephora just has one shop in Mexico City but I don’t live there so I don’t have access to MUFE or Kat Von D to name a few. DS brands like NYX are sold in a few stores but they don’t sell the most popular products, is pretty strange if you ask me. Also, the shipping prices make some DS brands as pricey as Chanel or Dior which are available in many department stores. Ordering them from Ebay or similar places makes the prices ridiculous $90 plus shipping for an Urban Decay palette which is sold at $50 in the US.

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