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I have quite a round face so I almost never apply on the apples of my cheeks. I do it just above the hollows of my cheeks and sweep toward my hairline 🙂

Exactly like this. I have a long face with very high cheekbones, so if I don’t put some blush on the apples it ends up looking sort of 80’s drag queenish. I don’t smile when I apply so I don’t get the “droop” effect.

I think my placement s kind of weird, but I’ve never done it on the apple of my cheeks. Or near them, really. You usually can’t see my blush if you look at me straight from the front, only from 3/4s or profile. Like this, basically.

Is it weird if I really enjoyed that visual? I mean, whether or not you used a mouse or something akin to the Wacom, your artistic skills are fab 🙂 Anyway, I too place my blush where you place yours Christine. However, this is just by chance that it’s the most flattering place for my face shape because really, I apply it there because I have acne on the apples of my cheeks/inner cheeks 🙁

That’s how I do mine too! And then I like to bring just the tiniest amount up to my temples for some inexplicable reason.

That’s exactly what I do! I have a somewhat small face, and if I place it on the apples it just takes over my whole face. It’s so much more flattering on me back near my cheekbones. I also sweep a bit up towards my temples to make it look a bit more smooth.

I have relatively small facial features spaced far apart on a wide face. So to keep my cheeks from dragging down I place my blush at the tops of my cheekbones then just right under a sweep of contour or bronzer. It gives the illusion that my face is smaller

I apply blush just below my cheekbones starting behind the apples of my cheeks and blending up to the temple. I never smile because then I end up applying it too low down and I never apply to the apples of my cheeks because I have a round face and I think it makes me look clowny

I apply by my temples, then down my cheekbone so it’s half on-top and half-below the bone. I don’t sweep it close to the middle of my face at all… like, never past the center of my eye.

It depends on the look, my mood, what the blush shade is, and the other face products I’m using. But today I actually applied it where most apply a highlighter, on the high point of my cheeks bones toward my temple but sometimes I do it on the apples and sometimes in the hollow.

I kind of apply it very lightly on my apples and cheekbones. I actually don’t really put blush directly on my apples – just on the outer edge. I read a really good trick from Charlotte from Lipglossiping that you should have a two finger space between the side of your nose and the start of your blush. It definitely works for me, especially since the area around my nose can get reddish, and blush too close accentuates it.

My cheeks already have light, natural blush to them, so I tend to concentrate it in those areas if I’m using a paler blush closer to my coloration. With darker ones, I tend to start at apple, then draw it back and then down across the cheekbones. I’ll then take a very minute amount and dot my chin and temple, blending it into the general skin tone.

I smile and do the apples, which is where I blush naturally. I know Wayne Goss doesn’t like this technique and I’ve tried it his way but, in all honesty, the “smile and hit the apples” really does look best on me.

My blush goes on top of the cheekbones. I saw Lisa Eldridge do this technique for a Cheryl Cole look and it was stunning.

I came across a good bit of information when applying blush that I never thought of before. I use to smile in order to find my apples and then I would apply my blush that way, but the problem with that is when you stop smiling the apples drop lower which means the blush is now lower. I sometimes forget and still do the smile method but I try to just feel where the “apple bone” lol on my face is and I apply it there w/o smiling. But to to each there own, you always look great. =)

Firstly I contour my cheekbones lightly with a brown blush and then I start with my colored blush at the outer part of the cheeks and fade it upwards on the cheekbones until I reach the temples.

I apply on the bone that supports the apple so almost the are below a highlight but above a contour. Wait that might be the apple….I have really big cheeks! ha

Never on the apples! It’s hard to explain where I apply mine, but it’s more by the temples. I don’t apply it on the apples because of my face shape and I have a couple pimples on the apples of my cheeks so it looks inflamed, gross.

I’ve always applied on the side of my cheeks, never on the apple. I always thought it looked more more slimming & less in your face. Recently, I was watching a gossmakupartist video where he said never to apply directly to the apples because it makes one look older as it draws down the face. He said that this is the technique they use in stage makeup to make some age. Made sense to me. So, of course, now I look at everyone in real life & on the my monitor (lol!), & yes, it does make one look older & I personally don’t think it’s very attractive, nor demur, to see 2 big colored circles in the middle of the face. It’s kinda of like putting too much cologne on; very obvious.

I apply mine on the apples, but only because I have such a small face that it’s the only place that really looks right.

I usually put my blusher high on my cheekbones, where you’re ‘supposed’ to put highlighter. Putting it on my apples makes my face look puffy or inflamed.

Never on my apples because it makes me look like I have a rash. I prefer to hold up two fingers on my face next to my nose as a guide and apply between the end of the guide towards my temple. I then blend it out and down.

I usually apply it on the outer part of the apple of my cheek, and brush it diagonally up to my temples and then I blend so there’s no harsh lines. Applying it on the apples makes it to close to my nose and I do’t want colour there.

When I apply my blusher, it’s not above the cheekbone but just right below the edge blending towards the hairline. I leave probably a good 2 inches away from the nose and I don’t smile during application, to avoid the color looking lower when I’m not smiling. Great for those of us over 40.

I apply it behind the apples of my cheeks. Like where most people apply the apples and sweep up the cheekbones, I start further back more from cheekbone to hairline 🙂

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