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I have a small collection so brush holder and a small 3 drawer thing from Target on my desk! I’m in a dorm so my makeup area is also my eating/working/studying area 🙂

Those plastic organizers that have 3 drawers.
I have a large one for face/eyes.
And two smaller ones for lips and more eyes!
Brushes are in a pen/desk organizer.

I was using a large makeup bag and couple of soft pencil cases but I recently upgraded to a medium sized kaboodle case, I love it!

i finally bought me a nice white desk with one drawer and 2 shelves i have them all oraganized on the top with one of those clear makeup oragnizers from cvs and another clear 4 drawer holding all my unboxed items and my go to makeup in in my hello kitty soft vanity case

In the bathroom (terrible, I know), in a 4 drawer stationary organiser. Brushes in a glass on top of organiser, along with deoderant and perfume.

Hair sprays, rubbing alcohol, spare body washes, etc, on window sill in bathroom (approx 6″ from the ground)

I have a big make up bag but I’ve filled that one up so I have to buy another one. I have to keep them in bags because I travel quite a bit from home to college for holidays, it’s just easier that way not to have to fish everything out before I go.

Many many little boxes, tins, cups, even a shot glass!(LOL it holds one of my brushes!) It surprisingly looks organized and neat 🙂

It used to be in 2 Caboodles containers, but I outgrew that. I’m in a 5 foot tall plastic drawer tower now with several tubs of assorted lipgloss and brushes on top. I still use my Caboodles for my everyday essentials.

All my makeup and brushes are in my bathroom in a small plastic desktop drawer. I’m looking into putting makeup in my bedroom because I know the humidity decreases the life of your makeup and brushes. But my room, unfortunately, is messy and has storage problems with no time to clean it up! Maybe in a few weeks…..

I have a number of makeup bags where I store my cosmetics, I use different pouches for base makeup, point makeup, and the makeup I’ll be using for the week. Then those bags are stored in my father’s drawer, because he never turns off the AC in his room and he very rarely draw open his curtains. So it’s always cool and dark in his room. I also store all of my perfumes in his room.

I have an old computer armorie I use. It has tons of little cubbies to put stuff in and I have my mirror, brushes and palettes where the montor would be. It’s huge and I still have lots of room. And it cloese so it always looks nice and clean(even when it isn’t!)

I have make up stored everywhere in my bedroom! I have 3 storage units with 12 drawers between them, plus 2 little ones with 4 drawers each, plus loads of boxes (ice cream tubs and small plastic containers) under my chests of drawers, and some more boxes and two big make up bags in my built-in cupboard, plus more make up in my clothes drawers and my bedside cabinet. Oh and a small amount, including all my drugstore lipglosses in the downstairs cloackroom. My husband is constantly complaning about my make up taking over every bit of space, lol.

Hope this works:


I keep everything on top of a dresser in plastic drawers. I have two, one very big one with lots of organizer thingies inside (silverware organizers mostly) and then a medium sized one with some little compartments as well. Kind of like a kid and their food…I don’t like things to touch!

I store most everything in containers on my dresser. My face stuff and face brushes are on my bathroom counter though 🙂

I keep all of my brushes and pencils in a plastic utensil holder that I got from the 99-cent store. I keep my lip glosses and lipstick in a mini fruit basket. I keep my eye shadows, mascaras, foundations and blushes in a small train case. I also have a multi pocket letter holder for miscellaneous things like cosmetic wedges, extra mascaras, samples, and such. I literally have a little corner to myself to store and do my make up. When I grow up and get a house (lol), I’m going to buy a real vanity.

until my hubster & I get our spare rooms cleaned out/organized, my makeup in in our bedroom, in various makeup bags/containers, next to my dresser. I have a bag that fits all of my MAC Pro palettes, a bag of face products (foundations/powders/bronzers/blush), one of non-MAC eye products, a small bag for all of my liners/shadesticks/mascaras, a large Sterilite container with a lid for all of my LIP products and a BIG travel bag that has all my makeup brushes. I can’t wait to have my final “makeup” setup done in the smaller of our two spare rooms!

I have a small collection (compared to all of the gurus, SIGNIFICANTLY smaller!) that I keep in a Caboodles traincase. It’s painfully small, though, and the bottom compartment is STUFFED with various liners, glosses, blushes… you name it! My brushes I keep in a black, satin-y finish coffee mug that I got after participating in a play in 8th grade (so far back!), so all of my brushes look super classy.

I have a Sephora tackle box (the largest one they had) for most single eyeshadow, pigments, and face/blush powders; then I have all my lip stuff in a separate back of their own, and then a large caboodle bag for any palettes, pencils, brushes, and the stuff I use daily.

I store them in little containers but I think I have to upgrade to those little bathroom carts soon and then I organize them by mascara, lipsticks, lipgloss, foundations, and then I organize them by brand, Chanel, Dior, Mac, Estee Lauder, etc…makes it easier to find what I need.

i keep mine in the drawers and on top of my desk-turned-vanity. It’s a little cramped, but it works! i also store my eyeliners and mascara in one of those metal straw containers.

I’ve dedicated one small drawer in my dresser for my palettes, makeup remover, sponges, cases etc. But my loose makeup like individual eyeshadows, primers, lipsticks etc, I purchased on of the stackable plastic drawers from walmart and keep those makeup in those.

I keep everything in my room on my dresser. My brushes are kept in a brush roll, and my makeup collection is all stuffed in a MAC train case. My everyday makeup is kept in a plastic three drawer organizer.

I keep my makeup in my bathroom drawers, but this is just until my vanity gets moved in to my room. I know how bad it is to keep makeup in the bathroom.

Lipsticks and liquid and cream based items in the fridge. The powders in the dressing table drawers. Perfumes in a cool, dark chest, stored away from direct sunlight.

Most all my MAC shadows are in pallettes, I have lipsticks lined up on the vanity along with nail polish. My everyday wear and brushes stay in a makeup sack along with all my eyeliners the blush of the day and bronzer. In all honesty, my collection isn’t really organized at all! I still have a big clear makeup bag on my vanity stocked full of stuff!

I store mine in these drawers that I bought from Target. I have baskets where I keep everything neatly organzied. The first two drawers are my make up and the last two is for my nail polish collection. Thinking of buying two more for body products.

Everything is in my bathroom. I have all my makeup in a 4 level storage kit that fits under my sink. All my moisturizers and other facial products are in a cabinet on the wall. I wish I had room in our guest bedroom for a vanity so I can use the natural light!

In a Sephora makeup box…not working for me anymore though because it’s so full I can’t see what I have anymore 🙁 I’m dying for a vanity!! Anyone have picture suggestions?

I have a 4-drawers chest of drawers that’s full with my makeup (and I am determined not to need more than that). It’s next to my bathroom door, so I have everything handy when I do my makeup, but this way it’s not in the bathroom and doesn’t suffer from humidity or heat.

Hehe, that’s a lot of makeup :). I keep it in my bedroom next to my nightstand which has been converted into my makeup table. I keep brushes on the table, and the makeup itself in a seven drawer cart and a small three drawer thing on top of the cart. I’m very quickly running out of space though so I’ll probably give makeup away to my sister before she moves to New York in August.

On top of my bookcase (its a short but long one) by my vanity w/ 5 mini plastic organizer drawers. Then I have a 3 part brush holder for my face brushes, then my eye brushes then my brush shampoo.

white/clear plastic containers from wal-mart. super cheap and easy. they stack on top of each other too. I have different drawers for lip products, mascara, foundation, blush, ect.

I am going to have to get the glass jar with beads now… thanks a LOT ladies 😛
I forgot I have the Zuca bag, aka MY BABY. If you ever considered one but weren’t sure it was good for us makeup freaks, it is. I don’t know how to attach links or pics but go to their website (don’t buy from MAC, as they are EXACTLY the same but not with the MAC logo printed…not worth the extra moolah)

I have this tall 5 drawer dresser from ikea that i store my makeup and skincare in. i also have a train case from sephora for the extra makeup that i have. they are all stored in my bedroom.

I have a lancome traincase, I like to use empty Goya honey jars for brushes and liners, and a have a nail polish display tray/shelf that I use for lip products. I like to keep stuff I’m really into using at the moment in this super cute YSL makeup bag.

I store my makeup in various containers all ranging in size. My makeup is all divided based on brand, type of makeup (lipgloss, eyeshadow palettes, blush, etc.) and then divided by whether I have used it or not. I have:
3 drawer plastic storage that rolls that is about 3 ft. tall x 1 ft wide
3 drawer plastic storage that is about 1 ft. tall x 1/2 ft. wide
4 boxes that are shoe box in size
1 desk organizer with seperate compartments,
2- 3 drawer storage containers that are smaller about 6 inches tall x 5 inches wide
1 large storage container that is about 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide.

Hell, I have two extra rooms so I play with my makeup in any of those rooms, depending on how I feel. I tried to organize them, but I always run out of time, can’t decide or just like to see them all over the place, I guess. Most of my everyday/basic makeup I wear is on top of my dresser, where my basic brushes are. I have makeup bags galore, and I tried putting colors/products in one bag to keep them together for a specific look, but I always manage to mix everything up and then I run out of time to organize them yet again – such is the life of a beauty addict!

Right now in a Snap On toolbox. It is huge, holds all of my makeup at a nice temperature and it’s locked so people can’t take my stuff!

I have a nice sized vanity with a mirror that I keep all my makeup in. My brushes are in 2 clear containers with bean bag filling (sephora look).

All my new unopened make up gets stored into the big tall plastic drawers I got at Wal Mart. The ones I use on my face/everyday make up go in the mini 3 drawers on top of my vanity.

I have a small vanity & a small bookshelf next to it. I keep my brushes, primers & perfumes on top of the vanity. Foundation and eye stuff goes in the single shallow drawer, and everything else is on two out of three shelves of the small bookshelf. Lipstick, gloss, blush and highlighters are kept on the top shelf in two The Container Store mini drawers and the second shelf has all my nail polish and nail art supplies. =)

I cover boxes of children shoes (I’m particularly happy when I can get one designed like a little drawer !) with a nice paper and dedicate each one to a product (one for pigments, one for paintpots, one for lipglasses…). I store all the boxes in the bathroom !

i have a 5 drawer storage that is full so i need an new one or a bigger one . i also have sephpra inspired brush holder for all my brushes and another holder for eyeliners and mascaras .

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