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I really don’t turn to anyone for “advice”, as part of what I love about makeup is the whole trial & error factor. Also, what may work for one may not work for another, and vice-versa.

When it comes to swatches, though, I come here, because honestly, although I may not agree 100% with an actual review (based on my own personal experience with a product, ie, NARS eye pencils), I can rely on the photos/swatches being accurate, which is the most important aspect for me. I’ve seen far too many blogs out there with completely useless photos, which pretty much makes them useless to me.

I used to “research” on MakupAlley, but so many “reviews” were based on the fact the member just didn’t like the color, not based on the actual product & quality.

Ugh those makeupalley reviews which just state things like. “Ugly color how could anybody like/look good in this!” And have one star are the worst. That’s the number one reason I stopped going to that website. I still like it for skincare though, especially since you can search by skin type.

This blog and all the wonderful people who comment here! 😀 And, of course, YouTube! I do sometimes ask for advice from sale’s associates at makeup counters/stores. However, there are many who do not know what they are talking about, so I usually feel skeptical about what they say until I get to know them a bit more. There is one SA at my closest Sephora that I just can’t stand; she is AWFUL. Every.single.time. Because of her, I have to call to get the points from a purchase added to my BI account AND she forgot to put the BI birthday gift in my bag, but remembered to put in crappy samples of some Sephora foundation.

Your blog certainly! Usually I have product detail enquiries for shopping, and for basic beginner concepts, an unexpectedly low no. of MA here are hard working enough to prepare for basic questions. Then I go to other books like the Rae Morris ones.

The internet! Before Internet, there was no one except my brother’s then girlfriend, now wife who gave me the wrong advices! My friends and I were all tomboyish or too shy. So we did not know anything about makeup. My brother’s girlfriend was more “worldly” than us because at that time (high school) she wore makeup, went to the salon (my mom chopped off my hair- not a pretty sight), dressed in the latest bell bottom flare legged jeans and crop top fashion, and she had not one but two tattoo (one on her upper back shoulder blades and the other one, where we call it a “tramp stamp”)…she was so different from us. And she hated me (which I did not know at the time), so she told me horrible things and I believed her because she was ‘friendly’ to my face. I was so young, naive, and gullible back then.

But now, I have the Internet and Temptalia!!! Whoop! Whoop! Best thing ever next to Godiva Chocolates!

I was sitting next to my Mum on my laptop, and when I read this question aloud, my Mum went “Temptaliaaaaaaa!”. LOL!

Definitely the internet. There are some sale assistants and makeup artists at counters that I really like and trust their opinions, but I would only ask if I were going to the counter anyway.

And I LOVE coming here for honest reviews and swatches. If something appeals to me I always check here to see if it’s been reviewed. Other reviewers and bloggers can frustrate me a lot now – they’re nowhere near as thorough as you, Christine!

Most certainly the internet. I try to find beauty bloggers with similar coloring and/or features and then I try out looks that they’ve tried.

Generally YouTube it where I tend to go along with blogs like this one. You can get more opinions online and nobody is offended if you ignore their recommendations.

Internet. I just started looking at bloggers. I needed some new ideas for eye shadows, as I felt my look needed an update.

Internet reviews for advice on products, YouTube makeup artists/bloggers for advice on makeup application and skincare. 🙂

Beautypedia is great for when I want something expensive but I’m not sure if it’ll work for my skin type or my individual needs. Paula Begoun isn’t *always* right, but she usually is when it comes to warning you what products won’t work for dry skin, oily skin, breakouts, etc.

Honestly, I primarily use your reviews. I use internet sources to check product reviews but your site is the one place where I know I can get honest reviews of how something applies, stays, etc. Picking the right colors for my skin tone is my fun! But knowing that I’m not buying a flimsy product is why I love your reviews. I lack ladies who wear makeup in my life!


Most definitely the internet!! Youtube has been my teacher for years now. It’s what got me started into makeup. My favorite “gurus” on youtube land that I usually rely on are:

lisaeldridgedotcom – Lisa Eldridge
Pixiwoo – Sam and Nic Chapman
Pixi2woo – Tanya Burr
MakeupbyRenRen – Renalyn
Makeupgeektv – Marlena

These ladies have saved my makeup woes and taught me how to apply makeup at home with ease. I am super confident in their skills and always watch their channels!

Temptalia! And sometimes makeup counter staff and my friend who is possibly more makeup obsessed than me (if that’s possible!) but I find I don’t feel the need for much beauty advice nowadays.

For product advice, I rely on you first and foremost, and then I’ll check Musings of a Muse, and Makeup and Beauty Blog also to see what they say.

For technique/application tips/looks, I like several YouTube gurus: My favorites are TiffanyD, Beauty Broadcast, and The Makeup Chair.

I don’t need advice! I know everything!

OK, maybe not everything lol… but I am rather well schooled as it is. Still, there’s always something new to learn; the art of makeup is very dynamic, and is always evolving. I do love Wayne Goss for some excellent professional techniques, and then there’s always coming across random pictures in magazines, or even on Makeupbee.com that are fun to dupe, and even more fun to put my own spin on.

I have also contributed to The Bee and other sites, and had my own looks duped. I love the art of it all–I must have thousands of photos of my eye makeup close-up where I look like a drag queen, but hey! I look like a damn good drag queen in those pics! 😉 In general, I spend several hours each day working on new looks, but when going out, I *usually* opt for more ordinary (but properly executed) looks. Still, wearing the drag queen looks out is fun sometimes. 🙂

I usually go to Makeup Alley Forum for advice, I’ve learned a lot from people over there, including stuff on makeup, but also skincare and fragances 😀

Temptalia for product reviews and swatches. As far as application, I search YouTube by product if I’m looking for a specific product, but other than that, I watch:
…I think that’s it. Lol!

I also turn to the internet. My mom and friends aren’t really as into beauty stuff as I am. I actually am the one they turn to for advice, lol.

These days, it’s MOSTLY Temptalia! If I don’t find anything here, then I search on google, second blogger is Karen from makeupandbeautyblog.

For beauty advise and daily reads (aka food for the soul) I always go to the sites of:


My day is never complete without them ; )

My MAC MUA was incredibly talented and creative and up on trends. And gorgeous in full drag! He who wears it can teach it. My go to guy. He just got promoted way up and out of town, I’m in chaos! Blogs are great but a Fashion Week quality MUA who knows your name at the MAC Store is a loss. Nothing is like live teaching on certain minutiae.

So I don’t know. I’m bereft. Adrift.

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