When you find holy grail product, do you stop the search?

When you find holy grail product, do you stop the search? Or do you still keep an eye out? Try new products, just in case?

Pretending that I’m not a beauty blogger, if it’s a skin care product, I think I would.  If it was a certain shade of lipstick, I’d probably still try new shades.

Thanks to CeeBee for today’s question!

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it depends how holy grail it is, i guess. When i found MAC’s Penultimate Eyeliner i never used another felt tip or liquid liner again. and im sure there are better ones out there, but for the price and other things i like about it, i dont need to find another.
blusher and bronzers on the other hand- bourjois’ poudre delice bronzer and benefits dandelion are my HGs, but i still look for others.

I’ll stop for a while, but I usually get tired of using a product after a while and just want something new. But if it is truly a holy grail product, I’ll more than likely go back to it.

It depends on the product for sure!! I’m pretty done looking for mascaras since waterproof Covergirl Lashblast, since it’s the ONLY mascara I’ve ever used that doesn’t pull the curl right out of my lashes. Maybe if I start rolling in the dough and can afford regular lash perms I’ll try out other ones, but until then this is it for me!

For colour cosmetics (lipsticks, eyeshadow, etc.) I’ve never bought the same thing twice, no matter how good it is! I love new colours too much and it takes me ages to get through anything. For skincare products, if I can find something that is made of great, natural ingredients and is well-priced and effective, and something I can’t easily make on my own, I stop looking.

I keep on going back to the Keys Soap Solar RX SPF30 sunblock, but it really is perfect for my needs and I doubt I’ll keep looking for something better.

Only if it skincare or non-color specific products like translucent or matifying powders or foundation, things that you only need your shade in. As for shadows, blushes, lipsticks, etc? Stopping once you find an HG takes some of the fun out of makeup

I wish I could stop searching… but with makeup it never ends!! lol. I am still looking for a good moisturizer and a good eye cream…I can’t seem to find my “holy grail” in that area…

That’s like saying, “do you have enough shoes”, huh NO! Its never enough, even if it is perfect, but there is satisfactions of finding exactly what your looking for.

Not for color cosmetics, there’s a whole rainbow of shades out there! But for staples like primers, concealer/foundation, haircare and skincare, definitely yes.

When it comes to MLBB lipstick and perfect nude lipstick that gives me a slightly better version of ‘Vogue magazine concealer lips’, I’d say yes finally my search is over!

And that search only just finished this year when the MAC Mickey Contractor collection came out with the Mehr and Yash lipsticks, the former is the MLBB one and the latter gives me the ‘Vogue magazine’ look I’ve been craving for about 15 years! LOL I could cry when I think of the money I’ve wasted searching for the latter one! Both colors are perfect for me even if I was going to get married or something; I’d look great in the wedding pics!

Thank God I got three of each, but now I regret not buying four! xD But I’m still on my first tube with both of ’em! LOL

Yes, unless there might be something just as good that’s less expensive. There are certain skincare products I’d be afraid to replace, though, for fear of my skin freaking out.

Well, kind of – I stick to that product like glue but then most of the times the product either becomes either to difficult to locate or is discontinued, so then the hunt continues. However, I would prefer to just find products that I love and could use forever but I still like to try new products for you never know that my new HG product has yet to be found.

I definitely stop searching, but am still open for suggestions — as long as I get the best of the best. When it comes to concealer and mascara, I definitely stock up. On eyeshadow and lipstick, I never fall in love with a color so much that I can’t forget it months from now. As for skincare, my products are general purpose, so plenty of products with the same simple ingredients will serve just as well.

Never! Haha! I know what works for my skin but I still have the itch to try something else which will be nothing short of horrible.

With cosmetics, it’s probably slightly different. I’ll have my HG colour on hand but I will keep on experimenting with others. Although come to think of it, I keep buying colours not too different from the HG ones. Maybe I should learn the meaning of contentment…

Nope, theres always room for improvement lol and in order for the item to maintain its holy grail status I have to continue to have something to compare it too

No, not really because there’s always something new coming along that might be even better. Eg. – ProLongwear concealer is the best of all that I’ve tried but I’ll still check out new concealers that come along. As for colour cosmetics, well…new colours, textures, etc. are always tempting!

No, I stick to the products for the time being but when there are new products out there , I’m just too curious about them and want to try them just in case they might be even better!

Yes and no. I continue to search but when I run out of the product I still buy it again for example my clinique rose aglow lipstick is my HG but I still wear other colors. I’m just about out of it and am totally going to buy it again. My skincare is perfect and I’m hesitant to mess with it so I’ve stopped the search for that.

I agree with you, Christine. But my skincare routine is always changing so I can avoid becoming ammune to a certain product, so I guess it’ll have to be my HG until I find a new one!

Since both skin care and make-up are constantly evolving, why wouldn’t anyone want to try something new? I’ve been wearing make-up for 50 years and, let me tell you, things have changed dramatically during that time. With formulations, textures, finishes, pigments, and the like constantly changing; with advances in skin care science and in dermatology being made on a daily basis, that means something better is always on the horizon. When you add to all that the fact that our skin and coloring also changes significantly over the years, it’s easy to understand why we refer to those elusive perfect products as Holy Grails. Perfection is unobtainable and we’ll always be searching for something better.

I am always on the lookout, even if I feel that I have found my HG product. With the luck I have with certain products being discontinued, it is usually wise for me to stock up on the stuff that I love.

I’m always on the lookout for something better and greater. I have many products I re-buy over and over and over again, however, I would never classify anything as HG, it’s too definitive! I also rarely buy back ups of products because I eventually tire of them.

No, LOL! Though I think I’ve come pretty close to perfection in my quest for the perfect purple eyeshadow (Shiseido Luminzing Satin trio in VI308) and I will probably always have a pot of Dior Capture XP 60/80 eyecream on my vanity… Blush is a new obession – I’ve always worn blush and I have loads already, but recently I’ve bought quite a few more – though I think my favourites will always be pinky corals, they’re so flattering!

I will admit that the hunt for, testing and aquiring of great products is as much fun as actually using them – I don’t think I’ll ever not enjoy that. As my ever expanding blush collection can attest to!

I’ve found my holy grail brushes with Hakuhodo so I stopped the search for this. But concerning products – not tools – I love being on the hunt for a new and possibly better one!

I tend to stick to the same concealer/foundation/skin care for at least five or six months, if I really like the product… but I get bored so I’ll try new things every once in a while as well. It’s more fun that way – and what if there’s something better out there?

Maybe for the time being but eventually my skin will change or my tastes will change and I’ll want a certain look that’s different than before. But definitely while everything is the same I’ll stop looking.

When I find a HG product, I like to use it all the time: I will, however, occasionally be curious about other things unless I can’t live without it.

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