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None of my friends and family care about makeup like at all so no I guess lol. BUT I will explode on twitter a few times to express my love and jubilation. Once I get my beauty blog up, I may just 😉

I discover it the last week and is the Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 from Mac. Is great!!!! Very beautifull finish and easy application!

Why keep it a secret??? What a b*tchy thing to do! I tell everyone and lots of times I even go out a buy the things for my friends/fam so they can try it

Lulee, you must have been reading my mind 🙂 I feel the same way and am often giving samples or full size products to my friends who are into make-up and skin care.

I tell anyone and everyone! Usually via my blog, Twitter, etc. People are always searching for reviews and recommendations. I like having a voice & possibly helping others 🙂

I don’t, only becauseI don’t know any makeup junkies in real life; they’re all sick of hearing me go on and on about duochrome and stuff haha :p

Same here! No one i know cares, they usually think i’m crazy. even my husband rolls his eyes everytime i come home with a new buy. He says wow that’s nice-looks like every other color you own.

Tell like no other, I work on a conjoined benefit/guerlain counter (i’m on the benefit side) and I fell in love with the rouge automatiques. Since we just phased out lots of lipstick colours, if we don’t have one someone’s after, i’ll grab a RA. I’ve made that side hundreds because of it, but I just adore the formula!

Out of curiosity, what store do you work in that has a Benefit counter AND a Guerlain counter?

“Amazing” products are nevertheless opinionated, subjective, works for some but not others, so no – I don’t go sharing unless someone asks for my opinion.

no one i know is the slightest bit interested in make up, if i told anyone about a product i like they would look at me confused and say get a life ha ha.

None of my friends would ever dream of spending the amount of money I do on cosmetics, so if I said to them “YSL have just brought out great new lipglosses” they’d take it as though I was showing off, pointing out that I can afford to buy expensive cosmetics.
But it’s not like that all! I just choose to spend money on makeup because I love it, not to show off about it!
And that’s why I love to talk about make up online…few people judge you, and everyone realises this is about so much more than just looking pretty or whatever.
I would say the last thing I bought that I loved – MAC Magically Cool powder in Truth & Light: fair skin tones, this is wonderful for giving you a glow that you can’t get as we haven’t got a tan!
It would be amazing to know someone in real life who liked make up seriously.

I’m with you on this one. My friends think I have a “problem” because I’ll drop half my paycheck on beauty! I work hard, and to me this is my passion. As long as I have a roof over my head etc..and I can afford it, I will continue to buy Chanel, YSL, Nars and whatever else I love. To each his own 🙂 PS. I only do that once a month or so LOL!

I tell everyone who might be interested (which is how I’ve got friends hooked on things like MAC’s Craving and Grand Entrance (they hate me for that one since it was LE). But quite a few of my friends/co-workers don’t wear any makeup at all, and have no interest, so I don’t tell them about “makeup-y” type finds!

sometimes 🙁 but i know i should tell to everyone around .. its bad habit 🙁
but my family and cousins dont care so am always left alone praising the stuff and that make me all the more sick

I tend to only tell a few close girlfriends about it, but that’s because they’re the only ones who’d care!

But I’m thankful Christine tells all of us, I’ve discovered so many new beauty loves that way! Hello, Jack Black lip balm!

Tell, for sure. I do the same with local businesses I love. Too many things I love have been discontinued or disappear. Maybe they wouldn’t if more people used them.

I like to tell people when I find stuff I love. Sometimes people are interested & want to try it, sometimes it’s not their style. But no harm done in sharing. 🙂
Unfortunately I don’t know a lot of people IRL who are into makeup, but that’s why we have blogs & YouTube channels! haha

I do beauty videos on YouTube (they are mostly reviews) and so when I am over the moon about a certain product, I’m going to rave about it to my viewers. But it’s the same with products I hate. I make a point to tell my viewers not to buy a certain product (unless it’s skincare or something that works differently for everyone) because I don’t want people to waste their money on something that’s not worth it.

I always tell! Once I bought the NARS eyeshadow base I hounded my friend for months (maybe even a year) to go get it because she was using the one you use to use Christine and I know how much you love the NARS one!

I just recently got another friend hooked and she loves it! Nothing like an all around great product.

Not unless they ask about it – just because I think it’s amazing doesn’t mean someone else will. If someone says “Oh, what a pretty colour!” then I will usually tell them what it is if they seem interested but I really only give my opinion on products if someone asks me directly or review it on MUA.

I did, however immediately go out and buy 3 more tubes of VO5 Emergency Rescue Elixir for my BFF and mother (and a back up for me!) because I thought it was FANTASTIC. I just gave it to them and said “Here, this is really good.” and then afterwards they both raved about it to me, LOL!

I have maybe one friend that cares as much about makeup as I do, so I would maybe tell her if I found something amazing. I tell my boyfriend and my sister when I buy something amazing, but they kind of just roll their eyes!

Definitely. My new loves for the week are Seche Vite (i know about th health warnings and I disclose them too) and Buxom lipgloss in Krystal.

I love how everyone is either “yes” or “no one in my life cares”. Ha! I tell people, no need to keep it all to myself 🙂 And not everything works for everyone anyway, so just because you love it doesn’t mean someone else will.

If it was something skin perfecting I might be a little loathe to, since I’m always looking for something to improve my skin. But honestly I LOVE sharing product advice and discovery so of course I would tell!

No… I keep it to myself for a while. I only share it with my best friend because I know she relies on me when buying makeup and other cosmetics 😉

I tell EVERYONE! From friends, family, coworkers, clients, strangers, and even my two doggies =) They probably dont care, but I cant hold it in sometimes lol

I do! I get so excited that I HAVE to share the news and recommend that they try it too. I don’t believe in beauty”secrets”. We girls have to stick together and help each other out 😉

I don’t… I just wear it a lot and if people ask me about it then I’ll tell them. I don’t really have friends that are in love with makeup as much as I am so… :/

Definitely tell people who care. Those who dont care… well im not on eto shove anything down anyones throat! I love promoting brands more than anything else and techniques/ looks that are amazing! gilly hicks’ makeup line is my current obsession! Who knew such AMAZING products would come out of an underwear store? Aeries was really good too but they discontinued it 🙁

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