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I get my nails done every two weeks so I don’t know if that counts as pampering or regular maintenance at this point, but if we go with that I had them done a week ago 🙂 Also last night I took extra care with my face and used an exfoliating product in addition to just washing it. I have these little pink bumps on my forehead I want to get rid of 🙁

Honestly, it’s been *years*! I just don’t have the time. I have a 6-year-old with ASD, and between all the everyday “mom” duties, there are all the therapies & appointments to run her to. By the time I get her to bed, I’m just too exhausted to indulge in anything luxurious. I did manage to shave my legs last week, though!

A week ago? I put a hair treatment in and then wrapped my hair, gave myself a pedicure, and drank a glass of wine.

OT – Christine/anyone, is camerareadycosmetics.com legit/secure? What are people’s experiences with this site? I want to get the Ben Nye Cameo and Banana Powders, but I have no clue where the f*** to find it other than that site, but I’m not familiar with it.

I don’t know anything about that particular site, but I believe you can order directly from Ben Nye. I would personally go that route, as they are a very reputable company, and have been around for years.

That’s what I checked first, but they only sell through dealers. That web site I mentioned seems to be the one that everyone on YT gets it from, but I’ve never heard of it before, so I’m iffy. I guess I’ll call and check with Ben Nye.

Perhaps they can tell you of a brick & mortar location near you that carries Ben Nye. With Halloween coming up, something local may be carrying some stuff, or if you have a theatrical supply store near you. I just hate ordering online, so I make every effort to find places that carry things I want.

That sounds like a nice pampering session, Christine. Mine is about the same–just taking a long, hot bath and then using a mask. While I wait for it to dry, I’ll drink a hot cup of tea and read all my favorite blogs or read a little bit. So relaxing!

I usually take one or two nights a week to spend time soaking in the tub, doing a deeper skin cleansing and exfoliating followed by a facial masque and also doing my mani/pedi’s. I used to only have professionals do my ‘maintenance’, but now I find I really enjoy taking the time and doing it myself.

Last weekend I went to the mall to purchase a guerlain shine automatique lipstick, a pretty blouse and bracelet, haagen dazs ice cream belgian chocolate and tiramisu (my favorite 🙂 ) Subway sandwich which I also love, and then just a nice hair treatment I gave myself at home and a nice cup of hot chocolate.

I try to maintain a routine every week and every day. I exfoliate my body ( hands and feets too ) once a week, I put a daycream and a nightcream, I do my nails ( feet ) often and I use masks both on hair and face. I think a girl ” should be classy and fabulous ” to quote Coco Chanel and I really try to pamper myself every day. Not to be so fabulous (lol ) but just to feel good and not fall into depression again. When you’re bipolar, you have no choice you have to maintain a routine and my beauty stuff helps me a lot. Yesterday I purchased Chanel Tumulte and Malice blushes I am so happy about that. Beauty products and perfumes are part of my life, clearly that makes me happier.

I took a bath this summer for the first time in a couple of years!! That sounds all wrong, I know…but getting clean means a 5 minute shower. A bath is laying there with a book and a cup of tea and adding more water when it gets cold. I used to do it more often years ago…like over 20 years ago…when I had a claw foot tub, which was made for laying in. I even fell asleep a couple of times in it!!

Saturday night! My little sisters wanted to have a “girl’s night” so I took them to buy things to make s’mores, and then we did dark chocolate face masks, lip scrubs, and mani/pedis. And after they went to bed I reread The Notebook, drank tea, and took a bath. I needed a night like that, haha. Between senior year and work, life is extremely hectic right now.

I only wash my hair about 2 or 3 times a week (it really has made my hair stronger). So, when I do I like to do a deep conditioning coconut oil treatment on my hair and a clay mask for my oily skin before I take a really hot, lovely bath. Then I use my homemade sugar scrub with jasmine essential oil/sunflower oil all over to exfoliate – then I shave. When I get out I use cocoa butter lotion all over and a nice leave in conditioner. I might even paint my nails (I like to change the colors often). I think it’s imporant for someone to take time out weekly to give themselves some attention. It really helps me keep sane lol! 🙂

This gave me some good ideas lol! I’m sick and I’m at work until 6 tonight (I’m on lunch right now lol) and when I get home im gonna take a nice lush bath with some tea ad honey to sooth my throat, along with a good book and a face mask. Probably some robotussin, too LOL!

Hmmm…if my pedicure every 3 weeks counts then it’s been 9 days. It’s an hour I get chatting with my best friend (she works at the place I go to and she’s the only one I let do my pedi….she has been doing them every since we were in high school) and getting an amazingly pampering pedicure experience. It’s pricier than the run of the mill nail shops you tend to see all over the place, but it’s well worth it. Plus, I get the bonus of catching up with by bff…we’re both always too busy to really just hang out anymore.

I’m not sure if this counts, but I went to the spa last week for a brazilian, which I tend to always find relaxing lol. The music is always relaxing and someone else is catering to me for once. They usually always bring me tea too. I love that spa.

Oh wow, now that I think about it, it was the beginning of September, right after coming back from Burning Man. My skin was so chapped and dry from the dust and wind. During a long bath with a Lush Butterball bath bomb, I exfoliated with homemade sugar scrub and treated my face to a clay mask. Afterwards, I slathered myself with body butter and gave myself a manicure and pedicure.

I must say I’m overdue! As a mom, I honestly feel bad taking time for myself too often, so I only carve out time once or twice a month for “me” time, which usually consists of getting my nails and hair done. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of going for my “me” day tomorrow! 🙂

The last time I pampered myself was two weeks in Vegas. I had my first facial ever and it was so relaxing. I had never been to a spa before so I was nervous about needing a robe but it was worth it. For an hour, I was so relaxed and didn’t think about anything like work or stressful things. I am definitely going to treat myself to a facial or massage near my own hometown.

Every Saturday night I have “me” time! I light some candles then I draw a nice bath with epsom salts, I scrub, mask, soak, bathe, shave, scrub my feet, and moisturize my whole body, and the whole time I have my Calm Meditation station on from Pandora. Then I jump into bed & have some more “me” time!

The last time was a month ago when i went on a getaway with my hubby down south of Sri Lanka on the coast.we stayed at a spa hotel, so on those 2 days we enjoyed our private plunge pool, jacuzzi, the rain huge showers and a view of the beach from the bed.and i got a foot and leg massage at the spa.
I really need to exfoliate my whole body,i badly need a mani/pedi, facial and deep conditioning for my hair. I’m 10 weeks preggers and i feel freaking lazy to do anything other than sleep let alone go to the local salon! I’m too lazy to even apply a lip balm, hand and foot cream before bed :/

Hi Miss J! Last year I emailed Yaby in Canada to find out names of their US Distributors. Yaby said that they only sell thru Camera Ready. I never made the purchase because I just needed an $8 item and shipping was going to cost $7 which I thought was silly. I don’t know anything more about Yaby or Camera Ready but felt more comfortable about possibly buying from Camera Ready in the future. I hope that helps a little bit!

I find difficult to find a full 1 or 2hr pamper time each week, so I just make used of bits of free time each day.

I do it 2 times/week
1 for body and hair and the other day for face: peeling, mask, hydration… and my cup of tea!

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