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Well, I used to feel that way. Now that I work there, I love more products than before, but I buy less of them… who knows why. Though when Nordies had that MAC l/g deal I did run out to get some of the LE glosses to get one free that I otherwise would not have gotten. Lol

Definitely. With all of these sales going on right now, I keep asking myself why I’m not buying things RIGHT NOW. Then I remember–I’m saving up for later MAC collections (pret-a-papier, to the beach, in the groove, fabulous felines…). My willpower/wallet will prevail!

Yes, unfortunately I always want to buy something when there’s a sale. It’s easier to pass up the online sales but if I’m at a store I’ll often make the purchase.

Absolutely especially when it’s something i want to try or something i use very often but recently it’s been stuff i DON’T even need

I always feel heartbroken when I feel like I could be passing up an awesome deal. Oh well, I am trying my best to resist the Ubran Decay sale, but so far that has not been working out so well.
I do need some new 24/7 eyeliners..

Well, in so far as I feel compelled to let myself get some of the items that have been sitting on my wishlist for a while, and I do try to stock up on staples I’m about to run out of as well. Not that I wouldn’t still buy those staples or eventually cave on one or two of those wishlist items, but a sale definitely helps give that extra push and I don’t mind spending more at once if there is a sale. Just if only I could then cut down for the next month or so LOL.

Yes!!! And this is a terrible habit for me. I’ll buy it then never use it or get home and I’m like what was i thinking. I’m learning to scope out online what I want have some time, and think about it before I go….but so far it hasnt rally helped lol

yes, but only when the deal is just that good…any percentage off of make-up i am a suck for…I usually never regret because i know i will use it… and you can always return it! 🙂

All of the above. LOL. I end up forcing myself to buy something, then I get it home and I’m like, why did I buy this? I have this that’s just like it. But I still keep it! Hahaha! I am doing my best to resist the Sephora and Urban Decay sales because my stash is overflowing out of my makeup shelving thingy!

Wow! My 8 month old daughter’s name is London Grace, so it was strange to see your screen name!

Yes! But I try to only buy things that I’ve been wanting, but haven’t gotten because of the price!

I feel compelled to, but I somehow manage to resist. So far I’ve resisted with Urban Decay but I don’t know for how long

-with the sephora VIB promo, and the urban decay FF going on, it’s becoming reall hard to resist.

Yes! That is why I have a spilled over train case (silver Sephora one) and an unrecognizable counter (working on organization).

Yessssss! And I get a little panic-y if there’s nothing I need or if it’s just bad timing for my wallet. Lol.

yes but i think i might pass this time because i have if not all, most of the stuff i have been wanting. discounts on makeup are rare which makes it hard to resist. if there was a mac f&f i would definitely get something, i always need backups of the same things.

Only if there are things I wanted to get anyway. Might as well take advantage of the sale and get the stuff you want at a discounted price.

Gets me all the time 🙁 This usually applies when I shop at Hautelook.com. Every time there’s a makeup brand I like, I always end up buying something and not touching it once I get it…

Yes and no, depends on if i REALLY something or not! Haha. I ended up taking the plunge for the Clairsonic recently because beautychoice had an AMAZING bundle and plus i found a coupon code for 20% off (through april 10th,2010) its Easter7 fyi.

i always feel like i regret making the purchase after but if its something i truly love, then its no prob! 🙂

every time a sale comes around I try to take advantages of them!
unless they’re really bad or I really don’t need the product.

Yes! I recently bought 2 hand creams and don’t like either. I’m also a sucker for hair products that claim to be $$ off but usually turn out to be a bit of a con.

I have a never ending wishlist so when there’s a sale it’s a good opportunity for me to pick up the things I need or want and save a little money in doing so.

Well yes…’cos I only buy certain brands, such as Urban Decay when it’s on sale. Why pay $16 for an eyeshadow when I can get a refill MAC for $11? So then of course, makes sense to wait for sales- they come around faster than you think. Otherwise, with no sales some brands would stand no chance against MAC.

nope…I if i don’t need or want anything from that place to start with then I wouldn’t even care…for example Urban decay is having their sale right now but i don’t feel the need to get anything ^^ mac on the other hand..well let’s not go there.

I always feel compelled, but I recently set a budget/limit for myself – $100/mo. Right now, the UD and Sephora sales do NOT fit within my budget (focusing this month on MAC LE items), so I’m passing. The budget has been a very, very good thing for me!

I try to buy only when there are some 20% sales! I really like buying make-up, but the prices are really on the higher scale and I feel better about spending money if I have a small discount!

However I must admit it’s hard to resist the urge to spend when there’s a good sale, even if I don’t currently *need* anything… because I always *want* new things! lol
(Oh chanel rouge coco lipsticks, I want all of you…)

it’s soo hard to resist. Especially since sales at Sephora don’t come by so often. i feel like i have to seize the moment! 🙂

I buy the products that I deem too expensive to purchase w/o a discount. Like the Urban Decay tinted moisturizers or their deluxe shadows.

Yes, take today’s 15% Sephora sale for VIB’s…..I can’t go (still NOT driving) and it’s KILLING me that I’m going to miss it!

Sometimes yes and its a killing on my pocket book. Because I couldve just put it an order the week b4 but b/c of the sale I feel I cant pass up the deal.

I don’t.. well, not really, but for the Urban Decay one only. . becauuusseee; I needed more eyeliners :P. I WAS gonna buy it from Sephora with the 15% and buy a Stila one also but UD had their 30% , and 30% is wayy better than 15%. Haha

But someone better take my temp ASAP because the Sephora sale isn’t even perking my interest!

YES! Especially F+F sales or Sephora sales and i want some h/e things. Luckily I need some things right now so I’ll be using my VIB discount!

I feel compelled to buy! If I have the money with me and I don’t plan to use it on something, I do buy if I see something I want/need but I don’t use all of my money that way I don’t feel guilyy!

Yes, but if there is nothing I really need then I don’t get anything. then the next week I think of something I could have gotten & regret missing out on the sale.

Yes! Especially when the sale is so good, like the UD 30% off, that is a steep discount and I am going to get some new liners and shadows. I am kind of meh about the 15% off at Sephora, it’s better then nothing but I am not going to buy anything new just because it’s 15% off. IMO it’s not that great, sales tax here is 8.6% so with all things considered the discount is pretty low. I will only repurchase basics I am currently low on.

Of course! I am delighted when I find out a store is having a sale. The products that I’ve been waiting to buy… I go and buy!

Yep. Just the other day, when I found a load of Urban Decay and Too Faced in the clearance sale, I bought all the Stardust eyeshadows because they were so cheap and I definitely wouldn’t have bought them at £13.50 each! And 2 TF shadow duos that I probably wouldn’t have bought at all, because they were £3 each. 🙂 I’m a sucker for bargains, lol.

I can usually resist buying clothing and shoes when they are on sale. Ok, maybe just sometimes. Willpower is lacking. But I cannot resist a good makeup sale! I keep a running list of things I will run out of in the near future, and a list of products that I would like to try but don’t want to pay full price for. When I hear the word “sale”, I’m there with my list in hand. Staples take priority over items I’ve never tried before.

Depending on the sale… I get suckered into the Sephora sales and those double the Optimum Points at Shoppers Drug Mart!

I feel you Christine. I’m going to print out my VIB coupon and head over to Sephora!! I’m going to get the Laura Mercier Primer and a NARS blush… we’ll see if I come out with that or other things! lol

Absolutely! Especially if it’s on makeup because that almost never goes on sale at places like Macy’s or Nordstrom.

I’m reallllly tempted, but if I step back and think it over, I usually only buy if I already wanted something.

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