When is longevity important to you?

When blogging, whenever a brand says it should be. Personally,I prefer all my products last around 8 hours pretty nicely with a gradual fade/break down from there (but not a total meltdown!) with the exception of lip products, which I don’t mind reapplying two or three times (mostly after a meal) a day.

— Christine
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Just for the work day, which lasts about 8 hours. It’s nice in theory for something to last longer but I don’t need it to. And like you Christine I don’t mind reapplying lip products throughout the day.

Definitely foundation and mascara. I look for long wearing foundation. I will blot and add powder, but it sometimes comes out cakey. And I always wear waterproof mascara bc I have had issues with smudging and fixing with q-tips is hard.

I don’t mind eyeshadow or blush fading a bit during the day. Don’t mind eyeliner fading a little or smudging a little. Reapplying lipstick is no big deal.

If I’m going to be out and about for a large part of the day, I absolutely need it to last! Especially considering that I use public transportation to get around and our summers are brutally hot. The severe humidity that has *usually* set in by now is also a major factor that adds to the challenge of longevity. So, yes, other than having to reapply lipstick and/or gloss, touchup my cocealer and powder a bit, I need that stuff to be sweatproof, oilproof, waterproof….basically: AZ proof!

I put on my makeup at 7:30 and don’t get home until 6:30, so that’s 11 hours. And work tends to be hectic, so I don’t have time to do extensive re-application. And since I use public mass transit, I don’t want to lug around tons of makeup and brushes. Eyeliner, shadows, and mascara has to last at least 11 hours with no smudging, fading, or melting. So does foundation, with minimal blotting and powder. I’m ok with re-applying blush and highlighter once a day, as that’s pretty easy to do. And since I wear an SPF lip balm, and I’m constantly sipping water or tea, I’m used to re-applying lipstick and lip liner pretty often, probably every 2 hours. For extra long days ( doing happy hour or dinner with clients), I use a lipstick that stains. So yes, longevity is super important to me!

I second this! I work in construction sites, in different cities almost everyday, so my makeup is subject to the weather, either cold and rain, hot, sun, dust, long car journeys …so I tend to buy long wearing formulas specially for foundation and eyeshadow and, during winter, waterproof mascara.

Wow, you really put your makeup to the test! Do you have any recommendations for long-wearing foundation, shadows, and waterproof mascara?

Sure!! For foundation I really like Mac Prolongwear and I’m currently testing BB Skin Foundation (so far, loving it – medium coverage and doesn’t go cakey). Eyeshadows I normally go for paintpots or BB long wearing cream eyeshadow stick – this one is the best for me, really smooth and easy to apply, stays all day and it even resists a Crossfit training in the middle of the day. I always use UD Primer Potion because I have REALLY oily lids but I’ve used it without as well and also had a very good performance, even on me. For mascara I go with the Maybelline Great Lash and The Colossal or L’Oréal Telescopic. Also, If your interested in long wearing concealers, I gravitate between UD and the MUF full coverage!

Thanks Ana! I hear great things about the MAC Prolongwear. I have a BB shadow stick (gray ) and love it, also a fan of the LM Caviar Sticks. Will need to try some of those mascaras, thanks again!

Well, a work day including lunch break and commute is a good 10 hours out of the house, so ideally makeup should last that long. I’ve never had a job that required me to be looking as fresh at 5pm as I did at 9am so it’s not too important if products start fading before the end of the day.

Like you said, when a product claims to be long-lasting it obviously also SHOULD be long-lasting. Plus since my skin is super oily it’s just very important for me in general to have products with good longevity, especially in summer.

Everyday. I work 8 hours at an office and do not want to redo my whole makeup after work. There’s some day left after work and even if I do not have any better plans I don’t want the person at the grocery shop wondering what sickness I have just because my foundation would go blotchy/orange or my eyeshadow migrate. If it is extra hot outside and I have some outdoor plans or an special occasion I use a makeup fixer, but for normal life I trust my products and hope for the best.

I do not mind touching up some lipstick, a bit of spot concealer and inner corner highlight eyeshadow (my eyes often get watery so I keep a small eyeshadow set in my bag), just to freshen things up at 5pm. But other things are too much to carry around in my bag.

8 hours is great. Anything breaking down in less time than that (I’m looking at you Armani foundation), I find to be really annoying. My current regime is holding up a solid 10 hours (score!), the longest I’ve ever experienced. I particularly like my makeup to last throughout the workday, since sometimes I don’t have any time to check blush, etc.

I wish all lippies would last longer (looking at your Nars especially), but since I can’t bear the feel of the liquid lipsticks, I do reapply quick-like throughout the day. (I will say I tested a Guerlain lipstick in the mall the other day, and I was super impressed with its staying power. Then I saw that it was $54 (!!!!), which is waaaaay beyond my tolerances for a lipstick. Yikes!)

Hey, Linda, it’s good to share the formulas that work for you, as well as the ones that didn’t work as well, like the foundation that lasts for ten. That’s all part of how Christine’s readers form their opinions and make purchase choices. If you feel like sharing your general skin type and coloring, many readers can benefit from what you have discerned. ‘Course, you don’t have to… The pro/con is esp relevant in the rant/rave feature, obviously. Sorry if this seems pompous or didactic. At T, there is a lot of learning from other people’s experience.

Hi KJH! The only reason I didn’t share it, is because I didn’t want people here to say I’ve repeated the litany yet again! I’ve posted it a bunch of times in recent days. Can’t win sometimes. But I am HAPPY to repeat!

* Kiehl’s cleansing and moisturizing regime and
* Becca Backlight Priming Filter
* Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen
* Becca Mineral Powder Foundation
* Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé
* Laura Mercier Baked Bronzer blush for gentle contouring, and sometimes I sweep the more pinky side lightly over the blush.

That’s it! I can’t believe the wear of this — at least on me, with my skin chemistry. I’ve been so frustrated for so long, this is a nice relief to be so pleased.

Oh gee, this got cut off too…

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen — this is an extra step that is not imperative to do. It does add extra smoothness and sunblock, but it can be skipped.

Girl, we want to know what, but more importantly HOW and WHY you think. It’s really an accomplishment to finally find what works for you. I have 40 years of less than optimal skin. You clearly have been working on it, too.

Are we twins?? I also can’t stand the liquid lipsticks (I’ve tried a few and the only one I liked at all was actually a “stain” from Sephora that applied with a doe foot and felt sort of like putting Sharpie marker on my lips but it still wore nicely with a gloss on top and didn’t slide away but even that wasn’t totally great) and I was also majorly disappointed with the new Nars lipsticks. The one I tried had pretty much worn off by the time I drove home from the store (a 15 minute drive!).

Mariella! LOL! My record was when I tried on Nars Bette from the Audacious line. Tried it on, walked out of the mall, and it was gone, and I mean GONE, by the time I got to the car! My husband was amazed. 🙂

In Canada, those lipsticks retail for $39, I think. For that price, I really expect something good and long-lasting. Clarins used to have a line called “Rouge Prodige” and it struck the perfect balance between long wear and not making your lips feel like sandpaper. So, of course, they discontinued it! And the “old” UD Revolution lipsticks (the ones so recently discontinued) were also great though the colour selection was limited. They wore well, felt nice on the lips and didn’t cost a ridiculous amount.

It’s always important to me. My days are long and there is little to no time to “touch up” during the day so having a foundation that stands the test of time really matters. I always use an eyeshadow primer to ensure that my eye makeup lasts all day – from 6 am, when I apply it, through the day and into evening. I’ll sometimes remove my face makeup when I get home at 3 to 3:30 and will reapply sunscreen, powder and blush (if my CC or foundation look to be breaking down or just because I want to “revive” a bit and wiping my face with a warm face cloth spritzed with a bit of toner or micellaire water feels nice and refreshing).

I think makeup should last long enough to commute to work, work a full day, and run some errands after work while commuting home — so that would be 10-12 hours, depending on your commute and what you need to do after work. I do expect to need to touch up a little bit every 4-6 hours, but I really mean just a little bit — remove any fallout from under the eye, a quick blot or touch of powder, and a quick lipstick re-apply, all in about two minutes. There are some jobs where you can’t even do that. I also expect it to stay on in sweaty, humid conditions, like if I have to walk a mile and a half through the rain in 90-degree weather, or if I could spend a couple of hours on the dance floor. I find that makeup is that durable only if I use primer and setting spray as well as layering powder over cream products. So putting on my makeup to survive those conditions takes time, with all those layers! If it’s going to fade or break up in less than eight hours of just sitting around, forget it — that’s just not acceptable to me.

Definitely the youtube/instagram trend towards a heavier more theatrical makeup does not jive with my lifestyle. When I am working outdoors in the heat of summer and can’t find a single square inch on my body that isn’t sweating buckets, it’s a given products will break down much quicker on me than most. Sure, longevity plays into it, but I tend to prefer products that wear off gracefully rather than purport ultra long wear. Also, I just wear a lot less product overall rather than really put it to the test to determine its catastrophic mud slide potential. My expectations on any given product typically do not exceed 8 to 10 hours. If I do a fuller makeup for practice/fun/going out, I always get to the point where I really really want makeup off my face well beforehand anyway.

catastrophic mudslide ? that paints a picture!

I feel the same about it wearing off gracefully rather than being bulletproof. I like an evened out skin look better than a full coverage wear. I like the idea of ultra long wear, but in practice it is unappealing to me because I start to think about the naturally occurring oils and whatever else that happens on your face throughout the day mixing in with something that has some hefty staying power and that would probably be disastrous for my skin after a few days. I’m normal to oily so I would rather something wear away so as not to block pores rather than stay locked in and plug things up.

Full out agree Pearl. A lot of longwear products not only look disgusting when they succumb (I’m normal to oily in summer as well), but also feel like a crime playing itself on the face as well. Ewww..shudder

Longevity is really important to me anytime I wear makeup really but especially on days that I work, which would be about 9 hours or more depending on the day. I’m ok with touching up lipstick and applying powder once but that’s it. I don’t want to have to worry about everything being faded or smudged or just gone by the time I leave. Luckily I think I’ve found things that hold up really well and only have to use powder to cut down on a little shine during my lunch break.

8 hours is all I need for my combination skin! Sometimes even that feels like it’s too much to ask, but is it? When it comes to foundations anything shot of 7-8 hour mark is pointless in my eyes. I expect even longer wear from concealers. Lipsticks are less of an issue – as long as they fade nicely I am fine with reapplying every now and then. It’s skin that concerns me most, I need to be sure that my redness, dark circles and pimples stay hidden throughout the entire day, everything else is optional.

Longevity is important all the time. I don’t have time to constantly touch up my makeup. It’s especially important for special occasions, though. Lip color is the exception. I don’t mind touch that up. It’s quick and easy.

It’s always important! Unless it’s something like super glittery and shimmery because I’m probably only wearing it at night.

ALWAYS! I live in a tropical country and I got skin issues too. I don’t mind paying as long as they stay on my face; at least decent enough coverage and I won’t look cakey or smearing by the end of the day. I take public transportation (meaning buses and trains) plus a lot of walking. So if my makeup won’t even stay ’til I reach my destination, then it’s a no go.

I’m the girl who takes time to prepare but I do not fancy touching up (lipstick, blush etc.) often and that’s why I also prefer matte lipsticks.

Lipstick/stains. I hate applying lip color every couple of hours, but my favorite ones don’t last much longer than that – even less if I eat something.
I like my eye shadow colors to stick around, too. I have oily lids so usually use a primer but even then it’s sort of hit or miss and by the end of the day a lot of them end up looking patchy.

I definitely care about my foundation lasting all day. I stay at work for 10 hours most days, and I don’t mind if blush, bronzer, contour, or lip products fade, but I hate hate hate when my foundation and concealer wear off, especially if it breaks up or looks patchy. My magic product to keep my base as perfect as possible for as long as possible is the Hourglass mineral veil primer. I’ve found I can get good longevity out of almost any foundation (excluding really dewy finishes) on my sometimes-oily skin using the Hourglass primer.

Definitely Foundation. It is really difficult to “fresh up” Foundation. My t-Zone is really oily and Even mattifying products Do not work very Long. And it often does not Look Good When I re-apply powder and the Foundation gets into the pores After a very Short Time. I would say on me Foundation with powder Looks really good only for about 2 Hours.

I’m not one who likes to reapply my makeup, so for me I like makeup that will wear from the time I put it on in the morning all day and into the evening.

Foundation is usually the thing that breaks down, so I will wear a foundation based on how long I need it to last and it’s past performance on my skin.

Discovering eye primer a few years ago was a godsend as it ended my battle with creasing eye shadow that that driven me to stop wearing makeup for a long time.

I don’t mind reapplying lip products, because, well, I like food and coffee and those two make my lip color wear off.

Most other products seem to last on my skin regardless of length of wear, product formulation, weather, etc. Thus I tend not to look for long-wear products outside of those outlined above.

Longevity is important to me, 5 days a week when I’m at work. I can work 8/12/16 hr days depending on the day so I need my products to last or wear evenly. I don’t mind reapplying lip products after eating, but they need to stay in place and layer well. I don’t have time to be checking on my makeup every couple of hours. I work 2 jobs and a lot of times I leave one and go straight to the other.

For me my makeup have to last 12 hours with one or two powder touch up trouthout the day. So I apply my makeup in the morning and when I come back home from a long day at work I still have some dignity on my face (LOL)

Foundation/concealer most importantly! I absolutely HATE it when it breaks up as time goes on… No matter how much powder I touch up…it won’t look natural!
Second in line is eye shadow (and blush! hate it when it disappears)… especially when I put on bold colours! They should stay pigmented my entire day or else it looks …. funny.
I also don’t mind touching up lipstick after meals and drinks, but it should stay pigmented for at least 3 hours for me to find it acceptable.

Longevity is always important to me. I need it in foundations, mascara and eyeliner especially. I can touch up blush, shadows, lips during the day.

I want makeup to last for my whole work day. I’d have to agree with posters who said that foundation is most important – whatever that consists of for you. I use vit. c serum, light moisturizer, sunscreen and then either Paula’s Choice Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense or Barely There Matte Tinted Moisturizer – depending on how much I know I’ll actually be outside during my day. The former has a much higher percentage of zinc oxide, so I prefer that for prolonged time outside. Then I hit the strategic spots – around mouth, nose and eyes – with Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer. If I want lots of coverage, I swipe it on where I want it, then let it sit a good solid minute before blending, which is really patting – pat, pat, pat – never rub! But if I know I’m going to sweat like a hog and work like a dog – I just try to lighten up on everything – catastrophic mudslide, BWAAHAHAHA!! For those occasions it’s just sunscreen, brows, mascara, tinted lip balm – then more sunscreen, and after that, more sunscreen. And so on and so forth, all day, till I can get home and GET IT ALL OFF!! I try really hard to concentrate on skin care, so I don’t need so much coverage. I know that probably runs counter to the whole discussion, but it always seems to me that the lighter my makeup is, the longer it holds up.

1. My foundation – I really expect and need it to last all day.
2. Like Christine, when brands boast that their products can last for so many hours, I expect them to.

I put my makeup on at seven in the morning and I usually do not take it off until at least ten at night. I expect my foundation to go the distance, my mascara as well. Lips will be reapplied after lunch, and sometimes dinner, so no issue there. I always keep a few Q-tips and a small powder brush with me for touch ups as well, so I can always clean everything else up.

Of course, like everyone else, I want my face and eye makeup to last. It’s tough though to get eyeliner that lasts on the corners of my sensitive eyes. I always catch myself rubbing the corners to relieve the itching, so I get left with eyeliner on my lid but not the corners. I hate long wearing lip colors, especially stains, though. Collecting in lines on my lips, making them look dry. If this happens, lip balm over it helps, but I would rather just swipe on some more than deal with that.

Just to add, I don’t normally use a fixative spray. What has helped with foundation (first Armani Luminous Silk, and then Maybelline Better Skin when the $60 Armani ran out) is using a big brush to apply pressed powder in a similar shade over my skin. My favorite powder is Revlon Nearly Naked.

It’s always important! I want it to last until my day is over.
Sometimes I work two jobs so I put my makeup on and I simply don’t have time to touch it up when rushing from one workplace to the next! That means it needs to last from 7 am until 8 pm, and after work I probably need to grab something from the grocery store so even a little longer.
I do carry around a concealer, and I do reapply lip products often – my eyeshadow has usually faded by end of day but still has a bit of shimmer there so tht’s okay (until I find a shadow that lasts as long as my Sephora waterproof jumbo eye crayon, that is).

That honestly doesn’t bother me, matter, or factor into when I buy a product. I’m aware that lipstick may not last 8 hours and blush and eye shadows fades, it’s ok but I also shop with that in mind. I buy with the idea in mind that it’s a cosmetic product – it will fade and go away and crack and peel, etc. The thing I focus on is, “Can I return it?” Everyone’s skin is different so what can last on others may not on some and that’s to be expected.

Longevity to me isn’t a reality when talking about cosmetics, I’d say “practicality” over longevity. Now if it’s a pair of jeans or a flat iron then yes I expect longevity but makeup; no. I expect it to be what they said in terms of color, formula, and pigmentation and go from there.

longevity is important to me when it comes to foundations, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyebrows, mascara, etc. pretty much everything except lip products. longevity is a make or break for me, as I’m a busy person and don’t have time to touch up during the day at all. and I put my makeup on at 7 am and don’t take it off until at least 10pm most nights.

the biggest longevity problem I have is with my foundation and blush. usually my foundation has completely worn away on my forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks by the end of the day due to my oily skin. because of this, blush also wears away a lot. don’t have too much problem with eyeshadow, mascara, or eyebrows usually, so long as I use an eyeshadow primer. but I really don’t want my mascara or brows of all things to wear away!

i am fanatical about my eye shadow. i expect my foundation and lipstick to fade during the day due to oily complexion and perspiration. but, once i get my eye shadow and liner fixed with some kind of long-lasting eye base, i expect it to last all day.

Hi Temptalia,
Longevity of everything that I wear! 12-16 hours a day. I don’t mind a touch up after 7 hours of wearing makeup. However starting from scratch is something that I don’t have the time to do! It’s basically the foundation, powder, blush, lipstick or a lip stain. Eye liner and mascara will always need to be touched up or fixed depending on how busy it gets at the Hospital. To me, that’s why my primers need to be awesome. ?

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