When is longevity important to you?

It’s important in products that are harder to re-do on the fly, like re-applying a gloss is pretty easy, but having to reapply blush or eyeshadow? No way! I want my eyeshadow/mascara/brow products and base/complexion/face products to last well for eight to nine hours and fade “nicely” from there. I don’t want to have to reapply lipstick every other hour, but I don’t need it to last all day because I’d rather it more hydrating and less long-wearing.

— Christine
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I’m not as concerned about longevity in lipstick or setting powder, as I don’t mind doing touch-ups, but I expect everything else to remain in place until I’m ready to take it off. And, for the most part, I’ve done a good job of figuring out which products work to that end. I actually like touching up lipstick. Is that weird? This is one of the reasons I’m not a fan of liquid matte lip products.

Same! I like re-applying my lipstick throughout the day as well. I use a lipliner to mitigate any feathering, but I don’t mind re-applying that, either.

I need pretty much everything to last. I’m a bartender and I don’t get breaks, so I need even my lipstick to last for hours without a touch up. Smashbox liquid lipstick is currently a favorite of mine.

Longevity is always important for me, as I don’t like to need to re-touch during the day.
It’s most important for eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, because they are harder to re-touch. Eyebrows can be re-brushed with a brow gel, face can be blotted and powdered, lipstick can be re-applied easily; although I would definitely prefer my foundation, concealer and powder to stay put all day without re-touching. And I would prefer lipstick to fade gracefully / uniform.

I think I am with you on this one Christine. I work now in an office setting so I can take time to reapply gloss or lipstick and I even bring a powder compact and/or highlighter with me for touch up on days when my skin is being finicky. But as far as everything else; mascara, eyeshadow, liner, foundation. I want that stuff to last as I have a 9 hour day and don’t want to be bringing along a full makeup bag or having to constantly check to make sure I don’t look like I’ve melted or something! Especially since I live on the Central Coast of California and our weather can change from overcast and foggy marine layer to blazing hot in a matter of 30 minutes!
Speaking of which: ladies I am on the lookout for a new foundation that’s good with combo skin as the one I am currently using just cannot seem to stop migrating away from my t zone and settling into the pores on my nose and between my brow area. It stays great on the other areas on my face where I am less oily but that just doesn’t work for me! I am seriously open to suggestions!

I’ve tried so many, from drugstore to high-end, and the only foundation that works on my combination skin is EstΓ©e Lauder Double Wear. It stays on all day and seems to be the only foundation in the world that doesn’t break me out.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different. Try it out before buying. You can usually get free sample bottles that last several days from stores like Macy’s.

What Seraphine said about ELDW. Also MAC Matchmaster stays put for me. For reference I am NC23 ish and mix 1.5 and 2.

I also vouch for Double Wear (MAC Prolongwear Waterproof works the same way), but with the mention is has to be `correctly` applied. Many people complain that Double Wear looks heavy or cakey, but the trick with that foundation is to apply minimum amount and blend well (when I see people applying 2-3 pumps of these foundation I cringe, sometimes even 1 full pump is too much for me). Once you get the application right (you might need to explore also sponge vs. brush vs. fingers) and you pair it well with a primer (some primers and foundations don’t pair well), it lasts through rains, heavy snows, heat waves, mud runs / Spartan races (I won’t deny that I did that in my 20s, I was very insecure of showing up my dark circles and pimples in photos from athletic fun competitions πŸ˜† ).
Personally I would put also Becca Ultimate Coverage in the list, but few other people than me like that foundation. For me it looks great, lasts a long time and even withstands eyeglasses marks.

I agree about using ELDW sparingly and blending a lot. A little goes a long way. I find a brush works best for me (especially Sephora #56). Also, on my skin, ELDW works best without primer.

I like Hourglass Immaculate. It’s the best wearing for my oily skin. Like, I don’t even need to set it and I only blot throughout the day with it I’m out in insanely hot weather. I think it’s pricey though, so it’s not an every day foundation for me. I also think Urban Decay Naked works really well for me. Applied with a brush and some setting powder on the t zone it’s pretty long lasting for me, though I do need to bust out the blotting sheets throughout the day with that one. Neither Hourglass or UD settle into my somewhat prominent pores around my nose.

Estee Lauder Double Wear works well for me as well. My t zone fades during the day too and it doesn’t with this foundation. I had a sample made up for me to try before I purchased it.

I have combo skin and Fenty Pro Filt’r works better for me than basically any other foundation I’ve used in the past.

Try IT Cosmetics’ CC in the new MATTE formula.
Went to Bangkok during Easter and I brought that with me and it held very nicely despite the extreme heat (who would’ve known summer in Thailand is April!)
I think layering a mattifying primer is invaluable to the longevity as well.

I want my eyeshadow and blush to last all day, from 6:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. Yep – it’s a lot to ask, but until recently, it was do-able. However, in the past few years, my eyelids have become oily and eyeshadows no longer last. I’ve tried every eye primer out there, it seems like: NARS, LORAC, Two Faced, UD, Smashbox, NYX, Bare Minerals, Wet ‘n Wild, ELF….with and without setting power…so, I guess my dream of long lasting eyeshadow may not happen. πŸ˜’

MAC Extended 24 Hour something or other eye primer has been a game changer for me. I tried UDPP, NARS and Smashbox. Good value and a little goes a long way.

I am adding the MAC primer to my Ulta shopping cart. 😊 It’s worth a try. The MAC paint pots didn’t do a darn thing for prolonging my eyeshadow, but maybe I’ll have better luck with the primer. Thanks for the suggestion!

Your expectations match my own. I have dry skin which makes it quite easy to obtain excellent results with face products, but hooded ooey eyelids. Consequently, eyeshadows are the trickiest to maintain. I’ve gone back to MAC painterly paint pot for best results. It’s more impermeable than any concealer or primer I have tried.

When I am out and about, espescially when I’m taking public transit and/or walking, I NEED my eye makeup, cheek/face products, plus my foundation/base products to stay put! This is mostly a challenge once the monsoon descends upon us. The humidity with 100-120Β°F heat is KILLER to anything but the most long-lasting and sweat proof of foundation and bb/cc creams. Everything I apply has a primer under it to improve those qualities and hopefully prevent pooling into pores, etc. Also, setting/finishing powders and setting spray sure DOES help!

I would also crave and need longevity for special events such as concerts, yearly Convention, a funeral or wedding.

Nancy T, I think I remember that you’ve used the NYX Proof It Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer and it worked for you, right? I absolutely love that product, but I’ve been kind of curious about the MAC Paint Pots to use as an eyeshadow primer … but I’ve heard that they can cause creasing. Have you tried those, and if so, how did they compare to the NYX primer? (Sorry if my memory is completely off here…lol!)

Seraphine, the Nyx Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer is my HG eye primer! I’ve tried so many other e/s primers, but so far, this is the one that can hold up to sweat, rain, even my oily hooded lids. Allergy tears can still cause some mild creasing and dissolving of my e/s, but I know that this must be a PH issue going on within me, not the products themselves. I did used to use the Maybelline Color Tattoos, which are as close to MAC Paint Pots as one can get. Maybelline’s shade selection is the only issue. No matte beige and brown shades. Nor a stark white matte for colorful lids, either.

I used Maybelline Color Tattoo a couple years ago and I remember it creasing on me. If MAC Paint Pots are similar, I guess I should just stay away. I don’t know why they keep drawing me in when I’ve already got an HG primer!

I am okay with foundation doing the fade as long as it’s evenly distributed. I’m not worried about anything being revealed or uncovered, but I don’t want one part to be completely bare and then a gunked up mess on my chin or something. It’s okay for blush and powder to fade also – I won’t re-apply powders because I’d rather just blot with a tissue than re-touch (only want to apply on a “clean” face, don’t want hard-pan).

I do like my eyeshadow to stay put though and take steps to ensure it does (primer, building up color/layering and more layering).

I like re-applying lipliner and lipstick throughout the day. Even if my blush and base have faded, re-applying my lips makes everything fresh again (or at least I don’t look tired).

I don’t give it much thought, actually… I’ve always been one to carry pertinent products with me, and ducking into a bathroom for a quick touch-up isn’t the end of the world. Besides, a product that holds up flawlessly in one environment may not hold up in another, due to change in skincare, activity, climate, environment, etc…, so my expectations aren’t solid. That said, I do need my brows to stay put, which is easy enough to do, and my mascara tends to be waterproof when I’m working, but I don’t mind a bit of blotting or lipstick application, and everything else stays pretty “natural”, so I don’t worry about it. When I’m not working, it’s not difficult to find a spot to touch-up…

These days long wear is not as much of an issue as it was when I was working 12 hour shifts at the hospital and not getting a break. So, now, I am fine with retouching almost any part of my daily makeup. Back when I was working 12 hour shifts I would usually only have to touch up lipstick and occasionally maybe a finishing powder if I had been running nonstop for the whole shift. The only lipstick that really held up to my 12 hour shift was Max Factor Lipfinity. Still one of the only “liquid lipsticks” to wear well and last on my lips, since I am a lip worrier. At the time I was using Bare Minerals Original foundation on work days and it lasted well all day. My mascara of choice was Cover Girl Super Sizer as I didn’t have to worry about raccoon eyes or flaking. Most days my eye makeup was pretty nonexistent. The development of primers was really a boon for someone like me that literally didn’t get a break for 12 hours.

My request from manufacturers would be to stop trying to make base products last 24 hours and focus on getting them to last 12 and look really good for that 12 hours. I would like them to produce a foundation for dry skin and one for oily skin. I would like the shades to be consistent across all the ranges. If my skin changes from dry to oily I should be able to pick up the same shade in the other range. Use a shade range system that makes sense. If you are making a foundation it should come in three undertones, W, N, C and the shade ranges should reflect those delineations. Fill the gaps in your shade range so that people don’t have to buy two foundations to get a good shade match. A shade 1w should not be darker than shade w2. What are you thinking when the shades jump all over the place. I will give up before I find the right shade. I want to be able to order on line and have a fair chance of getting the right shade. Once you master that then feel free to release foundations in many different specialty formula’s, such as powder foundation, very glowy foundations although I think that glow can be accomplished in a separate product that would allow those that want very glowy skin to accomplish that and those that don’t just won’t buy it.
Anyway, I am getting off my hobby horse as I am frustrated right now with brands and the beauty community on line. The drama is just very wearing!!

Longevity is important to me, particularly with foundations, blushes, eye brow pencils and eyeshadows. I don’t mind reapplying lipstick, but it’s a nuisance if I have to redo any of the above. When you are working away from home, you shouldn’t need to bring everything and the kitchen sink with you to touch up. That’s what you are paying your money for.

It’s important in everything except setting powder and lip products. I don’t mind touching up powder on an oily T-zone, or reapplying lip color every so often. If I really need my lip color to last a long time, I simply use a liquid lipstick that dries down all the way.

I don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to mess with anything else, particularly complicated eye looks. This is especially true now that there are primers, setting sprays, and products that last 8+ hours. The most challenging times are the hottest parts of summer, because of oily skin and sweat, so I really go in for powder foundation and avoid eyeliner pencils and other products that I know will break down or transfer or wear off.

I’ve never considered longevity in my makeup until this past year.
At home, I go out for events/meetings that last four hours at most, then I’m home and don’t care much.
When I travel, I’m up and out the door (sometimes without a check-in back at the hotel) for between 8-16 hours. I’ve started to notice what melts off my face. As you mention fading “nicely” is a win. If something just breaks down, I don’t travel with it anymore. I hate reapplying on the run, have never done so (except lips) so that’s not an option.

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