When does the hunt for a holy grail product end?

When does the hunt for a holy grail product end? Share!

I feel like the drive to find a holy grail product ends when I find one that does everything I ever wanted it to, but something new or that someone raves about may make me want to try something else.

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Not sure it ever ends. Once you do find a Holy Grail product, it’s awesome, but there might be a “Holier” Grail out there, especially since companies are always coming out with new products

Does it? End? I’m not so sure it ever totally does, simply because there is always room for improvement, or our skincare/ makeup needs or wants change and evolve over time, favorite products get discontinued, we move to a different climate, all sorts of things can and do happen to our HG status stuff.

Years ago, I found my HG in Lancome Teint Idole, even down to the perfect shade, and I wore it for years. Then, I went through a phase where I didn’t wear full-coverage foundation, and when I decided to try it sgain, it just didn’t work for me… I think it was reformulated, from what I’ve been told. My skin has also gotten a bit drier.

Never I’m afraid! Even after finding the perfect product in a category, the urge to try new launches and maybe find something even better is too strong. Or I’m too weak, I don’t know, lol!

I like your answer Christine but for me it doesn’t end because when I find something that does everything I ever want I turn the corner and find something better. So for me it never ends

I don’t think it ever truly ends. I occasionally find a “Holy Grail…for now.” I always have an eye out for something even better (and affordable).

Totally agree Christine.

For me its foundation, concealer and mascara. I find one I love and use and am happy, until……. A new brand is buzzed about and reviews are good. Then I have to go for it. Its a never ending cycle. Now I just don’t stress and go with there will never be a HG for me.

It never ends! Ever!
Even when I think I’ve found my HG, makeup companies keep bringing out new and better things and what if they’re better than my HG? I have to try them. So the search for the HG continues

I agree! I am always up for trying other products just because how can it be your holy grail if you don’t know how everything else works??

My holy grail products work better than anything I tried before them. They may still not do everything I want but they get pretty close!!

when I find the one that work out the best and had everything I expected in that products.right now,I already have my liquid liner HG in Kat Von D Tattoo.so I don’t look out for any liquid eyeliners anymore etc.

For me, the only products I really care about in terms of HG status are foundation, blush, and the “perfect” red & nude lipsticks. I have found them, however, they keep being DC’d… Why NARS would DC Douceur is beyond comprehension, as that seemed to be a popular product, and is not only unique to their own line, but I have yet to find something even close!

I am crushed the DCed Douceur as well – it really is perfect for me. I wear it all the time and I wore it for my wedding. I am afraid to wear it as often now that I have a serious dip in the pan.

I am more satisfied to shop shopping when I find HG brushes as opposed to makeup – for example, I can’t see myself liking a similar brush more than the Hakuhodo J5523 (similar to and better than the Mac 217), the Hakuhodo B5521 (tapered candle shaped highlight), the Hakuhodo J521 (teeny tiny eyeliner smudge), and the Real Techniques sponge.

Maybe it is easier for me with brushes because I’m not afraid of them running out?

In a beauty world that’s constantly changing, discontinuing, reformulating, etc, it’s almost impossible to have a true “forever” HG product. More like HGFN (Holy Grail For Now). I do find that once I truly love a product, I am devoted. Even if something new and shiny catches my eye for a moment, I find my way back to my “tried and trues” and remember why I fell in love with them.

It’s weird, but I don’t know that I have a HG of anything. I tend to buy exclusively from one brand and have started branching out, but I never have stayed with one thing (lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, etc.) very long because I was always buying whatever new was coming out from that brand. I guess I don’t have an HG of any one thing or product, it’d be more like my HG is a brand. I figure this way I keep a lid on my spending and I only have to watch for when their collections come out and can decide what I want to buy, if anything, within that collection.

Most of the time, a ridiculous amount of money will stop me. If its a product that hasn’t been on the market for a super long time (Whisper of Guilt) and folks on eBay and blog sales want to sell it for hundreds of dollars…the buck stops there!

It’s never-ending. As you age, your skin changes and you develop new challenges to tackle. My HG products from ten years ago wouldn’t perform well for me now.

The hunt typically ends for products I don’t use often–like for the perfect gold glitter liner or the perfect powder bronzer. Once my skin changes (in tone or type) like it does throughout the year, then all bets are off.

Not sure it ever does. When I find something I really like I stick with it for a long time. I had a favorite mascara (like at least 100’s of tubes bought since I found it). I had a favorite TM for 3 years which has some competition now. I have favorite fragrances I never see not liking. Pretty much every true HG I’ve had in makeup is discontinued or reformulated.

Skincare, my skin changed so much per season it’s tough. I have 2 right now and a host of affordable cleansers that keep me happy. If I had more money and time, I’d try some others but they are doing the job for the right price.

Never. The problem with seeing something as the “Holy Grail” is that you stop looking, and then bypass other products that might be even better in so many ways. This point was driven home to me recently when I purchased a Maybelline Color Tattoo in “Tough as Taupe”, and found it to be really dark and heavy looking as a shadow (for me!). I checked out the reviews on Makeupalley and lots of the ladies are using it on their brows! That never would have occurred to me – and I would have missed out! I was using It Cosmetics Brow Power Waterproof pencil in Universal Taupe, and I thought it looked awesome, till I tried the Color Tattoo. OMG, what an eye opener! My brows – and my whole face – look so much better with the ashy tone of the shadow on them! I was really shocked at the difference – and now I have a 25 dollar ( 25 DOLLAR!!) brow pencil that I’ll no longer be using. And the Color Tattoo lasts all day, till I wash it off, never fades to greyish, AND cost me 5.99! So I’ve resolved to always keep an open mind as far as being willing to look at different things – sometimes it really pays!

I thought the same! Everyone was raving about Tough as Taupe, but it looks so dark and heavy on me. I will dig it out of my stash and try on my brows. Thanks for the tip!

I think it depends on the product. I’m *much* more flexible when it comes to eye products (I can count on one hand those I’ve repurchased), but things like foundation & cheek products have a way of letting me know it’s “The One”. The problem is, these tend to get DC’d and/or reformulated… If I’m lucky enough to find something that works, I stick with it until I’m forced to move on. I also tend to have alot of luck with DS foundations, so I’m not out much if I have to try something else.

Do you remember the makeup box that Leeloo used in the movie ‘The Element’? THAT is the holy grail of products! It’s probably been made, but the government probably has it in a bunker where it will never see the light of day. Because they know if it did, it would be catastrophic to the makeup world. CAT-A-STROPHIC.

I’m still looking for an HG foundation, but other that that, I’m perfectly fine with…I dunno what to call them, maybe PDG–Pretty Darn Good–products. For example, I’m sure there’s probably a better mascara out there than Kat Von D’s Immortal Lash, but since I know it works for me, I’m not looking.

Does it ever…? Kidding, I second Christine โ€” when you find something that does what you want plus a little extra. However, I’m still trying to stay informed on product launches and new formulas in all categories but I am a very casual makeup-wearer and don’t really require my vanity to be 100% cutting-edge (more like… 5%). Base products are the ones I constantly try to stay updated on because oily skin demands certain things from my base and I am really lazy about touching up. And who doesn’t want a lippie that stays on and doesn’t crease, bleed into fine lines or dry up your lips?

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