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I don’t normally buy dupes, but the few times I have, it has been because the formula suits me better. One that stands out is when I bought NARS Stefania as a dupe for MAC Flat Out Fabulous because I used to dislike MAC’s Retro Matte formula. (Since then, I’ve learned that applying a little Dior Addict Lip Glow as a base makes the Retro Mattes glide on smoothly and feel less drying, and now I adore Flat Out Fabulous!)

When I’m looking for a more affordable or better performing version. Or when I’m searching for a perfect X (recently it was an acceptable daytime purple lipstick). I ended up with GA Milano, which is too brown on me (for the look) but nice, Nars Anna (jackpot), and Mac Soar (possibly a little edgy but acceptable). It’s a great look on me and my favourite colour, so dupes are no bad thing.
Or when a dupe is not a dupe on me. Nars Anna and Mac Mehr are similar, but on me Anna is clearly purple and Mehr is pink. (obviously skintone/ pigment in lips changes things)

If there’s a colour I would really like to try but it’s not possible to get it in Canada (or just too expensive after exchange & shipping), I would try to find something that’s available here. For example, I would love to try Colourpop products, but I am unaware of anywhere to purchase them here – can get shipped here but will likely get stuck paying so much for duties, it’s just not worth it.

Colourpop now includes duties when ordering from Canada. I just got my order with zero added fees. Shipping is free with 50$, or there is akways a code somewhere. Of ccourse there’s the exchange rates, but at least no more duties fees!

In general, I try to avoid buying dupes. It always feels like a waste of money. I’ll swatch the product I have while in Sephora or Nordstrom to compare it against whatever I’m thinking of buying.

However, if I’m looking to replace something, I’ll usually buy the dupe based on formula or brand preference. For example, I recently bought some super moisturizing Rituel De Fille (FAVORITE indie brand) lip colors that duped some from another brand that I had found patchy.

If the product is LE and I’m on the verge of finishing it, I am happy to purchase a dupe. Also, if a product appeals to me but isn’t available locally (so I can see it in person), I will usually opt to purchase a dupe that IS available in-store and nearby.

I don’t really mind having dupes because I find that EVEN if they are the same color and similar formula they can still offer me something a little different. I also like variety so sticking with the same, lets say, cool tone mauve lipstick forever and ever bores me. Maybe another option is a smidge glossier even though they are 100% the same color. I don’t mind that. Now, having 4,5,6 of the same barely different variations is excessive… but having a few options works for me.

I will get a dupe for a few reasons:
-I prefer the formula of the dupe
-Original is from a brand I don’t support
-Original was LE and I either missed the boat or used it up/it expired

And to be clear, I’m only interested in dupes of single colors. I don’t like those brands that specialize in duping an entire palette, down to identical layout and similar packaging/naming scheme. It’s more like “Brand X released this gorgeous lipstick, but I know their formula is too dry for me, but look, Brand A already has a similar color in their permanent line and it’s a great formula, I’ll buy that.”

When someone I trust—Christine is at the top of that very short list—persuasively calls it a dupe AND it’s not too good to be true AND the original is something I really wanted, I will. That said, it’s hard to come by all three of those criteria being met.

I pick the dupe if the subtle differences between the original make it better for me and my needs, just like you. For skincare (when results are the same) it’s mostly a matter of texture and packaging (I have my preferences). For make-up it’s either subtle differences in color (sometimes I am amazed how a tiny difference can change a look) or the packaging.
Fortunately I am in the position of affording to buy even high end products, so I don’t usually take price into consideration. I am willing to pay a little more for a product that it’s slightly a little better.
Usually what I get dupes for are eyeshadows, blush/contour/etc. and lipsticks; I’m quite minimalist, I have a double sided MAC custom palette with 6 face powders and 15 eyeshadows; that’s it; if I see a beautiful color from another brand, I search a dupe on temptalia and purchase it. Lipstick is the same… I’m odd, I have to have all my lipsticks looking the same, I find it cringy to have different shapes. 😆

If the OG is either of poorer quality or perhaps the tone needs some tweaks to make it work better with my coloring or tastes. Another reason would be that the cost vs. value for the OG just isn’t there. As in *certain* brands charging far more for an e/s single or sample palette than the price per oz in their palettes. However, the dupe would need to be just as beautiful and perform just as well!

usually because the original isn’t cruelty free, is from a brand i don’t support, or it was limited edition. if i hear good things about a dupe that’s cheaper than the original i might try it out.

To be honest I rarely buy a dupe. The only thing I can think of is when an LE product sold out before I could get it and I loved it so much I set out to find a dupe for it. I do that rarely because these days things that are LE and popular have a way of showing back up as permanent so I would wait now for a reasonable time frame before going to look for it. Now the exception of that is if I really can’t stand waiting and I hunt up the LE dupe right away. I have done that a couple of times!

Either because it was a limited edition product I missed out on, ingredients, or I don’t support the brand. These days I look for dupes that are currently available options to things that were discontinued. How bummed do you feel when someone asks what color your lipstick is and you don’t have an option they can buy?

If it is a shade I don’t think I will wear often and the original is expensive, I will look for a dupe. Also if the original is from a brand that tests on animals or causes animal testing or I otherwise do not support.

If the dupe is a better quality, easier to have (like, if the dupe is an eyeshadow in a palette, I’m less likely to buy it than if a single; or, if I have to order it, I’m less likely to do than if I can get it in local store; or if the packaging of the dupe is better for travel), or the difference from the original favors me (like, something a little warmer or less shimmery is likely to interest me).

I will usually buy a dupe when colors of for example lipliners, or deep eyeshadows are almost exactly a like and want my color to be just a bit warmer or cooler. I will almost always buy the exact color or product I see and like no matter what the price or cosmetic company is because the color is so unique it’s worth buying the original color. But I don’t mind buying dupes for basic lipliners and basic eye colors like browns and light shadows for the eye arch area. Pretty much everything else I prefer to purchase the original colors from original makeup companies.

I did once because I couldn’t find EL Modern Mercury and it was pretty expensive $65. I ended up buying 2 cp dupes but finally got MM and it’s gorgeous.

I really appreciate the dupe list , I check the dupe list just to see what else is available and if I’ve already purchased something close.
Sometimes I find a dupe I like better ,in finish or slight color temperature , pigmentations or price which is a bonus .

I don’t buy dupes per say. When I look at your reviews and look at the dupes and see if I have them then that’s fine. But if there is something that I want, a dupe won’t suffice. I want the real deal. That’s why when there is a LE release I research the heck out of it to make sure I want it, or I don’t, then proceed from there.

I don’t go out of my way to buy dupes for my eye products because I am allergic to a lot of things and that makes it difficult to go after something other than my HGs. For example, no dupe will replace my Highliner Crayon eyeliners from Marc Jacobs bc they don’t have the minimal formulation of these, which doesn’t irritate my eyes. The same for my mascara (Cils D’enfrey Guerlain) and eyeshadows (Devinah).

Foundation isn’t really duping, but more like you have to try even if you already have a HG (mine is ELDW). Blushes is the only thing I go after dupes just bc it is good to save money in this case.

Usually if I either can’t afford the original or want the original but want to test out a cheaper version of that color family first.

I purchase the dupe if the original is:
#either not available here in Aus.,
#the international shipping rates are too high for me to purchase the original from overseas
#the dupe is of better quality and available here
#the dupe is far less expensive, all things being equal.

When the dupe is better quality or more available (such as when a limited edition product sells out in seconds), I have allergy issues with the original, or I have ethical issues with buying from the maker of the original. I’ll also buy a less expensive dupe if the original is out of my price range.

Sometimes I buy less expensive dupes to travel with, so I don’t risk breaking or losing something like an LE or discontinued high-end eye palette.

…when they are on sale XD I don’t trust dupes, so I only buy them with siginificant price drop, so I can try it on my own and compare with the other product. Till now I haven’t find a dupe that is better than its original/more expensive cosmetic, but I’m still trying 😉

Ha usually if I’m purchasing a dupe it’s because I really liked the look of something and probably already bought the original. But…as I’m sure you guys understand, I continue to be attracted to things that I love the look of and will buy another brand’s version as well. Can’t get enough of certain shades/types of product.

I don’t deliberately buy dupes of products I already own, but if there’s a product I’m interested in and one of its dupes looks better quality, or has qualities (finish, texture, etc…) that I like better, I’ll usually go for the dupe; price is never the point — I’m fine with buying a more expensive dupe.

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