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I think my weirdest is that I tend to hold on to stuff
for too long even if I don’t use it. I have eyeliners that are my moms from who knows how long ago maybe 10yrs or more…but I also have a ton of new stuff- makes no sense.

I don’t use BP as a spot treatment; rather, I slather it all over my face every night as a preventative treatment. Sounds nuts, but I’ve had 100% clear skin for the past year (for the first time since puberty)!

I like to keep the makeup packagings….this may be common…

Also, when i buy a product…i don;t use it immediately or on same day…i keep admiring it for like few days….

lol sometimes i’m the same way.. i take them out and look at them, they’re my toys! sounds really odd now that i’ve said that.

I don’t use a proper eyeshadow base. Instead, I just dust my eyes with translucent blotting powder! Some people might find that weird 🙂

I have 3 dresser drawers full of MAC pigments, 1 dresser drawer are for the ones I have never tried before. I have a drawer for lipglosses, one for blushes and cream colour base and mineralize finishes. On top are my lashes. My foundation and lipglosses i want to save forever (like the Bunny Pink Lipstick from the PlayBoy launch) are in my salad and fruit crispers in the fridge, lol. I have Everything organized and a dedicated MAC section with dresser drawers, posters, pictures, and anything MAC related in one section of my house. I will travel for 4 hours to Camarillo from LA to get discontinued MAC stuff that I don’t have like crystals, old cream sticks (look like paint sticks but are shimmery), and other Estee Lauder brand items. Oh and I did post an old pigment online before and it sold for $89, when I paid less than $15 for it about a year ago. When i lost my job a few years ago, I sold everything thing I owed but couldn’t break down and sell my MAC, only if I had more than 3 of the same item would I ever consider selling it to pay my bills, lol.

bahaha i love how makeup becomes a good investment over time! also thats so funny about your refrigerated lippy hehe, i never heard of that before today

i do keep lip items in the refrigerator. also for some unknown reason i open my mouth when i apply mascara. i don’t know why….

most people actually open their mouth when they put on mascara. its actually more unusual if someone doesn’t. some say opening the mouth while applying mascara helps stretch out the skin and keep the eye open.

Yeah, I see tons of girls doing that, I used to open my mouth too but I trained myself early on to stop myself from looking so stupid, lol! But it actually doesn’t make sense to open your mouth unless u are doing your lower lashes, because that’s where the skin is stretched. I raise both my brows when doing upper lashes, that will definitely stretch the area that needs to be stretched.

I lift my brow and look up instead of down then I apply mascara. I find it weird that makeup artist advise to look down. How can I see my lashes if I look down when the mirror hanging above.

Nope, I don’t, It only pulls it taut for lower lashes, not upper, its actually more of a reflex on behalf of ur face

I lurve to keep old products. Up until a few months ago when I moved, i had two or three giant shoeboxes filled with drugstore makeup, and handmedowns from relatives. Never used it, but it was knowing i … COULD…. use it if i chose. LOL.

I also love reorganizing my makeup collection. Different palette sizes, different organizations for color families, or looks, etc. I’m bummed that the MAC mineralize products can’t be put in the same mac palettes-I’d rather have them there, than in separate containers that i can’t reorganize. It also bothers me that the name of the lipstick is on the bottom, so i can’t really organize THOSE either.

My weirdest habit is that I keep everything in it’s box. Like my lipsticks, glosses, anything that I have it’s always in its box. I think I’m afraid the color name will rub off one day or something lol.

I keep everything in original packaging, even if it’s time to go to the B2M empties pile. It makes me feel like the product is still brand new, each time I use it!
Oh and I think the “clack clack” sound (made by rummaging through my makeup) is very soothing.

When I see something I really really like, I have to have it immediately! I’m so scared they’re going to run out (even though it can take months for me to buy it… sometimes I don’t even buy it at all!).
Also, I’m not really into “multitaskers”. I wouldn’t like a brush you can apply blush, contour, bronzer and highlight with. I need one for each! (Okay, not true, if it’s good for e.g. applying AND blending, I’m honestly okay with it.) I just hate things you can use for AND… AND… AND… Makes me feel lost, I guess! 🙂
I really want to look into creating my own pallettes too but I’m afraid I’ll have more/less colours than you can put in them! Must. Be. Neatly. Filled. LOL.

Reading the above makes me feel like a freak.

I think my weirdest beauty habit (not so much what I’d call a habit actually, but anyway) is checking eBay for things that I want several times a day. I have searches saved for certain brands, so I can just click on them and see what new things have been listed. I also check what’s ending that day (next 24 hrs), so I don’t miss anything – well try not to anyway. 🙂

Other than that, I too open my mouth when applying mascara, keep almost everything in their original packaging, keep make up for ages, don’t try things the same day, etc. Funny how we all do the same things. Oh and I also try and buy back ups of very pretty powders/palettes so I can use them, like the Chantecaille Protected Paradise powder and eyeshadows, because they are just too pretty to mess up. I have a ton of pretty make up (mainly powders, but some eyeshadows) that I have not used because they’re so pretty.

I used to keep the boxes of the products I bought for like a month. I’m not really sure why.
I never open my mouth while putting on mascara unlike most people.

If I find a beauty product I love and use often, I like to buy a back-up just in case. For limited edition stuff that I fall in love with I’ll try to buy at least a couple extras…

My weirdest beauty habit is when I make a purchase, I don’t use it for awhile – I like to sit and look at it, think about how to use it, look at the packaging. I have to “admire” it for a while before I can actually use it. My friends all think I am really weird!
And all of my palettes are kept in their original packaging, esp high end brands like Dior, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and most of my MAC products.

I find it painfully difficult to use a product for the first time. I sometimes put it off for months. I still have some stuff that I’ve never touched. Once I use it once, though, I’m good to go.

I absolutely HATE having doubles of things – for example, purchasing a quad that includes a colour that I already have in another quad. So annoying! It has definitely prevented me from buying quads/pallets in the past, despite loving some of the other colours in there.

I keep an excrutiatingly accurate list of all of the make-up I have. I even have little codes to put after things if they’re in a quad/pallet, if they’re a mini, or if I’ve hit pan. Sometimes I’m not sure what’s more exciting: purchasing the item to use it, or purchasing the item to add to my list! My dad calls this, quote, “a problem”…haha.

Before I leave the house in the morning, I take a mental inventory of everything I’m wearing, just in case anyone asks me what colours they are. Few people ever ask, but I like to be ready just in case!

I could go on and on. I’m pretty sure I’m mildly OCD, and my makeup collection just brings out the worst in me! haha Heaven forbid someone touch my stuff – it can get ugly quickly!

wow i have a few weird beauty habits lol :p
*I put concealer on my lips.
*I refrigerate my nail polishes in the summer lol.
*I hold a credit card behind my lashes when i apply mascara.

Whoah,,,I find a lot of the other reviews the same exact I do…I keep everything in their original package,I too tend to wait a while to use my makeup for the first time..I also keep all of my skincare things in the fridge..

Every now and then i use a “special” self made face mask. I mix Greek yogurt with honey and lemon juice, put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and then apply it on my face. My skin always looks sooo good afterwads! Granma’s old beauty secret is out!

all my moisturizers, face cremes,primers, nail polishs go in my mini fridge. i herd somewhere face stuff should be stored at a cooler temp to keep better and nail polishs go on smoother when cooled.

Weirdest beauty habit that translates into other parts of my life is being compulsive.

I HAVE to have more than 1 of anything I really like, and if I really really like it Ill get 2 or 3. And, like you, of each different colour/type. This way Im not afraid to use it. Also, I hoard. I have BOXES full of make-up I have never used. What a waste of money, right? I just had to have it at the time, whether or not I planned on using it right away or at all! What I would like to do is take a complete inventory of my collection and then sell it on eBay. This is a huge project that I havent had the energy to start…

I have a few odd habits.

I keep boxes for awhile after I purchase–just in case I hate them and want to exchange them. If I’m gonna drop $30 on an item at Sephora I want the option to return it if something goes terribly wrong. Like how many bottles of Ojon dry shampoo went bunk on me! ugh.

What else? I have tons of red lipstick and red nail polish, like at least 15 of each.

I do admire my products but only for like an hour or two, then I want to try them out right away.

I have a hard time throwing good makeup away. I can throw away my cheap old drugstore stuff but I have a whole bag of clinique makeup from when I worked there, like over a year ago. I don’t wanna give it away and I don’t wanna throw it away and I never use it. Maybe I should ebay it? lol.

If my nail polish chips I have to remove and redo them within like a day. But I will always choose a different color.

I like to read the Makeupalley reviews before I buy stuff that I’m unsure of.

I have my mouth open when I do mascara but that seems to help make my eyes bigger and easier to do.

I have a different train case for every makeup brand. (Dior and Urban Decay are always the easiest to reach, of course).

Amend. It looks like i’m in the minority here. I cant STAND having my products in the packages, or unused. Its not “mine” until I’ve removed the box, depotted it, swatched it on my hand, smeared some over my current lipstick, whatever.

Usually I do it RIGHT when I leave the store, remove the packaging, shove it in my purse.

My mom used to keep nail polish in the fridge.

When I put on my blush I suck in my cheeks and then move my lips from side to side to see the line of my cheek bones.

I also do the mascara open mouth thing.

I keep an excel spreadsheet ‘masterlist’ of all my makeup items. With little codes on the side P=Pro, LE=limited edition, E=empty and I cross out items I’ve finished.

I label all the depotted e/s with a number on the magnet that I put on them and track that in another tab in the makeup invetory master list.

Sometimes I obsessively think about certain products I didn’t buy on shopping trips – lack of buying remose almost, haha. Then I go home and read reviews on them (Temptalia, makeup alley, etc.)

I keep all the boxes for everything.
And it takes a good 3 months for me to be able to actually de-pot something. Even if its just in the simple black mac packaging.

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