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i moisturize my hands with lotion everytime i come across lotion in the house. and everynight i rub my burt’s bee’s cuticle cream into my cuticles.

when i wear nail polish i do the same as you.

I’m not terribly good at applying hand lotion throughout the day, but my hands don’t get that dry (luckily!) and so once a night when I apply my body lotion is usually enough. I do my nails once a week. I try to do a hand scrub before my nails, then I shape my nails with a glass file (with my old polish still on so I can see the shape better). I always use base coat, regular top coat and quick dry top coat. I usually do some nail art too in the form of stickers and rhinestones. The extra coat of regular top coat under Seche Vite is like magic. I can’t remember the last time I lost a rhinestone or sticker before I was ready to take it off.

Can you recommend a good top coat? By the time I apply a base coat and two coats of polish, I get too antsy for a top coat πŸ™

I’m down tt my second pot of Lush’ Lemony Flutter. It makes my cuticles soft, and the lemon makes my nails look whiter and healthier. My favourite hand cream is Louis Widmer’s non-gras anti-aging formula.
I’m still looking for a good base coat that doesnt make my nails turn into the colour of my nailpolish πŸ™

I am terrible about taking care of my nails – I neglect them so badly! I keep them short and filed and clean, so they don’t look gross, but the cuticles aren’t in great shape. I rarely polish my fingernails (toes I do more often), but when I do I use a base coat, 2 coats of polish, and a top coat.

i have gel nails. i do them by myself. if i want to apply nailpolish i’m always to impatient, i always touch it before its completly dry and i have to start again.

I’m not really a nailpolish girl, but I do take good care of my hands and nails. I use Trind Perfect System to keep my nails looking nice. I use their cuticle remover, cuticle balm, nail balsem, nail repair and hand repair handcream.

I’m just starting to treat my hands right! I just got the Neutrogena Hand Cream, and also CND’s Cuticle Remover. What products do you use, Christine?

I don’t have any consistency in my routine, since I test various products! I do use mostly Zoya for my base/top coats, but I rarely wear manicures (I usually just have 2-3 nails done, again for testing purposes!).

I use Lemony Flutter (Lush) twice a week to take care of my cuticles. Two times a week I remove my nailpolish and apply new polish: a basecoat (Trind natural nailrepair), several layers coloured polish and Seche vite topcoat. I moisturize my hands several times a day with CrΓ¨me de Corps (Kiehl’s).

I file my nails whenever I feel like they’re getting too long or if I mess them up… so maybe once a week or so? Which reminds me I need to file!

I don’t really do anything to my cuticles, though I always mean to use cuticle drops or the like!

I usually sport a manicure. I use both the top and base coast from Chanel and use a nail color from either Chanel or OPI. I love the colors from Chanel & OPI. I also use a hand cream daily and after each hand washing as well.
Remember Ladies****Your hands can wrinkle so use a really good hand cream to prevent the signs of aging. I use all different brands…La Mer, Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, Dove.

I put a moisturizer with sunscreen on my hands in the mornings, but otherwise I don’t put much lotion on. It’s weird- I have dry0ish hands and while I don’t like that, I also don’t like to put on lotion.

As for nails I’ve been trying to do a base coat more, but I think it actually makes my polish chip more easily.

I’m very anal about my nails condition. I have my HG products and they work for me. Sometimes I use brush on acrylic on the sides of my nails since that’s their weakest points. I also have to regularly trim my cuticles, they become thick and brittle quickly which then rip and bleed, very painful. My products:

Zoya Remove+ (polish remover), OPI Chip Skip, NailTek Foundation II base coat, Seche Vite top coat, Nubar Nail Weaver (if I’m not using the acrylic), Solar Oil (cuticle oil), cuticle 1/4 jaw trimmers, crystal file and a buffing block to help smooth edges after I cut my nails down.

Moisterize often. Use cuticle cream for dry cuticles. BASE COAT! or you will get yellow nails for sure. Then I apply polish once a day or every other day.

I am terrible about hand cream, my hands are pretty dry especially now in the winter. I do try to use Vaseline every night on the cuticles, since I change polish a couple times a week and they get really dry. When I paint them I always use base coat, polish, and top coat.

since it is really dry and cold here (New England), I apply Lush Lemony Flutter every morning during my commute and then put on my gloves. I also file my nails with a glass file, keeping them fairly short, and apply Qtica nail growth stimulator as a base, color coat, then either Poshe topcoat or use Zoya Armor followed by drying drops. I also use Curel Hand & Cuticle several times throughout the day.

I get weekly manicures but I moisturize my hands several times a day as well. My fingers get really dry because I deal with a lot of papers.

Any suggestions on creams/oils to put on nails to strenghthen and grow to apply on bare nails? Has anyone heard of T.I.P.S. sold on QVC, looks like it works… I haven’t tried it yet though.

Exactly the same as you.
Btw, wanted to let you know that your newsletter is awesome. Can’t wait for the next one already!

I never used to pay any attention to my hands or nails. But when they started to break and tear recently, I got a set of sculpted nails done and now I’m obsessed with nail care and nursing my natural nails back to health. I use Lush’s Lemony Flutter and I also found a wonderful Sally Hansen cream at the drug store – Radiant Cream for Hands, Nails, & Cuticles. I apply both throughout the day. Now I just have to learn how to file my nails properly!

None. I bite AWFULLY. Nails, cuticles, skin under nails. My fingers continually look like skinned meat. I sometimes put on polish, or put stuff on my cuticles and trim them, or use hand lotion, but for the most part I recognize its a lost cause.

I get a manicure every other week
use the Mary Kay Satin Hands treatment once a week
use hand lotion every time I wash my hands
use cuticle oil (Sally Hansen) every day
and I use Quimica Alemana nail hardener as a base coat, my nails rarely break, this stuff is awesome!

Whenever I do a mani, I file/shape my nails with polish on, remove it, put on cuticle remover then push my cuticles back, swipe my nails w/ remover, then apply basecoat, polish, quick-dry topcoat.
I apply cuticle oil and hand cream nightly and moisturize as often as I can.

I’ve never been into nails, I cut them short with clippers and keep them in good condition but never use polish, just not a fan. I really don’t like long nails, I think they look very tacky and cheap, plus they are so unhygienic. All kinds of dirt and bacteria gather under there, yuck. I don’t understand how people get aything done with those trailer trash huge long nails, it’s like a huge disability, just gross and tacky. For me, it’s short, clean and nautral, no polish.

i take very good care of my nails i just do the same things you do! i apply hand cream all the time,because i live in new york city and my hands get so dry because of the cold and i apply a cuticle cream..i give myself a manicure every week but i change my nail polish color every 3-4 days.

i like to use a cuticle pusher to shape nails, makes so much of a difference since I’m unlucky to have short nailbeds. plus a shine buffer, afterwards cuticle & hand cream is a must. After this, no nail polish would actually do my hard work justice, hence top coat or nude nail polish would be the only way to go.

Also, does anyone else care about the extent of their nailbeds or the shape it gives their nails? Haha, can’t help but notice other people’s nails all the time. I think I probably cut my nails too short when I was a young kid.

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