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That’s SO hard. I’ve become that person who LOVES specific products and finds it impossible to stay loyal to any brand. I really do love Guerlain; their releases are typically well-done with interesting colors, luxurious textures, and do innovate from time to time.

— Christine

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Burberry and Giorgio Armani. Burberry has the best eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. Giorgio Armani has the best foundations, concealers and mascara. If I could pick a third, it would be Chanel and Gurelain (tied).

Burberry all the way 🙂 I mean, I like other brands, like Guerlain and Chanel, but if I’m just wantng a new lipstick or a new blush, odds are I head right to the Burberry counter. My fave products are the lip covers, lip velvets, and sheer glow (blush). I also love their powder foundation, and their mascara is really good as well. I have yet to find a product of theirs I don’t at least like very much.

I use a different brand for a different part of my face…so it is so hard to say. And the brands change quality over the years so I go into something new. I have been loyal to Urban Decay for all my eyeshadows and havent even open many of the palettes. I use Estee Lauder Lucidity foundation. Dolce and Gabanna powder foundation. Am not loyal to lipsticks though I like Dior, Dolce and Gabanna and YSL rouge pur. I have bits and pieces of everything else. And I do have Tom Fordshadows and blusher but have not open those packages either.

It’s Chanel. I just have so many memories tied to this brand! I always check out their releases first. I’ve come to love Guerlain, too!

I’m just gonna say MAC bc they make my favorite lipsticks, but this is a very hard one bc I have a fave liquid foundation from MUFE, & a fave powder from Shiseido.

Depends what is, Chanel and Nars blush, Guerlain eyeshadow and meteorites. Some brands excel at one thing and not others. I wouldn’t blush Gierlain blush or foundation. Dior is the king in foundation though.

I’d have to go with Nars.
Very few of their products have disppointed me ( soft touch shadow pencils and Hungry Heart duo anyone?) and I love their Pure Radiant TM, blushes, multiples, bronzing powders, primers, eyeshadows, liners, lip products and nail polishes.
A lot of my HG produtcs are from them, and I have a special relationship with the brand :).
Not only that, but I really like the philosophy and story behind the brand :).
So yeah, NARS ALL THE WAY 😀 (though I also really like Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Laura Mercier 😉 )
So yeah, NARS ALL THE WAY 😀 (even though I really do like a lot

I don’t have one high end bran, after some disappointing experiences with Chanel a good number of year back (*coughs* 15-20) I had the opinion that it was all about the name and not the quality.

Recently I’ve bought some NARS, Chanel and Dior and been really happy with them all. I’m much more specific about what I buy too which helps.

Next stop is the Burberry counter but there isn’t one in my city so it will have to wait a short while.

Similar to the question about go to drugstore brands, this too is a tough one because it depends on the product. Primer – Hourglass; foundation – Guerlain; eyeshadows – anything and everything from Chanel to Nars to MAC (is MAC “high end” – I guess for some, it’s not and for other, it is). I’m not a complete devotee of any one brand and pick and choose among what’s out there to find what suits me and what I like best at the moment…

When I think high-end, I think of a line that you cannot buy in Sephora or Ulta, but rather at a department store like Saks or Neiman. For me, it’s Chantecaille. I love their products and especially that they give part of their profits of certain limited edition products to help protect endangered wildlife.

Guerlain for me too! I’ve only recently gotten into it. I used to love Chanel, but some of their collections have been disappointing (although their lipsticks and glosses are always wonderful).

Definitely MAC, other brands’ marketing is weak and the sales persons are too aggressive before I can try on the products.

I don’t have one brand that I go to, but I use more MAC products than any other. Their price range is good for the most part and I’m pleased with their performance. My staple make up is MAC’s permanent range for e/s, lipstick and lipgloss, mineralized skinfinish, brow pencil and their wonderful ProLongwear concealer. I love NARS for blush and recently purchased one of their lipsticks. I purchased Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere this year for the first time, I love it and will repurchase. I also love Bobbi Brown’s corrector.

Bare Escentuals. Honestly, I don’t own any of thier other products besides the ready eyeshadows and the buxom gloss, but they are my favorite products of everything I own. Once I run out of my Avon Smooth Minerals pressed mineral foundation I will be trying Bare Escentuals. Hopefully they don’t let me down. I would very much like to become a loyal customer and it would be so much easier to get most of my makeup needs met by one brand. I also can’t wait to try thier blushes.

Honorable Mention is Estee Lauder, also on my wishlist to try more products!

I’d say Armani, but Burberry when it comes to powder eye shadows. The pigmentation of Armani shadows is i.m.h.o. weak.

I’d have to say Nars for blush, lipstick (having a bit of a love affair with their pure matte lipsticks, at the moment), and some of their eyeshadows. I’m not a fan of Nars foundations, though. I love my Smashbox BB Cream! It’s everything I need to make my skin look flawless.

While I do enjoy trying things form different brands, if I could only use one brand, I would choose Bobbi Brown. A bit of a boring choice, and I hate the constant limited edition collections they do because they are all basically the same. However, their products are just so functional! I stumbled upon the Creamy Concealer at IMATS a couple of years ago and fell completely in love. On a whim, I decided to try the Moisture Rich Foundation and it is definitely a holy grail for me. I also used to have trouble with gel liners migrating to my under eye area and drying out before they were even half used. However, BB Gel Liners are just better for me because I don’t run into those problems with them. In addition, I am obsessed with eyeshadows, blushers, and lip products they do.

It’s Chanel for me. I was late to the game but Chanel’s “Vendetta” was the first beauty product I picked from time spent reading up and looking out for swatches (and not just stumbling into it). The firsts always hold the special meanings for me.:)

Hm, I don’t really know if I have one HE brand I could stick with. Maybe Urban Decay, because of quality + variety of eyeshadows? But my feelings towards their lip products are lukewarm, and there isn’t that much variety there. Same with cheeks.

The problem with a lot of HE brands for me is range. More of them concentrate on safer shades, which I like ATM (going through a major nudes phase), but generally… I want the option to have bright pink eyeshadow. For that reason, and their general consistency (unlike some other brands with a larger range…) I’d say UD is the closest to a go-to HE brand.

I think price goes into it, too. I find it easier to commit to a DS brand or three because I know I can pick their stuff up and not feel guilty about it. But buying HE for me, atm, requires planning and consideration. Which is a good thing.

It’s Chanel for me – I love their single eyeshadows as well as their lipsticks. The brand has,IMO, a superb range of colours and textures, as well as adding a little bit of luxury to my makeup bag.

I enjoy different HE brands for different reasons and couldn’t pick just one: Burberry, Chanel, Tom Ford, Guerlain and Armani are all continually on my radar screen.

I never know where to draw the line between high end and affordable products (probably because my budget is so low haha!). Urban Decay have been very good to me eyeshadow wise, though I tend to find their lip products unappealing. Their lip glosses are always way too sticky for my liking and they put pretty awful scents in them sometimes. Over all, it has to be Illamasqua for range of colours, though their recent advert containing ‘black face’ upset me. I hope they improve upon it though, and bring out a less offensive and more innovative adverts in the future as they have done in the past 🙂

Hard choice, but Estee Lauder, I think. I use their Double Wear foundation and their Sumptuous Extreme mascara, and I think their color range has gotten a lot better too over the last few years.

This is a no-brainer for me! My go-to brand is MUFE. I can’t live without my Face & Body Foundation! Plus whenever I decide I want to try a new product, I always look to this brand first. I do buy some of my staple products from other brands, but if I was limited to only one, I’d choose MUFE without hesitation!

I found a lot of Chanel fans here. But for me I only love its lipstick and lacquer. Armarni,YSL and Guerlain are my faves.

I was inclined to say I don’t have a go-to high-end brand since I like certain products from different brands but when I looked at my counter I realized most stuff is Dior. As much as I like other brands, Dior has some products I’ll go back to over and over again.

I have quite a few. UD for eyeshadow and pencil liners. Also like many Dior 5 color palettes. Love Nars for cheeks. Lipstick- to many to name.
Mascara Dior Blackout but never waterproof. Foundation depends on what time of day and state of my skin.
I think I will have to revamp my skin care because of a very bad rash a month ago that’s still healing.

For skincare, it’s “Tatcha”. Incredible products, gentle and effective, lovely to use. Makes me feel very pure and special.

For makeup, Guerlain and Tom Ford. Burberry has super quality but colors are a little dull for all the time. Have loved and used Chanel for decades too.

I don’t have one favorite. They each have so much to offer, but I’ve been buying most from Urban Decay and MAC.

High end would be shisedo, Laneige (korean), and Lancome for skincare. And a whole bunch of other Korean brands but I don’t know if it is high end or not (Skinfood, skin79, étude house…)

Guerlain! Their packaging is outstanding and the quality of the product exceptional.
Meteorites Perles act as my HG powders, Parure Gold my HG foundation..
I adore the styling of lipsticks, especially Rough G and Automatique..
And the Cruel Gardenia highlighter still remain untouched in my collection due to it’s astonishing beauty!
I’m also a massive fan of Guerlain perfume.
To top it all off, I love the sales people at my local Guerlain counter, I often feel a bit out of place at high-end counters.. I dress very casually and I’m young (and apparently look even younger) so I presume most sales people often think I don’t know what I’m looking at/I’m not going to buy anything, I have been met with a standoffish attitude many times, but never at the Guerlain counter =)

I’d say Tarte or Urban Decay. I was looking at my things the other day and realize most of my “staple” items are from those two brands (high end staple items at least).

It’s a tie between Shiseido and Bobbi Brown. I have more Bobbi Brown because I have tons of BB lippies–love the Rich Lip Color, and my first high-end lippie was Bobbi Brown, so it’s habit. The Shiseido lipsticks are really some of the best ever, the 4 I own get tons of use. My next eyeshadow purchase will probably be from either of these companies, though I have yet to try Shu Uemura and MAC…

NARS & Urban Decay for intense eye looks, and tarte for more “everyday” looks. I really only go HE for eye-shadows, though; everything else is mainly DS. LORAC & MUFE are up there, as well, but if I had to choose just one brand for the rest of my life, I’d have to stick with NARS.

Though I don’t think they’re truly high-end, I have a LOT of MAC. I’m also partial to Benefit, and I’ve been impressed with Too Faced recently. Bareminerals Ready eyeshadows are now my first stop whenever I want new colours. I do like Guerlain but I don’t currently have anything of theirs – out of my price range!

For me it´s Chanel and Ysl, I love the packaging,the color selection, the stly, the image of this two brands, everything! So yes absolutely this two are my favorites. Of couse I also love Dior and Guerlain. But only the first two mentioned have a special place in my heart.

Estee Lauder. Love their extended daywear line of face creams, tinted moisturizers. Also like swiss performing extract.

I’d say Guerlain and Armani. I used to have a MAC wall around me but it’s been broken down by these two. I get *too loyal sometimes. If MAC colors are made with these two’s qualities, that would be a perfect make-up world for me!

This is a tough question. I don’t think I can narrow down to only one brand. It totally depends on what kind of makeup items we are talking about.

For skincare items, I go to Clinique due to my acne-prone skin.
For mascara, I’m impressed with YSL’s.
For blushes, I like Chanel’s, NARS’, and Clinique’s.
For base items (foundation, tinted moisturizer, and setting powder), I go to NARS, YSL, and Shu Uemura because they have products that cater to people with yellow & golden undertones.
For glosses (and lipsticks), I like Chanel’s. I like doe foot applicators and their lip products do not have offensive taste & smell.
For pencil eye liners, I like Chanel, Stila, and MUFE for their long-wear tendency.

I think eye shadow is the only type of makeup item that I don’t have a specific brand to go to.

And lastly, for makeup inspiration, I look at Chanel’s and Becca’s ads. I find their style very wearable, sophisticated, while still fashionable.

I think that Yves Saint Laurent would be mine. Just because I love their lip products and think I would love their newest foundation, touche eclat, shocking mascara etc. The packaging is beautiful too. If I could afford it all, I proabably wouldn’t take anything less.

I have just realized it’s been years since I’ve purchased a HE product but looking in what I own I have things by Dior, Estee Lauder and Lancôme so I think I would buy those again. I used to have a few Chanel lipsticks (those disappeared in less than an hour on my lips) and blushes and powders (horrid on my oily skin), I throw them away. I would like to try other HE brands in the future, maybe Guerlain and MAC.

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