What’s your favorite season for beauty?

What’s your favorite season for beauty? Do fall collections get you? Do all the holiday sets make you drool?

LOVE Summer! But I love corals and warm colors, so yeah.

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Anything BUT summer, to be honest. Because this summer was SO hot here, I rarely wore anything on my face other than sunscreen. So I really like winter and spring, but fall is also lovely because I can wear lots of reds on my lids.

i love spring!!
i love light colors, rosy cheeks etc..
my skin has a cool undertone, that’s why the colors of spring are the best for me!

I like all seasons to be honest. I love colour in the spring and summer.

But if I had to pick…fall – all those sultry and smokey colours/looks are just so divine! Fall and holiday collections hardly disappoint either! (ahem…NARS & MAC 2010 are just so beautiful XD)

I’d say, I love both the spring & fall collections the best πŸ™‚ Summer carries too much colors for my taste πŸ˜‰ I’m more a nude lover πŸ™‚

Every season means something interesting for me πŸ™‚
Summer – the colors, usually on my lids, I love colorful makeups, the ones you did with TTB stuff!awesome!
Fall and winter- I get to wear deep, saturated, sultry lipsticks and glosses as my lips turn blueish when it’s cold, so I have to cover that!
Spring – lighter makeup, corals, pinks, so cute πŸ™‚
ItΔ…s hard for me to pick one season.

I LOVE the summer season as well as its my favorite season for makeup collections. The peaches, bronzer and bright colors, although I dont wear them always during summer but I still stock up on the most gorgeous colors they come out with. Spring is a close second as it has really pretty shades of pink =)

My favorite season for beauty is fall because my skin is in perfect shape for me to play with make up and colors–No red & watery eyes from spring allergies and no cold-chapped nose from winter’s wind. Not to mention my no excess oil from the heat and humidity of NYC’s summer. Please I love the rich jewel tone colors associated with fall–berry lips, burgundy nails, emerald eyes.

I truly love fall! All the warm,rich colors just make me happy! Also it’s not too cold but not too hot either! It’s just perfect in my opinion!

SUmmer because of the corals and brighter pinks, but I also like Winter because it tends to be softer icy pinks and greys. I love the look of fall but don’t usually wear darker lips. The eyes are hot though!

Agree with Lea on hating summer. My makeup just melts off! I love fall, fantastic weather, lots of beautiful collections launching, colours changing. Oh, now I can’t wait!!

I love fall! It’s way too hot in the summer to bother with putting on a ton of makeup I generally stick with Bare Study and Orb, just a quick, all over the lid color, for the summer so I don’t really have to worry about anything sliding off my face. Fall is more fun, I think.

Fall collections are my absolute favorite. Makeup companies seem to outdo themselves with the colors & collections. Most important is that I can wear my makeup without it melting off!

I love summer and winter. I’m pale with sandy-blonde hair in an artsy-type job so those seasons usually leave me with a lot of flexibility.

Fall for sure!! love the season in general, but all the berries and bronzes and and deep warm colors are why i love fall for makeup! plus its fun to dive back into wearing makeup every day after i barely wore it at all during summer.

Well said! I live in Los Angeles so most of the year it’s whatever you like – except I do like some darker lips in the coldest part of fall/winter too.

I’m an Autumn girl. I find it the best time for my skin and for cosmetic colors. I also love the Spring. Winter is okay, but summer forget about it. Everything just melts off of me.

I love the fall so much. Where I’m at it is so humid and hot than wearing makeup is just pointless no matter what kind of primer I use, it just feels icky. Not only does fall feel wonderful but the colors are always so pretty in fashion and makeup.

I like the Fall and Winter seasons the most actually. There’s something about the cool weather and snowy landscapes that allows me to wear darker colored lipstick. In the summer it’s so freakin hot, I don’t even want to touch my face never mind wear makeup lol.

I LOVE fall and winter. i love the rich shades…the deep lip colors. i only recently started wearing makeup according to season….before i was a mess running around with deep purple lips in the dead of summer. when i realized it probably didn’t look season appropriate and started going for lighter brighter colors, I really missed the deep and dark. So, i’m really looking forward to the upcoming weeks when i can incorporate my favorites again.

Gosh- do I have to pick? Actually, I love them all, because I love versatility. It forces me to use abondoned items in my collection, and to be creative. Love that fall is coming up so I can rock more soft smokey looks and use some of those darker colored eyeshadows; winter is great for the dark lipsticks; love the soft colors of spring; and like you said- the warm colors of summer!

Summer’s my fave. Sure, everyone’s got a bronze something-or-other, but there is always such an array of bright fun colors as well. Spring brings some nice colorful, yet a little more universally wearable things too. Autumn makes me yawn… plum, olive, gray – yeah we get it already. Winter is usually a hit or miss for me, depending on the brand, but I have a thing for glitter and that seems to always show up in every brand’s collection.

I’ll wear any colours any time of the year. But, I love fall and winter. I love bolder looks, and feel that they’re easier to get away with in f/w. I like spring as well, for bright colours. Summer.. not so much.

Love spring & fall. I’m cool-toned, so I find fall is my hit. Spring, just because makeup starts to get brighter, which just relieves me from the long winter πŸ™‚

I am drawn to the softness spring and the richness of fall. I usually buy new makeup colors for each spring and fall. Loving felines btw. Thanks Christine! I <3 your blog. Gives me a place to take a break from my day and indulge my habit.

Spring is good because the colors are so lovely after a dreary winter. And Fall is nice because my face still has some color after the summer, but it’s exciting to get back to more pigment in the products.

Fall, winter and spring. I don’t like summer because it gets soooo hot and humid so primer can help. I like purples which are perfect for fall and bright colors for spring and warmer colors for winter to escape the cold. πŸ™‚

Wow this is really hard!! I love summer because of the corals, I love spring because of the light and pastel colors, love fall and winter because of the smoky looks, deeper colors….LOVE holidays!!
OMG I just can’t pick at all!

Fall and winter! Dark colors suit my hair color and skin tone better, and I don’t wear a lot of makeup in the summer anyway because I find it’s too hot for it most of the time.

I would have to say that I am most drawn to fall and summer. I love the summer because I am such a fan of the corals, turquoises, and bronzes, and pinks. On the other hand, I love the fall beauty because of the great golds, bronzes, browns, plums. I am just an all round fan of vibrant colors

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