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Aside from neutrals, I love to wear purples. In fact, most of the time when I want color, I pick purple. It’s one of my favorite colors and it looks good with my eye and skin color. Other than purple, I love wearing looks with bright pink/orange/gold, etc…basically the sunset look, lol. I find most colored eye makeup otherwise looks kind of out of place or overwhelming on me.

The soon-to-be-discontinued Urban Decay Blaze is my HG eyeshadow. It consistently attracts compliments from strangers! There’s nothing else exactly like it out there. I can’t believe it’s going away.

 @andreakremer Oooh. Blaze is great. I just googled it and I like the slightly brown undertone — I think it has what I’ve always felt was lacking in MAC All That Glitters.  On the upside of UD discontinuing Blaze is that you may be able to get some back ups at a sizable discount. (I wonder when Sephora or UD will put them on sale.)

Urban Decay’s “Sin”… I know it’s not .really. a color, but it just looks so lovely on my VERY pale skin. ^^

I love wearing reds; true, primary reds, frost, shimmer, or matte, it doesn’t matter. My eyes are a very dark brown, nearly black, and red actually makes them really “pop”. Believe it, or not, I actually get complements when I wear primary red as a liner or accent color. However, red eyeshadow is not always the most appropriate color choice, so I either wear blackened reds, plums, etc, or I also love purples. Because of my overall coloring, I can pretty much wear any color (except pastels, even though I am pretty fair), I tend to stick to reds, purples, and neutrals.

Gosh, there is no way I can pick just one. I love soft antique golds like Benefit Birthday Suit, I love taupes like CoverGirl Tapestry Taupe, olive-y greens, cool browns, all shades of purple…different things depending on the tone my skin has decided to take that day. (And yes I do mean that my skintone changes day-to-day. Nothing insane, but certainly to the point where I actually have three or four different foundations just for one season so that my foundation always looks natural and not mask-like.) If I’m looking more beige I go for the greens and antique golds, more yellow I’ll go for the  cool browns and purples and more olive I can work with anything, but I generally favor the purples and taupes.

Taupe.  I have cool undertones and gold/bronze colors don’t work on me… taupe is the best looking on my skin tone.

Anything taupe – it is such a versatile color. You can wear it alone, darken it up in the evenings, or add a splash of color to spice things up. It’s the one color I can never resist to buy…

I’m also a big fan of antique gold, though I tend to love copper and bronze shades even more. In other words, I’m a big fan of metallics! Oddly enough, I’m not much inclined to wear gold jewelry (unless it is white gold!), but I love the way gold/copper/bronze eyeshadows makes my eyes look so much bluer.

Gold. It does not matter the tone of gold, I’ll wear it. It really makes my brown eyes pop and it’s just neutral enough where it does not look jarring.

It’s got to be taupe (how exciting….not!)  I love shades like UD’s Mushroom, Chanel Taupe Grise, TheBalm’s Insane Jane, MAC Prepped for Glamour….  I know they’re not the most exciting colours on the face of the earth but I just love them and love that I can put something brighter or more attention-getting with them and still not feel “over the top”.

I agree Christine, gold is my saviour! It’s my favourite colour anyway.
I also like any kind of deviations from gold…champagnes, bronzes, always love that metallic shimmer. I never do matte neutral looks.
I love Benefit RSVP cream eyeshadow for a kind of twist on champagne-gold, because it’s got a pinky finish.
I also like MAC Woodwinked for the deep copper colour it shows up as on my eye, blending it with Bobbi Brown Champagne Quartz for example is such a speedy look that really pays off.
Other than that, for full-on GOLD looks, I like Urban Decay actually…I’m still using the gold shades from the Alice in Wonderland palette, so the names are all different, but I really like their golds.
If I’m going for something out there, I’d pick purples and pinks – MAC Stars ‘n’ Rockets is great. But I’m not confident with bright looks at all…I don’t think I have a pretty enough face to pull them off.

Gold! Nothing to antique-y or yellow, but MAC All That Glitters and Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (although it looks gold on me) are my everyday go-to’s.  Both bring out my brown eyes and look pretty natural on me for a day look. 

I would have to say gold for me too! With my medium dark skintone and brown eyes, these work well to give a subtle pop of colour. MAC woodwinked is my favourite gold.

I love peachy pinks for everyday. And when I don’t wanna do a neutral look I usually go for purples. 

Variety is the spice of life!  I don’t think I could possibly choose just one colour.  Rather, I tend to develop these mini-crushes on specific colours and I’ll run with them for awhile until my next mini-crush usurps the previous and so on..  Right now I’m gravitating to anything purple/burgundy or green/teal.  A month ago, it was all about blues and browns.  Then I will work looks with those colours that are either muted or bright depending on my mood and what I am wearing.  It becomes a game.  I truly enjoy putting on makeup and view it as a creative process.  My face is merely a new canvas to work on every day!  

MAC Woodwinked is my go-to color. But, I really love wearing oranges and corals. For the longest time I would have said green, but because I have red hair, my eyebrows can sometimes look too harsh against the red/green contrast.

taupes like Urban Decay’s Suspect. I have cool undertones so i use the taupes in my crease and it POPS my eyecolor 🙂

 @MIRIANV I also love Suspect. I first got it in BOS III and was really happy to see it again in Naked 2. I think it’s going to be available on its own with the new UD shadow releases, which is really good news.

For my everyday look i use skintone (well it’s a highlighter, but for me its skintoned) shadow from Catrice en than in my crease and under the eye i use MAC’s Satin Taupe. So i guess those are my favourites.
When i’m going for a little more colour it’s usually somthing like expensive pink, a purple (no lilac though..) or a green 🙂

Purple!! I wear it nearly daily. I can’t wear many other colors, except neutrals, without looking off.

Peach Gold shades like MAC Tweet Me, Urban Decay X and Inglot 407. give me a bit of colour but it’s not very noticeable and really flattering with my Auburn hair and Blue/Gold eyes. Next Favoriet is Urban Decay Half Baked and is leen a bit more bronze on my fair olive skin.
I’ll wear anything but purple though. I don’t know why I find purple off putting on me, I just do despite being a color I love but not for the eyes.

 @Kristabelle Hey Kristabelle, I’ve been looking for a good matte navy blue e/s. Do you have any recommendations?
ps @Temptalia This is a great question. I’m getting to know new products.

I agree with Christine, gold!  I love it year round, but especially in the summer.  It looks good with my green/gold eyes and somewhat warm, fair skin tone.  My everyday look most often consists of light, shimmering gold shadow and dark brown/bronze liner.

I don’t know if I could pick just one! I do love the ease and versatility of greys and cool-leaning taupes, since they go with almost everything and make my eyes look very bright, but more recently, I’m loving orange tones as well, since they make my eyes more intensely blue.

I tend to wear neutrals becuase I can’t wear bold colors to work.  But on the weekend I love wearing green, paired w/gold (LOVE Mac Humid) I also like playing around with purples, though I haven’t found my go-to shadow yet for that color.  I want to get some blue shadows as well, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Basically, I love using a lot of color on the eyes, and then keeping the rest of the make up pretty simple. 

For me its bronzes, warm browns, and golds. I love MAC Bronze and Sable, UD Smog, Roach, and Baked are my favoriites. Been wearing a lot of Satin Taupe recently too so I think taupe might be growing on me. I also like to wear MAC Antiqued in the Fall, but won’t usually go much oranger or red than that (ie, Coppering, Cranberry).

I love Mushroom from Urban Decay. The perfect brownie-grey. I use it almost daily. I’m glad they finally made it a permanent shade.

 @eltscott it’s such a great brand, I’m never disappointed with their products. The newer formula is richer and more silky than before. I think it’s very worth it!

For a wash and I’m lazy (which is M-F) I’m using my favorite eyeshadow called Brown Script by MAC. 🙂

Purple! I have green eyes, pale skin, and dark hair. I always get compliments when I wear anything in the purple family (from violet to lilac to plum), but especially blue-based purples. I feel like ME when I wear purple. 🙂

Gold or champagne.  On weekdays I tend to alternate between 4 shadows, the champagne-gold side of Nars Alahambra duo, Urban Decay Half Baked, L’oreal Infallible Amber Rush, or MUFE Aqua Cream #13.

I almost never just wear one colour
if I can only put one colour on, I would say probably something like chanel ILLUSION D’OMBRE illusoire  (purplish taupe?) or armani eyes to kill #6 Khaki Pulse (khaki gold?) … something subtle
but the best colour combination on me is the mix and match from something like Nars Mekong/Grenadines/ Nars duo brousse/ Illamasqua Savage etc.
I actually really like Navy too…
actually I love all the colours and like wearing different colours everyday. 😀

First choice would absolutely be dark purple/aubergine/bordeaux purple, with grey (gunmetal, graphite or dark silvery grey) being a close runner-up. (It’s hard to choose, esp. given my new love of dark emerald green/green black).  But I’m just a sucker for the more red-based aubergine and more blue-based purples. Can’t get enough.  I have pale olive skin, jet black hair and my eyes often look black too, but with the purple eyeshadow, their real brown colour shows up more. Or perhaps I’m just imagining it, but I do know that I feel prettier in purple.

Aside from neutral shades (which I adore), my favorite color to wear on my eyes is purple. Especially lavender or lilac, but I love purple in general. I have fair skin, brown eyes and naturally brown hair, and I think purple looks really good on me. It makes me look fresh and awake, and ready to take on the day.

Gold! Right now I’m in love with Imperial Gold from L’Oreal. It is one of the infallible eyeshadows. GORGEOUS!!!

Shimmery neutrals 🙂 such that are in both Naked palettes. Purple and moss green as well as accent colors

Neutrals… I like to wear ’em with a pop of color, like teal or purple on the lower lash line. I’m obsessed with Mushroom from UD!

LOVE the brown gradient Inglot 107R. I use it almost every day!I love it because of it’s wearability. But if I have to pick a bright color it’s definitely Omen from the UD 15th Anniversary Palette. OMG it’s the most beautiful purple I’ve EVER used. Makes my brown eyes POP.

I love neutrals, wish I could choose just one, but I need to use at least 2 colors at a time to make my eyes pop! Besides the browns, coppers,golds, nudes, greys, etc. I love teal, turquoise and moss green!

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