What's your current nail care routine?

Practically nothing right now! I’m trying to moisturize my hands a bit more, as they really took a beating during the move, but I am very, very lucky to have naturally strong nails (not a single nail broke, not a single nail chipped!) — the cuticles/skin around the nails is just soooo dry right now. I try to trim/file my nails every other week or so, and I do a light buffing on the nail itself as I get some ridges.

— Christine


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Nancy T Avatar

Now that’s amazing! My nails used to be super strong, but in the past 11-12 years, they began to change. Which leads me to my nail routine!
Most Saturdays, I remove the old polish, file, occasionally clip down and give my nails a light roughing buff. Then apply 1 coat of European Secrets Rock Hard, then 3 Minute Artificials (keeps polish ON!), Wait awhile, then apply whatever color I feel like I can stand for a week or more! 1 more coat of 3 Minute Artificials. This is on a “normal” week, unless I’ve used a Gel-Tech polish or I have a lazy week. I do keep my hands fairly moisturized, as I sleep with heavy-duty lotion on them. My cuticles and sides of my fingertips get SOOO dry anyway, though! And peeling skin, too!

Anne Avatar

Not much right now as I can’t really do much physically. I just try to throw some of the Body Shop’s shea body butter on my hands before I go to bed given how it’s getting towards colder weather, and I trim my nails when they need it.

Alison Avatar

I alternate use of a strengthening base coat and a 10-free base and top coat with nail polish as the meat in the sandwich. I go one to two days nail polish free per week and file with a crystal nail file and use a cuticle softener when nails are polish free. After any use of remover, I replenish moisture by applying a tiny amount of an intensive hair conditioner and massaging into nails and cuticles. Works better than any nail moisture product I’ve found. And I also take biotin for nail strength, which works really well. I’ve also found that for formaldehyde containing strengtheners will lead to the nail lifting from the bed, and I avoid them.

Travelon Avatar

My nails are like tissue paper! They peel and flake off instead of breaking like a normal nail would. I had been a lover of Seche Vite for many years until I discovered at home gel nail manicures! I first purchased Sensationail Gel Kit. It comes with everything one would need to get started but then I realized you could use any gel polish with the UV lamp and I started using Sally Hansen gel polishes which I like a little more. I still love Seche Vite however, for the first time in my life I have long nails!!!!! Incredibly the gel polish is strong enough to allow my nails to grow without them having a chance to break. Before my nail length would always break off before I ever had a chance to see them grow a decent length. Now they grow so long I must clip them between polish changes!!! The bonus is that my manicure now lasts about 2 weeks before I need a polish change! I’m in love for life???! There is a slight learning curve but if your already good at home manicures then you’ll not have any problems. Just be sure to remove polish correctly. Don’t be tempted to peel the polish off cause it will thin ur nails. As long as you remember that you’ll be fine.

Kim Avatar

Girl, you just described my nails. Over the summer I got my first gel manicure & my nails grew long for the first time ever! But it’s too expensive to keep getting them redone, so I’ll have to look into a lamp. Christmas is right around the corner lol maybe I’ll ask for one.

Helene Avatar

I tried gel manicure a couple of times at a salon. The first time it was so good, it lasted for, I think, five weeks. Second time it all started to lift off from my nails, sort of peeling away, I had to go back in less than a week, third time, with another formulation, same thing, it just didn’t seem to stick to my nails. So I gave up.
I’ve not tried any at home gels, as I suspect the result may be the same.
So glad to hear how well it works for you!

Rachel R. Avatar

I use NuSkin Baobab Body Butter on my hands and cuticles, as they tend to be very dry. I have acrylic nails. I get them filled, trimmed and painted every two weeks. I get the cuticles pushed back or trimmed at the salon as needed.

My real nails have always been thin, and tend to peel off rather than break, no matter diet, creams, polishes, etc. I tried. When they break and look bad, my nail biting habit wants to kick in, so I made the decision to keep them in acrylics at all times. My real nails and cuticles have never been in better shape.

Deborah Avatar

I have been wearing acrylic for about twenty years now! I remove them completely once every year for about a week or two and then they go back on. I absolutely love that they always look great, no chipping of polish whatsoever and stay shiny! Love acrylic!

Phyrra Avatar

I’ve taken the past 2 weeks off from nail polish. I’ve been using CND’s Rescue RXx + NCLA So Rich on my nails to improve them. They got really dried out when I last traveled and were peeling, so they needed the TLC. Your nails must be super strong!

Ciara Avatar

So glad to hear your nails made it unscathed in the move Christine!!! I have been alternating between getting acrylics and gel manis to help grow out my nails because I’m a biter. ? Have to have something on them to leave them be. I do hate the ridges and damage from acrylics, but it’s been the easiest way for me to protect them while they grow out. I try to scrub and moisturize my hands with MaryKay’s Satin Hand set. I also try to remember to apply my Almond Cuticle Oil pen from The Body Shop or my Lemon Cuticle Cream and Almond Milk Hand Cream from Burts Bees.

Genevieve Avatar

I only wear nail polish occasionally now as it effects my nails. I use hand and nail moisturizers a lot to keep them strong. The Clinique nail base coat is pretty good at keeping my nail polish intact for a few days. I apply two coats before I add my nail polish and then two coats of it afterwards. When I remove my nail polish, I buff and polish my nails. I leave them for about a week or so before starting the process again.

Melissa R C Avatar

I paint my nails daily so I use Zoya Remove Plus remover, it removes polishes quickly and has glycerine so it doesn’t dry out my nail bed. I try to use a base coat each time, I keep cuticle oil and/or cream handy to keep my nails moisturized. I use Blue Cross cuticle remover from Sally’s Beauty Supply, I file my nails in one direction and clip them if they’re too long. I use a quick dry topcoat, either Seche Vite or HK Girl. I don’t use strengthening base coats because they make my nails brittle. Instead I use cuticle oil and cream, Lush Lemony Flutter, Zoya Qtica Solid Gold, Bliss Kiss Pure oil and Deborah Lippmann cuticle oil are in my current rotation.

Elizabeth Wadsworth Avatar

I visit the nail salon every two weeks – going to the same gal for 15 years, and she does excellent work. I do have acrylic nails – they keep the polish from chipping. I always use Chanel polish – keep it at the salon – my favorite color is “Pirate”.
The skin on my hands and cuticles get very dry. I keep sunscreen on them daily, but moisturize with Gold Bond – keep some in my purse as well.

Melissa29 Avatar

I manicure my nails every 7-10 days. I do them myself. My manicures last way longer than if I got them done at the nail shop IMO. I keep my nails short. I file and buff when needed. I use Avon’s base coat/top coat. I also enjoy the Sally Hansen’s top coat (black bottle) because my manicures last about 10 days and the gel-like shine it gives on my nails. I use shea butter or whatever cream or lotion I have laying around to keep my hands and cuticles hydrated and smooth.

Brittany Avatar

I don’t do a ton to care for my nails other than try to keep my hands from getting too dry. I always use a cuticle oil (or at least some kind of oil or balm) each time I remove polish if I’m not about to repaint my nails. Ever since growing my nails out from tiny short nubs, I never use clippers anymore because they always cut off too much no matter how careful I am, so I just use a really fine grit file/emory board to get the length and shape I want.

For painting my nails, I just use Orly Bonder base coat, however many coats needed of polish, and top with either INM Out the Door or Hoofer’s Choice top coat, since they’re what I have). I paint my nails at least a few times a week, mostly on weekends when I have more time.

Helene Avatar

At the moment I try to get my nails stronger by using Grow Stronger from Essie. Not sure yet if it works, I’ve ony used it for a week.
I have nails that peel, and are quite troublesome, they don’t break only at the sides, they also break att the top, with a rift going straight downwards.
I use a chrystal nail file, as I’ve read somewhere it’s the best for the nails, I try to always file them in the same direction.
I redo the polish as needed, with the Essie Grow Strong, I have to redo them more often than when I use Formula X base and top coat. I stull use the topcoat from Formula X. I much prefere it to Seche Vite as that seems to disagree with my nails.
I moisture my hands a lot, morning and evening and after washing my hands and sometimes in between. I still have to find a really, really god hand creme. So far Balance Me worked the bes, I think. Going to order a new one after having tried and evaluated the ones I have now.
I also try to use some oil on the nails, still they are not behaving, my poor want to be long, even and beautiful, but are short uneven, peeling mess of nails 🙂

Beth Lincoln Avatar

I polish my own nails once or twice a week and file as necessary. I start with a coat of Nailtique #2, followed by CND sticky base coat, two coats of polish (Essie or OPI are two of my favorites, but I have quite a few indie polishes as well), then I use two top coats if I have time, HK Girl Topcoat by Glisten & Glow then Essie Gel Setter topcoat. The next day I brighten them up with another coat of one of the top coats. I can usually go six days with this manicure. I use the same routine for my toes, and my pedicure can last two weeks. I take a Biotin supplement daily. At night I use Dior apricot cuticle cream or a cuticle oil by Glisten & Glow.

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