What’s your current lip care routine?

My regular lip balm is Jack Black, but if I feel like I need a really intense balm, I’ll use Hourglass’ oil or Bite’s Agave Lip Mask. SUQQU’s Lip Balm is crazy, crazy good, but I have no idea how I’m going to replace it, but it is well worth a mention!

— Christine
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Right now my main lip balm is the Nivea one that comes in a round tin box. It’s one of the best balms I’ve ever tried to be honest, and the tin being rather large it’s lasting forever.

At bedtime, I apply a nice coat of Jack Black lip balm for overnight treatment. For daytime, I slough off dead skin and flakes the best I can. When I apply my moisturizer which has SPF, I also smooth it over my lips. Depending on what type of lip product I’ll be wearing that day, I’ll either apply regular ChapStick or MAC Prep & Prime underneath.

I use either Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment (yes snail!) or Holy Snails Sheepish (no snails, actually, just lanolin, beeswax, and a few other things) each night. I feel like the Pure Smile is a cheaper, turbocharged mix of the Bite Agave Lip Masks and Dior Lip Maximizer. I’m scared to even know what makes it so good; even regular snail secretion can’t do that for lips.

SPF lip balm during day ( I use Carmex b/c it’s so cheap), then lip balm at night (either Fresh or Yes to Coconuts), brush gently with toothbrush in morning

I used Eucurin or Bobbi Brown’s lip balm in the silver pot. If my lips are really dry, I use Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm, which has many uses but is magical for repairing split skin around nails in tbe winter.

I currently rotate a combination of Burt’s Bees Glosses, Fresh, and use oils on my lips. I also have a tube of Jack Black for more sun filled adventures or to “seal” in the effects of another balm. I love By Terry but it’s too expensive for me to buy anymore.

Burt’s Bees balms! I was still thinking about that silly Chanel gloss and if lip balm would change it’s wear time.

NUXE RΓͺve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm (pot) or Vaseline at night. I don’t know why, but I have to wear lip balm at night or my lips become very dry in the day.

For intense hydration, I use Fresh Lip Serum under First Aid Beauty Intensive Lip Balm. If I’m out and about, I like First Aid Beauty Lip Therapy or NUXE Lip Moisturizing Stick because they’re moisturizing enough but also convenient.

Lip Volume by Fillerina (a hyaluronic acid treatment for the lips) to maintain lip volume and shape and contours of my lips. I detest the applicator, it’s fussy and doesn’t always work properly, but the product does help to keep the aging crinkle lips at bay.
Bite Agave mask at night
Korres lip butter in Guava is my go to balm. I also like by Terry rose balm, but the rose scent is so overpowering, sometimes the smell of it makes me nauseous.

Hi Wwendy πŸ™‚ I need to check out the Lip Volume you mentioned. I’ve never heard of it but sounds like exactly what I need. Thank you!!

There are two intensities, I purchased intensity 2. I’m also not following the instructions which have the application rate at 5 x a day! I get dry lips and I’m using it twice a day (morning/night), just to keep my lips slightly plumped so I do not see any crinkles or textures. I have chronically dry lips and when they get really dry, they show more texture. I hate that. This is much nicer than most lip plumpers because it’s not a super shiny gloss and it’s not an irritant (stinging) plumper. You can wear any lip product on top, just wait for 10 minutes following application. Apparently the results are cumulative.

I exfoliate with a scrub or wash cloth at night and then apply lots of lip balm. And during the day I reapply lip balm whenever my lips start to feel dry or tight.

Before bed, I’ll apply Bite Agave Lip Mask or Clarins Instant Comfort Lip Oil (much easier to use than the Bite product and while not as long-lasting, at night, it’s not a big deal). That’s about it. I do have Fresh lip scrub stuff but I’ve rarely needed to use it, so long as I remember to slap on one of those 2 products before bed.

Jeffree Star’s Velour Lip Scrub using a baby toothbrush in the shower approximately 3x/week and always on days I plan on wearing a matte lipstick. My cheap fav Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick during the day and Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner every night before bed.

I’ve been meaning to get Jeffree Star’s lip scrub, but I have the lip scrub by Tarte right now. I am not crazy about it though, it has a really terrible taste if it gets in your mouth at all. How is that aspect with Jeffree Star’s?

His lip scrubs are actually 100% edible (I don’t though). If you like one of his flavors, I think you’ll be happy. They are “sugary” but the 2 flavors I tried on spot on. I did a review of 2 flavors (strawberry gum and root beer) here: http://goo.gl/ldH0PL if you’re interested. Either way, the Star scrub is $4 less for 0.3 oz more than Tarte’s so if you’re placing an order where you can also get free shipping, it’s a better deal.

Drink plenty of water. Aquaphor or Vaseline before bed. Kiehls lip balm, Jack Black lip balm or Smith’s Tosebid Salve when needed in the day. Lush bubblegum lip scrub if needed or a wet warm washcloth if needed for exfoliation. However mostly not needed if I get enough water!

I don’t really have a lip care routine, I just put moisturiser on as well as the rest of my face, I find that more hydrating than a lip balm. My lips are usually in good condition anyway so I don’t need to do anything else to them. I also put facial oil over them when I use it on my face. If they’ve been chapped in the past, I’ve used a toothbrush to gently scrub them and put Blistex or a nourishing balm on, like Trilogy Everything balm.

I love Kari Gran Lip Whip during the day and Bite Agave Mask overnight. I have really dry lips and find these two formulas to be really good. I also find Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment to be really moisturizing, but way more expensive than the Kari Gran, and also find that they become to soft and breakable in the warm weather.

I love the Jack Black lip balms too, the mint is my favourite. My go to will still always be the Blistex Lip Medex (dark blue packaging). This seems to heal my lips in no time. I recently tried the BDB Lip Mask and really like that if I want just a hint of colour. I’m not a lipstick kinda girl so I have a ton of lip balms all over the place.

In the mornings, if I’m not wearing a lip color of some kind, I’ll use the plain Carmex because it’s nicely moisturizing and has SPF. Then, every other night or so I’ll use a tiny amount of the Laura Mercier face scrub (I don’t see the point in buying a separate lip scrub from the one I use on my face since the Laura Mercier one is pretty fine grained already and isn’t too harsh), and then every night I use the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. I hope someday they come out with a version with SPF, since it’s my favorite lip care product and I’d love to use it during the day!

My lips are in pretty good shape, so I don’t have a true “routine” where I use specific products, or extra steps. I just *try* to stay hydrated, and use petroleum-free lip balms (mineral oil doesn’t absorb the way plant oils do), with SPF for day.

My current go-to for day is All Good Lips Coconut Lip Balm SPF 20 (zinc oxide), and Ladybug Jane for night. Both were picked up on a whim at Whole Foods, less than $5 each, and the Ladybug Jane is as moisturizing as Korres Lip Butters, and the lasting power of Fresh Sugar balms, at a fraction of the price.

Night time I use Nuxe, the one that comes in a jar. It’s amazing and saved my lips in the dry winter. Leaves it super hydrated during the day too.

In the mornings, I use La Mer lip balm. At night, I use Bite agave lip mask. I also use a washcloth or Bite’s lip scrub to exfoliate whenever my lips get peely.

I have different lip balms for different situations. For under lipstick I use the EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint because it has more of a thin, satin finish, so my lipstick doesn’t slide off! For everyday I use Blistex original because it’s inexpensive and feels soothing on. For night time and when my lips need serious TLC I use Rouge Bunny Rouge Kiss Elixir balm or Rodial Glam Balm (the tub). Both are awesome at soothing and moisturizing. The Rouge Bunny Rouge balm is slightly better but the Rodial balm is cheaper overall. My lips are usually terribly dry so lip balm is a must all day, every day!

As for exfoliating I’ve tried buying scrubs but for me a soft toothbrush is just as good, if not better. That combined with one of my most hydrating lip balms works wonders for my dry, chapped lips. ?

A couple of times a week I exfoliate with Lise Watier Sensational Kiss Exfoliating Balm. At night I use Nuxe Reve du Miel lip balm. Since I started this routine, I haven’t had chapped lips once.

During the day, I use Drunk Elephant Lippe (addictive!) on its own or beneath lipstick, and at night I use a soft toothbrush and put on a layer of Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. For spf, I use Supergoop Acai Fusion or Jack Black.

The easiest place to buy a single Suqqu item is probably Ichibankao – there is quite a markup compared to Japan or the UK, but shipping is included. I just checked and they have the lip concentrate balm for Β₯6550 JPY which is around $60 USD. It’s a legit site, I’ve purchased from them and I know lots of others have as well.

i have an old toothbrush that I use to exfoliate my lips. At night I use Nuxe RΓͺve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm. In the morning after my shower I apply Rimmel Lip Conditioning Balm and let it bake while I do the rest of my makeup.

I use the Clairsonic at night with just water then slather Lypsyl (has a cool tube and no lanolin) at night. I don’t use lip product during the day unless I’m wearing lipstick. I prefer to keep well hydrated.

I use dior lip glow under my lipstick or a dupe for it from catrice
Before I go to sleep I use Jack black lip balm. I bought it After I read about it here on temptalia and I like it very much.

Shame on me πŸ™ i do nothing…Before i was a lipbalm addict! everywhere at home,in every bags,even everywhere in my pockets! πŸ™‚ But since like one year i stop that,no because i dont like anymore lip balm but only iam too busy…

My go-to lip balm is Burt’s Bees but if I need a little extra moisture I use Jack Black overnight. I occasionally use the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (as an actual lip mask for 10 minutes or so, not as a lip balm) when my lips need some extra TLC in the winter time. I also exfoliate my lips when needed, either with a wash cloth in the shower, or with a Lush lip scrub.

Nothing too involved. I wear drug store lip balm and lip color during the day. Drug store lip balm at night. I exfoliate as needed, about once a week, with e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator.

I use a sugar scrub three times s week and the body shops lip balm before a matte lip color or A lip pencil, fushia creamy lip color followed by a brown matte to make an original to me color followed by Dior Addict ultradior ultra-lip gloss.

Wow! Right now my lip routine has been pretty much bare bones. I have chapped red lips 50% of the time. One corner of my mouth, or sometimes both, have cracks. This makes it impossible to use any kind of lip scrub, however gentle. I used warm water and a soft terry washcloth to exfoliate any dead skin. I’m fortunate that I work from home, but I do have a weekly meeting with clients. When I am at home and during the night, I am never without my mouth coated in Aquaphor Lip Repair. When I have to go out for work or on errands or other outings, I use a light swipe of any one of the Maybelline Baby Lips shades. As soon as I am home, the Aquaphor goes back on.
I am a lipstick and lipgoss LOVER. I’m always so happy during the times when my lips are cleared up so I can wear “real” lipstick. The only downer is SOMETIMES when my lips have cleared up and I use lipstick after not having worn it in a while, the very next day my lips flare up again. A never ending battle!

Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask is my favorite thing ever- I have like three tubes. When I exfoliate my lips, I either use Fresh’s brown sugar lip scrub or the ELF original lip exfoliator. It’s such a great, innovative, and cheap product that works wonders for removing dry skin.

Right now at my bedside I have FAB Ulta Repair Lip Therapy, FAB Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm, & Baume de LaMer. For the price, I doubt that I’ll repurchase the LaMer again. It feels nice and has a mild vanilla-mint scent/flavor, but the effect isn’t long-lasting. I’m not a fan of Bite Agave, but understand I’m in the minority on that. πŸ˜‰

I saw a Huda Beauty hack on Youtube where she adds a couple drops oc cinnimon oil to vaseline as a night time lip plumper. I have Nicole Guerrero lip mask (that I didn’t care for at all) and I wasn’t using it so I added a couple drops of cinnamon oil into it. I apply at night with a q-tip (***Do not get the oil on your hands), my lips look plump!! It also keeps them very hydrated.

I just really drink alot of water, it is essential and no shame here, Vaseline. The key is to take a drop of water to moisten your lips first and then apply it. It holds in the moisture on your lips. I try not to lick or bite my lips, as we all know that’s a big problem on why lips are or get dry, as do the natural elements do. I’ve tried Boot’s No7 lip care.. this modern chick prefers “Old School” remedies and upkeeps as well. Very soft lips is not an issue. You can also during the day do the same thing and then use of a lip liner, a lip tint, a lip gloss or a lipstick. The results are beautiful and inexpensive. You can save some cash and get those new pair of shoes or handbag instead! L. πŸ™‚

I wear ChapStick moisturizing lip balm with SPF 15 under my lipstick during the day. For night , I apply Watkins Peppermint lip balm to moisturize my lips. It also prevents my lips from being chapped. I have also discovered that moisturizing your lips with lip balm the night before helps your lipstick to go on smoothly without the sight of chapped skin on your lips. I do this religiously every night.

HG lip balm is still like the actual holy grail that is unreachable for me but i do like malin + goetz lip moisturizer or nuxe reve de miel (it’s demi matte and non-sticky) on daily basis

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