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MAC eyeshadow in swimming
MAC Hello Kitty beauty powder blush in fun n games…it doesnt show up on my skin at all! they’re so close in color but because it was hello kitty and mac i just “had” to get it! lol

oh my goodness, I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one, I’m planning on using it as an empty to get something else from mac!

Bobbi Brown oil free liquid foundation. I HATE IT!! Passionately. It is difficult to apply (my favorites brushes left a streaky affect, it would only blend with my fingers,) and it is impossible to make it set and last all day. If the smallest drop of water touches it on your skin, it runs!! Nevermind waterproof mascara! I was shocked to discover that there was a foundation out there with no water resistance at all! You can’t wear this foundation on a rainy day. Seriously so disappointed in this product. $50 dollars gone. I have learned my lesson and will never buy a high end foundation again without getting a sample first.

Oops, I meant to post this as a new comment! As for MAC e/s in Swimming, that’s a great idea! I will recycle the packaging. Forget the eyeshadow. :p

either mufe HD powder or bare minerals foundation…the powderyness just isnt working out and they cost so much 🙁

Amen to that! Any kind of mineral powder foundation is right at the top of my list! I hate the way they look (on me anyway) and they make my dry skin turn into itchy, flakey skin.

Mineral foundation (or powder) isn’t really great for dry skin (as I discovered later on, they accentuate dry flakes). I, too regret buying the bare minerals foundation but I still use it because its not that bad, just a little powdery.

NARS orgasm. The color is AWFUL on me.(ordered it online after a LOT of rraves and recommendations about it).

By the time I blend it down so it doesn’t look totally garish, there’s nothing left of it on my face, not even shimmer. I still try to use it, but the color is soooooooo difficult to work with on me!

I second. Christine said perhaps it was just the particular one that I got.. but the one I bought awhile back is so sheer.. and there is seriously no pigmentation. but I more recently purchased Luster, Amour, and Albatross which have been a complete 180 difference.

I don’t think I’ll purchase Orgasm again though.

I didn’t have the no pigmentation problem-my problem is it went on ORANGE. I’m very fair, and a bit pinky, but there was so much yellow in the tone that it just has never looked natural. I usually apply, and then buff down and blend. That one, I ended up buffing most of it right back off my face to take the orange out of my cheeks. I haven’t quite gotten brave enough to try any other NARS blushes since then. I can’t trust recommendations on them, and they’re too expensive to make mistakes. Gimme my MAC Brit wit, well dressed, gentle(mineral), or gleeful(mineral) ANY day.

I so agree about orgasm, Its just a glitter mess on me no pigmentation and i loved the color on pan :/ but it wasnt much of a waste cuz i bought it as a duo with Laguna bronzer and fell in love with Laguna, now gonna buy it in full size ;D

I went to France and Italy for a school trip. We went to the huge french department store called Lafayette in Paris. I had my makeup done for a “natural look” at Bobbi Brown which was nice. At that time I didn’t really have a good knowledge of makeup and prices…ugh ignorance is not bliss.

I bought 2 eyeshadows and a lengthening mascara, but they were so expensive! 25 Euros each! The eyeshadows were nice but kinda boring for me since I discovered I’m a more colour girl than neutral. I got Bone and Heather. Bone I use as a matte highlighter but I don’t use Heather at all (twice maybe)and I threw out the mascara which wasn’t that great.

50 Euros wasted! And Bobbi Brown would’ve been cheaper here!

I usually return everything that doesn’t work out the way I like it, so there isn’t too much to regret. Although I still have my 168 brush and I HATE it! I want to find a good use for it, but it just feels awkward to me. I’d love to hear anyone’s fab uses for this brush… It’s the only one I never have to clean – Cause I NEVER use it! LOL!

The 168 is great for applying foundation–hold it near the very end of the brush for an airbrushed look without brush streaks. Also, great for contouring and blush, and FABULOUS for lightly placing some highlighter like MSF on the cheekbones!

I haven’t used it for foundation yet. I’ll have to check it out and see how it works.

My go-to foundation/highlight/contour/powder/blush brush is the 109. I LONG for MAC to release multiple sizes of the 109 brush – One that was EXACTLY the same but slightly smaller and one slightly larger would be a dream to me!

Illamasqua’s Blush Brush 1 is slightly larger than the 109 and the highlighter brush is slightly smaller. They are similar in shape, perfectly dense, super soft…and the best thing is they dont shed!!! I dont have to pick hairs off my face or out of my cream blushes/bronzer!

OMG the hairs! I love the 109– the size, density, and softness– but the shedding hairs are crazy! I always have to spend a few minutes picking at my face afterwards less I look like I’m sporting a mustache or random bits of facial hair.

I don’t have just one, lol, I sometimes do some silly impulse buying that looks like a great deal at first, then realise I don’t need it. I really should control myself more, lol!

I guess buying so many Mac glitters and mineralize eyeshadow, I’ve returned some and don’t really use the ones I still have.

Oh good question… I would have to say it is MAC’s MSF in Soft ‘n Gentle and Porcelin Pink.

Don’t get me wrong I loooooove them BUT only on other people! On me it makes my too shiney and my pores uber large! So sad 🙁

For me it would have to be this one MAC shadestick – its a beautiful teal/bright blue colour, however i just cant apply or blend it at all, so I say that’s the worst and I’ve avoided shadesticks at all cost since. Though Warm & Cozy shadesticks are stunning shades so I might try again…

Any recommendations on which brush would be best to buffer and blend out shadesticks?

I don’t find brushes work with shadesticks… the trick is to warm them up. Roll it vigourously between your palms for a minute or two, concentrating on the end you apply with… Or even point your hair dryer on it for a few seconds. They simply do not work at room temperature. You have to move quickly when applying them as they cool down fast… They can’t really be blended…. They are one intense block of colour to an area. Light colours I used to use all over as a basic base, and dark colours I used to use just as a base on the eyelid to intensify colours over top. I never used them alone, and I don’t use them at all anymore since I discovered paint pots, as those are smoothy and creamy and can be blended and buffed out nicely with the #217 or any brush of your choosing.

CHANEL exceptionel mascara and their black eye shadow quad! Mascara is the worst I have ever had and after 2 unsatisfying uses,it ended up in the garbage. The quad, as most everyone knows, has no pigmentation whatsoever and I foolishly purchased based on the L.E. factor!!!

MAC MSFN. It didn’t break me out until weeks later so it was too late to return it. The caked, powdery look wasn’t lovely either.

All the mineralized shadows from MAC as a whole. I went a little crazy, then decided they aren’t so great. I have 2 left, but I finally gave in and B2M’d the others. The lady thought I was nuts for not liking them.

About a year ago I bought Mac Studio Fix powder and it broke me out within a week. I still have blemishes on my cheek to show for it.

I know a lot of people might be shocked but my NARS sheer glow foundation looks awful on me. The makeup artist definitely got the color wrong but my skin didn’t seem to match any other color either. I’ll just stick to my clinique even better foundation.

Hmm I l don’t really recall any makeup regrets because I think quite hard about what I really want before getting. It maybe the Guerlain Tsarina Palette for me because they colours aren’t working as well as I thought it would be. I still have it and hope to experiment with it more with different bases and application techniques. Anyway, I lost the receipt.

Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette! Maybe is for someone who is starting with makeup or something! I own many eyeshadows so I didn’t really need that palette, the only thing I use fro that palette are the little sponge aplicators to smudge my eyebrow pencil haha… but the lady at the counter convinced me haha

Bobbi Brown brights eye shadow palette. It was sooo expensive and since buying it I’ve found a million eye shadows that are the same colours yet so much better! 🙁

mineralize eyeshadows, retrospeck eyeshadow (too chunky/glittery…tons of fallout!), and coastal scents stippling brush (not really makeup…but this brush shed and bled for months until i finally had to throw it out!)

Hard Candy Concealer Palette. It should be called a grease palette. I took it back immediately. I also wished I hadn’t bought the MAC Irredescent Powder. I bought it for my wedding and never used it again. Should have gotten a sample. I kept it for four years thinking I may use it again, but I finally emptied it and am saving it for back to Mac, so I guess it wasn’t a total waste but I only used a dusting for one day. Certainly not worth $22 or whatever it cost in 96.

My bigest regret of all time is Mac studio fix fluid. Made me break out!!!

Also Im kinda not crazy about cremeblend blushes. I think the packaging should have been in a stick form not a pan.

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. It made me break out horribly and I did not like the coverage it gave me at all. I dont know why people like this stuff, I took it back immediatly.

I would have to say the e/s blue flame and young punk. While they are really pretty. They just didn’t look right on my.

creme de la mer…made my skin soooo unbalanced it broke out like mad…still have the scars…hopefully one day they will go away!

Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer…..was NOT the right product or shade to get as my first experience with bronzer….bronzer to me should NOT have a shimmer….

Mac paintpot in groundwork–its just too ashy for my skintone (its like the same level of deepness but the tone is grey).

Mac released some starflash shadows in 2009 and i bought a pale, icy pink, a green with silver sparkle, a bluish green, and a purple that is identical to satellite dreams. MISTAKE!

Oh, and two mascaras by L’Oreal: the telescopic and the collagen one. Crap! nothing beats my LashBlast!

100% agree on hating groundwork! It’s the ugliest color ever and I surely returned it within 2 days. I was looking for eyeshadow primer, the SA recommended this, waste of time!

bare id mineral foundation= get itchy and messy, mac eyeshadow in hepcat= ugly red puple color, nars orgasm blush= does not show up on my tan skin and ysl faux cils, lancome defincil and mac zoom lash mascaras= give me stick straight lashes and do not hold any curls.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose – the shade is too intense on me. It just sits in my drawer because since it was $$ I refuse to toss it & they don’t take anything opened back. I will have to try using it differently than as is.

loreal collagen mascara-Its the most horrible mascara i have ever tried! it made my naturally long lashes clump like crazy!! and i also regret buying this lipgloss by Stila in the shade ‘fetching’ its really sticky and doesnt last very long i have to reapply it every 5 minutes.i have lots more but those are the most recent ones Lol.

I love reading how some products work well for some and don’t work for others. I have had great results with the MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow and I love my Bare Minerals Foundation…

MAC Line filler. I tried every way imaginable to use it and could not get it to work for the lines under my eyes. All it did was make my makeup move/change color whether it was under or over it.

i would have to say that my biggest makeup purchase that i regret buying is the entire collection of blushes from the grand duo collection 🙁 although i love them they do not love me 🙁 they make me break out and that’s not cute lol oh . . . i have another one too my entire colorful collection of eyeshadows that i own from Mac. I am now into neutrals and i just almost never wear those colorful shadows which is a bummer since i own a lot of them :((((

Kores facelotion/under eye lotion- do Not work at all, very expensive, sticky, and smell bad
any other reason?! LoL

When I went to my first CCO and went crazy with the shadesticks. I bought like 5 or 6. They are a PITA to apply and when I do get them on, they crease within hours. I really wish I would have put that money into something else 😉

The only beauty regret of mine that I have is Buying Maybelline Collosal Mascara with Collegen in BROWN. It’s AMAZING, but the brown really doesn’t pop at all. All I can use it for are my neutral looks for days when I want to wear hardly any make-up.

UD Midnight Cowboy is my HG shadow! If you don’t care for it on your lid, it works beautifully as a highlight on your inner eye/tear duct area. Also, it works much better for me applying it wet rather than dry (no fallout).

mac pigments…they look nice in their containers, but i never wear the colors i bought. and ill never be able to use them up either.
also, pretty much any colorful e/s that ive ever bought. i only wear neutrals (have been for the past 2 years).

oh, and smashbox oil control compact…that thing is crap.

OHHH YES to the smashbox oil control thing!!! I forgot all about it since it tends to just stay in it’s container all the time. it mattifies for about five minutes and then it just makes your skin wayyyy greasier. FAIL.

oh and i just remembered another one–benefit that gal primer. doesn’t do a thing except make me feel like i’m wearing more makeup. too much $$$ for nothing.

Shu Uemura cleansing oil… I don’t know, i just can’t make it work properly, i think when i’m done with it i’ll buy the MAC one to see if there is any difference.

aww, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s my staple for makeup removal and I love it so much, I almost feel like I’m an unofficial spokesperson for it! How are you using it?? Maybe I can help?? 🙂

Are you mixing it with water when you wash with it? According to MA I’ve spoken to, you’re meant to rub it onto your dry face for half-a-minute to a minute, before rinsing it off with water. If you want, you can finish off with a mild, foaming cleanser, if you’re concerned about excess oil.

If you don’t mind spending $$$, I use the Covermark one and it works like magic with my long-wear gel eyeliner. I totally rec it, though maybe you’d like to see if you can get a tester first, to see if it works for you.

I’ll tell you guys a secret. Regular extra-virgin olive oil that you buy from the supermarket is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used! It gets rid of EVERYTHING super fast, and I like to wear really intense, colourful eyeshadow with tons of liquid eyeliner and mascara, so if it works for me it should work for anyone! Also, olive oil is apparently good for dry skin, and I have slightly oily skin and it has never once made me break out.

Where to begin haha
Cliniques 3 step totally ruined my face 🙁
I.D Bare mineral Foundation both of them…agree ichy and made my skin look greeeasy!
The matte made my skin look soo dull and pasty. I tried to live them 🙁
MUFE HD powder made me look like a coke addict in pictures.

One other thing I love love love my MAC brushes but they all shed terribly :-((
I don’t know that I regret them but I wish I didn’t look like an animal was on my face after I applied foundation.

CHANEL Merveille loose powder. 2 years later and I still haven’t used it more than once. I don’t like sneezing glitter!

Smashbox Creme Eyeliner palette. The formula does not work on my eyes and whoever deemed it “waterproof” was deluded.

This Kevyn Aucoin lip gloss. It was supposed to be a sort of gray with a blue flash, which sounded like it would be great for layering over brighter colors.

….Yeah, always read the reviews first. It’s tar black, with a horrible sticky streaky consistency that refuses to blend. Plus it smells like pan-fried death. YAY. *waves bye-bye to $30*

For me, it was buying into the massive MAC MSF hype. The only ones worth that price for me are the Sugarsweet MSFs, Refined & Perfect Topping. They’re subtle, yet give my cheeks an amazing glow without looking like a disco-ball. I sold off all my other ones that I collected.

the first regret was estee lauder foundation brush.
I hated chanel blush in love, chanel exeptional mascara, beiges de chanel quad, and the only chanel lippie I tried (love their e/s singles and their inimitable mascara).
hated givenchy palette I got (the blue one). PX custom blend foundation was also terrible

Benefit Eyecon undereye moisturizer. It claims to reduce undereye circles, but it does *nothing* in that regard, makes my eyes burn if the product gets to close to my eye, and gave me milia. Definitely not worth the $30.

I bought Philosophy Purity Made Simple and never regretted a skin care purchase so much. It’s expensive and it gave me huge painful boils on my face. I guess it is better used on problematic skin as my skin was clear to begin with, but still ouch.

Maybe I’m swearing… but my biggest and pricey-est regret is YSL Touche eclat! IMO, it isn’t a good highlighter nor a good concealer… I find a way to use it, but it wasn’t worth it at all!

My impulse purchases from the MAC Style Black line. I was a goth in the ’90s so naturally I got this huge nostalgia kick from looking at MAC’s new version of my old love. But really, what am I going to do with these black lip glosses? Seriously? No.

Impulse purchases of gift palettes. I don’t use eyeshadow except when going out and hate the idea of trying to use the lipsticks in a palatte that you can’t really put in a purse when you go out and want to touch up. I get suckered by the pretty packaging and good prices, then never use any of it.

It has got to be Max Factor Volume Couture mascara. It got such rave reviews but when it got to me, it was clumps for days.

Covergirl Lash Blast. The brush is gigantic and I wasn’t able to get it on my lashes at all. Instead, I had black marks all over my eyelids. Ugh.

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