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Definitely reds! I don’t even wear them that often because of how high maintenance they can be, but I just absolutely CANNOT RESIST a good, deep, blue-based red!

I am definitely guilty of having too many oranges! But I honestly can’t resist. Although I’m quite fair skinned, bright oranges just give me such a fresh and youthful look. Definitely my favorite lip color! My favorites consist of MAC Sounds Like Noise, YSL Glossy Stain in Orange de Chine & Revlon Balm Stain in Rendezvous. I don’t think I’ll stop buying oranges anytime soon either! :p

Me too! I got waaaayy too many oranges & peaches, I don’t know why but I look bad in pinks but look great in oranges

Me too! Plus, I am also fair skinned. Isn’t Sounds Like Noise Wonderful? I went crazy getting lipsticks from the Mac All about Orange collection! πŸ™‚ I have Sweet & Sour, Tart & Trendy, Sushi Kiss, Flaming, and am waiting for Razzlerdazzler to arrive. Also love Rendezvous from Revlon, Palm Beach by Laura Mercier, and Muse by Hourglass. Oh – and Coralberry and Kiss Me Coral from Revlon!

Sounds Like Noise is heaven sent. When it was first released I was absolutely ecstatic to finally find an orange with barely any red tones to it! An orange that was clearly pure orange!

reds for sure. i have quite a lot, garconne is the last one i bought, or was it the GA the red, it takes a lot now for a red lip color to impress me. seen too many of them.

i have an idea for a question, “what type of product or even shade of product that you used to buy but refuse to do so now”. eg. i refuse to buy any sort of lipgloss now.

Definitely nude colors in all finishes from practically every brand! I don’t mind because all of them get plenty of usage since I rarely wear any bright or dark colors.

Ha! good try Christine…..

Ladies, it’s a trick question. There’s no such thing as “too many”. :-p

Well played Christine. Well played.

I have sooooooo many fuchsia and hot pink lipsticks! I don’t know why… I just can’t say “no!” And as much as I argue with my boyfriend about it, they really are all the same colour!

Medium plummy shades. MAC plumful, UD rapture, lipstickqueen jean queen, a couple nyx and revlon lipsticks, several glosses too, I know a stila one that is a perfect match.

Definitely pinky nudes! Lipsticks are my weakness and while I was organizing them just earlier today, I had like 20 shades of it.. Sigh

I’d say pinks, in all shades! I also have a LOT of brights, and a dearth of nudes. I really want more nude lipsticks, but I find it much harder to pick flattering nudes. Brights are so much easier to predict!

Pinks without a doubt, from medium to deep shades of pink, I just really canΒ΄t resist them and IΒ΄m still looking for my perfect medium deep pink the same way some people look for a perfect red lol . I definitely need to expand my collection in other directions though, I only have two corals and only one red, need more of theses shades, I might have like 30 pinks though πŸ˜› .

I feel your pain: I definitely own one too many pinks. I am just naturally drawn to them, which is crazy because I tend to reach for the same two or three when I want to rock pink (my Holy Grail being MAC Girl About Town…GORGEOUS!!!). I had to put myself on a no-buy for pinks because I own so many shades and variations. Since I started my no-buy, I have to get my fix by looking at swatches of pinks online. Lol

It’s red for me also, I have MAC Ruby Woo, Nars Red Lizard, OCC NSFW, Tarte Fiery, NYX Plush red & MAC Dazzle glass in Love Alert. After that it’s nudes.

Hmmm – too many? I have a lot of the colours that flatter me but I don’t consider that “having too many”. However, I do have about 6 tubes of MAC Plumful – one in my purse, one in my makeup area, one in a kitchen drawer, one in my work bag, one in my gym bag….it’s one of my “best” lipstick colours so I have a tube in every place where I’m likely to need/use it. Craving, Capricious, Brick-o-la, Clarins Pink Berry and Guerlain Champs Elysees are going the same way (multiples in several places!)

I have so many neutral pink/rose lip colors! This is basically the color of my lips, which I guess I like since I always gravitate toward colors that basically just add a layer of the same color as my lips!

Definitely red but in my defense there was a time when I mostly wore red lips like every day. I’m getting better though because every time I grab for a red i stop myself and see if another color would be more suitable.

You can never have too many lippies! (Lipsticks or Glosses!)
I probably have too many of the colors they give in Gift With Purchases. Whether its Clinique, Estee Lauder, or Lancome, they always seem to give that boring mauvey pink that I wouldn’t even wear to work. Once I put a bunch of those lipsticks in the free section on Craiglist and people went nuts! They were gone in an hour! I should do that again…

I have way too many reds! I like wearing red lipstick occasionally, but I think 15 tubes is completely unnecessary! >.<

Light pinks (like MAC Please Me). My lipstick collection isn’t huge but I have about four colours that are near dupes for that shade, and a few more that are pretty similar but darker, browner etc, and it is the colour I wear most of the time. I actually only own one or two true reds, and in one case I bought it specifically because I didn’t own a single one.

Pink, pink, and pink! There are just too many different shades of pink. If I can detect a subtle difference, I’ll buy another one!

Definitely pinky-beige/brown lipsticks. I can’t get enough of them! It’s the ideal MLBB shade for me since I have dark pink and brown undertones on my lips.

I simply have far too many lip products, regardless of color. I don’t really wear them that often, as I typically reach for lip balm. If I had to pick one color, I’d have to say coral/orange (I realize they are “different”, but when applied on me, they are pretty much the same); I only have a few, but as a color I never wear, even one would be “too many”. I keep them figuring I could mix/blend with something else, but then I get too lazy…

Definitely cool-toned pinks! They’re my favorite shade and even though I have several that are HGs for me, it seems like I can never pass a new one up, because what if it’s just as nice or better than my current favorites? ; -p

It’s probably a toss-up between beigey-nudes and peachy-nudes, so let’s just say NUDES! I’m trying to break out of my comfort zone and explore pinks and berries for fall πŸ™‚

Nudes. I just bought a dusty rose lipstick because I have manly nudes with two hot pinks and three reds that I never seem to use!

I hate to admit it, but I have way too many pink red, fuschia red type colors. I know I don’t need anymore, but I just can’t resist!

It used to be berries… then I transitioned into roses… now, it’s starting to turn into corals.

This is a fun game to play with nail polish too… I was reorganizing my collection a couple weeks ago and realized I had 8 different mint greens

I would have to say that yes, I may actually own too many MLBB/pinky nude lipcolours. For me, MAC Patisserie is almost my exact lipcolour (i realized two days ago when I put it on it was the exact same shade as my lips), and I own two of those, NARS Cruisin, Rimmel Naked (disc), Revlon Rose & Shine, Revlon Petal…I know there is more but it’s been a loooong day.

But really, how many lipsticks does one need that are barely noticeable once applied? LOL!!

It’s so comforting to know that I am not alone in my crazy red lipstick obsession! Reds, reds, and more reds!!!

Well, the obvious answer would be bright hot pinks, I do have a ton but I wear them all so I don’t think it’s too many. πŸ™‚ The real answer should be corals ’cause I always think maybe this one will work for me and then I never wear them.

Uhm… I guess mauve pinks. Or when I think about actual usage, hot pinks. I have way too many for the fact I rarely wear them out.

NUDES! Although my boyfriend cannot tell them apart, I can. I was on the search for the perfect nude and bought a lot that were nice but not what I am looking for. Ladies around NC30, try Peachstock by MAC for the ultimate nude. I love it.

Definitely fuchsias and hot pinks. Way too much. And I wear nudes most of the time but there’s something about this shades I simply can’t resist.

I have at least 10 reds and they all vary by tone, opaqueness, and finish. I love red lipstick on me even though I don’t wear it every day.

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