What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a makeup item? Was it worth it?

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a makeup item? Was it worth it? Share!

I just plunked down $179 on Guerlain’s special-edition pressed Meteorites for the holiday season (though by the time this question goes live, I may have already reviewed it… as of creating this post, I hadn’t received it yet, so I’ll keep you posted!). The most I’ve spent in a single go was probably the Tom Ford Lips & Boys last year, which was maybe $1600? It was worth it, since it was very helpful to readers.

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Based on your knowledge and review I ended up getting some hakuhudo brushes including the blush brush J5543 ( Wayne Goes also said it was a close dupe to Tom Ford blush brush) and the 210 rounded brush and 4 of their eye brushes…. Ended costing me $400 I think…worth it!

For makeup, the Viseart palette in Paris Nudes for $80, and yes, worth it! Comes out to about $6-$7 for some of the highest quality shadows around. For a collection, probably MAC Guo Pei for $ 190. I ended up buying both shadow quads (Night Sky & Morning Light), the Palm Tree fluidline, and the Brave Red lipstick, and I’m loving it all. Great quality and beautiful packaging

Oh, I forgot! The Beautylish Sakura Hakudo Brush set for $ 215 – so beautiful and soft, I haven’t even dared use them. And of course, I blame Christine, the ultimate enabler for all this madness 😉

I went through two jars of the MUFE HD powder before downgrading to the $10 NYX version, which I like better. I will never stop using the MUFE Full Cover concealer ($32). I plan on trying the Becca mattifying primer once I finish my current one ($15 for a small tube, but a fairly steep $36 for full-size). I bought UD’s Naked 2 Basics for $29 and while that’s not a huge amount of money, I feel like it isn’t strictly worth it because there are a few shades I never use.

I can’t think of one single item that was substantially more expensive than the rest of my stash. I guess a high-end eyeshadow palette in the $60 range by Dior or Guerlain!

I believe it was $60? On two different occasions, for makeup; UD Vice 2 and the following year, Vice LTD. For skincare; $85 for Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Treatment.

Worth it? While I do love most of the bright shades in Vice 2 a whole lot, I conversely love that the Vice LTD has some really gorgeous neutrals that I can just open it up and go to work making a warm or cool neutral eye! The eye cream? Phenomenal!!!

As for an all-out binge shopping trip? In the $220-230 ballpark or thereabouts….?

? Guerlain Terracotta Sun in the City Illuminating Powder.

I had bought it for $60. It was definitely worth spending that much, because I had been hunting it down for a couple of years. Even though I’m obsessed with makeup, I do usually cringe at the thought of spending more than $40 on ONE makeup item. I will question my need for the single, $40+ product a million times before making a final purchasing decision. However, if I’m buying more than one makeup item that totals over $40, then I’m alright dropping the cash for them without a care in the world. Makeup logic.

I spent £47 on a limited edition Guerlain “peacock” blush / highlighter. Very pretty packaging but the shimmer soon disappeared and I got bored of it after a few months. So not worth it at all!

I believe it was Guerlain’s Wulong Pressed Meteorites! I can’t say it was TOTALLY worth it, but I didn’t regret purchasing it, either.

Probably the Nars Dual Intensity eyeshadow palette, which runs a hefty $90 in Canada. I have also purchased 2 Guerlain Meteorites in the past but was able to get both of those with my Optimum points from Shoppers Drug Mart so, basically, they were free! But cash-value wise, they were pricey for single items and are probably the most costly single items (as opposed to palettes) that I’ve bought.

You are wonderful <3 I love that you tied your readers into that comment cause we very much appreciate all that you do! You are (in my books) the best of the best. Hmm.. The most I've ever spent.. So I'm KINDA new to make up? I've been following you for years.. maybe since 2011/2012? However, I was in school and on a student budget but now that I'm done and working.. my make up skills and collection are growing! I still kinda consider myself a "newbie". The most I've spent so far is $90 on the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion exfoliator. LOVE. Totally worth it.. a little bit goes a tiny way. I'm thankful I'm able to splurge a bit sometimes 🙂

2 months ago i bought guerlain cruel gardenia off ebay, original and BNIB, i paid 95dls… A lot for a highlighter but to me it was worth it, and 2 weeks after that i found a EL heatwave on a makeup forum also a little expensive(but not 100+vexpensive) and i adore it?

So you’re the person who bought that Guerlain Cruel Gardenia!!! LOL. It had been sitting in my personal eBay wishlist for a while. I couldn’t commit to buying it, but I’m glad it went to someone who loves it just as much. 🙂

I’ve paid crazy ebay prices for some Tom Ford eye creams and I buy TF and MAC eye palettes (any 9x or 15x) frequently. And yes it is worth it! I’m all caught up with my Tom Ford collecting and both the eye creams and palettes are staples/workhorses for me.

I think the most I’ve ever spent were on my Naked palettes and I got all 3 of them. Have any regrets? I wished that I only had Naked 1 because I feel like I use that one a lot more. If anything I’m trying to cut down my own collection, too. :C

Well, those prices most definitely have me beat..Being a part-time worker in college, I don’t really have any designer, high luxury makeup (TF, Chanel, Gucci etc..) I guess the most I’ve ever spent on one single item was the UD Naked palette..even though it is a palette.. so $52? I believe? I’m not really sure it was worth it, because I hardly ever use it, now that I have better palette in my collection to choose from, but being that it’s kinda a staple, I’m glad I have it since I probably wouldn’t buy it now.
The most I ever spent in one go was almost $200 and I saved for a couple months for the splurge. It was definitely worth it too. I was able to buy pricier things I’ve been wanting forever, and I use all the product (or used it up completely).
I had hauled a bunch for my birthday (so many giftcards:D) but it was in multiple purchases (since you can’t use more than one giftcard on a sephora purchase) but the total of everything was probably about $500. again, so worth it.

I spent $98 or $96 (? can’t remember) on the By Terry Bold eyeshadow palette. The quality of the shadows is superb but I don’t get enough use out of it to justify the cost. The col shades replicate many other palettes I already have. The warm shades are so-so for me to wear. I also spent quite a bit on skincare products from a variety of lines: Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder, La Mer. Not one of them was worth what I spent as ultimately they did not deliver. (Note: The La Mer product was ok, just not great and I intensely disliked the smell.)

I remember it was practically a whole Chanel collection. It was a couple of years ago so I can’t really remember but I bought lipstick, eyeshadow quad, blush, and Glossimer. I just remember it was a lot of burgundy and gold colors. I couldn’t decide what to get so I just got everything lol.

I don’t spend too much on makeup. I kind of have a set amount I would be willing to spend on something. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $50 for a makeup item. If I have something pricier than that, it was most likely a gift lol. But that I have bought myself, probably MUFE HD foundation.

I’m not sure I could isolate the specific incident or highest amount I’ve paid for a product, but I do know I have ultimately spent some stupid amounts of money on evilbay chasing a few coveted beauty products: some limited Tom Ford comes to mind (Stavros) and a number of nail polishes. Was it worth it? Yes, until Stavros becomes part of the permanent line or is re-released. Then I will want to stab myself in the foot.

Prepare to stab yourself in the foot…Lips and Boys, including Stavros is online for pre-order at Saks. I don’t get the Stavros appeal, but to each their own.

I think it would be the Guerlain Meteorites from this year’s holiday release. In comparison to some other budgets, I’m sure $80 isn’t much, but it’s the first truly luxury makeup item I’ve allowed myself. I should receive it today, so I can’t speak to whether or not it was worth it just yet!

$58 on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is still the most I’ve ever spent, though I intend on picking up the NARS x Steven Klein blush palette later this year, which will be more expensive. Some notable mentions are my custom-made BITE lipstick which was around $40 and Tom Ford Stavros which I paid $40 for because I bought it from another person after it had sold out.

On a single item, I spent $80 each on the Nars Dual Intensity eye palette and this year’s holiday meteorites. The Nars palette isn’t my favorite but it is a staple and the value was good, and I’m glad I got the meteorites because it’s fun to spoil yourself every now and then.

$95 on a ByTerry eye palette that I never use. Not worth it. I read they’re doing another round of TF Lips and Boys (but only 25 will be new), and I really hope you do another review – it was soooo helpful and I love that you take so much time and care with your descriptions.

As a resident of the land Down Under, we pay quite a premium on most things. The most expensive thing for me was the Charming palette from the Chanel Holiday 2013 ($98 AUD) and my Armani Luminous Silk foundation at $92. I treat that palette like my baby and bust it out for special occassions or when I’m feeling a bit fancy. The foundation I’m a bit on the fence about, simply because some days it sits funny on my skin.

Christine, you are simply A-MA-ZING!!! I have gone back to those Tom Ford swatches a LOT — even if I only bought 2 colors. They are so helpful!!! You are my FAVORITE blog and I rarely buy something if you haven’t reviewed it! ♡♡♡♡

Probably my Chikuhodo Z4, which was worth every penny. After that I’ve bought a bunch of items (foundations, palettes, etc.) in the $60 range.

Halloween is making me really want the MUFE flash palette though.

I think my biggest purchase was a $30 Nars blush… so I’m doing pretty good on that aspect. It was definitely worth it though! The most I’ve spent in one go (online) is probably about €22 euros. Would have been much more if I lived in America… darn you custom fees!

But in-store, I think it was around $55, on the Naked Basics 2 palette and the Nars Smudge Proof base. Also, worth it! I use both a ton.

Probably around $60 on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. It’s a high quality product, but let’s be honest: i spent sixty bucks on some basically translucent powders that give off a slight effect that only I notice.

If you count palettes, then the MUFE Flash Palette, which was about $100. Since it will last ages, I think it was worth it, as each shade at the time was around $12 each (obviously, smaller amounts come in the palette, but so little is needed). I average $60/palette, but I do have 3 MAC pre-made palettes I paid $85 each. As for a single item, probably my Kevyn Aucoin Sculpt & Candlelight powders.

Oh man,$1600! At least you can write that off on your taxes! For me, the highest I can think of at the moment is Guerlain or Tom ford which are always around the $80. Yes, totally worth it. I actually have already purchased a second Guerlain Holiday Meteorites. I have purchased fragrance that was more and that’s worth it because it takes forever to go through a bottle .

Yes! I think the price of Guerlain Meteorites and (anything, really) Tom Ford will always make me be discerning with my purchases from them, but then when I do commit I know I will use them and they are totally worth it!

Guerlain Meteorites – just the regular plain Jane version. Not really worth it, I use an Hourglass powder now instead since I think it’s easier to apply and is unscented. I don’t regret buying it as my sister had given me a gift card that paid for a large chunk of it, but I am glad I didn’t pay full price myself.

I have yet to spend more than $60 on any one makeup item (palettes being my ceiling) but for some reason I’m willing to pay a lot more for fragrance. Hermes and Agonist have made large, burning holes in my wallet in the past. ^_^ no regrets though!

And holy cow, thank you for spending that much for our sake!

I would have to say $90 for Louboutin lipstick (Zoulou) which I’ve yet to glide across my lips **hangs head low** but up next is guerlain holiday balls for $80 which is always worth it to me!

I forgot to mention if it was worth it. I think for the original, yeah it was, since I love all of the colors and use it frequently. I also have Naked 3, which has some colors I love, but I rarely reach for it since I don’t use such cool toned shadows very often. Usually if I do pink, I’ll do a very peachy or coraly pink, not a more mauvy pink eyeshadow. I’m clinging on to it since I paid so much for it though! I think the packaging is a lot cheaper on Naked 3 than on the original. It’s kind of falling apart even though I almost never use it.

Looking at my Sephora purchases it would be the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette for $58 (out of my own pocket) followed by the UD Naked original at $54 (with a gift card).

The most I spent on one item was $72 for the Cle de Peau stick concealer in beige. Absolutely worth it! Nothing comes close to it for covering up my dark circles and blemishes. It is now my only concealer, and I’m on my third stick, going through about one each year.

as i can remember i spent 55 in a palette, when i got the naked2… and in one go when i traveled to the states i went to a sephora and well… let’s say i spent a couple hundreds hahah there were a lot of things i’ve only seen in blogs so yeah i got kind of excited

Just purchased Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer (#10) for $62 and cannot wait to use it! 🙂 Before that, I purchased a Tom Ford lipstick (in Negligee) for $50!

Let’s try this again as my computer died last night in the middle of me writing this…

I think the most I’ve ever spent on a single item was $80 on the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Sun Tan & Sun Light. It’s the cream version of her Filmstar Bronze & Glow (which is $68). I’d say it was worth it. It was technically two items as it had the highlighter and the contour/bronzer. I know it had a lot of bad reviews but it works really well for me as I have dry skin and prefer more subtle highlights and contour/bronzers. It has the gorgeous packaging and was pale enough for my ghostly skin. I’m a bit miffed it’s more expensive than the powder version, since it will not last as long, but kind of get it as it was part of a limited collection and has the Jerry Hall photo which probably meant licensing. I also just go gaga for anything Charlotte Tilbury (I’m trying to save up for her complete matte lip collection) so there’s the added brand romanticising.

Oh, also, I don’t include fragrances and skincare in my “makeup” category, but the most I’ve spent on anything is my Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne which is $125 for 3.4 oz. Worth every penny.

I think it was something about U$70,00 in Guerlain Terracota, which is Brazil was R$200,00. Pretty expensive, but it is worth every penny, since I use it almost every day!

I know it was a high-end foundation for around $50. Whether it was worth it or not can by answered by the fact that for the life of me, I can’t remember which one it was.

Probably my $99 Marc Jacobs Holiday Palette I just got. By weight, maybe the YSL Kiss & Love Holiday Palette this year. That was a painful one but too pretty to pass up!

I’m not in the land of Tom Ford, Guerlain, etc too much so I haven’t hot triple digits pre tax. Yet.

Over the years i have spent a huge amount on makeup. I have spent much more than $200.00 on a single item .but now i am getting to old to spend lots. but enjoy all the things you show us all out here an enjoy reading what you write.

PS: keep up the awesome work you do,
Sharron x

I can’t think of a single item more than an $80 eyeshadow palette. I’ve spent more than that on a perfume though… Bond #9 Chinatown. Yes, totally worth it!

The most I’ve spent on makeup would be for the UD Vault of all their eyeliner colors at that time. I can’t remember what I paid but I think. $200-300.00. I wanted the eyeshadow vaults but just couldn’t afford both at the same time. They were sold out very quickly.
Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Wow – that was a serious commitment to Tom Ford Christine!
The most I have ever spent was about $103 for my Dior Jardin palette (bought in Australia) and about the same amount for my UD Vice 2 palette – as usually I have to go through ebay and the incredible shipping costs.

The $55-$60 range. Eyeshadow palettes and holiday gifts sets at that price, and some frangrances, and most were worth it. I’ve also spent that on a Guerlain powder compact (the heavy silver metal one with a pale pink flower on top), and about the same for the pressed Meteorites refills for it. I usually research things well, so I spend wisely.

I didn’t research first, and they weren’t worth it: Kat von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book, which was such a powdery snowstorm that I returned it. Also, Very YSL Make-Up Palette by Yves Saint Laurent for Women. I didn’t pay full price, but it was still kind of spendy. Beautiful packaging, great blush and lip colors, but subpar eyeshadows.

Yikes! I totally forgot about the NARS Dual-Intensity eyeshadow palette that came out last year. That was $80, I think. That is probably my most expensive item. Was it worth it? Empirically, it was a great deal and it’s good quality, so yes on that count. As far as how much I like and use it…no. I think the formula is kind of dry, Subra pulls really dark brown on me instead of burgundy, and it lacks mid-tone shades. I waffled on it for a long time, and caved. I kind of wish I hadn’t, but I wouldn’t call it a true regret, either.

I recently bought two Viseart Palettes (Dark mattes & Bright Editorials) at $100 CAD ($113 with tax) a pop. That kind of hurt. Especially since Sephora raised the price by $10, the previous ones were $90 CAD plus tax. But I do love them and don’t regret it.

A holiday palette from Guerlain a few years ago. It was around $60 on sale. I’ve bought many items at once at Armani, that really hurt. I think it was about $400.

Whoa! $179 for a pressed powder?!

I just spent $99 + tax on the Marc Jacobs holiday palette! The Sephora SA checking me out was like, “no, it’s mine.” Apparently it’s on her wish list, too! Haha.

In the past few years, the most I can remember spending on one item was the Guerlain eye and cheek palette from last year. I have no regrets! (Even if those blushes are a real pain to use!)

The most I’ve spent at once at a makeup counter… it was at a Chanel counter. I was updating my makeup after not focusing much on it for years (children tend to take your focus off of yourself!) and I walked away with: a foundation, loose powder, a concealer, 2 blushes, 2 eyeshadows, an eyeshadow quad, 2 lipsticks, 4 brushes, 3 moisturizers, and a cleanser. I may have also purchased an eyeliner and/or mascara but I can’t be certain.

This is the first time I’ve really thought about every item I bought during that trip. I realize now that, unless Chanel was having a two-for-one sale [HA!] I spent a lot more than I’d previously remembered spending. Even though some of the items weren’t that great, I don’t regret buying anything. The happiness it brought me was completely worth the money spent.

***blush*** Thank you! I love how intense the red is during the first week or so after coloring (under halogen bulbs or direct sunlight!). Sadly, it doesn’t stay that red… but that just gives me something to look forward to every six weeks! =)

Good question. Off the top of my head, I think my $200 chikuhodo x beautylish makeup brush set is the most I spent on a single item. Now on a single go, I’ve spent $500 at the Sephora VIB ROUGE sale. And that’s just in my first trip. 🙂

$55 on a YSL lip balm… No matter how good it is, it’s not worth the price! Also bought a $50 SINGLE eyeshadow from Dior. That broke my wallet. But the quality and payoff were amazing.

I have a rule. Never spend over $100. on a single item. I regularly buy the $72. Hourglass primer and the $86. size of Hope in a Tube eye cream.

I just forked out the $80.00 for the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette. It hasn’t gotten very good reviews but I just took it on vacation and it was perfect for everything I needed!

I think the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick at $80 is my most expensive makeup item purchase. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t say whether it’s worth it, but the color match is PERFECT. That right there makes it worth the price of admission!

I try not to spend more than $50 for a single item. So for actual make up foundations are the most money I’ve spent so far. I loooove makeup but unless its a haul, I’m not trying to spend more than $150 on one makeup trip.

I’ve, on an almost yearly basis for awhile now, bought the UD holiday shadow palettes. I try very hard to hold out for a promotion, though. So I tend to spend about $40-50 on them. I’ve got the last two Book of Shadows and all of the Vice palettes. (Bought #4 this weekend during UD’s F&F event.)

As for all in one go, I saved CC reward points for a Neiman Marcus gift card, and I used that to purchase two Guerlain Rouge Automatiques and an Armani ETK shadow. At the time, the lipsticks were $35 and the shadow was $32, and I feel those are the most expensive items I’ve purchased, since they were just three single color cosmetics, though I was only out a few dollars out of pocket.

$35 dollars on a Clinique eyeshadow palette lol. I’m frugal so I’m a firm believer that most high end things can be bought for cheaper, and I mean why buy one high end thing when you can buy like a million cheap things? (I’m not so cheap that I buy shady makeup off of Ebay or anything I’m talking drugstore haha)
The palette is fantastic by the way, and since there are 8 pans it’s only a unit price of about $4 per pan so pretty good by my cheap standards!

$120 on Cle de Peau’s Silky Cream foundation. Gorgeous, lovely stuff, perfection. My HG of foundations. Also bought the Cle de Peau concealer for $70- absolute perfection also.

The most I have spent on a makeup item would be $51.00 (I think…) for the Urban Decay Naked palette. I ended up keeping it untouched for over a year, my rational was that the price has increased since it’s release and purchasing it sooner rather than later would save me money in the long run.

I ended up giving it to my older sister when as her college graduation gift. She enjoys using it as her everyday eyeshadow palette so I consider it a worthwhile investment.

Beyond that palette, I will readily return anything that doesn’t work for me, which is why I am very grateful for Sephora’s return policy!

I believe the most was $80 for the Chanel Dentelle Precieuse highlighter– TOTALLY worth it. I took a ton of pictures before I ever touched it so I would have the design documented, it’s almost completely flattened now because I use it so often. Absolutely an incredible highlighter. Also, I paid about $70 for an Estee Lauder dark spot correcting serum (skincare junkie at 20 years old) but I got it at the Cosmetics Company Outlet so it was $20 cheaper than regular retail price, so I don’t feel bad about it. That was also worth the price, it’s amazing and I can really see a difference after using it for so long. Even if it didn’t make a difference on my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it’s just a really, really nice serum that makes a difference on my skin overall.

I took a birthday plunge on the $90 Louboutin lipstick. I do like the formula a lot, but I can’t help but feel slightly duped every time I use it. I’m not a pretty-packaging person and I actually find heavy, ornate packaging somewhat annoying, but I was hoping t the formula wouldt be other-wordly. I thankfully picked a flattering shade, and I do like iit better than some of my Tom Frod favorites. However, the lipstick has broken off twice (it’s one of the mattes), and if I had been sitting on the fence about keeping it, that surely would have pushed me over to the ‘return’ side. The shade does work for me, and I would maybe repurchase. I’d be thrilled if Louboutin would offer lipstick refills like Cle De Peau does (I’m doubtful that will happen, however… The silly packaging is probably where most of that $90 is going!)

I just spent the equivalent of $270 Canadian ($200 US) on the Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda. I got a bit swept away when I got my makeup done during an event at Saks when I was visiting San Francisco over the weekend. I haven’t opened it up yet because I feel a bit guilty about buying it…

Hmm, Too Faced Chocolate Bar was around 500sek/60 usd. I think that’s the most I’ve spent on one product. But in one purchase, around 1100 sek on two NARS Audacious lipsticks and Sheer Glow.

I think the most expensive single item purchase – not including the Ambient Light palette, as that was a 3-in-1 dealio – would be the Chanel Vitalumiere powder foundation. Totally worth it. A light layer of the powder foundation over BB cream is one of my favourite brightening base combinations. And, since I am layering like that, it’s lasting a long time.

Hi Christine 🙂
I was wondering when the review would be up for that Guerlain powder you mentioned above. I couldn’t pull the trigger and purchase it due to the price and I am waiting for your review.
Thank you for all you do!!

It’s a tie at $59 for the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette and the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca palette! The latter is pretty new but I think I can confidently say they were both worth it, holiday palettes are always great deals and it’s the perfect opportunity to get some more fun shades in my collection. I remember reading your Vice 2 review like a million times trying to decide if it was worth it because I’d never dropped that much on any product before! 🙂

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