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Typically 14-25 dollars. 40 is my max, and that’s only on rare occasions when I want to treat myself or the color/product is that unique. 40 is the most I’ve ever spent on one lipstick, my eyes even bug out when I’ve boughten 32.00 lipsticks before…So to keep my eyes in my sockets I stick to my typical amount as previously stated above.

the most i have spent was for those ysl rouge volupte lipsticks ($34). they are my HG lipsticks, so i’ll have to give up buying any other lipsticks in order to have the funds to buy more of them. it’s fine with me because i’ve tried other lipsticks and none satisfied me as the rouge volupte lipsticks.

comfort zone would be anywhere from $15-$30, max is around $50 only for cle de peau extra silky lipsticks, Christine you got me totally addicted to them! lol

The most I’ve ever spent on any lip color was $26, for Lancome’s Color Fever gloss, and that’s only because the color was so perfect. I do believe that that’s my limit. Other that that, I tend to stick to drugstore lipsticks, since I don’t wear lipstick every day. Maybe if I find a shade that’s absolutely-to-die-for-perfect, I’ll shell out a little more.

$14-$26…I just spent $26 on a Dior Addict High Shine lipstick…and I love it! It’s so moisturizing and lasts me about 3-4 hrs of wear. It’s my new go-to lipstick and paired with MAC Spice lip liner, it looks lovely! QUoting you, Christine, it was “my lips but better.”

I spent $30 on Chanel’s Rouge Coco but I unfortunately got the wrong shade…I guess for some reason, it looks great on certain lighting (ie: department store) but does not look THAT great once you use it in the real world lol…

Considering that MAC lipsticks are $25 here… That’s what I usually pay for lipsticks πŸ™‚
The most expensive lipstick I’ve bought was probably a Dior one at around $35 here but I honestly didn’t think it was worth the price difference.

The most I’d spend is $20, especially if its the right shade since its sometimes pretty difficult to find a perfect nude or pink for my medium brown complexion.

If Tom Ford lipsticks were paraben-free, I’d pay whatever they cost ($35 or 40?), but that’s my limit. And it would have to be really special.

I wanted to try the Asian SUQQU line of cosmetics, but palettes are something like $100. I just can’t stomach that, not for colored powder and wax.

Usually under $10. I’m really bad at choosing shades for myself, so I can’t bring myself to spend money on something that might be awful.

typically the max i’d be willing to shell out is around 20 max including tax but i recently purchased rouge coco in mademoiselle because i also had a return to make so i didnt end up actually paying for it
my mom did:]
and i got 125 back in return money:]

My comfort range is about $5 to $18. I have and will pay up to $22 for a superb quality lipstick I can’t live without. More then $25 and I’m questioning the reason. If you can afford it by all means but in my limited funds due to my counseling career path its just not possible.

Honestly, I’ve NEVER paid for a lipstick – I always wait until I have enough containers for ‘Back to Mac’. MAC lipstick in Australia costs AU $32 (US$27-28), and LipGlass is AU$42!! Even ‘drug store brands’ are expensive here – costing between AU$15-25.
I would be more than happy to pay the US prices for cosmetics, but with Australians being ripped off, I’m going to have to continue not spending the money, and waiting until I can get it for free.

WOW….it’s crazy how expensive MAC is in Australia!! I would definitely do the same you do – Back to MAC and not get ripped off!

MAC lipsticks are $35 and Lipglass is $34 in Australia…I think you are referring to Dazzlglass which is a shocking $42 in Australia.
But I agree…cosmetics here in Australia seem to always be much more than they’re really worth πŸ™

I would only spend that much for Tom Ford… well I’ve heard that they’re great, but I would only buy them if they live up to the hype. One thing I know for sure is that i wouldn’t spend another dimeeeeeeeeee for DIOR lipsticks….. they’re horrible

The most I’ll spend is $30, but 4 times out of 5 I will regret it and return it to nordstrom. It has to be really a good match for me for me to keep it after the guilt sets in!

I like to pay no more than 2 or 3 dollars for a lipstick (I’m BIG on sales), but I’d go up to $7 for an awesome shade. I probably wouldn’t go up much more than that! I just don’t see the appeal in throwing away my money on makeup when there are so many gorgeous shades at the drugstore.

My comfort zone is around $10-25, but depending on location/shade/brand I would go higher. For example I bought a Rouge G lipstick at London Heathrow airport and saved myself about 30%. It was still expensive but better than not getting it at the airport.

My comfort zone is about $14 to $20. My absolute max is probably somewhere in the mid-30s – though it would have to be pretty amazing lipstick to be worth that kind of money to me.

I think usually…max is up to $42..I wouldnt usually pay any thing over that except it is extraordinarily great or perfect. Afterall it is just a lipstick..so I will not spend too much on it

I would say: $ 20-36
in € this would be 16-28€ πŸ™‚
Normally I buy Mac lipsticks. I only have 3 ysl lipsticks.
The rest are drug store lipsticks.
The colour and the packaging have to be gorgeous that I spent $36 on it.

I just wanna let you know that here in australia mac lipstick is $35!!!! πŸ™ US prices are so cheap even after I factor in your taxes and the exchange rate

i’m so spoiled on mac’s prices and their selection… it’s REALLY painful for me to step outside that price bracket. but depending on the lipstick… if i really wanted it and i had the money i can’t think of a limit (i’m kind of that way with everything and have the gucci boots to prove it πŸ˜‰ lol!

how about $600 PLUS tom ford delivers it to my house personally πŸ˜‰

Probably around $30 or so, but even that’s a bit pushing it. I have paid more (for Guerlain G lipsticks), but I usually try to buy testers of expensive lipsticks, so I still get the lipstick without the fancy packaging and save some money! πŸ™‚

its more the brand. i like chanel, so if they come out with a good lipstick i wont like not get it because of the price. im pretty picky with lipsticks anyway so its doesnt really matter

My biggest splurge was 35pounds on a Tom Ford lipstick – True Coral. I was absolutely head over heels for that lipstick and I couldn’t find a cheaper dupe.

i usually only spend between €10 – €20. but i really want the dior serum de rouge and thats €32. I don’t know if i buy will i feel guilty and take the enjoyment out of it.

Definitely no more than Β£20 (which is apparently $30). MAC is Β£12, Korres is Β£16 and I considered paying Β£18 for a Chanel

It depends on the quality of the lipstick.
I usually spend somewhere between $10 and $20 but I splurge occasionally on Chanel lipstick.
I don’t think I’ll ever go over $40!

Comfort zone is under $25 but I think I’d spend up to about $45 or $50 if the lipstick really was that good, and I was treating myself.
If I was absolutely in love, and it was a one-time splurge and/or a special occasion, (especially if I was celebrating suddenly having more money or something like that) I think my cap would be around $65 … the thought of spending more than that on one lipstick starts to make me feel a bit ill, so I don’t think I could go over $65, even if I totally had the cash and really wanted something.

It depends on what I can afford at the time. It could be 20- 30 euros but if there is a lipstick I really like, I don’t care about the price

Wow, that’s so cheap! I wish lipstick was that cheap over here. $24 for chanel lipstick? None under $50 over here. I don’t really have a limit. If a product is good, and it’s $50, I’ll buy it. If it’s $60, I’ll buy it. MAC lipstick is $35 here, so I’ll happily pay that. $35 isn’t really expensive for me.

I’ll typically pay around $20 for a lipstick without feeling guilty, give or take a few bucks. Tops, $30, but I’ve been seriously lemming Tom Ford lipsticks.. they look heavenly and I may just have to splurge. I think they’re around $45.

I buy a mixture of both drugstore and high-end. I thought the most expensive lipstick a few months was Chanel’s Rouge Coco (I live in Canada, they are $38CAN here!!!). However, in the past month I caved in and bought a Tom Ford lipstick…which retails at $52CAN a pop. I think I need help…

i rarely put any limit to myself when it comes to spending with any makeup but but…it should totally be worth spending, like the packaging should really be impressive, actual quality of the makeup…thats why i didnt mind spending a lot when i started collecting the guerlain rouge g line of lipstick..i think these lipstick are just marvelous and really worth the money…right christine?

Lipstick is the CHEAPEAST of all makeups to make! There really aren’t many differences between the brands. As a result, I would not pay more the $17 for a lipstick and the only $17 lipstick I buy is MAC (Canadian prices).

$30-ish. I want a Guerlain Rouge and Tom Ford lipstick something fierce, but almost $50 for lipstick is crazy. No way it’s that much better than Chanel or Dior to be worth that price!

My tops is $32 for a good Chanel lipstick, but it’s not a brand that I need to “collect ’em all”. It has to be a color that I really like.

I usually will only spend $20 max – but that Tom Ford got me with his new line. But I will NOT be dropping $45 on a regular basis (I hope,but they’re so smooth and pretty…)

$25 is my limit when I was buying a lot of Nars, but now that I know MAC has them for a lot cheaper, I prefer the lesser expensive ones. However, when I really want something that looks great on me, I will splurge.

The most I’ve ever paid is $29USD for Lancome L’Absolu Rouge. That stuff goes on like butter and stays on my lips for hours. Love it!

$15-20. I just can’t justify paying more. $45 can take me and my family(5) to the movies or pay for 2 gymnastics classes for my baby girl!

The most I’ll spend is $25. I buy 98% of my lipsticks from MAC, which are just $14, and I think they have the most well rounded selection of colors and formulas with a more than reasonable price.

$38 or less

I love Chanel and higher end lipsticks and I don’t own many, but will not hesitate to spend more to get the ones I like.

Probably about $20 right now. If I had more money I’d gladly spend more (it’s not a question of principle)… but I don’t. And I’m pretty selective at any price range.

Honestly, the only lipstick I’ve ever bought was Eden Rocks and I got it for my mom..so I guess that’s how much I’ll pay for lipstick. But I’ll pay tons for other lip products (balms, scrubs, treatments…)

$22 is the most I have spent thus far. And even that is far and few between. I think there are very good lipsticks for less than half that price.

The most i ever paid was 30 euros for a limited Chanel. But I wouldn’t pay that normally for a lipstick. My comfortzone is max 25 euro’s

$30 is the most I have paid. If I did find a Tom Ford lipstick locally I would probably fork over $45 for it but I think $30 is my highest limit. I paid $32 for a Dior lipstick treatment stick and I don’t even like it, sadly!

I prefer to keep it at $25 or less, but have sprung for several Rouge G’s at $45 a pop and a handful of YSL Rouge Voluptes (which I love) for $34 each. I would love to try a Cle De Peau lippie, based on your reviews, but just can’t justify it to myself (although I wish I could, lol).

No more that $25…I usually stick to MAC but I have bought a couple of Urban Decay lipsticks and they are $22 so I don’t think I would go over $25 with tax included.

The most I’ve spent is $22 for an Estee Lauder lipstick. Otherwise it has always been $14 on mac lipsticks. But I may splurge and get a YSL lipstick soon. If I like a color that suits me well, I will replace it when needed, but thats the limit.

The most expensive lipstick I bought was $25 for a Paul and Joe lipstick, but then again I had a coupon for $20 off $21, so I paid like $9 overall!

But really, even $14 for a MAC lipstick is pretty steep in general.

The most expensive lipstick I own is YSL Rouge Volupte, they are like 32USD (I’m not really sure) but in my country they cost 495 pesos… that would be like 39 USD… So that’s it! Haha!

My limit is a MAC lipstick’s price (about USD 17 in Mexico). There is no return policy in Mexico for department store make up and it happened to me before that I chose high end shades that did not work for me afterwards…a long time ago I bought an Estee Lauder lipstick that changed color when worn and had a yucky taste. Big disappointment, so now I don’t risk it! If I am able to buy a department store lipstick, I buy either MAC or Clinique, which are about the same price in Mexico.

Comfort zone= $5-15. I would say my limit is like under $20. Even so, I really don’t like to spend that much. I like sales. I did pay $27 for a YSL rouge volupte (sephora f & f). But I want to try some Chanel but it might kill me to pay that much. Now foundation, that’s another story! I’m all about the flawless face.

I def. love the price of MAC’s lipsticks which are $14, which is the brand I always buy. I will have to say though, my limit would be (if I absolutely loved it / unique / limited edition!) around $25. No higher, especially for a lipstick!

The most I’ll ever pay for a lipstick is MAC’s prices! I’d pay probably Nars’ prices if it weren’t for the taste of Nars lipsticks.

I am comfortable paying $14 max. If I pay more I feel taken advantage of, so I usually don’t it. I have one Chanel red, but that was an exception.

I thought I was pushing it with YSL’s $35 Rouge Volupte… but then Tom Ford did a Jedi mind trick on me and I bought two from his private blend collection – $48 each! SOO worth it and yes, I did just mix beauty and nerdy in the same post. πŸ™‚

$1 during a sale. Or a couple dollars. $14 for the Viva Glams because it’s a good cause. More than that is ridiculous. You can always find a good cheap lipstick. Unless you’re rich!

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