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Tracey E. Avatar

Rolling a mascara wand on a Kleenex first before applying reduces clumping (and removes mascara that gathers at the tip of the wand). Also, there is enough mascara on the wand to use at least twice on each eye before dipping the wand back into the mascara bottle. – Wayne Goss

Nancy T Avatar

Because*apparently* I simply cannot wear hair curlers of any variety overnight, and couldn’t figure out any other way of keeping my naturally curly hair from flattening or going haywire while sleeping, last night out of sheer exasperation I googled it as I ripped my brand new foam twisty rollers out of my hair. And rediscovered the PINEAPPLE method! I had always done it when I was younger, but had forgotten all about it. Tonight; pinapple express on top of my head! ?

Alicia Avatar

Nice tip with the aloe vera! The most recent one I’ve adopted is from Lisa Eldridge. She has a routine for massaging her face with cleansing oil/cleansing balm. When I have a chance to do so, I find it quite relaxing!

livnzoe Avatar

I use a heated lash curler like the one from ardell lashes which is white and mint coloured to curl my lashes. It keeps my lashes curled foreeeever and it curls them to another level. That’s my best discovery in probably the last three years!

Basbonbon Avatar

Do not apply eye shadow to under the brows. I tried it and it does look good. It may not though if you’re wearing deep colors. I wear neutrals. Frosty ones at that and thought it wouldn’t mesh but it does.

ZIWEI Avatar

This is actually a pretty simple tip from a video that featured Rae Morris. I have a pretty round face, and just contouring the hollows of my cheeks either look like nothing or looks like I have dirt on my face. Her tip was to blend the contour upwards onto the actual cheekbones to give an illusion of higher cheekbones, and also lightly dusting contour powder on the outer perimeter of the face. Forhead can be heavy handedly contoured to make the face look slimmer overall.

Anne Avatar

Re: Hooded and Semi-Hooded Eyes — Tip to Decrease Transfer of Shimmering Lid Shadow onto Crease or Transition Shadow

When I posted this question, Zoe asked me to explain. This was my copy and paste response to her:

Sure thing. I was trying to figure out how to wear a shimmery eyeshadow on my lid without it transferring into my crease so easily because my eyes have become partly hooded by age. Although my skin is dry, my eyelids can get oily, so I always use a primer and let it thoroughly dry. I shopped my stash for some cream eyeshadow bases that were creamy enough not to dry too quickly and also have real staying power once they did. I found that I had an old smashbox one that I love and several LM caviar sticks; they ended up working the best for me. I do one eye at a time. I apply the cream shadow and before it dries, I pat the shimmery shadow on top of it, carefully pressing it into the creamy eyeshadow. I keep looking down until I’m confident that the cream eyeshadow has dried (maybe a minute or two). Still looking down, I take a cotton pad and gently press it onto the shimmery shadow, being careful to use a clean spot on the cotton pad for each press. Eventually the cotton pad doesn’t pick up any more of the shimmery shadow. What’s left is the shimmery shadow that’s literally ‘stuck’ onto the cream eyeshadow base.

I had to experiment with different cream eyeshadow bases and shimmery eyeshadow powders to figure out which combinations I liked best and worked best, but this drastically reduces the amount of transfer onto the transition color, which for me, is always a matte. The fun part is making new colors from combining the two products. Oh, and any crepeyness sometimes caused by wearing the cream eyeshadow alone is eliminated by the layer of shimmering eyeshadow over it. I hope it works out for you, too.

Anne Avatar

PS Armani Eyes-to-Kill shadows are amazing using this method over a cream eyeshadow base. And, depending on the base cream shadow, the result looks nearly metallic. So pretty.

Aj Avatar

Using a bit of your translucent powder on your eyelids to remove any oils on there before applying a base helps a lot with the eyeshadow applying smoother and blending more easily.
My eyelids get oily-ish so I don’t know how I ever lived without this tip lol. My eye looks have been getting better and I’ve been taking little less time in blending.

Zoe Avatar

Wayne Goss, Dustin Hunter, Pixiwoo, and Lisa Eldridge taught me so many tips over the years!
– Lipstick as blush (especially dry or old lip products)
– Contour with blush
– Exfoliate lips with a cotton bud/Q-tip and lip balm
– Scrape off excess mascara in the tube
– Eyeshadow as brow powder
– Apply lipstick, blot, and then apply another layer to have long-lasting color
– Spray hairspray on a spoolie brush for cheap browgel
– Elongate hooded eyes by wiping a tissue at a diagonal from the outer corner of your eye, to the end of your eyebrow

r/MakeupRehab has also been helpful in a behavioral sense:
– Use up a product before buying or opening another (it teaches you how long it takes to use something up, which can help you make better purchasing decisions)
– When downsizing a collection, use up makeup items one at a time
– Companies will always put out more stuff. Many cases where you feel like you might miss out on a release are not the be all-end all.
– It is possible to spend more money replicating a dupe than the cost of the item you are duping
– Keep a box on your counter/table and only use makeup from that box before moving onto more of your collection

Other tips:
– Secondary markets like Craigslist, Poshmark, Mercari, Swapidu, Depop (and others) are great places to find lightly used, discontinued, limited edition, or rare makeup.
– Store foundation and perfume in the fridge
– You can make perfume last longer by spraying it on skin that has been moisturized with lotion
– Wash and keep mascara wands you like, to use with other formulas or brow products
– Lip balm as eye-gloss
– There is still lipstick left in the tube, after you have used all of the bullet. Scrape it out and put it in a sample container, mix it with a balm, or mix it with another color!
– You can modify a liquid lipstick color/undertone by dropping some lip tar into the tube
– Mix together reject powders (eyeshadow, foundation, setting, etc…) for a custom blush, bronzer, or highlighter (a great purpose for frosty white eyeshadow that i never use!)

Marta Avatar

I’ve seen a few too much Lisa Eldrige videos latety. So mine is more of a whole “less is quite impressive” approach than one tip. The makeup industry is so after pigment, colors, different finishes, high coverage, primers for everything and wow! that I’ve forgotten how easy and relaxed makeup can be beautiful. Just a dot here, a dash there and ta-dam! Here’s a few interesting tips:
– putting foundation all over the face is not mandatory
– eyeshadow does not need to be super pigmented to make the eyes pop
– tapping lipstick on for a stain effect

Genevieve Avatar

What an amazing collection of tips from everyone above!
My tip would be – if you have a foundation that doesn’t last the distance, use a same shade (or very similar) BB cream first – wait for it to ‘set’ for a couple of minutes and then add on your foundation.
I have found that using the BB cream first, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one either – a DS brand will do, lengthens the foundation time.

Silvia Avatar

Me? By no means an expert dreaming and wishing always to master an smoky eye I would say qtips for blending eyeshadow and Cera Vé facial cream in big round jar under foundation instead of primer. It works for me wonderfully.

Silvia Avatar

Forgot to mention I love my Conair Big Rollers they make my wavy hair smooth and more shiny i rely on it for special ocassions. I have had it for many years still works excellent unlike a smaller Remington I purchased recently when had my hair cut short (results from highlight done terrible). The Remington heats up so much I have to wear a glove or it burns my fingers even if acting quickly. Don’t like these new hair strengtheners and this Remington I’m sure they can damage hair if used too often. I also find leaving hair moist before going to sleep I wake up with the most gorgeous natural curls. Go figure! Lol! Wavy, curly hair the less I touch once is drying the better!
Loving reading all your tips! Thanks so much!

bibi Avatar

If you have under eye fine lines-
Put eyeshadow primer on your under eye area first then layer your concealer & setting powder over it. I always thought less products was the way to go as far as under eye concealment goes but as I develop more & more @#$%^&*!!!! fine lines I’ve found that is not true. Any under eye concealer goes on smoother and lasts longer over a good eyeshadow primer. Use a blurring & nondrying powder to set under eye concealer works miracles to conceal fine lines too. The only concealer I can use that works well over fine lines without primer under it is It Bye Bye.

Céline Avatar

Could you expand a little bit on the aloe vera tip? (I tried looking at Tarababyz channel but couldn’t find it)
Do you dip the brush in aloe vera gel, wipe off the excess and let it dry? Or massage it?
Thank you in advance!

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