What's one product everyone else loves that you don't?

What’s one product everyone else loves that you don’t? Share!

As a general category, I don’t love liquid lipstick, even though it’s a very popular product type right now, which reminds me of Anastasia eyeshadow palettes and their hype, and I have found most of them to be more disappointing than not.

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Ryou Avatar

I’m generally not too fond of liquid lipsticks, especially matte ones. I’m a chronic lip balm addict and matte liquid lipsticks tend to feel really dry and clingy, which I just hate. The glossy ones aren’t all that much better, either, because I have pretty large lower lips, they always end up either feathering everywhere or on my chin. Perhaps the silicone-based ones will be better? :/

Sarah Avatar

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. Hate the taste, hate the texture, hate most of the colours!

Too Faced Melted… I actually used to really like this, but I think only because of the colours. It just doesn’t apply opaquely on me. I have to build it up quite a bit and by the time it opaque, I get gloopy bits between my lips and product moving out of my lipliner. I’ve tried wearing it several times, and still do, but I’ve decided I just don’t jive with the formula. Why bother when I can just swipe n go with a lipstick?

Yox Avatar

Hey Sheila same here! I bought the Naked 1 because of so much hype, turns out that the color selection is too warm for my skin. I’ve been wanting to try that Lise Watier, how do you find the texture?

Sandra JT Avatar

Sticking my nose in here, but Lise Watier eyeshadow palettes aren’t bad at all, especially compared to UD. They’re much smoother & I’ve found them to be very pigmented overall. This brand’s cream/mousse blushes in glass jars are absolutely spectacular FYI Definitely worth trying.

Lisa Avatar

I feel so much better that I’m not alone! I thought it was just me. I bought into the hype (literally) and got the original Naked palette. I wasn’t impressed. Bare Minerals has far better quality eye shadows. I also wasn’t impressed with the colors and blendability.

Louisa Avatar

I agree, the UD Naked palettes are not as good as the hype. I have the Naked 3 and it’s ok… But nowhere near as good as I’d heard (as far as pigmentation, texture, fallout.. Everything!) I think it’s definitely the gorgeous UD packaging that makes people believe it’s so amazing!!

Joan Avatar

I’m the same way, don’t love liquid lipstick all that much but I much prefer them to lip glosses. The only liquid lipsticks I like are Stila’s and Sephora Collection’s. Not a fan of NYX, Anastasia, Too Faced, etc. etc.

I don’t see the point of lip gloss other than to make my life more miserable by acting like a venus fly trap for every stray strand of hair.

Also, I’m way too lazy for concealer.

Natalie Avatar

I really don’t understand the hype around Bare Minerals foundation and the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I feel like both are so well known and some of the most popular items in their individual fields, but I’ve always found the quality to be disappointing!

Kirsten Avatar

Urban Decay eye shadows– everything from the Nakeds to the individual ones. I have yet to find one that’s more than tolerable to me.

Katherine T. Avatar

It seems like many people love bronzers and self-tanners but they don’t look good on me. And really bright, scarlet red lipstick seems popular, but it looks kind of clownish on me.

Louisa Avatar

I always felt that bright red lipsticks looked clownish on me until I tried a few different ones & found that a certain undertone made all the difference! So for e.g – a red with a bit of on orange undertone might work better than a red with a blue or cool undertone! I’m not saying this will be the case with you, you may just not like any red tones on your lips, which is fine! But just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚

Katherine T. Avatar

Thanks Louisa! I look great in red lippies with brown undertones, but the ones with oranges and blue undertones are still kind of tricky on me, but you are right, a slight shift in the undertone can make all the difference! I almost always have to swatch those in person.

Summer Avatar

I agree Anastasia products other than brow type get to much hype. Hourglass veil primer and hello flawless powder from benefit and glamglow products ๐Ÿ™

Codename Duchess Avatar

I’m with you on the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. It’s not a bad primer, but based on the reviews and the price I expected it to blow my socks off. But it was just “eh.”

Lulle Avatar

The first that come to mind are MAC eyeshadows. And I’m not just talking about the poor palette versions, but even the singles. Every single shade I tried disappointed me. I’ve had much better luck with their loose pigments than their pressed shadows.

Nancy T Avatar

The insane glut of contouring/highlighting palettes recently! I understand that a professional mua would certainly need all those shades, but the average user may only wind up using 2 or 3. Not to say I would never buy one, but have been getting along just dandy by having only the shades I will actually use. Another pet peeve is the similar recent onslaught of like a gazillion different brow products hitting the market!

Angel Avatar

Lol! Sorry to smile about a bad experience, but I had the same issues…you nailed (no pun intended!) that description ๐Ÿ™‚

Andrea Avatar

Its a three way tie between any kind of mineral powder foundation and MAC lipsticks and Lip Glass. The whole “one swipe/buff powder” that supposedly covers everything never works on me. It just makes me look powdery, dry and awful.

Never got the hype about MAC lipsticks and gloss. While I have two MAC lipsticks I like (Touch and Midimauve), it took me years to find them. For far too many years, I kept getting colors that just don’t work on me no matter how “universally flattering” they supposedly are and were drrrrrry. As for Lip Glass, they smell nice but they’re so sticky and have far too much glitter. No matter what shade I got, I always end up looking like I made out with disco ball.

Maggie Avatar

Most lip balms: Burt’s Bees, Jack Black, Chapstick, Fresh–most of the iconic one’s don’t work for me. I also don’t love products touted as highlighters–all the one’s I have came with something else I wanted–I like shimmer and sparkle near my eyes or on my lips–that’s it. Any actual highlighting I do is with a base product like powder foundation or concealer.

Sheb Avatar

Ugh, those Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. Ugh! ๐Ÿ™ I ended up giving them away. On the general side, liquid blushes and I don’t get along.

Blue Avatar

I understand 100% why people don’t like those–they are basically unpleasant to wear and exacerbate dryness while exaggerating its appearance. BUT! I still love the ones in really dark, high maintenance colors like black or off-black. I wouldn’t bother for a red or pink and I’m a little surprised that so many people find them worth it for things like nudes but I LOVE that I can now wear black lipstick on a night out (not dinner or anything, but out nonetheless) with only occasional touch ups. Total game changer for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

reggi Avatar

Urban decay’s primer potion! So many people call it their holy grail but it makes my eyelids even more oily and causes crazy smudging. I don’t love Bite’s Pigment Pencil’s either – nice colors, nice feel but oh my god they feather and bleed like CRAZY.

On the topic of liquid lipsticks the only formula I don’t like is probably Lime Crime’s. Horribly drying, sticky and flaky.

Cat Avatar

UDPP has the opposite effect on my lids, it really dries them out (except the anti-aging one) to the point where the skin on my lids flake. Eden was the one I liked the most as far as color but also the most drying.

Cat Avatar

I wish! I purchased the LE Enigma shade (love the color) and it’s horribly drying on my lids, even if I apply a ton of moisturizer in preparation. My husband says I can’t return it because 100% of the purchase price went to a charity. Sigh…

Rachel R. Avatar

In general: self-tanners, bronzers, huge contour palettes, nude lipstick that exactly matches skin color, lip plumpers, facial serums, dewy finish foundations (trauma for having greasy/oily skin since I was 12).

MUG eyeshadows – they all seem dry and the lighter shades are underpigmented. They’re inexpensive and have a huge color variety, but the shadow quality seems to be all over the place.

Nyx Milk – people love this as an inexpensive eyeshadow base, but for me, it’s too thin for shadow to really cling to. I have really oily lids, so it creases on me, even when over primer. If I use it, it has to be over primer, and on my lids only. Too much work for “meh” results.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey – I know this has a huge cult following, and I’m not slamming it. It’s pretty and I do like it, but I don’t find any aspect of it that is particularly outstanding or unique.

Maybelline Color Tattoos – actually, I like these more than I used to, though I still don’t love them as eyeshadows. They work great on the lids as a base, which I’m appreciating with recent hot weather. I did follow the advice Temptalia readers gave me, and tried a couple of the shimmery shades, which go on much easier than the darker mattes did for me. Barely Branded from the Metals is actually pretty awesome, by itself or as a base. I’ve been using it lately as my inexpensive light base instead of Nyx Milk.

Dana Avatar

Rachel, I totally agree with you on MUG eye shadows…I read countless wonderful reviews before buying, but they were so disappointing, I wished I had returned them. They swatch nicely but barely show up on the lid with/without primer and last 1-2 hours tops. What a waste of money!!

Leslie Avatar

Yes…me too! I have never understood the whole nude lip/makeup thing. If I want to look like I’m not wearing any makeup, I just wont wear any lol. I look so sick in nude lipstick. I gotta have my pinks and rosy colors!!

Rachel R. Avatar

Some people pull off true nude lips and look great: Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez being two of the most famous examples. Maybe because I’m so pale, it doesn’t look right. Both Kim K. and JLo have beautiful caramel skin, so their lip matches have more color to them than mine.

I prefer a MLBB to a true nude for myself. But I don’t want to throw shade at people who like the look on themselves.

Louisa Avatar

That’s a real shame to hear about the MUG eyeshadows not being so good!! I nearly spent a fortune on her website the other night but didn’t end up buying anything as I’m always cautious of reviews, especially YouTube reviews! I’ve never heard a bad thing about them! People have only ever raved!! Its so hard to get “honest” & informed reviews! Glad I read yours now though, I won’t be so silly & buy all her shadows now! Just a couple to test ๐Ÿ˜›

Laura_Lou Avatar

Lipgloss. I hate it! I never wear it. I don’t like the horrible sticky feeling and having my hair stick o my lips is gross. I’m also not a huge fan of contour products. I don’t see the need for contouring every day, I feel like it’s too much for day-to-day wear.

pePear Avatar

I have to say it all of Anastasia products expect their eyebrows products,it’s just don’t work for me at all. their eyeshadows are on powdery side and dry and liquid lipstick are dry my lip out like crazy after one or two hours,I really want to love them too but I can’t ๐Ÿ™

Mariella Avatar

Either the “nude lip” (not so much a product as a “look”) or matte lipsticks, which I generally find uncomfortably drying to wear and also not as flattering as a nice, moist looking lip. As for a specific product, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – on me, it always looks dry and “crack-y”.

Bella Avatar

The Lorac Pro Palette. Quite honestly I haven’t even gotten round to testing the shadoes because the cheap and nasty packaging grossed me out so. To this category also add Urban Decay Naked 1.

mina Avatar

Gรฉrard cosmetics (who in the world is Gerard?)
La splash
Contour palettes
Morphe brushes (the eyeshadows)

And just about every single product or collection that’s been getting slot of hype on @trendmood1
There’s always that one person that someone is going to rave over it.
One thing I’ve learned is that if it’s getting alot of hype there’s commission behind it. The guru will sponsor and help boost hype for the product in order to get commission from it (the discount codes with their name as part of the code) so that purchases link back to them. And then the reviews aren’t really honest. It’s more to make sales

brittany Avatar

100% agree with you! I fell into the hype of some of these lame products. I know only support products that know what they’re doing in regards to makeup. Majority of these YouTube popular makeup brands are bad. Simple

Jenny H. Avatar

Agreed on Gerard Cosmetics. I ordered some of their lipsticks after buying into some hype about them on instagram. They were a total disappointment. They dragged on my lips, were chalky and dry as heck (and the dark shade I ordered was also super-streaky). Plus the packaging was completely cheap. Ugh, what a waste of money.

รine Avatar

Liquid lipstick is having a Moment right now and I don’t get it.
Maybe it’s because back when I was in high school (my freshman year, so maybe 2007?), I tried a liquid lipstick of my mother’s without receiving adequate warning and on my dry lips, it was like paint that didn’t fully flake off for DAYS. It was painful and ugly and I honestly never want to do that again.

Melissa Avatar

ABH liquid lipsticks, MAC prolongwear concealer (horrible on me), Nars creamy concealer. And everyone raves about tbem all the time.

Maggie Avatar

I’m the same way–prone to migraines from fragrance. If you ever want to give it a shot–Clinique’s lip collection are all fragrance-free. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick line was also once fragrance-free–I’m not sure about now (their other lippies DO have fragrance). Maybe buy and have a friend sniff to be sure?

Fran Avatar

NARS ‘Orgasm’ blush isn’t all that flattering on me, even though it’s supposed to be universally flattering. Cheek colors with any orange in them tend to look strange on me. I can get away with some orange in a lip color, especially if it leans more pink or red than yellow, but orange on my cheeks just looks out of place.

I’m not much of a lip gloss wearer — I tend to prefer sheer or translucent lipsticks to lip glosses — but I’m enjoying UD’s new ‘Big Bang’ very much.

Raeanne Avatar

In general, Too Faced products, especially cheek products and the melted lipstick line – particularly the lighter colors. I find the products don’t give a good amount of color payoff or staying power on me.

Tiffany P Avatar

The TooFaced Melted lipsticks. Personally, I found the fomula mega drying, super patchy and it applied horribly. However I know so many people that love them and they always have rave reviews. I just didn’t get on with them at all.

Tracy Avatar

I’ve tried the hourglass blushes and powders several times and I just don’t like them. I know people love them but I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Blue Avatar

This is such an intersting one to me. I’ve never been a huge falsie person, but I do think they can add a lot to a very heavy makeup look. My perspective on them changed a bit when I was looking at a really talented celeb makeup artist’s portfolio and my boyfriend looked over my shoulder. He went, “UGH, why do all their eyelashes look so weird?” and it was the fake lashes. Of course I don’t think that makeup has to be for men or anything but I was really fascinated by how put off he was by the unnaturally long, uniform eyelashes.

MissJae1908 Avatar

1. Contour palettes – Most of the time, they don’t make them to suit deep complexions. I have the Ulta Contour palette and that’s all that I need.
2. Liquid lipsticks – I love a matte lippie just as much as the next chica, but I’m a traditional bullet type of girl.
3. Blush – I can’t get into them. I buy blushes and never use them. I always use the same ones for deeper complexions. Raizin by MAC and Toasted Almond by Black Radiance. They go with EVERY look! Lol

xamyx Avatar

I find blush to be “nice to have”, but not an absolute necessity. In fact, I went nearly 20 years almost never wearing it-until I found my shade. Now, I have several blushes, and when I lookat them all together, I realize they’re all sooo similar!

Brynn Avatar

Blush of any sort, as my face has redness problems. If I ever find a coverage product that works well, I’ll think about it (I thought I had, but it ended up not working as well as I thought).
Also, Seche Vite top coat. It just doesn’t work well for me.

Cat Avatar

Hmmm… The meteorites aren’t supposed to be noticeable. It’s more of a setting powder that leaves a nice finish, as opposed to the matte finish you’d get when using other powders. They give a very subtle sheen. Or, as Guerlain says, they’re an “illuminating powder made up of light-diffusing pearls that minimize flaws and add brightness to the skin.” (I haven’t noticed them hiding any flaws… but I really do like them.) Try using a regular setting powder on one side of your face and the meteorites on the other and see if you notice the difference.

Kiss & Make-up Avatar

You got a minute? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m usually not that big on vampy lip colors and bold lipsticks, so while everyone’s raving about those I’m just like ‘meh, pass me the coral please’. I also don’t really get excited over highlighters much. And I have lost count of the number of foundations and primers that everyone and their cat seems to love but I just can’t make work for me.

Claudia Avatar

I totally agree!!! I don’t know how it can be on favorites list. That is the one mascara that would give me some serious raccoon eyes within a couple of hours!

Dwana Avatar

Ben Nye Final Seal: I’m trying to love it (since I paid for it) but it’s not what I expected. I don’t have super oily skin but while the weather is more brighter and warmer… You get what I’m putting down. The dewy look I get (but not supposed to as per reviews) is OK but the transfer as if I never applied it is unacceptable.

Karen Avatar

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops … I just don’t get it. I guess I don’t feel like testing a bunch of primers, lotions, etc to find the perfect blend!

Justine Avatar

Oh dear. I have not yet tried this but according to some reviewers it’s not meant to be mixed with moisturizer. It’s supposed to go with foundation to adjust the shade or coverage. When you use it with a moisturizer, the pigment gets left behind on the skin when the moisturizer sinks. That’s why it looks patchy, according to some. Have you tried it that way? ๐Ÿ™‚

xamyx Avatar

Actually, according to a video put out by CoverFX, they *can* be used with moiturizer, sunscreen, etc…, as long as it doesn’t contain oil-which even some of the most expensive moisturizers do!

Cat Avatar

Cover FX says the Custom Cover Drops can be used alone or mixed with just about anything; serums, moisturizers, BB creams, foundation… I think I even remember them saying primer but I’m not sure. The color and coverage appears to change depending on what it’s mixed with, though, so that makes picking out a shade rather tricky.

helen Avatar

I read all the comments (so far) and didn’t see BB creams. Wow, i really must be in the minority. From Dior and Guerlain to Jane Irdale’s version, i’ve been wanting to love a BB cream but i find them just too tacky (and yes, i’ve used less product and then more product…) and i just don’t like the feel of them on my skin. I always return to my GA Maestro foundation. And if anyone has any suggestions for a good, medium to full coverage, gorgeous finish foundation (i’ve seen WWendy mention TF Traceless and she claims, ‘it’s tractor-proof!’ which is good enough for me to investigate!!), i would be most grateful.

Cat Avatar

Have you tried any of the Korean BB creams? I’ve tried several other brands, both Korean and otherwise, but the only one I like is the Gold Caviar BB Cream by BRTC. It has SPF50 so I use it when I’m going to be outside for an extended period of time. I sometimes even use a light layer under my regular foundation and my foundation goes on great over it. It’s definitely not tacky. I just rechecked it for tackiness on my hand and my skin just feels softer there, not like there’s a product at all. It is really thick so I apply it a little at a time and blend it out. I hate things that feel tacky/greasy and I love it.

Cat Avatar

You’re welcome, Helen! As far as purchasing it goes, I bought mine from the Sasa website (their site is available in English). You can also find it on Amazon, sometimes even cheaper than on the Sasa site. Also, it is for light to medium skin. When you first apply it, it can have a grayness to it, then it adjusts and the grayness goes away. You may want to read some blogs about it before purchasing. Even if this isn’t right for you, there may be another Korean brand that will work. Korean BB Creams are, from my experience and research, far superior to any made by other companies thus far. Good luck!

Staci Avatar

Color tattoos are always dry and flakey looking on me. I’ve bought six just to be sure. All of them look awful.

Their real mascara. Made my lashes clump together, not cute. Plus it never came off, even with eye makeup remover. That meant I had clump left over from the day before to battle.

Metiorites. I just don’t get it. I don’t see anything.

Tessa Avatar

I have other answers (although generally I recognize it’s just an issue of different colors suiting different complexions), but the big one for me, independent of skin tone? GLITTER. I occasionally like a glittery nail polish top coat, but on my face? Forget it.

There are exceptions — the very fine microglitter in some Dior Addict lip products doesn’t bother me — but even that’s pushing it.

I do like shimmer, pearl, duochrome, depending on the product, so it’s not all dry matte-land all the time, but actual, sizable flakes of glitter? Stab me in the eye with a stapler, man.

Blue Avatar

Bahahaa. I love your response. I am absolutely Team Sparkle Twilight Vampire Corn Flake Sized GLITTER If I Was A Pop Star I would Be KESHA but I respect your taste and I think your reply is hilarious.

Tessa Avatar

Well, I do like glitter on others, or in home decor — when I lived in the UK, I actually spray painted my entire fridge exterior a deep, very glittery purple.

Just don’t want it on my face! Ha. But stay strong for the sparkle wearers! I’ll salute you from a safe distance.

Elizabeth Avatar

I just snorted laughing. This is me. I am so pro-glitter. I just bought MUFE Artist Shadow in Crystalline Pink (d-868) to wear as a highlighter. That duochrome! That sparkle! I’m gonna be a pink disco ball at work and I LOVE IT.

Blue Avatar

Yesss, twins! I have that same eyeshadow, I use it as a wash for work on occasion too. I just got a set of four of those Lorac Liquid Lustres (super high shine awesome shimmer suspended in liquid for maximum shining glory) and am pretty psyched. Which is now reminding me that I need to pull out my UD glitter liners too.

Katie Avatar

Too Faced Shadow Insurance – both samples I’ve tried separated and have an oily liquid
Urban Decay Eyeliner in Perversion – I have monolids and it smudges like crazy on me, only liquid liner works for me
Matte lip products – all it does is make my lips look dry

Marisa Avatar

The Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer can separate so you will get the watery-oil material when you first squeeze the tube. If you just hold one end and wave it back and forth it’ll mix again and the product comes out like normal. I am on like my 10th tube. It works really well, doesn’t make my eyelids itch (like UD, NARS, etc.), and one tube lasts forever. Like over a year even with daily use.

Kate Avatar

Self Tanner! I would much rather be pasty and get my color from the sun than to have the upkeep of self tanner. I mean, I already have to upkeep hair, skin, nails etc…I don’t need to add another routine in my life lol (not to mention, spend more money on another routine!)

Chris Avatar

the same with me. No additional beauty routine, please.. – I am embracing my pale Skin, but even if I sometimes would like to have a tan, self-tanner is not an option to me….

fancie Avatar

MAC liquid foundations. I think they’re extremely heavy and thick. Especially Studio Fix. It literally feels like paint to me. I hated using it when I freelanced at Nordstrom and I wouldn’t dare put it in my kit. I think Face & Body is the least offensive liquid foundation they have

Nancy T Avatar

So true! The only thing I like about their foundation is that their expansive shade range is fabulous for color-matching (or to use said color-matched shade to touch up around my lip area after trying on a bunch of lip products and finding that my foundation is now a hot mess, good for that too!) But to actually buy it, nah, I don’t think so.

Christina D. Avatar

I don’t know if everyone else loves or if it’s marketing overkill, but the entire contour thing is lost on me. Heck, I don’t even wear foundation so contouring seems completely pointless.

kellly Avatar

I totally agree with you on contouring. I have cheekbones of my own so I don’t need anything that will end up looking like I didn’t wash my face. Contouring is definitely a no-go-there for me, too!

Lezlie Avatar

ditto on the matte lipsticks. they are drying and make the lips look thinner. i already have thin lips and the matte lipsticks make them look like a pencil line. it has become nearly impossible to find lipsticks with any shimmer in it.

i know i am gonna get grief for this, but i Hate coral lipsticks. IMO, coral should only be worn by people with red hair and fair freckled skin. i canceled all my monthly makeup boxes because all i received for months was coral lipstick!

Monica Avatar

Tarte’s 12 hour blushes. I mean they’re nearly $30 a piece and hard as a rock. I’m also not a fan of Nars Taj Mahal (which seems like blasphemy for a brown-skin girl!) The color is great but I was not prepared for all of that gold shimmer.

MissJae1908 Avatar

I agree with Taj Mahal…I don’t know why it’s considered brown girl friendly…it’s in the same category as orgasm…too darn shimmery. It’s equivalent to putting a shimmery shadow in my crease…you just don’t do that! Lol

Blue Avatar

I wouldn’t say “everyone” but the love Great Lash gets in beauty magazines makes me highly doubt their credibility about anything, ever. It is one of my least favorite mascaras of all time and mascara in general has come such a long way since Great Lash was released that continuing to default to it as the top budget mascara seems willfully obtuse. If it works for some people, that’s awesome, but I sincerely can’t believe that it is the best drugstore mascara on the market for any majority of people.

I also didn’t like EOS balm. My lips are really low maintenence in terms of moisture and it wasn’t hydrating for me at all.

Also Dipbrow. ๐Ÿ˜›

Alisha Avatar

Ah yes, great lash, forgot to add that one. I always forget then try it again and still don’t like it. Makes me wonder if it is popular cuz it is so cheap so muas can treat it as disposable? Or do teens and newbies buy it due to it being in so many mags then maybe one of those things where you go back to the first one you tried especially if you buy a did or hard to work with giant brush?

Andrea Avatar

I am CONVINCED that Maybelline pays magazines to “vote” Great Lash as the best mascara ever. Same with all the models and celebrities that claim it’s their fave mascara. There are far too many mascaras out today for it to even be mentioned in such a “best of” list.

I’m not one to buy in to conspiracy theories but yeah, there’s something fishy about the whole Great Lash thing.

xamyx Avatar

I haven’t used it in a while, so maybe the formula changed, but from what I remember, it’s a pretty good product. The only reason I haven’t used it in years is because I’m either using a sample/GWP product, and have no reason to actually buy mascara, or I default to L’Orรฉal Voluminous. However, if my go-to was OOS, I would probably grab the Great Lash.

Leah Avatar

Good to know! I was going to try that or the Loreal next. (So far I’ve tried E.L.F., which is surprisingly good, and Essence, which is popular on youtube, and is alright, but not as good as the E.L.F.)

Ashleigh Avatar

Most of the hyped Skincare at Sephora- GlamGlow, Boscia, Ole Henrickesen, Peter Thomas Roth. It all irritates my skin! The only two brands that are hyped that are kind to my sensitive skin are First Aid Beauty and Josie Maran.

Lotus Avatar

From what I’m reading, there’s s lot of consistency with dislikes no matter how it’s stated and I’m enjoying them all! Different strokes .. For me, Anything FAKE: Falsies of a Tan, lips, lashes, re-shaping the head/face until you’re non longer you, and most definitely LIQUID lipsticks! Chronically parched here so they’re a no go for me. I also don’t buy into “beauty gurus” they aren’t gurus.. MUA is different.. Self promotion.. I find it shameless and I won’t do it or say I wasn’t given these products but I’m affiliated.. Same thing.. Gurus should be smart! Sorry. (Christine, you stand in a category alone by itself, integrity & realness, kind, honest, I’m not naming you at all) YouTube.. Blah. Everyone seems to love Wayne Goss, I respect what he’s been through, glad he’s great now, but I have no tolerance for him. Oh! Hair extensions. (Unless medically necessary) Being “on trend” and using words created by YouTube to talk about beauty products.. NARS base products, EYEBROW products! I can’t believe going through 20 minutes of this and that to get such horrendous brows “on trend” What about what you like? When I was young, I did go to tanning beds all the time, they turned me into just a healthy looking skin with no apparent dark circles or veins.. I never used foundation. They still weren’t light enough but I was lucky I didn’t need to. I regret doing that! The damage is in there.. And lastly.. May I please mention contour and palettes again? Go under black light with a face of triangles and lines and you’re going to scare children! How is this helping youth accept themselves? (Big pet peeve as I didn’t grow up with social media, it wasn’t there) This site reviews honestly and kindly answers questions without saying you need this, must do this, etc. I loved it here! And do you see falsies on Christine? NO. She works with what she has and not only is she gorgeous on the outside, but her inner Beaty comes through always. I feel so much respect for that as it in rare in this world, and even more so in the beauty scene.. Hmm anything else? Well.. I think everyone has covered it! ๐Ÿ˜€

Lotus Avatar

MissJae! LOL! Thank you! It started out like I think everyone’s covered it.. Then it turned into THERAPY! Hype.. Exactly. Key things to avoid! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have respect for.. But I won’t support. XO!

xamyx Avatar

Why does contouring equate “change”? As someone who conours nearly every, single day, and has a vast array of products & tools for that purpose, I can honestly say I don’t alter my face one bit! I do, hpwever, accentuate features that I really like (which is a reason I’m so fond of eye products, and can take or leave lippies).

Obviously, if one doesn’t have natural contours to begin with, painting stripes on ones face won’t work miracles. However, if ones features are flattened by the use of a full-coverage/matte foundation, adding a bit of color is sometimes a good idea!

MissJae1908 Avatar

I think that the whole contouring thing has to do with point of view. I have high cheek bones and a natural shadow/contour, but I do bronze. The one thing that I do contour is my nose. I’m sorry, but when I contour my nose, I give the illusion that my nose is super skinny instead of flat and wide…lol…hence “changing” the look of my face. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it one way or the other…

Lotus Avatar

Yeah, that’s normal, IMHO, MISSJAE! But having a handful of tools and colors to trick the eye and create an entirely different face is a dislike of mine. I like to go over an area of my boss with blush too, I like how that works for me! And I’m a big fan of highlights! My face is not flat at all so it would be overkill to carve myself! But heck yeah! Highlight what you got and celebrate it! Warm up with bronzer! To me, that’s not at all the entire “contour” routine which I said I dislike, and I don’t dislike people just because they do it not will I judge them. It just isn’t something I personally like doing, and many do! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lotus Avatar

Xamyx, by definition, contouring is changing your face by using the illusion of makeup in which color creates shadows & recesses areas.. Doing this to an entire face changes it. If one has a an all matte face, there should still be dimension to it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Adding color is what blush & bronzer is for! (Warmth) ๐Ÿ™‚

Cat Avatar

I’m with you! When I contour, I don’t completely alter the shape of my face, I merely enhance or even-out what is already there. If I use a setting powder all over my face (which is 95% of the time) I lose a lot of definition in my facial structure. Contouring brings back that definition.

Nancy T Avatar

Preach!!! Yeah, I don’t get the whole Wayne Goss thing either. Or a few other major YouTuber’s as well. It’s gotten out of control. Although I do respect Christine and 2 YT peeps, but both of them also have blogs, not JUST vlogs. And one blogger who has quite the sense of humor. None of these 4 ladies are fake in any sense of the word! They are like remote islands in a virtual sea of……

Louisa Avatar

Lotus, I couldn’t agree with you more – on everything you said!! My passion for makeup has shot through the roof since I’ve started studying MUA & after all the research & testing that I now constantly do, I’ve realised that YouTube is absolutely not to be trusted!! Or Instagram, or really any social media site that talks about makeup! Temptalia is extremely rare in that regard! And I agree, the “on trend” stuff is annoying. Those eyebrows that girls do on Instagram are shocking! The ones that fade at the start of the brow & then go really dark. Oh how Instagram has made a mockery of the art of makeup! …. Ok now I sound like a crabby old lady and I’m only 26! Better stop now ๐Ÿ˜›

Paz Avatar

Nude lipstick – it makes me look dead.
Liquid/gel eyeliner – my eyelids are large and I find it really difficult to apply. It takes me at least half an hour to create a semi decent winged eyeliner look, which is too much.
Lip gloss – not fond of the sticky feel.
Contour – I don’t really have cheekbones and I can’t figure out how to apply it.
Concealer – finding the right product is really difficult and I don’t need it that much.

Elizabeth Avatar

Haha, I feel the same way about Maybelline Baby Lips: don’t say it in public or someone will assault you “well have you tried the ____ version??? or the _____ version?” They actually make my lips MORE dry! I’m not spending money on all those crappy lip balms to find a slightly less crappy one.

Christina D. Avatar

OMG reading the replies made me realize just how many products I’ve tried and don’t like:

Maybelline Great Lash – deep hatred
Tarte eyeshadows – I am through being disappointed by them
Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes – apparently ABH sends better versions to blogger and vloggers because the store bought ones leave much to be desired
MAC lipsticks – I think my permanently chapped lips can be traced back to MAC
L’Oreal lipsticks – is that watermelon I smell? Not happening under my nose
L’Oreal drugstore brand eyeshadows – crapola
Any palette that mixes mediums and/or products – I want only powder eye shadows in my palettes since multi-item ones usually become cross-contaminated and I don’t like or use at least one of the products

I can go on and on but I won’t. Thanks for listening.

Alisha Avatar

I agree with it all. Still like loreal and Mac lipsticks but yeah, hate funny smelling. Maybellunes smell funny to me I can’t wear em. Tarts shadows swatch so good but are so piwdery and fallout everywhere. Every time I think about abh es temptalia, ulta, or sephora will have not so great reviews so I have none.

artemis Avatar

I love liquid l/s that stay liquid…haven’t tried those that dry matte. I hate how revlon colorstay looks on me…
although it’s the only one that lasted on my face…except my dark circles where they keep reapppearing under everything n when i touched up w revlon it looked so bad.

ericca Avatar

I hate Ben Nye Banana powder. i dont get it. On my skintone which is NC50 for you MAC heads, it looks so ashy. I need something a bit deeper. I feel like it ages me 20 years.

xamyx Avatar

It’s been a while since I’ve looked into Ben Nye, but there used to be a “Cocoa” powder. If you otherwise liked the formula, it may be worth looking into!

Marissa Avatar

cream blush/bronzer (i’ve had better experience with powder ones), and countour palettes, why do you need so many shades? isn’t it enough with 2 or 3?
lipgloss (some people loves it but i don’t like the stickyness on my lips. it seems like i put oil on my lips)
super nude lipstick (some people can pull it off, my skin tone can’t)
mac foundations (they look really cakey for my taste)
drugstore concealers/foundations (i don’t have anything against drugstore brands, i do bought a lot of drugstore things but i haven’t had great experiences with some of them)
dipbrow pomade by abh (maybe it’s the way of application but it doesn’t look that natural, most of the time. i think brow wiz is a better option)

Leah Avatar

I agree with the liquid lipsticks, Christine. I just prefer a lipgloss or a lipstick by itself, but not hybrid. I am personally unimpressed with the Fresh lip balms….

Leah Avatar

Also am not a fan of most drugstore lip products….I guess my lips are just picky! Although, I do like the Revlon Pink Truffle lip butter.

Ivana Avatar

Well, I donยดt get a lot of different trends or specific products

* Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade, it just doesnยดt work for me
* Lipgloss in general, sticky and disappears in a couple of minutes
* UD Naked Palettes, I donยดt see the fuss about those
* UD 24/7 Eyeliners, they donยดt stay put on my (arguably weird) eyelids
* Warm contouring products. Nope!
* NARS Creamy Concealer, way too “unnatural” for me, too pasty
* NARS Orgasm blush, kind of underwhelming
* MAC eyeshadows with Velvet and Lustre finish, way too underwhelming
* Hourglas blushes and powders, donยดt really see the point of them
* Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, didnยดt do much for me

There are probably even more, but letยดs not overdo this list ๐Ÿ˜€

xamyx Avatar

I can’t use the 24/7 liners, either… As soon as I apply, my skin just seems to absorb the color, LOL! The irony is, just about every other liner/pencil wears like iron on me, including the notoriously “bad” NARS pencils…

jazz Avatar

Fake eyelashes, all of these contour palettes , this Greige lippie trend , blush (in general) , and Eos lip balms (except for the orange one, that is the only one that I think actually does something )

Kat Avatar

Ooh boy…. I think a lot of super popular products don’t work for me simply because I don’t like a lot of current makeup trends on my face shape/skin tone. (Also, WHY CAN’T I WRITE A SHORT COMMENT EVER? They’re all like essays! Arg, I frustrate myself!)

1. Too Faced Melted lipstick, although I think that might just be the shade I got (deluxe sample of Peony) because I know a few other people who love these lipsticks and hate that one shade. It had a weird texture and it settled into my lines (and I just hate that color pink). I’m going to Sephora on Sunday, so I think I’ll give them another shot and try a different shade. I can always return it if I don’t love it!

2. Nars Orgasm. Dry, patchy, glittery, and the shade makes me look sunburnt. I’m so glad I just borrowed someone else’s to try it instead of buying it myself.

3. MAC Creme d’Nude, MAC Myth (and other similar shades). Washes me out like nobody’s business. I’m still trying to find a nude-ish lip that’ll work for me.

4. Liquid or gel eyeliner (winged eyeliner). Makes my eyes look so small! Along that vein, the Maybelline gel liner is super popular but I don’t find it to be all that great. It’s definitely not super black, it looks kind of faded on me and it smudges.

5. Revlon ColorStay and Estee Lauder DW foundations. Way too dry and cakey for me, although I can make the EL work, it just takes some effort.

I think it’d also be interesting to do an inverse post: what products you like that seem to get a lot of hate! I think I have a lot of those.

Elizabeth Avatar

That’s a great idea- I have a ton of those kinds of products too. Maybelline Mega Plush, Benetint, Too Faced Sweetheart Beads…

chana Avatar

also Nars Orgasm blush. for a color that’s supposed to be universally flattering and give a natural flush it has way, way too much glitter. Really not a fan.
Also don’t really see the hype about Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. I have the palette but nothing about them strikes me as special.

Alisha Avatar

MSF eye shadows, loose anything cuz it is messy like the bare escentuals stuff- I tried the matte foundation and don’t get the hype, also not a fan of Kat von d cuz I just don’t like her which is hard cuz i really like a couple items you reviewed, the same with lime crime- I refuse to support that brand, also I’m picky so I ended up selling some sigma brushes on eBay.

Louisa Avatar

I’m interested in what the Sigma brushes are REALLY like! Because you hear all these amazing reviews but they’re very obviously always sponsored. Sigma clearly put a whole lot into marketing. Did you think they were horrible? Or average? I would assume that they are ok for the price but very average?

Melissa R C Avatar

I have a lot of nail polish and I see a lot of nail pages on Instagram featuring glitter nail polish. I really dislike it, it’s a pain to remove. It’s pretty, but a pain.

Vanessa Avatar

Just one?! Where should I start!
Nars blush in Orgasm and the ELF dupe do not last for more than 2 hours on me.
Settings sprays from Urban Decay and other brands I can’t remember do not work as well. I’m naturally a very anxious person, so nothing has really helped, including primers.
Every “Full Coverage” concealer from: Hard Candy, MUFE, Tarte, Cover FX, Kat Von D, and Smashbox.

Valerie C. Avatar

Let’s see: black eyeliner, illuminating foundation, orange anything, warm toned bronzer, loose mineral foundation, nude lipstick, pressed powder foundations with no coverage, to name a few.

Genna Avatar

GA Luminous Silk foundation! It us supposed to be amazing off those of us with dry skin and everyone sings it’s praises, but, it looks like hell on me no matter how I apply it. Another one is the wet/dry NARS shadows- I bought the big palette of them and I never use it. They feel super stiff to me, I just can’t love them no matter how much I try:(

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I don’t like contour palettes. Everyone has a bronzer, highlighter and several matte brown shadows to improvise. I intensely dislike Bare Minerals, light opaque lipsticks make me look like the walking dead. Dry matte lipsticks in general, waterproof mascara bc it ruins my lashes when I remove it. Dark cheek stains bc up never blend fast enough. Odds and ends of other things that I can’t think of now.

Alicia Avatar

Dose of Colors lipsticks. They just seem chalky and sit on my lips like a thick layer that accentuates dryness that wasn’t even there before and ends up on the corners of my mouth

chana Avatar

as I read the comments I’m reminded of more

Mac lipstick, really don’t like these other than the amplified’s they’re all sub par. And why oh why do people refer to Nars Sheer glow as glowy, dewy, or sheer??? Even with a damp beauty blender it applies matte, thick and high coverage. not to mention the colors are all too yellow

Brittany Avatar

– Silicone face primers, which make me feel greasy and it feels like a makeup mask (super uncomfortable)

– Seche Vite top coat. Awful! I feel like I shouldn’t need to use thinner or a gimmicky “Restore” product barely a few months after using a new bottle. It’s thick goop and it would shrink on my nails

– Benefit They’re Real mascara. The brush is so sharp and I always poke and stab my eyelids or eyes with it and it’s way too annoying to remove, even though it’s not waterproof. It also makes my lashes way too crunchy and they clump easily with it

– Maybelline Great Lash is easily the worst mascara I’ve ever used. Just did nothing whatsoever to my lashes other than make them darker, and it smudged and ran like nobody’s business.

– Too Faced Melted lipsticks. Gorgeous colors, but I don’t like the applicator/packaging and my lips felt dried out even though it’s not a matte lipstick

– Burberry Brit perfume just makes me choke lol. People love it and the packaging is cute, but that scent is just TOO strong for me

– YSL Opium perfume. Probably the worst perfume I’ve ever smelled and I can only imagine super old ladies wearing it, though that could be because I had a really old teacher who wore it and I sat in the front and had to smell it every day. ๐Ÿ˜›

pauroj Avatar

i really dislike bright lispstick including red and ysl touch eclat !
LOL i know i am in the 0.01 percent of the population but i just can’t help it
bright lipstick is just soooooooooooo well high maintenance and i am always worried that it is too much or getting some on my teeth
and touche eclat just doesn’t work for me as a higlighter i didn’t like the foundation either but that is a less iconic product .

Kathleen Avatar

I’ve never clicked with any of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizers, which are super popular. Also the Naked Palette (#1) is too warm-toned and glittery for me (although I get some use out of #3 and the two basics versions). I don’t really like Urban Decay eye primer potion either – I’m a Nars eye primer fan all the way.

Lacey Avatar

I’d agree with liquid lipstick. They’re usually not subtle, which I tend to prefer, and my always-chapped lips don’t appreciate them, either. I can’t use liquid liner due to my severely hooded eyes, so while everyone else gets to play with winged looks, I’m over here just smudging a pencil liner on the bottom lash line. ๐Ÿ™‚

Soffie Avatar

MUFE Hd foundation. Makes my skin really oily in about 20 minutes.
Tarte mascara. They all weigh down my lashes.
Liquid eyeliner. Just can’t get it to look right on me. But looks great on other people.
Bite lip products. Great color and smell. But need to re apply every 5 minutes.
Fresh lip care products. Smells bad and feels worst.
MAC pro long wear concealer. Just looks cakey always.
UD primer potion- just horrible

Mimielle Avatar

Tardy to the party but I have to weigh in:
Matte brown eye shadow, it makes my eye crepe-iness show up, not recede, I’ll take glitter, shimmer and duochrome texture to blur it ๐Ÿ˜‰
Cheap mascaras, my lash tips get brittle and break.
Coral anything, it makes my surrounding skin look positively jaundiced.
ELF products. I’ve never had one I liked, even for the price.

Genevieve Avatar

There is one or two:
1. Matte eye shadows – generally don’t like them
2. Liquid lipsticks – too tacky, sticky and dehydrating on my lips
3. Neutral palettes – often too warm for me and there is SO many out in the market.
4. Cat’s eyes eyeliner – it would make my hooded eyes look strange
5. Black eyeliner – with my red hair and fair skin, hooded eyes – a no-no.
6. Nude lipsticks – I think it makes everyone look to pale and unfinished.

kellly Avatar

Palettes. I just don’t know what their charm is. They usually have one or maybe two colors that I like and would use but that whole range of color thing, from pale, pale colors that I’d never use to dark colors that I’d never use just fails to fascinate me. I totally prefer to buy single shadows and it’s frustrating when the only way to get a half-sized shadow in a color I love and would use and love to have in full size would be to purchase the entire doggoned palette thing.

Rachel Avatar

Bite beauty lipsticks and glosses. They’re seem too thick to me and I don’t like that some products have a taste. I do love the agave lip mask, though.

Jackie Avatar

A few products come to mind: any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes (Gasp! Sacrilege, I know!), contouring and contouring palettes, in general, highlighters, and nude lipsticks. I’m not a great fan of the Urban Decay Naked palettes simply because I already have a ton of neutral eyeshadow palettes and the UD Naked palette doesn’t strike me as that special or exciting. I don’t have much of a use for contouring, contouring palettes, or highlighters probably because I don’t really know where or how to apply them on my cheeks. And lastly, nude lipsticks don’t really do much for me…Not to say that these products can’t or don’t work for plenty of others; they just don’t work for me.

Anne Avatar

I’m not impressed with liquid lipsticks either (though I’m trying to give the Sephora Cream Lip Stains a chance as they are super-long wearing and seem lower maintenance to other liquid lipsticks).

I also really just don’t like ANY lipglosses, but I think that’s a personal preference thing.

Mineral makeup in general has been very “meh” to me.

Another personal preference thing for me is anything self-tanning (my sister used to have me apply it to her back so I have seen it in action) and I always thought it was ridiculous to try to make yourself darker (or lighter as the trend is in other countries) via weird goopy substances that get all over everything and don’t last.

Cat Avatar

UD’s first Naked palette. I wanted it to work for me, it supposedly SHOULD have worked for me, but instead of bringing out the blue in my eyes, it made them look icy grey. Naked 3 is the one that works to enhance the blueness of my eyes. Also, I’m not into bronzer. I’ve used it maybe three times ever. It just sits around waiting for me to discover its purpose in my life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jill Avatar

Dior Show mascara – it doesn’t work on my lashes and I find the scent gross.. I also don’t like liquid lipsticks, they feel heavy on my lips and I think they tend to look really flat.

Michelle Avatar

Easy. Colour Pop eyeshadows. Yes, they’re cheap and fun but the formula is weird and they are so difficult to use with a brush. They’re great as a fun pop of color applied with your finger but otherwise they’re pretty useless. The packaging is also horrible and bulky and difficult to store. I have eighteen of them (I believed the hype and went bonkers buying them for my kit) but I cannot, as a professional, use an eyeshadow on clients that I stick my fingers into. I put them in a drawer and have broken them out occasionally for personal use and a couple of them warped and are all misshapen and drying out. (And yes, the caps were tightly closed and they were not in extreme temperatures. I am very meticulous about makeup storage) I guess at five bucks a shadow you get what you pay for.

Louisa Avatar

Your comment has just helped me to decide NOT to get the ColourPop eyeshadows! As a MUA I didn’t think they’d be good enough. I suppose the fact that they’re cheap & not horrible gives them good ratings but I want a product that’s actually good quality & im willing to pay more for that if I have to ๐Ÿ™‚

casey23 Avatar

Definitely Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer!!! I don’t see the hype, it’s a very normal TM with ingredients that give me acnes bigger than my nose ๐Ÿ™‚

tzwiggy Avatar

In general: Opaque lipsticks, gel eyeliners, liquid foundation, glittery/shimmery lip products, contour palettes, masculine and unisex fragrances

Specific products: Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara, UD Naked 1, NYX products, Jack Black lip balm, Guerlain Meteorites, Becca highlighters, Sleek eyeshadows, Dior eyeshadows, most NARS blushes

Christi Avatar

NARS Orgasm blush!! Color is just okay and easily duplicated. I also can’t stand the price tag for how little the product/pan is!!!

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

Contour palettes and nude eye shadow palettes. Contouring is something I am just not into and how many nude eye shadows do people really need?

Sandra JT Avatar

This is the perfect question for me…..my list is a top ten, in no particular order, however. My disgust with these products is equal across the board. Sorry that I couldn’t stick to just one! ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes – seriously, can’t stand their stuff from the first time I tried them

2) Urban Decay Primer Potion – utter rubbish as far as I’m concerned

3) Makeup Geek blushes – love her eyeshadows, really don’t like her blushes, unfortunately

4) Tarte eyeshadow palettes – they always disappoint me

5) MAC Fix, Fix+ – I’ve got both & can’t stand them; really useless products sold at a premium

6) Origins skin care products – full of crap, while being marketed as ‘natural’

7) MAC brushes – again, rubbish sold at premium prices

8) NARS blushes – they must be joking……at this price point?!?

9) NARS eyeshadows – again, a joke at this price point

10) NARS Laguna & Albatross – included together because it seems impossible to NOT get them in every damn blush palette; very cheap looking on the skin AFAIC, and horrible texture

11) Paula’s Choice skin care products – again, full of crap, marketed by someone who pretends to know what’s good for skin; can’t take this woman’s products – or her – seriously

12) Smashbox blushes – got a summer blush palette from them & am pretty disgusted with it

Louisa Avatar

You just mentioned soo many products that I haven’t even tried but suspected were crap ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve only been able to try the UD palette (Naked3) & it all looked great in the pan but once it’s on your brush & on your eyes… it was underwhelming.

Carrie R. Avatar

Make up forever HD foundation or Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. I for the life of me cannot understand how everyone loves them! They look so gross and unnatural on my skin. And so overpiced.

Angie Avatar

anastasia beverly hills products in general (eyeshadows, contour palette, lip creme) except for the brows. but even then the pomade dries faster than my laundry.

too faced liquid lipstick is admittedly a little iffy for me.

too faced choco bars both versions. they’re not bad per say but way stiffer than i imagine.

velour lashes. way too expensive compared to other similarly good quality ardell and house of lashes and people can immediately tell that i’m using falsies.

benefit rollerlash. i get a lot of people don’t dig they’re real but rollerlash smudge like crazy on me after the SM told me to try it.

limecrime is disappointing for such a ridiculous price tag.

becca pressed highlighters. i like the liquids ones, but the pressed ones definitely cannot hold a candle to dior amber diamond and mary loumanizer and kevyn aucoin candlelight.

glamglow mud has nothing on my lush muds.

60% of benefit box blushes. i bought dandelion and coralista and i ended up giving them to someone else.

most of all: gerard cosmetics. EVERYTHING.

i love mufe in general but i was pretty bummed when sens eyes irritated my eyes something terrible.

ud primer potion in original. not good, not bad. so blegh.

orange or warm toned contour colour.

laneige cushion. so dewy it’s shiny. not enough coverage for under eyes. expensive for its brand level. sorry but i’m uses to get a full size nars or chanel liquid foundation with a few more bucks.

korean colour makeup in general. i feel like they’re too gimmicky and people are into then because of k-pop waves and not the actual quality.

a million other things.

Nairn Avatar

Everyone loves colourpop (Especially this site) and the order I got from them was beyond underwhelming. The shadows are difficult to apply and are incredibly sheer. The lip liners bleed. The lippie stix smell like burned plastic (to the point where it makes me nauseous to wear them) when everyone told me they’d smell like MAC lipsticks. I’m so disappointed.

Aleisha Avatar

Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner pencils. I’m so glad I purchased it in a sampler pack from Sephora before committing $20 to the full size, because it lasted 24 hours on every part of my body except my damn eyelids. They were sliding all over the place, it was ridiculous, which was a shame because it was so nicely pigmented.

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