What’s one beauty product that you are still looking for the holy grail of?

What’s one beauty product that you are still looking for the holy grail of? Share!

Maybe mascara. I love a lot of them, but I don’t know if I’ve found the absolute holy grail.

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Nancy T Avatar

This will sound crazy, but neck cream to help get rid of the dreaded turkey neck that has been slowly creeping up on me over the past couple of years! It’s embarrassing, because my face doesn’t look it’s age at all, but my neck area has begun to show what my face hasn’t yet; my age. I tried a large sample of Perricone MD Cold Plasma for 6 weeks? Nothing! Well except a bad smell to contend with each time I applied it! Tried Strivectin, not bad, but nothing to write home about either. So the search goes on.

Katherine T. Avatar

Nancy, I have the opposite problem, my neck looks 5-10 years younger than my face! Have you tried Paula’s Choice Retinols on your neck? They’ve erased years off my face, and I’ve heard that they can work on your neck as well. I usually exfoliate my neck first ( using the PTR Firmx Peel or you can even use that Boscia Exfoliating Peel ). I do this in the tub, as tons of dead skin will fall off. If your neck isn’t too sensitive, you can apply the retinol right away or wait until the next day. Her strongest one is Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment, but she has one for the body and various others that you can also use on the face/neck. Most come in sample sizes, so you can try before buying the full size, to make sure you don’t get bad reaction. I saw results after a week, but most people take 4-12 weeks.

Nancy T Avatar

I think I may just go with that, because I have heard nothing but great things about the Paula’s Choice line! I don’t know why I never remember to try her products? The 1% should be fine on me because my skin is used to retinol. I use that Retinol Serum that they sell at Ulta. Very basic packaging, super blah. Works on my face, but so far, not much of a difference with my neck. And I always wear sunscreen on my neck, too. Gravity!

michelle maffia Avatar

Can’t find the HG neck product either. My issue is I still have acne/oily skin at 45 and the products seem to work but I have breakouts within 24 hrs. from every single one! Btw. I’m at 15 contestants and counting!

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh no! Not sure if you’ve tried Paula’s Choice, but she does have a special line for adults with acne or both wrinkles+acne. She usually has sample sizes for like a $1 or sample kits for $5-$10, so you can try first to make sure it doesn’t break you out. If that doesn’t work, maybe a dermatologist can prescribe something for you?

Toni Avatar

I use a lovely baked highlighter by Laura Geller in French vanilla. It goes on so smooth, doesn’t look like a disco ball and doesn’t accentuate my open pores.

Lisa Avatar

What brands are you currently using? My skin isn’t super sensitive, but can get quite dry on my cheeks during the harsh winter. It would be nice to have some recommendations from someone with sensitive skin.

Jade Avatar

Burt’s Bees’ new Intense Hydration range is REALLY nice – I got a free sample of the night cream and it left my skin so soft. I have sensitive, dry/normal combo skin with rosacea on my cheeks and forehead, and it really helped.

I do live in Britain which doesn’t have very harsh winters though. If you live somewhere with a harsher winter, I would try Burt’s Bees but also Skin Drink by Lush. It has sesame oil and is very moisturising. It’s also one of the cheaper Lush moisturisers!

Quinctia Avatar

Burts Bees sensitive line and the intense hydration line seemed pretty nice to me. I’m really only sensitive to fragrance, though. I’d check their ingredients out, see if that might work for you? I really like the Simple Gel moisturizer, too. It’s fairly lightweight and doesn’t have a noticeable odor. Might work well for a daytime moisturizer for you or to layer.

Oh, and I really liked the Alba Botanica Green Tea moisturizer in the tropical line. I found it, again, wasn’t heavily scented and I can use it year round, lightly in the summer, or using more of it in the winter.

Kimberly Avatar

I love so many blushes: powder, cream, and tints. None of them stay on my skin long despite primer and setting spray. It would be nice to find my HG blush that stays on my face longer than 2-3 hours. Right now, I like the Laura Geller Baked Blushes most, but they fade after a while, too.

Sammi Avatar

Have you tried Ben Bye? I have oily skin and this DOES NOT slide off my face!! I was so thrilled I have two different shades. Plus, they are only 8.00 here in the DFW metroplex. Definitely worth a try! Good luck! 🙂

Katherine T. Avatar

Have you tried IT Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Stain Blush ? I normally have teflon cheeks, and that stays on +12 hours and sometimes until bedtime

StrangeOne Avatar

I don’t know what I require precisely but I’d like something that got rid of my dark circles and my bags at the same time. I’ve figured out the pigmentation part but not the texture. I don’t like the smooth Instagram look but totally envy people who can have smooth undereyes. Wrinkly under eye bags never allow me get rid of the texture completely.

Alison Avatar

Hi, strangeone! Would you mind sharing what helped with your undereye pigmentation? I’m always on the lookout for pigmentation products!

Quinctia Avatar

Kohl powder works well for me, but after L’Oreal discontinued theirs, I don’t really have a good affordable one to recommend, anymore. I think Guerlain does one, but that’s a pricey eyeliner!

Justine Avatar

Foundation for sure. Something medium coverage that matches my skin tone perfectly, satin-matte finish, doesn’t separate on my super oily skin. (If anyone has any good recommendations for oily skin foundations, let me know! Drugstore or high-end)

xamyx Avatar

I hate when that happens… Why do brands, regardless of pricepoint, DC amazing products-especially when they also happen to be popular?

Sheb Avatar

Foundation! Ugh. I’ve spent the last few months in foundation crisis. It really shouldn’t be this hard to find a foundation to suit. 🙁

Kecia S. Avatar

Definitely foundation! I don’t think I’m difficult to match, but apparently most cosmetics companies beg to differ. I’ve been searching for a holy grail foundation for the last six years with minimal success. If the finish is right, the color is off & vice versa. Sooooooo frustrating!

Anouk Avatar

i’m still looking for the perfect nail polish that doesn’t chip or give me tipwear. No matter what brand, cheap or expensive, 2 – 3 days is the maximum time i can wear nail polish before it gets ugly.

Justine Avatar

I have this problem too. Doesn’t matter what combo of polish and top coat/base coat, everything chips on me within a couple days.

Cat Avatar

It may not be the polish you are using. My polish lasts up to fourteen days (sometimes longer), but I can use the same products on my daughter and her polish will chip within three days. It could be from what her nails are subjected to, or it could be the actual state of her nails. She doesn’t have the desire to figure it out right now.

If your nails aren’t subjected to harsh chemicals or conditions, you can definitely do things to improve the durability of your polish, You first need to determine the state of your nails without polish. Are they dry and brittle? Are they thin and flexible? Are they weak and damaged? After you figure that out, I’d recommend buying the appropriate OPI Nail Envy formula for your type of nails. (But not the one for Sensitive & Peeling nails as it’s a different formula.)

I used to have very weak, flexible nails. I started using two coats of Nail Envy every time I did my nails and, after a few months, I saw a major difference in the strength and thickness of my nails. Now my nails are extremely strong and durable. I still use the Nail Envy as a base but I only use a single coat now. It is a bit more expensive than drugstore polish but, in the long run, you save money by not having to redo your polish so frequently.

Cat Avatar

Yes! I’m so glad you mentioned this because I’d completely forgotten. It actually might be the reason why my daughter has so much trouble with polish.

OPI makes something called Bond Aid that (supposedly) helps polish to adhere to oily nails. (I have dry hands and nails so I’ve never needed it.) If you clean and buff your nails, and use the Bond Aid, it’s suppose to make polish last longer on oily nails.

Paz Avatar

Gold eyeshadow. I need the most stunning gold in the world, something like MAC’s Brownluxe #3 but even more shimmery, almost like Sugarpill’s Goldilux. And even if I find it, I’ll probably continue to buy gold eyeshadow looking for something better. I need literal molten gold on my lids.

The perfect deep red lipstick would also be great. Lime Crime’s Wicked is the right color, but it’s patchy and messy and I hate it. Burt’s Bees’ Napa Vineyard is a few shades too light and DRYING-AS-HELL. Urban Decay’s Shame is sold out in my local store, and it got a bad review on here so I don’t know. The search continues.

michelle maffia Avatar

Estee Lauder Double Wear. I have used it for over 10 yrs. on my acne /oily skin. No matter how long I have it on, I still need to remove at the end of the day.

KK Avatar

I agree with Michelle – EL Double Wear is a workhorse. Also, Bobbi Brown Long wear foundations stays put. However, if you like adding liquid highlighter to your foundation, EL works better than Bobbi Brown.

ross Avatar

Blush. I’m rather fussy about.
It must be liquid, or gel, luminous-dewy, extremely light, since I dislike the feeling the make up on :-/ ; pink with blueish undertone but not violet-mauve. “posietint” ( but the benetint too, actually) is the only colour and texture I like but it last nothing.
If anyone has some suggestion please, you’re sooo welcome and i’ll be very grateful:))))

ross Avatar

Blush. I’m rather fussy about.
It must be liquid, or gel, with a luminous-dewy finish, extremely light in texture, since I dislike the feeling of the make up on my face :-/ ; the colour must be pink with a blueish undertone but not violet-mauve.
“Posietint” ( but the benetint too, actually) is the only colour and texture I like but it lasts less than nothing.
If anyone has some suggestion please, you’re sooo welcome and I’ll be very grateful <3 ))))

Rachel Avatar

Foundation. I still find myself going back to tinted moisturizer because I haven’t found one that looks “skin like”, on me at least. NARS sheer glow comes the closest in terms of shade match and giving me that “skin like” effect. Still looking though.

Cat Avatar

I’d love to find a powder to set my under eye makeup that didn’t suck all of the moisture from my skin, making my under eye area resemble two prunes. I have tried a few products and a few “no fail” techniques, but nothing has worked so far. I don’t even bother trying to set that area.

I also haven’t found anything to help with under-eye puffiness. I’m starting to think there is no product to help with that.

I’m still searching for my HG brow product, which would be something simple and natural-looking. I really dislike spending more than five minutes trying to fill in or, for the outer portion, draw on eyebrows.

And, of course, I’m still looking for an HG contour that is well-suited for fair skin with pink undertones.

neonblack Avatar

For the setting powder, By Terry’s “Hydra Powder” is a silica / hyaluronic acid powder that does the job of setting/blurring, but feels slick at the same time, it really glorious. I gave up on powder ages ago (give me dewy or give me death!) but for this stuff I will make an exception!

Cat Avatar

I’ve been reading some reviews and the Hydra Powder sounds exactly what I’ve been searching for. Thank you! How do you apply this when you use it to achieve the best results?

Jess Avatar

Foundation! Part of that is because I’ve only been using foundation for a few years (I used to only wear BB cream), and it takes so long to go through a bottle that I don’t need to shop for it that often and I simply haven’t tried that many formulas. I would welcome recommendations for oily combination skin!:)

Cat Avatar

The only product I’ve been able to use under my eyes without enhancing fine lines is Precious Light by Guerlain. I apply it conservatively, just a little bit at a time, until I reach the desired result. I use my regular concealer brush to apply it as the regular application method applies too much product at once (for my needs). I use my ring finger to gently blend it into my other makeup.

Tessa Avatar


I want: higher spf, reasonably sweat proof, not difficult to rub in, moisturizing or at least not drying, good under makeup, and doesn’t make me sweat more (somehow all sunscreens do this to me)…

The best yet (for me) has been the Mineral Skin Soothing one from Supergoop! — but even that stings my eyes a bit if I touch my face near my eye area.

Alys Avatar

I’ve been using Jane Iredale Powder Me SPF for a few years. I have dry, super sensitive skin and it works for me. Not really “higher SPF” I think it’s 30, but my telltale summer freckles are not present so it must be working! I also run a lot and when I’m out in the sun (and it’s not a crazy UV day and I don’t need the super slather of liquid sunblock, blech they make me sweaty too) it doesn’t seem to make my skin or eyes sting.

Tessa Avatar

Ooooh! I’ll have to try that on the weekends! I should have specified that I’m really in need of two different sunscreens — one as above that is makeup compatible and an industrial strength one.

I’m actually >thisclose< to starting my new job — which will have me out on construction sites. Every day. In the 97 degree Atlanta heat — with hard hat and steel toe boots.

I don't even have a HOPE of my normal sunscreens surviving (and I don't give a fig about makeup/my appearance in these settings), but I would like a sunscreen that at least keeps me safe! I'm copy paper white and terrified of skin cancer. Sigh.

I asked around what all the construction workers use, and the answer trends toward "Nothing! They man up and just get used to the sun!" Has. Super helpful….

sophia Avatar

you should try cotz face spf 40 in natural skintone. it has a matte finish but isn’t drying (and everything else dries me out!) and is great for super sensitive skin. It takes some rubbing in, but is then weightless on the skin and acts as a good primer for either liquid or powder make up. I have even reapplied over powder foundation in a pinch with no adverse affects! oh, you can get it on ulta.com 🙂

Tessa Avatar

I’ve never even heard of this! Thank you — I’ll look into it.

My poor boyfriend is already confused enough about the literally dozens of sunscreens around the house. What’s one more, right? 😉

Katherine T. Avatar

Tessa, I see some hard hats on the internet that have sun visors, broad rims, or flaps attached on. If your sunscreen doesn’t hold up, that might still protect you. Some of them don’t look that great, but hey, neither does skin cancer or skin damage.

Heather F. Avatar

Foundation. I love the natural finish and long wear of the It Cosmetics CC Cream, but I wish it had full coverage instead of medium-full.

Brandi Avatar

I agree with mascara. I can find a beautiful mix of several but I haven’t found one that I can use by itself and it’s amazing. Also personally, I can’t find my lipstick color. You know. That one perfect color that looks amazing on you no matter what you wear? But, I digress. I’ll stick to owning 30+ lipsticks and playing constantly.

Andrea K Avatar

Hey Christine, have you tried the new Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume? It became my HG mascara instantly. I know mascara is something really personal, but this one is worth a try. It defines the lashes, keeps them up until the moment you remove your make up, is super intense black, doesn’t clump them up. A beautiful product. Downside? Has the dignature Guerlain floral scent, but on me at leadt, doesn’t irritate or anything.

rachel Avatar

Foundation! Just looking for something that is hydrating and evens out my skin tone. I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t emphasize my fine lines on my forehead.

Andie Avatar

For a while I was feeling really good about my makeup, but my skin is changing and now I’m not sure. I kind of feel like I’m looking for LOTS of holy grail items at the moment.

Lisa Avatar

Foundation hands down. My skin changes dramatically throughout the year and with mild rosacea, I need some coverage. Dewy finish, not too heavy, etc.

I would say mascara is also high on the list. I’ve tried many drugstore waterproof versions and the one I liked the most was a L’oreal waterproof one that was in a plastic gold tube but sadly was discontinued.

Berry Avatar

for me, I am still looking for the following:

– Best foundation (medium to full coverage and long lasting)
– best powder
– best moisturizer

sadly, I already splurged a serious amount of money looking for these and still haven’t found them yet. :/

pePear Avatar

brows pencil,I love Anastasia Brow Wiz but it’s a very expensive product when I have to buy a new one every month or two.right now I just try Nyx Micro Brow and I like it so far tho. maybe I should have used Brow Pomade or powder instead

Tova J Avatar

hmmm, everything? I mean I have favorites but there’s always something new to try that could be even better! Right now I’m on the hunt for a new favorite concealer and mascara though.

Jennifer Avatar

It’s foundation for me…I used to love Double Wear Light from Estee Lauder but the last one I bought disappointed me and it went bad quickly so maybe it was a bad batch of foundation but I’ve been trying new ones and I still haven’t found one that I really love

Myriam Avatar

Daytime moisturizer with spf for acne prone oily skin that doesn’t break me out! I’ve tried everything on the market! 🙁

If you have any suggestion, please help me!

Tessa Avatar

Fresh tinted lip balm mostly smells of lemonade (in a good way), and the sheer ones (Rosé, Plum) don’t taste bad to me! The thicker colors, like Honey and Coral, do taste a bit gross to me.

Rachel Avatar

Definitely Mascara!

I’m always on the hunt for one that lengthens and curls the lashes, and also makes them fan out and fluttery. I’ve come close with the combination of Lancome Cils Booster, and Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof, but I’m still looking for the one mascara that does all of the above!

kellly Avatar

I want something SHINY for my eyelids, like how vaseline looks but without the other epic fail qualities that vaseline imparts on eyelids!

MissJae1908 Avatar

Primer for the summer! I can use the Becca Ever Matte Primer at any time except summer. It doesn’t work during the summer. So I use MOM in the summer. It’s the only thing that keeps me matte.

Kat Avatar

Medium to full coverage, lightly dewy finish foundation. I adore my Studio Fix Fluid (how comments in a day can I mention it in?) but it’s a satin-to-matte finish and sometimes I just want to glow!

Also, a more subtle powder highlighter. I love the Becca highlighters, but the Pressed format is way too much for me in the daytime, and I find powders easier to spot-apply than creams or liquids. I’m considering Hourglass Luminous Light or Laura Mercier Matte Radience Highlight 01.

Kat Avatar

I feel like with something like blush or lipstick or eyeshadow, even if I find my Holy Grail shade, I’d still try new things because there’s so many colors and finishes and formats, and I want to wear something different every day, whereas with something like foundation, once I’ve found a good matte one, a good luminous one, and a good sheer one, I’ll be done. Like there won’t just be like one perfect lipstick, and I’ll never look at any others again. You know what I mean?

Quinctia Avatar

Maybelline did a Great Lash in Teal that I thought had fairly good color coverage. It was the same, generally mediocre Great Lash formula, though.

Angie Avatar

everything under eye. i haven’t find any eye cream to combat my under eye circles and puffiness or a creaseless concealer to cover them or a waterliner that stays put

also foundation if mufe changes their hd formula. which sucks because i think they’re perfection 🙁

Brittany K. Avatar

I still haven’t found my holy grail foundation. I’ve tried so many and still haven’t found the perfect one for my dry sensitive skin. It’s very frustrating!

sophia Avatar

I have to agree on concealer. I find that concealers have a more limited shade selection then the foundations that accompany them and I feel like I always have to chose between an ideal formula and my perfect shade match.

Maggie Avatar

Hmm…there are several things that I’m trying to find the HG of. As far as cosmetics, I’m having the most trouble finding an HG version of bullet lipstick–I can’t find a formula my lips are happy everyday with.

Candice Avatar

I’m definitely still searching for my HG foundation/BB cream. I think what I’m looking for doesn’t exist though because I want to look flawless but I want it to be as easy to apply as tinted moisturizer. I’ve found some decent products, but not THE product.

I’m also looking for the right skincare routine. I use products I love, but my overall routine needs some tweaking including a change in not the brand, but the collection I use within that brand.

Stephanie Avatar

Concealer. I can’t find anything to cover my hereditary dark circles (made worse by never getting enough sleep, a situation unlikely to be resolved until such time as someone finds a way to add more hours to the day), and no matter what I use, it gets into my creases. Basically, if I don’t use concealer/corrector, I look like I’ve been in a fight after not sleeping for 48 hours straight, but when I do, I look at least 10 years older. And did I mention that I’m farsighted, which means that any mess under or around my eyes is even easier to see through my glasses?

I would shell out good money for a concealer that properly covers and camouflages my undereye area, smoothes (or at least doesn’t accentuate every line and crease within a 2-inch radius of my eyes), and has shades that are a good match for me.

Hannah Avatar

A good shine-control powder and a highlighter that doesn’t emphasize pores. I’ve only been wearing makeup for about three years now and I’ve worn face makeup for about a year, so I have a hard time being able to tell what I should improve- foundation or setting/finishing powder or color cosmetics or what.
I also wish I had a better felt-tip liner. The ones I have work great for day to day cat-eyes and winged liner, but my more elaborate costumey looks would be 16x better with a more consistent felt-tip liner. I don’t tend to wear those looks anywhere, though, so I prefer to put money into nice face cosmetics and 8,000 lipsticks.

melissa Avatar

there is a few but i have to say concealer, i cant seem to find anything that works for as bad as my dark circles & etc, maybe i dont know how to blend it right

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