What’s your current routine for your eyebrows?

What’s your current routine for your eyebrows? Do you fill them in? Brush and go? Gel/wax? Share!

I fill mine in using an angled brush and powder eyeshadow, then I use a spoolie brush to comb through to soften and get everything into place. I keep brow hairs in place using a gel.

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I fill in my brows using Anastasia brow powder duo in Dark Brown, then go over them with MAC Pro Longwear waterproof brow set in Bold Brunette. Sometimes, I only use the brow set. It really works for me, the brow gel sets great, not cakey or flaky.

I use Maybelline Ultra Brow powder which is now discontinued. My back-up is Smashbox Brow Tech. I use an angle brush and set them using Anastasia brow gel in clear.

I love a strong brow but have sparse, thinning brows. I use Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade to fill them in, then I set it with some brown eyeshadow powder from Clinique. The look lasts all day.

Just gel; filled in eyebrows look too fake for me. I use the MAC eyebrow gel right now, but when it’s done, I’m going back to the MUFE one, because it’s so much better.

I usually do the following steps after I have put on my base + powdered my face, so as not to disturb my brows when they’re done:
1- brush them downwards with a spoolie (it makes it easier to then apply the color)
2- apply Une brow pencil in B03 in light strokes where needed
3- comb through my brows with the spoolie to even out the color
4- re-apply color where needed (in case I combed a bit too much), then I softly comb again
5- use MUFE transparent brow gel to keep them in place. I am curious to try out a wax (vs. a gel) though…

I apply castor oil on my brows every night to help them grow (it really works!). I don’t pluck anything but the stray hairs between my brows, but do trim them. To fill, I use Rimmel Hazel brow pencil or Jordana Taupe. Occasionally I will use Milani’s brow fix powder palette. To set, I use ELF gel.

Hi, have you had any problems with the skin round your brows drying out with the castor oil? I started doing this and the results were fantastic, but then the skin around and under my brows started to flake. My skin is all over the place at the moment due to meds, so it could also be that!

Hi Lisa, I have very oily skin so castor oil does not cause my skin to dry out or get flaky, but castor oil is known to be very drying on some skin types. If you want to keep using it, you could moisturize before hand, even rubbing it into the skin under your brow hairs, and/or wipe away any excess castor oil with a cotton bud after application. I use an elf brand brow gel container I cleaned out and filled with castor oil so I could apply it with the spoolie quickly and with the least mess, but you could also dip a disposable spoolie into the oil so you are just getting the hair and not the skin around or under the brow.

Yeah, the spoolie is a good idea, thanks! I was rubbing it round the whole eye area and getting really good results on my lashes too, so I guess the spoolie would work on my lashes too. Wiping the surrounding area is a good tip as well as I wasn’t being exactly careful where it came in contact! 6 months ago I could have cleansed with bleach and moisturised with engine oil and my skin would have behaved – I’m not used to walking on eggshells with it!
Thanks for all your help, really appreciated!

I brush my eyebrow using a small soft toothbrush, then I fill them in with the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. I sometimes use a powder product or a pencil. I use clear gel to keep everything in place. I have uneven very sparce brows so they need some work. So far I love the Dipbrow thingy.

I used to use a combination of products but at my last trip to Sephora, I picked up Anastasia DipBrow pomade and now I only have to use one product! This stuff is amazing. Keeps my brows in place, fills in sparse spots, and gives me beautiful, natural looking brows. Last brow prod I’ll ever buy…

Do not pluck them. Found out that have pretty dense brows, so really dont do much. Remove a couple of astray hairs, use a pen to fill in whicheve crazy gap.. Spooley… Gel. That’s it.

I toggle back and forth between pencil and brow powder applied with an angled brush (which is where I’m at again). I like the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Chocolate or the NYC Eyebrow Pencil in Sable. For powder, I use the UD Brow Box in Honey Pot. I always set with the Wet n Wild Mega Clear Mascara.

I have use an Essence brow pencil in back. I mostly like my brows, they have a defined shape, aren’t too bushy or too thin. They’re mostly straight – just enough arch to keep them from looking angry – which balances nicely with my very classically pretty mouth shape and big eyes. They tend to peeter out towards the second half though, so I use the pencil to fill in the ends. I find if I just sorta randomly place a few strokes with the pencil, but then use the brush end to really push the pigment around and shape it I get a nice natural but polished look.

Just a little L’Oreal powder for now or some rosebud salve. I’m hoping to invest in the Chanel brow pencil soon because I liked the texture and the natural look it created. Perfect for everyday.

I use Anastasia tinted brow gel for most of the time. If i need more color I’ll fill in the gaps with Kanebo brow power first, them tinted/clear brow gel to keep them in place.

Most of the time nothing, occasionally a brush through, very rarely some brow gel. I really like the Marc Jacobs Beauty one, I actually used it when I had, it so I could to buy it again!

LOL – my “routine” is more or less nothing! If I feel I have the time, I’ll brush them through with a spoolie. If I remember that “they” say you should do your brows as you age, I’ll brush them through with some Benefit Gimme Brow, which I really love, or IT Cosmetics brow pencil or a Stila Stay All Day waterproof brow colour. I’ve also been known to use MAC Omega or Charcoal Brown shadow on them (or a few other shadows, just to see how it looks). But most of the time, I just leave them alone.

Anastasia eyebrow pencil (the thicker one) in Medium Brown. Comb through them and then fill them in lightly. I’m FINALLY starting to grow them out the way I want them so I don’t have to fill them in heavily anymore, which is really nice.

I get them waxed about every 6 weeks. I pluck any stray hairs in between waxings.

I comb them through with a spoolie first. Then I use Bellapierre eyebrow powder in Ginger Blond or Merona, using their angled brush. I comb through with the spoolie again and look for any spots I missed. I fill in the sparse spots and clean up any edges with a Just for Redheads brow pencil in one of their auburn shades. Then one more comb through with the spoolie to blend and neaten up. If I need to clean up anything, I’ll use makeup remover on a pointed Q-tip. I rarely use setting gel, but I have a clear Bellapierre one I use if I need it.

I fill in my brows using my Anastasia Dip Brow and an angled brush from Coastal Scents or Sonia Kashuk. I use a spooly to smooth everything out and my Anastasia brow gel to keep everything in place

I first draw them in using MUFE Aquabrow and an angled brush. I comb them in place with a spoolie. Let it set. Then I apply a skintone coloured eyeshadow in the inner parts to create a nice gradient. Using a different angled brush I draw a clean line on the lower part of the eyebrow using a darker eyeshadow and blend that in. Strong brows for life ๐Ÿ™‚

I have my brows threaded about once a month. They’re sparse and uneven (especially the left one).
For an everyday quick fix I use Benefit Gimme Brows. For a more sophisticated look I fill them with a brow powder from an Anastasia kit and then use a clear gel by the same brand.
What I love about Anastasia is that they make the perfect shades, in my case an ashy light brown with NO orange undertones at all – I don’t know why many brands insist on making orangey brow colors, they just look really weird on me.

They’re the beauty bane of my existence and what I spend the most time on, hands down. The heads have mostly fallen out, so I have to take a lot of time with this part to draw in hairs that look hairlike. The middles of the brow are sparse, but what does grow is riddled with cowlicks, curls, or they grow STRAIGHT OUT LIKE THEY WANT TO ENSNARE PEOPLE. Some are pigment-free, some notsomuch. I do dye my brows, though I may be cutting that step out since I am transitioning from black hair to lavender/silver hair. Dye once a month, trim once a week, pluck daily – because they like to come in on my lids, forehead and basically everywhere I don’t want them! I use a combination of Chanel’s Noir Cendre pencil on the undersides and tails, and Benefit’s Instant Brow in Deep on the heads for sort of an ombre effect, and I blend everything out with a tiny angled brush. Since there’s such little hair in the head area I have to keep that area light, but I draw in individual ‘hairs’ with a slightly dried black liquid liner pen that reads on the skin as ‘grey’. I go over that head area again with a little bit of concealer and a tiny spoolie. I also use a generous coat of Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep and a bit of hairspray on a spoolie, too. A small bit of concealer above the brows (near where it should arch, though I don’t have much of an arch) to cover up redness since that’s where redness lives. Sometimes I switch up the Chanel pencil with Maybelline’s Tough As Taupe shadow pot. I am waiting patiently for Dip Brow to come out in Granite, or to see if the Greige or Almond Brow Maestros work for me. Or brow implants, lol!

I just had my brows done (waxing) and I normally use Benefits Gimme Brow but I’m going to have to check out the Anastasia brow products, From reading what people are saying…I’m intrigued.

I currently use Anastasia Dipbrow in Medium Brown to fill and draw on my brows (I only have like 1/3 brows so the outer halves are totally drawn on), then set the tails with black eyeshadow and set the half that actually has hairs with a taupe shadow. Once all that’s in place, I’ll take a RT Contour Brush and some colorless powder like Shiro Fatality or Ben Nye HD Media Pro and lightly set the whole brows with the powder. I’m super oily, so I find that helps them stay put. Finally, I set the hairs with brow gel or Maybelline clear mascara.

OR, if I was in too much of a hurry to do all of that, I carry a Granite Brow Wiz and Granite Brow Gel in my purse just in case I need to do them on the go. ๐Ÿ˜›

I keep it simple. Tweeze as needed, fill them in with a pencil, and set the hairs with a gel. I’ve been using Revlon’s Brow Fantasy pencil/gel duo in Dark Blonde is what I’ve been using.

If I have more time, I use theBalm’s Brow Pow in Blonde (even though I have medium brown hair) to fill on and then use Maybelline’s Brow Drama in Soft Brown to set. If I’m in a rush, the Brow Drama alone works just fine. I also like NYX Control Freak for a clear gel and ELF’s brow kit if you’re on a budget

While I used to get mine threaded, that’s just not a priority for me anymore. Sometimes I’ll fill them in a bit more with an Anastasia pencil in Chocolate or with brown matte eyeshadow. I used to put gel on them, but I didn’t really find that did anything, plus they actually aren’t that unruly.

MAC automatic pencil in Fling. It’s very slim and I can make hair like strokes. I use Smashbox clear brow gel and a Sephora spoolie brush as well. It gives a natural lasting look.

I fill in bare spots with light pencil strokes(Anastasia). Then go over my brows with a spoolie. Finally I put on a bit of clear brow gel.

Random brush or sponge applicator (I know!) + Lancome Tres Chocolat matte eyeshadow for colour.

Otherwise I just pluck the rogue (ba-fum-TISH!) hairs off the browbone/from between the brows as necessary.

I switch between Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz in Ebony and MAC spiked brow crayon. I love them both but I kind of like the Anastasia one better. I use Rubykisses 3D face creator in level 11 to clean them up afterwards. then I use a spoolie to fade out the front and through the entire brow to soften the look. works every time.

Recently, I use Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in Medium and Dark. I fill my gaps whith de dark colour and then I design all of my eyebrows vhith the medium colour. The results is very natural and, currently, I don’t need other product to keep them in place

First I brush them with a spoolie. Then, using the NYX Auto Eyebrow pencil in Black, I fill in any gaps and generally just darken my brows a little since my natural hair colour is dark blonde but I dye it black. Finally I use the Clairns Double Fix’ Mascara (lash and brow sealing gel) to comb through them and keep them in place. ๐Ÿ™‚

Depends on the look I am going for. Usually MAC brow pencil in lingering with NYX brow shaper wax to keep them in place and a spoolie to blend. For a more natural look I just use gimme brow by benefit.

I have tried brow wiz but the packaging it cheap and the two ends came aprart on the second day using. And every time I use brow powder I get Cara Delvingne brows which doesn’t look good on me.

As much as I care about makeup, my brow routine pretty much is nonexistent. I get them shaped periodically, and brush them into shape before I leave the house. The end. I really need to consider using a gel of some sort but nothing more because I hate fake looking brows and my technique isn’t that polished.

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