What will make you lose trust in a beauty reviewer/influencer?

NO NAMES! This not a license to let loose on any particular individual! When sponsored content doesn’t align with what they normally do; a common one is a sponsored video for drugstore brands but all of their organic content is very high-end/luxury. The more I hear marketing jargon in a “review,” the less likely I am to buy into the review because it feels scripted. This is especially true in written reviews where words used are copy from press releases but aren’t quoted, so they lead you to believe they’re the reviewer’s words.

— Christine
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I suppose good old bigotry is my #1 turn-off… It’s rather disappointing how many people think that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, though. :/

I used to watch a very respected YouTuber regularly, until she received PR from a brand and the video she made was such an obvious sales pitch, it was disgusting. Seemed soooo scripted, and not a genuine opinion on the product. I unsubscribed from her channel and never watched anything from her again.

I also don’t trust individuals who praise everything they receive in PR, they make these videos saying how the products are so wonderful life changers, and then, as time goes by, you never see then pick up said product again.

I’m suspicious of any influencer who has positive reviews for EVERY product (unless they have a stated policy of only featuring products that they enthusiastically recommend). And although it doesn’t make me distrust them, per se, it’s a major pet peeve when a reviewer says “you need this.” I don’t need anything, and I certainly don’t need someone to tell me what I “need.”

That’s why I appreciate Temptalia so much! You always strive for objectivity, encourage mindful purchasing, and give us the tools to be informed consumers.

“I don’t need anything, and I certainly don’t need someone to tell me what I “need.”””
One hundred percent! I hate this, I know sometimes people say this in a light hearted way, but no thank you, my life don’t depend on having this eyeshadow .

I like the approach of some more mature reviewers that even when they are hyped by a product, they say “you need to try this if you like A/B/C and your skin is X/Y/Z” (as in go to a store and swatch or get a sample, which right now is not possible in many cases), not “you need this”.

So true, Jessica. Don’t tell me what I need, just give me your impression of the product. I’ll make up my own mind if I need it.

The only time I ever closed a blog and deleted the bookmark on the spot was someone who received a PR bundle from Dior one holiday. It included gold-leaf tattoos (anyone remember what year that was?) and they were crazy-expensive. Fine if you want to spend money on that–I would never judge with my self-indulgent habits–but I don’t go to parties and would get zero use out of them. Again, not the reason I flipped out. But this is what she said: ‘they are an absolute must-have’ (that she didn’t pay for but we would have to) and then she announced that she wasn’t wearing hers, but putting them in a display case. So she didn’t even know if they adhered to the skin, lasted, or gave skin irritation!

‘Never will I ever’ waste time again on someone who makes me so mad that steam almost comes out my ears. These days, that leaves Christine!

I agree with you Cheryl! Makeup and skincare are subjective of course and one persons trash may be anothers treasure as the saying goes. But there are some discrepancies that cant be chalked up to a matter of opinion. And there is enough of a baseline
at least to draw upon when judging the difference between a product being great or really bad when one has alot of experience using cosmetics. So when it happens a few times that something they say is great I think is terrible I lose trust and think they are being untruthful.

Lose trust is too dramatic really. I just become bored with their content and look elsewhere. Yes, I don’t like if they are heavily sponsored and seem to only do reviews bc they are sponsored blah blah. I also don’t like when an influencer is too much of a stan for a particular brand and therefore never truly reviews a product but rather just showcases it. Look makeup is subjective and I get we all have our favorites but there are certain people I know will like something bc it’s Charlotte Tilbury or its PML so you’re never getting a truly critical review so I look elsewhere

Or Fenti.

And sometimes it’s not like they are stans, it’s because they are afraid of the backlash from the stans.

– Only post video when they need to promote their product or sponsored
– Get PR and don’t post the video
– Drama queen
– Only post positive reviews
– Do not disclose if the video is sponsored or affiliated

“Only post positive reviews” got my thinking about 80% of the Boxy Charm and FabFitFun unboxings than cram YouTube regularly… 😆 I call it “that time of the month/year”.

I tend to start distrusting beauty influencers when they get too huge of a following and start only posting content when they have a new release or always sponsored content. For that reason I stopped following a lot of influencers that are bigger. I’m fine with sponsored content and all for people making some coin, but when they start feeling disingenuous, I just can’t watch them anymore.

I think it’s healthy to have a good dose of skepticism, though, when it comes to all influencers, and know that things that may work for them, may not work for you. It doesn’t always mean they’re lying, and, on the other hand, to not always trust their word, but to do your own research and think for yourself.

When they repeatedly don’t disclose that what they’re reviewing is sponsored content/PR. Because then I have to wonder how honest their review actually is.
When they are all about the drama, giving WTMI about their personal lives, or are always negative downers.
Or, they begin to totally bore me due to being overly predictable in what they’re going to say about a product from a specific brand.

I started to appreciate more the reviewers that even after the sponsorship/PR video state in the description box in future videos that the product was received as a part of the collaboration.
It’s still somewhat deceiving to be open in the collaboration video, but do 4-5 videos after that using that product, but not disclosing at some point you received it for free or even you’ve been paid to review it. It’s not like I assume they are lying in the reviews, but all people tend to be more biased when a good personal or financial relationship is in the background.

I guess I am more of a “that’s your opinion on something, I need to experience it to form my own opinion” type of person when it comes to skincare and makeup. That being said I don’t really watch that many YT channels. I do get turned off when I hear these kinds of things:
– clean makeup brands, greenwashing in general
– repeating marketing statements as scientific facts
– only positive thoughts about all items, first impressions as reviews
– undisclosed sponsorships
– pushing Rephr brushes. I feel like all the channels I like are doing this, and I hate it. I tend to just skip over them talking about them.

The only thing worse than Rephr brushes for me is the constant push of meal services, athletic wear or thrifting websites (won’t name the brands, but they are obvious). And they all happen at the same time… it’s like… OK, I can tell brand X has marketing campaign money right now… but can we please do it more genuine and staggered?


Comment from Christine on this page. Their kickstarter page is still up, so you can read it there as well.


I don’t want a doctor who has never gone to school for medicine, why would I buy brushes from a engineer who has never used makeup and doesn’t know what they are for? That is not a badge of honor.

Racism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, or any other form of bigotry. Apologizing for bad behavior but not changing their ways. Not revealing that posts are sponsored or that they got a product in PR. Always saying they hate to say anything bad about stuff given to them for free. Lots of drama posts and lots of drama with other influencers. Too many lousy collaborations.

• When reviewers do not have any negative criticisms about a product
• When they support brands or other artists who are racist or discriminatory
• When they support brands where the safety profile of the brand is questionable or never make any comments about safe use of makeup etc
• When they only do first impressions without doing repeated looks with the product or using it again
• When they never use the product again or never combine products together

I can tell at least 2 things I don’t like even on my favorite makeup items, ones I would always repurchase. 😆 Your first point is valid, and I really appreciate reviewers that always state the negative sides, cases or people for which that product won’t work.

I grew up on fashion magazines, where everything was sponsored and nothing ever was criticized, so YT is a refreshing change for me. I think there is more objective content there than there ever was in print journalism. Occasionally I will unsubscribe or not watch someone if I disagree strongly with their politics even if I think their product reviews are impartial. That’s not an issue of trust but rather who I want to support.

1. Bigotry or racist leanings or reviewing brands that demonstrate or support such.
2. Channel drama. Quickest way to get me to sign out.
3. Doesn’t do videos that appeal to me or doesn’t use products I would purchase and use, especially if they aren’t available to me.
4. Annoying voice or mannerisms. I found over time that constantly touching their hair or putting it behind their ears constantly, drives me crazy. Pin it up or put a head band on for heaven sake.
5. The extreme posing and posturing at the beginning of the video. The trying to look sexy and just look ridiculous.
6. I don’t mind sponsored videos and I really don’t care if they mention that it is sponsored as I am not going to purchase anything based an a YT video content creator. I will always do my own research and at this point in life, I am not watching for the tutorial but rather for new products that I might have missed the launch. Great as Temptalia is not every product gets reviewed, LOL!

I think those are the main turn offs for me. I only subscribe to a few beauty channels anymore. I primarily watch Angie, Tara and Renee. I watch Angie and Renee for the skin care and Tara for the new products.

Deborah, #4, I thought I was the only one. Voices (which they can’t help) and playing with their hair (which they can help) drive me nuts. I quickly move on.

I’m on opinion you can be an awful human being (truth be told, we all have good and bad within ourselves), but a great truthful reviewer.

So I usually lose my trust when I noticed people not during thorough reviews and start being biased. Sometimes it’s not even lying, you can tell they just constructed the review to make some products look better than they are. When they usually do close ups, but not for that foundation, not for that eyeshadow palette.
I mostly don’t lose my full trust, just handle the review with care. Because unfortunately lately I have seen many ‘good’ reviewers accepting collaborations not so usual to them; I understand that financially these times are hard, but some brands clearly take advantage to push biased reviews and collaborations. I won’t tell names, but at least 3-4 YouTubers I mostly trust did lately collaborations reviews in which I got the impression they were almost forced to do it.

That’s why I’m putting more trust in people who do a lot of content with old make-up, rediscovering old favorites. I wish more focus was on this, not full faced of new makeup.

I don’t watch anyone regularly, but saw something recently that made no sense to me – a product review with zero swatching and not even wearing the product she was talking about. Why does she think people tune in? Other pet peeves: taking 30 minutes to provide 5 minutes of usable content, inarticulate/imprecise descriptions, and most of all when there is never critique or analysis of a product.

I guess when the beauty reviewer praises a product that is definitely flawed in many ways, that puts me off. Or when a beauty reviewer gets on a hobby horse about a brand and personalises everything.

There is a blogger than has been around for a while and I like her style and she seems great as a person; however, her reviews are just not constructive. Like I don’t know if she’s too nice, doesn’t want to upset anyone, or just more into ‘glossovers’, but it’s like COME ON you can do it! She has medium skin so it should be easy for her to call out pigmentation issues. I really hate biased reviews so that’s why I don’t read any other blogs at the moment and I don’t have time for youtube.

Oh and I hate blog reviews without swatches. Like what????????? I moreso run into those when I’m looking for swatches of products not reviewed on temptalia and google leads me to some review.

Dramatic squealing about a product or over the top gaga-ing and the over use of whatever trendy colloquialism du jour. No one can be, is or should be “absolutely obsessed with this ohmygosh YOU GUYS!!!” with every single new product that comes their way. The manufactured giddiness and posturing makes me cringe and I have 2nd hand embarrassment.

When the blogger/influencer is very clearly just trying to sell particular products she is wearing or using in photos. In stead of actually reviewing the items she goes on and on about how fabulous they are and why everyone needs to buy it now. No thanks! I have a spam filter for that kind of thing. One particular person in mind who does this. I no longer follow her.

Good point about the reviews and some reviewers.
My turn offs are consistent of frequent but random poor performance over time.
Products that do not match my preferences over time.
Poor customer service.
Very high prices for mediocre products.

Addendu.m to my earlier comments.
I have now reviewed all the posted comments and agree 100% which seldom happens.
My big turn offs are also racism, bigotry and aany king of body shaming or blantant ageism.
I truly love this blog.

The most recent annoyance was a wanna-be influencer who does all skincare. Every day, she’s doing another peel or product with actives, and reviewing them. It’s absolutely impossible to give any kind of worthwhile review after using a skincare product ONCE. And using so many different brands and types of products? It’s frightening (and her skin looks like it’s burned; this woman needs an intervention.)

I’m going to focus just on issues related to trust, and not other dealbreakers.

-When they clearly got the items as PR but pretend they bought them.
-When I purchase items based on their recommendations and the items have major issues which I feel should have been mentioned in the review (and not just “YMMV” type issues, but real quality concerns that have nothing to do with a product performing differently on my skin than theirs).
-When they are demoing an item on their channel and saying great things about it while ignoring how badly it is actually performing.
-When they do a tutorial recommending a product or technique that just is not safe.

Christine, this seems a good opportunity for me to tell you that, as a scientist, what I appreciate so much about you is the meticulousness and rigor and objectivity with which you do your work. That’s also why I put such high trust and value in Temptalia when I make my purchasing decisions.

What will make you lose trust in a beauty reviewer/influencer?

What a great question. TBH I stopped watching beauty gurus on the regular this year, to the point where they seldom appear in my YT feed. It’s more like I first find a product I’m interested in (often on Temptalia, or on vendor/brand sites) then I’ll search for video reviews on it to help determine if it’s worth purchasing. I guess in that way I don’t really care if they got the products in PR or not? Since I’m the one coming to them for information on that particular product. However – I do appreciate an objective review of products including pros and cons, and I’ll be suspicious of an overly positive review in general.

I will admit that one of the reasons I stopped regularly watching a certain famous guru that also sells vitamins is because I’ve bought several products in the past based on her recommendations, and they ended up sucking pretty badly. Like obvious bad points she should have called out during her review. I’ve been way more successful relying on my judgment and sites like Temptalia, I find Christine’s reviews to be generally on the mark.

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