What was the worst beauty product you've lost?

What was the worst beauty product you’ve lost? A coveted limited edition shade? Share your horror stories!

I thought I lost my Guerlain Gems lipstick, and I was about to freak out–luckily I found it–but I was pretty bummed.

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I lost my Urban Decay China Girl to Starlet Face Case – one of the cool old silver ones that came with three different looks you could do. I collected all of them, and that’s the only one I’ve lost. So naturally it was my favorite. It’s doubly sad, because it contained their Fur lipstick, and I’ve just never found that perfect shade again.

I’m also morning the loss of one of my Liquid Euphoria nail polishes in a move. Oh, it hurts to think about it!

I was just in Vegas and lost a makeup bag with my MAC powder, NARS bronzer, and a bunch of MAC lipstick and lipgloss. It was a sad day.

I lost a blush trio from Benefit – one of the old ones with Hoola, Dandelion and Dallas in it! πŸ™ It’s discontinued, so I actually had to shell out the money to replace Dandelion and Hoola. Haven’t been able to FIND a Dallas blush in my area AT ALL!!!!

Oh my gosh! I have a similar story, Christine. I had thought I lost my MAC 2N lipglass, which is my favorite thing in the world. & it was tragic when it went missing for a bit since it’s LE. Haha!♥

my Armani eyes to kill p/l. I don’t even know when or where I lost it actually. when I moved back from the UK to my hometown, I unpacked everything and never reckon that it’s gone. Then a month later or so I was freak out when I organised my stash and found out that it’s not there. besides, there’s no Armani counter in my country and the price for that palette is pretty steep. :”(

I was super drunk and lost a Tart lipgloss at a party, back when I was so poor I couldnt even afford to replace it. I seriously considered calling the host and seeing if it turned up. More recently, I’ve freaked a bit over losing a few Guerlain lipsticks but I always find them. They’re too hefty to lose!

Ages ago I accidentally left my last tube of Cover Girl’s InCondtion Lip Blush in my pants and washed/dried them unknowingly. I was just devastated since they no longer made it and it’s still my all time favorite lip product ever. I dug out the remaining tiny bit of melted product with a lip brush until there was nothing left. RIP.

A couple years ago when my dog was a young puppy, I had come home with 3 new MAC lipsticks and an urban decay palette. I left it in the bag on my desk and when I came home it was all chewed up and ruined. πŸ™

When I was a teenager just starting out with a few makeup products here and there I was able to fit all my makeup in 1 makeup bag (back then). To my horror I found out that the bag that all my makeup was in was stolen. So it wasn’t just one product, it was my entire stash. πŸ™

A few years ago I’ve dropt my Too Faced World domination tour palette/box. All the eyeshadows were broken and al over the floor. πŸ™ I felt so sad that day. I still have the cute little music box, but all the make-up in it are gone.

When I moved a few months ago, I lost my Coco Beach pigment, 3D Silver glitter, a quad of brown shadows, and a bunch of Lush stuff. Not cool :/

i lost my MAC Viva Glam VI SE (the Fergie one), I was so upset cause I knew t would be almost impossible to replace – but months later I found it in my husbands jacket pocket (i had used his pocket to store it on date night!)

i lost ‘bare truth’ lipglass from the smoke signals collection….i loved it so much and the collection was still kicking around so i picked up a new one. about a year later i found the old one again, so i had two! but by that time the one that i had bought the second time around was on the fritz….

other than that the only product i’ve lost is brick lipliner. i use to keep looking around for it from time to time, but now i’ve faced the fact that it’s gone. πŸ™

i like your new pic, above, btw christine!

Thanks for using my question, Christine. I thought of it as I returned from a trip to the Cape and couldn’t find my MAC Caqui gloss from Bloggers Obsession. I called the resort, some restaurants, tore up my car looking for it. Just as I was ready to call in CSI πŸ™‚ I found it a couple days later in another makeup case. I brought similar glosses but Caqui was at home the whole time. I’m such a ding bat!

My purse got stolen.. I could have cared less that I lost a Coach purse, but I was furious that they got away with my Queen’s Sin and Red Romp. πŸ™

I just had to reply! I lost my makeup kit in school when I left it under my desk. It contained a Guerlain Rouge G, my Shu Uemura face brush that was part of the LE Mika collection, my MAC Studio Fix, among others. I was so devastated I cried buckets in the library as soon as I realized it wasn’t going to be returned.

I lost my Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt which was Limited Edition. I ended up ordering one off of Evil-bay. Of course, as soon as I ordered it, I found my original one. Now I have 2! Which I guess isn’t so bad.

I am actually really good at not losing makeup, but when I was 7, this mean girl in my 2nd grade class, Vicki, stole my brand new Barbie eyeshadow compact, and tried to steal my lipgloss. I caught her because she was putting her hand in my coat pocket at the same time I put my hand in! I remember it was at the lunch table. She threw a fit and tried to say that it was her gloss and that I stole it, which was obviously not true.

The teacher intervened and believed me about the gloss, so I got that back, but Vicki never returned the eyeshadow, so I lost that. Years later, I thought about how shocking it was that a 7 year old could lie, steal and pickpocket so well!

I thought I lost my Lorac Long Kiss Lipstick and I was so bummed!! But I found it down the side of my car seat. Luckily it wasn’t melted!

I recently bought a few Butter London polishes from Ulta’s BOGO free sale. I had just finishing swatching each for my blog and I dropped the blue color (Big Smoke) on the tile floor. It was a big mess to clean up and I literally had it for an hour. πŸ™

I nearly lost an ancient Guerlain voyage powder.I was out shopping and when I got home,I couldn’t find my beloved powder and I was freaked out! I searched everywhere around the house and finally accepted that it was gone and and started to mourn.about a month later,I went to the same mall and stopped by the mac counter that I also bought stuff from on that day.I came across with the MU girl whom I love to chat with.out of nowhere I mentioned that I lost a precious Guerlain item and she was like “wait a sec,I think we found and kept something that a customer forgot”.she went to the back of the store and returned with my precious! I almost hugged her:) haha I still smile when I remember this,guess that powder and me are meant to be together:)

I traveled from coast to coast about 3 years ago and was racing down ATL airport to catch my flight somehow i lost my makeup bag which had my a blush a few mac eyeshadow pots and sephora brushes, every thing was replaceable EXCEPT my dear MAC Parrot that i adored so much from the Originals Collection earlier that year. Im still waiting for it to be released πŸ™ since then i have gone to MAC Palettes

My MAC madly creative lipstick…my absolute favorite in the world and it disappeared for about 3 weeks…turned out my sister had it because it turns out to be her favorite too. The bummer is she used up most of it

I lost my Nars Oasis lip gloss from Sephora, a color I was in love with but was LE. Thankfully it was reissued with the Fall 2011 collection and I was able to replace it. Most things I’ve just temporarily lost/misplaced, but like Maryla says, at inconvenient times.

I’ve lost a few eyeshadows thanks to curious kitties. Also lost my MAC Magenta lipliner. Sure enough, my friend found it in his car shortly after I replaced mine.

I legit lost a pencil case full of ALL of my Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils and my MAC eyeliners. We’re talking a good two dozen pencils, and all of the MAC ones were limited edition too (Like kohl powers and pearlglides) UGH. I still for the life of me have NO idea where they went. I had the case when I was packing for Canada and took a couple UD pencils out to take on vacation, left the bag and the rest behind, and never found it when I came home. BAD. TIMES.

thought i had lost my Devilishly Stylish lipsglass last year once when my mom drove me to school, noticed that it wasnt in my makeup bag in school, called my mom, almost in tears, found it later in the car between the seats thank god

My pit bull was only one when I adopted her, still very much a puppy. I was a first-time dog-owner and didn’t know to lock my shoes and makeup in a vault until she outgrew her chewing stage. Anyway, she raided my makeup while I was napping one afternoon, and chewed only the Chanel: two lip glosses and a lipstick. All three were LE, of course. When I woke up her mouth was smeared with product.

The upside was that I got a great Halloween idea out of it: she went as Sarah Palin (a pit bull with lipstick).

One I almost lost my MAC Cut a Caper lippie. My favourite lipstick ever, I wanted a back-up but it was sold out when I finally went back to my MAC store.

How it happened: One of my best friends moved to Ireland and I helped packing her stuff etc. It was crazy emotional and I dropped my lipstick and I havent even noticed it! Ugghhh!! Lucky me at least my friend noticed it!

When I was just getting into makeup, I spent all of my Christmas and birthday money on MAC makeup. I had gym that day so I brought my makeup and left it in the lockerroom, (unlocked :/ ) and came back later to find it all gone along with the new purse it was all in πŸ™ sigh…..

oh god i thought i lost my beloved mac faux. and one of my aqua creams. Luckily i found it under the bed. But i think i lost my fave lipgloss by mac, magnetique. I had to buy another one off ebay because i missed it so much

I currently can’t find my MAC Violetta from the Venomous Villains collection. I mean, it’s a perm at PRO and it is currently out now in the MAC Fall Colour Collection but it was special packaging and I can’t find it at all to use. I just hope it’s somewhere under my makeup pile.

Two years ago, during a big spring cleaning, my husband accidentally threw away almost all of my makeup, mostly MAC, lots of it LE, like my MAC Lightscapade MSF (arrrggghhh!), foundation, eye shadows – you name it.

He’s replaced some of it, but the LE stuff is gone. It’s a good thing that- aside from this one thing – he’s the best husband EVER! πŸ™‚

MAC “Light My Fire” lipglass from the Tantress Collection (2004?). It was heartlessly taken from me by TSA personnel while I was traveling through JFK Airport, NY. ;~; (<– me crying, complete with quivering lip!)

I lost all my stuff in a fire about six years ago, including but not limited to a stockpile of Lush Skinny Dip shower gel that I’d just hoarded after they discontinued it. My best friend felt bad about it and found me four more big bottles, because she’s awesome. (I still have some…and it’s still good! :D)

The good news (makeup-wise, anyway) was that I was on a trip to said friend’s wedding at the time and I was doing her makeup, so I had a nice little stash of my favorite things in my carry-on.

I had my TheBalm Muppet palatte I got it the first round. Two days after I had it my boys got a hold of it and tore it. Then a few days later my husband was cleaning left it out and they painted the wall with it and ruined the lipgloss…. can you tell I’m not over it yet πŸ™ meep meep

The dual pencil that comes with the UD Naked Palette πŸ™ It was such a bummer ’cause Whiskey is not available on its own.. or at least here in PI πŸ™ I had to buy the Rollergirl Palette just for the pencil. Oh well.

Today I panicked ’cause I thought I had lost my MAC Peachstock lipstick… I freaking love that shade, it is an impecable nude, and I almost had a heart attack when i thought I had lost it. Luckily I found it ^^

i bought a brand new dior diorshow blackout mascara…had it for about a day and took it in my handbag for a touch up??? god knows why!!! came home and it was no longer in my bag…..SO gutted πŸ™ xx

I had just finished a MAC Dreamy lipgloss and I left it in the bathroom at work. An hour later, I realized it and went to the bathroom to look, and it was gone! Doesn’t anyone know about Back2MAC?? Or maybe they did and wanted it for their own…

UD Urban Ammo palette. It turns out I’d just put it in my makeup bag (crazy, I know!). What UD lacks in shadow pigmentation they make up for in well-put-together-for-travel palettes, so I was pretty annoyed.

Stila SPF 20 shine lip color in Sarah

a $20 lipstick that was my absolute favorite!! Glossy, moisturizing, with SPF, and the perfect My-Lips-But-Better.

I was at work on break in the back and it rolled out of my purse, across the floor, and down the drain πŸ™

A complete disaster! I was moving some of my stuff to my new house a few weeks ago and the movers accidentally bumped into my vanity (that was yet to be packed) and knocked my Chanel Topkapi quad to the ground and one of the shadows (the beautiful deep chocolaty brown) broke into a thousand little pieces and spread into the other shadows. I WAS SO UPSET! But I managed to salvage some of the colors in the end.

One of my habits is to finish makeup in my car while waiting for the train to depart for work in the mornings. I owned a beloved lip plumper from a drugstore brand, it was cheap but it was my favorite and LE of course. But I own lots of lip products and didn’t use it every day. One day I got back to my car after work and paused when I noticed a broken cap on the ground of the parking lot of something that looked exactly like the one from my beloved lipgloss. I was surprised because the LE wasn’t very new and it wasn’t available in the town where i parked my car. Curiously I took a nearer look and after a while i noticed the rest of the gloss – run over by a car. And then it struck me – had I seen my gloss the last days in my makeup bag – no I hadn’t. I checked and of course it wasn’t there – it must have been mine – probably ran over by myself? It must have fallen of my lap while leaving the car. The tube was still intact, but a quite battered. It was just the outer cap that missed. I couldn’t help taking it with me and cleaning the outside of it but never used it again till it lay on the ground in the hot sun several days and I never knew if someone perhaps took and used it and threw it on the ground again… Still mourning…

One of my classmates(not a friend at all) had 3 Coastal Scents palettes(I envyed her. She hardly ever used them and I was soooo into makeup at the time.)She kept them stacked between 2 bookends. Her cat knocked them over and they all cracked.:)(I feel so evil)

i have a terrible habit of leaving lip products in my scrubs pockets. I open up the dryer and find my scrubs stained with tinted lip balm/lip gloss. it’s hard cuz i have to replace clothes and lip stuff. on another note my friend was traveling and her bf dropped her mac palette in the toilet and didn’t tell her til she was gunna use it and noticed the wet shadows!!!

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