What was the last product that you wanted to purchase but couldn't get because it was already sold out?

What was the last product that you wanted to purchase but couldn’t get because it was already sold out? Did you ever manage to snag it?

The last time I remember trying to buy something that ended up being sold out was Marine Life–this was online–so I was there first thing in the morning at my local store. Β MAC ended up filling the order two or three weeks later, though.

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Yes. I wanted Playtime but couldn’t get it immediately. It sold out online after like 5 minutes. However, the ghetto-trashy mall in the middle of a nearby rural area happened to have a Macy’s (it was a pretty lame Macy’s, but still. Or maybe it was Dillard’s?) Anyway, I popped in there, and was surprised to find that they were also sold out!

MAC Ever Hip lipstick ! I didn ‘t get it when it was out with the Liberty of London collection & I was so excited when it was repromoted with Fashion Flower but when I got to the MAC store it was already sold out πŸ™

I wanted a backup of Ever Hip because it quickly became my favorite lipstick, but it was gone! I’m betting a lot of people are going to say the Naked palette, which is still widely unavailable even though it has been out for almost a year! That is cray cray.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette! I still don’t have it because shipping to Canada on Sephora is pricey. But they’re opening one at my mall on Friday so I’m hoping to pick one up

Oh you have to get it somehow…it’s an amazing palette! I want to get myself one to stash it’s so great! Have fun with your new Sephora!

As a Canadian, the only way I got my Naked Palette was on a vacation to Vegas. I went to sephora by the venetian one morning and they had just restocked!

The only thing I can think of is OPI’s glitters from their Alice in Wonderland collection. I did end up getting Absolutely Alice from eBay but Mad As A Hatter is just ridiculously expensive.

I nabbed 2 of the MAAH – but I paid around $20 for each – now I see them for $75 and rarely less…It’s still sooooo popular.

Chanel Morning Rose nail polish! It sold out faster than Mimosa where I live. I was really surprised. But there will always be other pink nail polishes to swoon over! I’ll be fine. Haha.

I was crazy nuts to get it…finally bought it on eBay…and now, meah. Maybe I just have not been into ‘that’ part of the pink end of summer yet. We are cold and gray – was raining last week.

Thanks Karen, it’s still available on the USA website, but I’m in Canada and on the Canadian site, they’re all gone unfortunately.

Violetta is permanent at pro stores. If you don’t live near one, you can order it over the phone. It’s my favorite lipstick in the world!

You can get Violetta at any pro location! It wont have the LE packaging….. but at least you still get the awsome colour πŸ™‚

My Paradise from MAC. I called Nordstrom on the day it was released, only to find out they had released a day early as part of an in house sale. Oh well!

Odalisque from the Peacocky collection…bleh…Such a pretty blue…I hope they make those eyeshadows permanent one day! They’re gorgeous I color and formulation!

I have been searching for MAC Surf the Ocean Crushed Metal Pigments. I could not find it anywhere but between calling the stores that are in my area and stalking the website, I managed to get it. Its being delivered tomorrow!!! YAY!

The china glaze holograph collection (the name escapes me) By the time I realized how amazing it was and I had to have it, it was GONE! *insert epic sad face*

I missed ’em all – both collections…and now I look at some of the ones on the secondary market but cannot decide on even one of them! So probably like you, never will get any…that epic fad collection just was not meant to be in our hands I guess! Hehe!

i managed to pick up OMG and L8R G8R from a little asian nail place in my city. i guess they have a tendency to stock up on unique colours. they were only $12 as well, which is great considering OPI here in AUS sells for $20!

I had a difficult time getting my hands on Surf the Ocean. It sold out right away online, so I ordered it from the Macy’s website, but they sent me Summer Stash instead. Luckily, they had one at my local MAC counter.

that happened to me too! Maybe Macy’s stacked the colors in the wrong spot? I hate it when you think you have it covered then something happens.

I ordered Summer Stash and got Surf the Ocean – i called and they reordered, and the same thing happened. I think the product numbers are mixed up.

Playtime and Playing Koi- I ordered both through Nordstrom and 6 weeks later was told they actually wouldn’t be getting any more. Now that I think about it, I let Nordstrom off the hook way too easily. I mean had Nordstrom not wasted my time I might have found it elsewhere. I wrote MAC a furious emails and made some phone calls and then went “screw it”. Now I have My Paradise cheek powder and Hibiscus l/s and think I will be returning both, somewhat ironic I think.

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Perfect Topping.. πŸ™ I even tried it on but the makeup artist convinced me to get Refined instead. Should’ve went with my instinct.

Another one for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette! I’ve checked in Sephoras all over and I always check when I’m in a mall and I’ve never seen it in stock. Sadly, the fact it’s so hard to find makes me want it more :P.

It was 2 blushes by Tarina Tarantion – Charm & Feather….colors were great together and separate for me and super long lasting!!! I finally got Charm a month ago – but not Feather yet.

Urban Decay’s 15th anniversary eyeliner set. It’s not online anywhere that I looked, except for Amazon and that seller wants $199. I don’t suppose that anyone has any ideas, do you?

So my friend bought me MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga lipstick for Christmas.. you know, the awesome bubblegum pink one??? Well.. I was a stupid and left it in San Diego. And now.. no more… only the lip gloss version.

Not to sound like a skeeze in a trenchcoat with a bunch of watches dangling in the inside but depending on what you want, some things can still be had…

All the Mega Metal shadows and lip glosses I liked from MAC Peacocky collection went like hot cakes. Didn’t get anything πŸ™

That’s surprising. I got 7 of the mega metal eyeshadows with no problem. Of course, I went to the MAC counter the day they came out. I find if you either go online when they are released or to the counter, you can usually get what you want. If you wait more than a day, that’s when you run into problems.

Dior healthy glow powder in Aurora…got it today after ringing round for ages woop woop!! Before that maring life, it was in stock when I placed my original order but I’m scared of seahorses (stupid I know)so passed on it before realising what a good product it was!!

Pink Power MSF from Wonder Woman but I’m glad I didn’t get it now as I don’t think I’d really use it that much.

I also missed out on Stereo Rose but again I’m not that sad about it now.

MAC ever hip – fashion flower only got to Aus this week, apparently online only, and i was waiting for the shipping code but i obviously waited too long! sigh/

Mac surf the ocean pigment stacker, but then went to a store that had a launch party and they had a ton. The last two products were urban decays naked pallette … Still don’t have one :/ and the orangey nail polish from the venomous villains collection I went in the morning they had it but I passed then I decided I had to have it, and went back the same day and Mac was sold out and I called like 4 or 5 counters and stores in my city and they were all sold out

Candy Yum Yum. I have given up on that one and decided it probably wasn’t meant to be. I live a 5 minute walk from 2 MAC stores (Bay and PRO), and I won’t make that mistake again! Will be waiting at the doors to open for collections that are MUST-HAVES.

Mac’s mega metal eyeshadow in paparazz-she… it was the only one i found unique enough to purchase, but i took a while to make up my mind and when i got there… sigh.

Mac Pink Power msf from the Wonder Woman Collection. they had it on display and not marked as sold out, although when they went to look for it, it was sold out (hurumph)

I ordered Sun Blonde eye shadow online and when my order came it was MIA. By that time it was sold out every where. WAH-waaaah.

I REALLY wanted pharaoh paint pot, even was willing to buy it used (when someone hit pan on it) i actully pulled some strings with a highly reccomended ebayer and turns out she had one!

I was gunning for the MAC Wonderwoman lipstick Marquise d’ but because the release was during the most hectic month at University I rightfully chose school over makeup. I kinda regret not buying it … I work in a comic shop and thought that the packaging was superb and am kinda bummed lol at least then I was able to use the money not spent to buy Playing Koi from Quite Cute :3

Hmmmm the guerlain G blush. Although I’m not convinced I would have actually bought it but I was sad it was sold out. Sally Hansen hidden treasure is one I really wanted but could never get my hands on along with revlon’s perplex.

I’ve never missed out on anything I wanted lol. I really haven’t found it hard to get my hands on them. I’m just there first thing in the morning the day a collection launches and I swatch it and buy it (assuming I still like it after swatching). End of story.

I did miss out on the 226 brush but it’s not because it sold out. It’s because I wasn’t following MAC at all back then and by the time I realized I wanted the brush, it was like a year later!

If they ever re-launch that brush (what’s taking so long?!), I’ll get it.

Mac Later pigment when it was released in the Alice + Olivia collection. I was able to pick it up though when it was re-released. Before that it was Marine Life πŸ˜›

Mac Ever Hip lipstick. I went to the mall 2 days after it was released and Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, AND the Mac store were all out of it. I know that Nordstrom does “pre-orders” for makeup which I find ridiculous. When I go to the store, I want to go home with what I purchase. If I want to wait, I’ll buy it online! Either Mac should keep more stock of popular colors or they should have some kind of safeguard against Ebay sellers buying up 40 of them to sell on Ebay at double the price.

I bought one of MAC’s My Paradise blush at the Surf Baby launch party. When I tried to get another a week later, it was gone!

I really want to have chanel’s rose platine waterproof eyeliner from summer 2011 collection but it’s already sold out where I live. Can you sugggest me any dupes please?

I could not get my hands on playing koi…even though you said it wasnt very good, I wanted it!

I have seen the Naked palette everywhere recently!! I still haven’t picked it up, would like to get it 20% off somehow…

Michael Kors Island Figi Perfume. Never found it.

I also wanted a Pevonia night cream, but I ended up finding it from a local esthetician. She carries Pevonia and was able to order whatever I wanted, so if you are in the South Florida area and your elusive product is a skin care product, look her up on linked in http://www.linkedin.com/pub/judy-zeman/22/aa5/619.

As for the perfume, if anyone ever finds it, please let me know where!!!

Like many other here, I missed out on Candy Yum Yum lipstick! The worse part for me was I could have gotten it, but I backed out last second. Then the next day I decided to go back for it… and of course it was sold out! They even warned me it was going like hot cakes. πŸ˜›

ud naked palette. i went to the ulta in savannah on a mission to finally try it out and buy it, but noo sold out! so i got the feminine palette instead, and omg love <3

WETnWILD 901b, Think Pink and VS Bombshell. I know I am behind but only 1 PX (military store) within a few hours. Germany stinx

The MAC Surf Baby pigment stacks, which were sold out at my local MAC store… I ended up snagging the last one they had in Surf the Ocean at Nordstrom but they didn’t have the other one πŸ™ Probably better for my bank account’s health that they didn’t, though!

Mac Yogamode Beauty Powder from the Raquel Welch Limited Edition. When I went back to get more, it was all gone from store and online stock. Christine, do you know of a dupe for that shade?

I know how you feel! I finally found one for $28 on eBay a few months ago. It was pretty expensive but I wanted it so badly! D:

ripe peach was the big thing i wanted but couldn’t ever get. i freaked out when siahi was sold out online and called a store in california to ship it to me even though i live in missouri. somewhat more reasonable – i have a store a couple hours away ship me pink cult when it was sold out online.

MAC’s “Bite of An Apple” blush from their Venomous Villians collection….MAC sent me an email notification a week later and it had already been on sale, I was sooo disappointed!! πŸ™

Candy Yum Yum and Playtime.

I gotta say, I’m getting pretty irritated at how hard it can be to get “hot” MAC products that sell out instantly. It almost seems like lately MAC is deliberately underproducing stuff to create a false urgency and buzz. It’s enough to make me stop buying MAC if there’s no way to buy new product without waiting by my computer to buy it untested the hour it’s released.

I totally agree, it really seems like a marketing ploy. If I weren’t so addicted to shiny new makeup, then I might have a chance at ditching MAC for a more admirable brand that doesn’t manipulate their customers just to make a buck.

MAC’s candy yum yum, I saw it when it came out & didn’t purchase it immediately thinking it wasn’t going to sell out quickly, I was SO wrong!

UD’s Alice in Wonderland book of shadows & their anniversary 24/7 eyeliner set

Mine was Marine Life,, and I even had a chance to purchase it. I was at one of the stores close to me, and I saw it so I went over to look at it and one of the MUA’s was like let me put it on you. It looked soo beautiful but my friends were waiting at like the other end of the mall so I left it not realizing that it would sell out so quickly. I was so sad I contacted the other 2 MAC’s in my area, as well as the ones in Florida because I was leaving to go on vacation in a few days. I tried everything to get this product, even ebay πŸ™ So if it ever comes out again, and thankfully we have temptalia to let us know, I will be sitting outside of the store the day it comes out to buy it.

Candy Yum Yum here too. I went to the nearest MAC store the day that collection was released and picked up Playtime and Quite Cute, but passed on Candy Yum Yum because I have a couple of bright pink lipsticks already. A few days later I decided I really wanted it and POOF, it was already gone. Dagger.

I live in New Orleans and for some reason the OPI Crackle is a rarity all over the city. It took me a couple months and a Trip to Baton Rouge to find a place that had it. Best. Purchase. Ever.

MAC blush ombre in Ripe Peach. I’m still not sure how I goofed that up.

And by the time I changed my mind about MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick it was gone.

Oh and that Bobbi Brown Metallic lipstick in Chrome sold out really quick everywhere too (I’m still made about this one).

Chanel Ombres Perlees Eyeshadow Palette. I finally found one online and ordered it only to have my order canceled later that day. Was heartbroken. My husband started stalking Nordy’s website for me and when he saw it pop back up he grabbed it. I was so FREAKING excited!!!

Mac’s Ever Hip lipstick. I am sooooo bummed that by the time I got to the website, (mind you the next day after it launched) it was gone.

Ripe peach ombrΓ© blush! I was so excited when you had one in your huge giveaway a while back! I guess it’s just not meant to be!

the giant pink msf that came out with the mac wonder woman collection…i really wanted it but they had trouble with shipment of it in the uk so my mac counter never got it and it sold out online πŸ™ x

Urban Decay Naked Palette which I regretted not initially getting and when I finally was able to get it…I got six of them. Generally there is not a product I cant purchase, because it seems like I buy stuff that are not in crazy demand. MAC Yum Yum sounds like a swell lip color….wouldnt be suprise if MAC repackaged the product and renamed the same color

I’m reading the all the comments everyone is posting. I’m quite proud to say I was able to snag most of things that people are saying they missed. I think I’ve been able to score the hottest pieces because I look into and research the collections before they’re released and then hit Sephora, Nordstoms, or the boutiques to secure one in advance for myself. The only one that I missed that seemed that most did is Candy Yum-Yum. I own the OPI Mad As A Hatter, but I bought it in passing and haven’t given it’s value any thought. I had no idea people were paying +$50!! Yikes… Kinda wish I held onto it and sold it afterwards. I’ve done that with a bunch of things. So, I have been on the other side and bought cosmetics that I know will sell out and can easily be scalped on eBay and such, but I’ve also had to experience the buyers end as well. Ripe Peach and Sinister did that to me…

I wanted the MAC l/s summer summer and was bummed it was sold out and too expensive on ebay but the other day and I was just browsing the mac site on my phone and saw it was in stock! I quickly placed an order for that with the craving l/s and used the promo code for free shipping. I got it today, its so awesome! Made my week. πŸ™‚

The only ones that I’m still bummed about is ever hip and ripe peach(but I think amazon princess is pretty close).other than that I’ve been pretty lucky!

Mac my paradise cheek powder! I wanted it soo bad and unfortunately i cant enter your giveaway christine since im only 16 years old/: it sucks, but i’ll live(:

It’s mac’s innocence beware lipstick. I had the chance to get it but changed my mind then when i realized i liked it, it was already sold out the following day.

Mega Metal shadows from Mac Peacocky collection. We don’t have a mac in my country and I sent my brother all the way to Malaysia for me (ok so he was going anyway and I handed him my mac list) but they were sold out everywhere πŸ™


I’ve managed to get my hands on most things either through makeupalley or livejournal: Marine Life, My Paradise, Ever Hip, Candy Yum Yum.

The one thing I can’t seem to find right now is Playing Koi. And Hibiscus!

Two items come to mind (both Mac, surprise, surprise!) – Bite of an Apple blush from Venomous Villains and Bows and Curtsies eyeshadow from the Fashion Flower (I think that’s the name) collection. The latter was a repromote from Tartan Tales but the pigmentation was SO much more intense and rich.

Teenage Dream by OPI, Sadly I still cannot find it ANYWHERE and refuse to pay 20 dollars to a scalper on ebay for a polish I have yet to see in real life!

OPI Shatter Polish in Turquoise. Ulta has gotten in 2 shipments and both sold out the same day before I could get to the store. Will try again on Friday.

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