What was the last product that you tried to but couldn’t fall in love with?

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection in general. It was hard to be excited/enthused about what I know many readers were excited about after having tried ’em.

— Christine
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It Cosmetics CC Cream. Hated it no matter how I used it. And more recently, Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow. Not omg amazing by any means and eyeshadows fade throughout the day tbh. Not awful but not great either. I think social media hypes bc it is cheap. But given how hyped it is, I wasn’t blown away and really think they are average and on par w Morphe which are shadows that after you try many formulas you realize aren’t that good

That’s disappointing to hear about Juvia’s. I always see 5 star reviews on it at Ulta and the colours look so vibrant. I wanted to try them.

I completely agree about Juvia’s Place, they do not last at all on me and transfer to my contact lenses. I don’t have this issue with any of my other high end or affordable eyeshadows. I have given away or sold anything I have purchased from him.

Interesting — IT Cosmetics CC Cream is 1/2 of my HG foundation mixture (mixed 50/50 with the Bye Bye Foundation), but I get how it might not work for others (besides, foundations are like that — what works amazingly for one person can be a complete failure for another).

I have 2 Juvia’s Place eyehadow palettes; I haven’t tried the most recent one I bought yet, but I’ve worn the other quite few times and am very impressed with it. Honestly, I’d put it above all my other eyeshadow palettes.

I own several Juvia’s Place palettes, and had have had great luck with the formula despite having oily eyelids. (I do wear them over primer, though.) I think they’re much better than Morphe (although I like Morphe fine).

Dominique’s is the formula that won’t blend and fades on me, even with primer, but most people seem to love it. It depends a lot on the wearer’s skin chemistry, too, I think. I guess that’s why there are so many different formulas on the market. 🙂

I really couldn’t get excited about this collection either although It seems everyone else is. I really only like 4 shadows from the palette, I feel like the others I already have in other palettes of theirs I already own so I can’t justify paying that price for only 4 shadows. Other than the eyeliners I don’t want much else and I will probably try some of the dupes listed for them at a lower price as I won’t be using them on the daily.

I’ve got a few. I can’t for the life of me get the mattes in Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction to work how I want them to. They stick where I put them and I have a really hard time getting them to blend out nicely, and after a while of me going back and forth they just get muddy. Glad there are only 3 in the palette. Second, Tatcha Water Cream (it was just nothing special, very expensive and not even that hydrating. Smelled amazing though!). Third, the red ColourPop BFF mascara. The color is super cool but the formula is so dry, I just can’t fall in love with it. Hard to get even, feels like I’m applying remnants of acrylic paint to my lashes.

I agree with you Emilie, the Tatcha Water Cream was just a mediocre product at best. I am not sure if my expectations were too high or if it really is just mediocre. Seeing someone agree makes me think it just isn’t a great product for the price. I do love the scent also. I have two Tatcha products, that at this point, are holy grail for me and those are the Rice Enzyme Powder and the Camellia Oil Makeup remover. Nothing else has impressed me.

Ooh, ordered ALL the CP colored mascaras, and find most remarkably poor. Kind of sad, bec until this week, it was my only color cosmetics purchase all year. And, you don’t expect CP to let you down.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara is the last product I remember throwing out before it was used up. I know a lot of people love it and I wanted to love it, too, but it was an awful, clumpy mess on me. Another one is Bobbi Brown’s stick foundation. I really wanted to love this one because it’s easy to work with, looks beautiful on, and is so portable, but sadly, it made me break out on my cheeks and chin both times I used it. I’m still working on loving Guerlain Meteorite Pearls. Not ready to give up yet!

Most overly hyped mascaras are similar to me… it’s seems that almost all influencers like their mascaras clumpy and building tons of volume, but I’m not into that vibe. Same happened to me with Lash Paradise, Better than Sex and others. My most favorite mascaras are ones almost no-one talks about.

Recently it has been more skin care related and that is probably due to a few factors, not the least of which, is my no buy. I have been trying to focus more on skin care and while I was overall happy/okay with the changes I made back in October, the one product that I really didn’t fall in love with is the Farmacy Honeymoon Glow. I have persevered over the months trying to give it ample time to do something and also because I purchased a second bottle during the November Sephora sale. It is time to just accept that the product doesn’t work for me and so I plan on returning to my Sunday Riley Good Genes.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in no. 125 Inspirer – a complete disaster on my lips. I purchased it last week thinking it would be a less expensive alternative to my beloved Dior Addict Lip Tattoo. Well, it does not even come close (at least for this particular shade). One applied, I let it dry for almost one minute (it does not dry completely, but this is not the issue). Then, when I put my lips together, they literally almost got glued together and I could feel and see that they didn’t separate easily while talking. It was like having some sort of rubbery, gluey feeling. I was thinking, if I have a salad right now, bits of salad can get stuck to my lips. I tried to remove it right way, and a wet Kleenex couldn’t wipe it off. I took a pad with makeup remover and even after that, the lips remained very sticky. I had to scrub my lips with a lip exfoliator (Bite Beauty). I don’t get it. Is this an issue with this particular shade, lot, or with the entire range?

I have three Dior Addict Lip Tattoos (lip stains) and they are my go-to lip products especially during the hot and humid summer days. I have nos. 351 Natural Nude, 761 Natural Cherry and 551 Watermelon. With the exception of the last one (part of last summer’s limited edition release), which is a bit more watery and sheer but still workable, the other two are perfection for me. Very thin formula, no or minimal transfer (minimal for Natural Cherry which is very pigmented) and you don’t even feel it on your lips. Yes, they are expensive, but I always buy them during Sephora’s sales.

The SuperStay Matte Inks definitely have a ‘rubbery’ feel to them and sometimes have a weird feathering effect if I separate my lips. How many coats did you apply?

Juste one. With the matte liquid lipsticks that have a thicker formula (like Huda Beauty, KVD), I apply just one coat and let it dry. They don’t dry completely like my Dior that applies a thin film on your lips. With the ones that are stains (Dior Addict Lip Tattoo and YSL Tatouage Couture), I apply two if necessary, as their formula is thin. But this was beyond sticky. The person watching me talk could se that my lips had difficulty separating themselves while talking, especially at the points where they were touching each other. This is not normal.

UD Naked Heat. I obsessed over this palette for a whole year until it arrived in my country. Sephora released it midnight without telling anyone about it… I bought mine immediately.

Boooooy! Did I hate it? I tried, I really tried, but the thing is chalk, patch and has no pigmentation. I still have this U$75 disapointmeht around as we can’t return makeup here, but I got so turned off that their palettes is a huge no for me unless I can try them before buying, which is a huge no too as the closest Sephora is 5 h away.

I also obsessed over Born to Run, but let’s just say that Naked Heat cured it. 😂😂😂

I haven’t tried Naked Heat but I have Born to Run. Bought the Vault as a gift for my mother (the packaging reminded her of growing up in LA as a young college student) but I use it all the time and I think it’s worth it! I actually think it’s one of their better palettes 🙂

While I adore the colors in the palette, most of the metallics in Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts palette crease on me within a few hours no matter which primer I use. It’s a real shame, too, because I really love how beautiful they look! So far, only the mattes, 2 taupe metallics and white shimmer don’t look like hot mess level of creasing after only 3 hours. Very depressing, as I waited so long to get this one and so looked forward to finally having it.

BareMinerals Floral Utopia Gen Nude eyeshadow. The mattes were extremely hard, no pigmentation, and patchy. The shimmers are only fallout. The shade that I liked the most, Dusty Violet, basically explodes in a shower of particles when you put your brush into it. This shade only applies as the pan colour when you use your finger. I bought it to bring on a trip and was really disappointed in the whole thing, I really liked the colour story!

Marc Jacobs Steel(etto) eyeshadow palette. The colors in the pans are pretty but did not translate the same on my eyes. Just to blah and meh for me. I am starting to learn that hyped up products with stellar reviews are not always the end all be all when it comes to what I will actually like and use. In the case of this palette, I don’t even reach for it and will probably gift it to one of my friends who may appreciate it more than I do.

I wanted to fall in love with Charlotte Tilbury… don’t know way… maybe it’s Wayne Goss fault. 😆
I don’t know… even the packaging, while looking great in photos online, seems a little to cheap plastic in person… and most products are OK, but not worth a ton of hype. The pressed powder disappointed me, it doesn’t set my make-up enough (and I’m not that oily).

I don’t get it why, but I also wanted to love Briogeo, especially the Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. Too many influencers I generally trust and like (with caveats, always) hype about it… but all Briogeo products are like… meah to me. Verb worked amazing for me, but it’s not a brand talked about; I would expected to get the same vibe from Briogeo, but for me their products are no better than drugstore counterparts.

I totally agree about the Briogeo! I bought a mini Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask and it did nothing for my hair. In fact, it made my fine hair look flat and greasy. Not a look I was going for 🙂

I love Verb Ghost Oil. The only time I’ve ever heard it talked about was years ago on the Nouveau Riche blog. (Whatever happened with that site?)
I have fine hair and it is the only oil I’ve ever used that doesn’t weigh down/make my hair dirty.

I wanted to try the Sea Goddess hair + body mist, but too many reviews say the nozzle is wonky, and once the glitter gets stuck, that’s all she wrote. As to CT, most of her colorways are too yellow for me. I got the sex on fire blush: meh, CP Aphrodisiac is far better. Got one l/s in a S multiset that IS in my color families, and find the formula unfriendly. CT is one whole brand I cannot get behind. Fiona Styles was much more my speed, more ‘cool’ friendly. Even Wayne can’t always be right.

I don’t think it’s a matter of wrong or right, just different preferences in make-up, different lifestyles, different skin and routines. It’s just that I tend to want to like products my favorite influencers love. 😆

Hourglass Mineral Veil primer just does not work for me. I have tried to apply it every which way according to various YouTube videos but it is not for me.

I absolutely love the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer! I simply spread it on my face after I let my regular SPF moisturizer set for 3-5 minutes. It made every foundation I used with it look better and last longer. And makes my skin so smooth and soft I sometimes can stop touching it.
In the end different products work differently for different people. It’s just that it never slipped my mind there’s multiple ways of applying a primer. 😆

I also loved Hourglass Mineral Veil — it’s the first primer I’ve ever used that made a difference, and it made a very noticeable difference. After the last large one I used up I switched to using a sunscreen as a primer. It doesn’t work 1/2 as well, but it was a choice I made to minimize the products I was using. I actually miss the Mineral Veil.

I know it works great for some people but it’s the ABSOLUTE WORST on me as well – everything just slides right off my face in a couple of hours, which is the exact opposite of what’s is supposed to do!

Pat McGrath Fetisheyes mascara – not anything to write home about and on the drier side for my preferences. I tried it for two weeks and now I’m using it as a finishing coat if sorts to my other mascaras just to use it up. I’ll stick to my (waterproof) Dior, MAC and Giorgio Armani mascaras for that price point. That being said, if Fetisheyes came in a waterproof formula, I think I’d be willing to work with it more, maybe even repurchase.

That I didn’t buy: UD GoT Collection. I thought the palette packaging was ugly and bulky, and none of the collection’s colors were particularly inspired, aside from the eyeliners.

That I did buy: Dominique Lemonade Palette. Great colors, but variable quality and color pay off; difficult to apply. I’m going to try it again this spring using sponge-tips applicators to apply it.

I’ve been fairly lucky in the past few years, hardly any epic fails either in skincare or makeup. I guess the most disappointing was the EA lipstick in Perfect Red that always turns pink on me. Lucky it was inexpensive so I could toss.

I really wanted to like the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric High Coverage Stretchable Concealer. But it creased on me. I love the GA Lumninous Silk foundation and thought the concealer would pair nicely with it. But it didn’t It didn’t pair well with MUFE Ultra HD foundation or Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation either. So it had to go back to Sephora. I also don’t like the Marc Jacobs See-quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow in Topaz Flash. It creases on me. I have the Amethyst shade but it doesn’t do the same thing. Sadly that has to go Back to Sephora as well. Luckily I have a dupe for it, the Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in the shade Fairy Tale.

Mine was Born to Run. I honestly believe at that point I was just so burnt out from UD. My stepdaughter loved it when I passed it on. It was at that time I said no more palettes unless I know I will love them.

I am excited for the new CT eye palette regardless of the name…her shadows are so easy for work days and the Pillow Talk palette and blush were so successful. I am worried about breaking my love streak though so will wait to swatch and/or hopefully read Christine’s review.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 42 SPF (shade #21) – I really wanted to love this SKorean product as it gets rave reviews and is very reasonably priced. It looked fabulous right after application but turned to an ashy gray in an hour. Unfortunately, it was so drying it was uncomfortable to wear leaving my skin feeling tight and looking a bit crepe-y. After about 4 hours it had completely disappeared and was no longer visible on my skin. I’m usually willing to mix BB creams and/or foundations I do not like to create a ‘cocktail’ that will work so I can use up the product – but this one went directly into the bin.
Missha’s advertising is directed to teens so I guess I should have known this product wouldn’t be the best for dry, mature skin.

I don’t think I’ve had many failures in the past year, but one notable one was a Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick. I really wanted to love it, but it got grainy and uncomfortable while worn (just like my last lipstick failure before that — a Nudestix Matte Lip Pencil called Raven that I really like the color of but which goes horribly grainy after about an hour of wear). I’m going to keep trying, and see if just the right balm base will help (I like the color a lot). I bought it on impulse — I was really there for the mascara, which I do very much like, so it wasn’t a wasted “trip.”

Natasha Denona’s Darya blush palette. I’d lusted after it for so long and finally brought it 15% off. It looks so pretty on Christine and I love my ND Citrus palette. The pink tones washed me out and the highlighters were too light. Alas I returned it.

I regret purchasing the RMS Beauty Wild with Desire lipsticks.

I wished the GoT collection looked better. I think that at the finale premiere, the GoT eyeshadows on the actors didn’t look high end at all :-/

Same for GoT collection. I have been reading the book series for almost twenty years now (holy crap where does the time go??) and wanted to love this collection as something to keep. Yeah….not so much. It was just a really big miss for me. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty much done with Urban Decay. Teenage me loved them immensely, grown up me prefers other brands.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir mascara. Fortunately, I have a mini size, which I got as a gift to my Eye-conic Coconut palette. I have many many mascaras, not only high-end, but also drugstore’s, that perform much better than MJs. Especially endurance. For a long time I haven’t had a problem with crumbling and this mascara crumbles a lot! What’s more, I have these crumbles after 2 hrs of wearing. I’ve tried it for many times and hates it every time.

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