What was the last makeup launch or collection that stood out to you?

What was the last makeup launch or collection that stood out to you? Share!

ColourPop’s fall collection, actually, as it was perfectly on-theme and well-done.

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The MAC Guo Pei collection stood out for its unique packaging. She also did bolder eye shadow colors (blues, blacks, yellows, oranges) rather than the usual safe neutrals. I also liked the blushes and fluidlines, but the lipsticks, face powder, and brushes were disappointing. But for overall winner, I agree with the ’90s collection from Colour Pop. The colors and names were spot on, it perfectly captured the 90s trend that’s strong for fall/winter, the quality was there, and it was very affordable.

As this has been one really weird bunch of Fall ’15 releases, especially at the beginning (face palms), things finally got rolling when ColourPop came out with theirs and blew all the others outta the water! The colors, the quality, the whole shebang speaks to me.

Yeah, I was wondering if this whole fall season was going to be a dud, then out of nowhere ColourPop came out and stole the show!

I’d never tried ColourPop before, but the release of Forever Freshman inspired me to place an order and give their shadows a try. You cannot beat the price, that’s for sure. And, if what various bloggers/YouTubers say about ColourPop is true insofar as the quality of their shadows, I know I’ll be happy I did!

I loved how Kate Moss’ lipsticks for Rimmel came together. It was a perfect match of product, model, and branding, and I appreciated that it was just lipsticks instead of a bunch of stuff thrown together for the sake of presenting a whole collection.

Revlon’s lip butters stand out to me as well. Those were a really big deal when they first came out.

High-end stuff is harder to suss out, since there are more hyped-up launches than there used to be, and constant promotion on blogs and social media makes it all run together. I mean, Urban Decay is a great brand, but they need to chill for a minute. I don’t need more flashy palettes. They’d get more repeat business from me if I could buy my favorite palette shades as singles.

Agreed! I wish Urban Decay would offer their palette shades as singles…so often I love just one or three of the shades in their palettes, but I don’t want to get a whole palette just to have it lying around, mostly unused!

One was definitely the ColourPop 90s fall collection for me, too. I bought the majority of it. The other would be the Urban Decay Holiday collection. I swooned over Urban Sprectrum and Vice 4, and there is a really cute mini-lipgloss duo I have my eye on. Plus everything else looks great except for the waterline pencils. Well, they look great, but I have yet to see a positive review.

Urban Decay, too! I have got to get my paws on that gorgeous Spectrum Palette! Those are two of the main standout collections lately, also MAC Guo Pei is a stunner as well. Those 3 made the dismal fall offerings before them fade into oblivion!

As much as I love that collection, I think I need to decompress and chillax over it, because when I look at taxes and shipping costs plus the ordeal of having to chase it down, it is rapidly becoming a pipe dream at this point for me to go this crazy for it.

I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t even think of taxes on top of the prices. (Oregon doesn’t have sales tax.) But, yeah, it was just too spendy and too much hassle for me.

My only hope would be if any good stuff is still left on Oct. 1st, and maybe something really great will be, but I’m not getting my hopes up. As long as I can still grab UD Spectrum on the 1st, then I’m good!

Colourpop’s Fall Collection and their Back to Cool/Forever Freshman/Fall Collection Pt2 line because it has colours I miss from the 90s and their eyeshadows actually show up on my eyelids true to pan.

But the issue I have with colourpop was I hit pan on Mixed Tape Super Shock Eyeshadow after 5 days of use…

Yeah, those jars are definitely deceiving to the eye as far as the amount to product in them goes. But it’s only $5 for super quality…
Idk, it seems like a waste of plastic for such a small amount of product (most cream shadows are at least double their size). I think ppl would happily pay $10 for twice as much product πŸ™‚

I kind of think they did this on purpose, due to the textue of the shadow. You wouldn’t want it to dry out prior to finishing, or hitting pan. It just gives a satisfying feeling. πŸ˜€

you know…. I hit pan on Cornelious from the Kathleen Lights collab after a week. I loved it so much I bought another set because I was worried…..it’s still not finished after almost four months. I think you hit pan pretty quick because of the formula but it lasts way longer than you’d think.

Yeah, the sparkle shades do go a long way. I’ve been rocking So Quiche for a long time, it’s even in my purse makeup bag.
The ones I hit pan on almost immediately were the mattes, the ones that are great crease or transition shades. It may also be the way I use my shadow brushes though, I have a tendency to push into shadows rather than brush across them. My powder shadows all have little indents from my brush fibers where I push into them, so that’s possible.
I will agree that Colour Pop is boss when it comes to sparkly shades!

Colourpop’s fall collection for me too! The colors, especially the eyeshadows are unique and everything that I bought performs outstandingly

I’m super happy with the stuff I got. I ordered most of the eyeshadows except for I think 3-4, both blushed (and I am PICKY about blush) and three of the lippie stix. I have since placed an order for the other lippie stix and the matching lip pencils. Ack. But holy crap am I impressed with the collection.

I don’t really buy collections – I pick individual items from collections so it’s often hard for me even to remember them but 2 that stand out (they’re “oldies) are the Tartan Tales one (just for the romantic Highland “backstory” that melded so well with everyone’s infatuation with the Outlander books and all the Celtic music that people were loving so much) and also the Alluring Aquatics collection – SO MANY great products in that one! And the LE packaging was actually really nice for a change!

I was in love with Too Faced 2014 Holiday collection. The La Belle Carousel was so cute! I loved the mixture of eye shadow colors and finishes, and the 2 blushes and 2 bronzers.

I am a little disappointed with the collections this year:( I suppose make up companies can only differentiate their products so much. Everything just seems so similar to last years collections.

One thing I love about Holiday collections is the sets, I feel like those are a great way to save money.

Tom Ford lips and boys collection hands down. I know the market is saturated with reformulated lipsticks, but this particular collection stood out because of the concept of foreign guy names. The miniature size of the lipsticks I felt I can even justify getting a few since I’ve never owned any of their cosmetics. Unfortunately all the shades I was interested in were sold out. But I hear they are bringing them back! I wonder if they will still be miniature sizes…

Hi Lisa,

The British blogs are reporting that the new Lips and Boys lipsticks will be the same smaller size and that half the colors are repromotes and half the colors are new. I can hardly wait to see them πŸ™‚

Definitely the ColourPop fall collection. It was actually very autumnal in feel, without being boring and basic. It had a well thought out theme, and it was very cohesive – all the products they put out would go so well together. And it was very good quality.

It was so well done, I actually want to figure out which person or team from ColourPop were in charge of it, because they are definitely going to be some up-and-coming beauty industry types to watch.

ColourPop’s Fall collection stood out for me as well. It’s well priced, great quality, and is one of the few 90’s-inspired collections to actually seem “90’s”. I got some of the Matte lip ones that were released earlier (Clueless makes me feel like Cher Horowitz!), a bunch of their eyeshadows, lippie stix, liners, and both blushes, as well as the new lippie stix pack. Aside from the next mentioned collection I think it’s the closest I’ve come to buying the WHOLE collection.

An honorable mention goes to the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Collection. I know for some it was hit or miss but it was a big hit for me. I ended up getting most of the actual makeup products and got a ton of use out of them this summer, and even going in to fall they’re still going strong. I’m not, however, spending that kind of money on a makeup bag even though they were super cute. This was another collection that, as a fan of Parkinson’s work, seemed really in-tune with the theme. It also enabled me to get a hold of the matte lipstick formula before the permanent collection was available stateside which was fantastic but now it’s got me hooked and I really want to save up and get the big set of all ten that’s offered on the site.

Ones that I thought would stand out but failed to live up to the press: Mac Guo Pei- I’m not just going to pay for meh quality and pretty but poorly made packaging; and the Hourglass holiday Palette- too tiny to fit a brush in, not good value for the volume of product. Especially after last years blush palette I figured they’d do good things. At least that frees up some cash (if I end up having any after student loans) for the 3 things on my list this year (some of which were on the list last year, and the year before…): CT Matte Lip Collection, Zoeva Brushes, and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette.

Dior spring 2014! The quality wasn’t there but everything else was so well done- the color choice, the promotional images, the products included, the packaging. I had to try REALLY hard not to buy anything because I knew it wouldn’t be worth it, but that collection seemed to die for. It was perfectly done, in theory. As for collections I actually bought, the Revlon vintage lipstick collection was PRECIOUS and I really hope they do things like that again with more lipsticks or even blushes! So exciting to see that from a brand with such a rich history.

The most recent standout collection for me was Tom Ford Summer: cream eyeshadows, cream blush, sheer lipsticks, and smaller versions of the bronzers. I spent a fortune! LOL. There have been some beautiful items from various brands since then, but if we’re talking collection, then it is Tom Ford for me.

No really makeup bur perfume. I saw yesterday the new ( and first) perfume by Miu Miu.. with the most extraordinary bottle and I had to stop and admire. The actual fragrance is really nice but in my opinion is the actual bottle that is the show stopper.
Also made a note of he new Hourglass palette ( the one with blushes, powder, highlighter and bronzer) and the new Burberry’s eye and nail colors ( lots of greens, olive, camouflage, army etc)

Agreed, Colourpop was really on point this fall; some beautiful colors and finishes there, and a really well executed theme (says a child of the 90s) πŸ™‚ I also really enjoyed their Rumer Has It collection; beautiful shadows there, as well. Makeup Geek launches the duochrome range, which is nice as well (but I’m not sure if that’s more for holiday ’15 or for fall).

Hmm… but what else has really stood out?… MAC’s Haute Dogs wasn’t bad; some great fluidlines in that one. Um… jeez. You know, I’ve bought a good amount of makeup since August, but nothing else is really jumping to mind. I’m more looking ahead these days, to see what else the brands come out with for the holiday season; the early releases are mostly lovely, but I’m not dying with want over any one particular palette or lipstick shade… which has me a little sad, admittedly. lol We shall see! πŸ™‚

UD’s Holiday collection with that gorgeous Spectrum palette
I also liked Lorac’s Pro Metals eye shadow palette as well.
The beautiful brown/red and berry lipsticks too.

Bite’s Maple(Canada) and Berries (US) lipstick collections! I went nuts for that, and I keep talking myself out of stocking up triples and further of the gorgeous colours!

Colour Pop’s 90’s Collection sold me from the first swatch. Not only was a a 90’s baby but the swatches are just gorgeous and haven’t been disappointed with their products

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