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brittany Avatar

MAC Brave was my first lipstick purchase. I was 16 and remember loving it. I actually have the exact one still in my collection and I don’t think it’s even half way finished. I didn’t want to waste it….though I have over 500 lipsticks now LOL.

Lauren Avatar

Mac’s Pink Nouveau, I previously had tried things like Covergirl or those in the holiday multi sets from Walmart or something but I was never happy with the quality and they always looked and wore badly. I figured I wasn’t a lipstick girl.. But Mac changed that and now I’m almost exclusively a lipstick girl! The only thing is now I don’t buy any new mac until they can become a cruelty free brand. (My personal choice for my future beauty and household products choices)

Nancy T Avatar

The very first one I ever bought with my own money is so easy to remember, because it was Goth before anyone had even thought of that term! It was by Dana Taboo called Argentine Extra Dark. It looked like MAC Instigator. Only thing I did get wrong was my age when I previously mentioned this, I wasn’t 13, but according to my elderly aunt, I was 15, and my Mom wasn’t happy about it! I wore it proudly, though!

Pearl Avatar

It was an Ultima II lipstick I bought from JC Penneys. I can’t remember the name but it was a medium brown color like MAC Persistence and it was in a twist up tube like the Urban Decay sheers or mattes.

Marieke Avatar

I was too shy to walk into MAC, so I went to Yves Rocher. I used to go there with my mom. I asked for advice. I wanted a neutral lipstick, but in a dark rose way. I walked out with the perfect lipstick and I actually finished the whole tube. Unfortunately, the formula and shade no longer exist.

Rachel R. Avatar

That would have been around ’83 or ’84. The first one I bought myself was a drug store brand in shimmery, bright bubblegum pink. I can’t remember for the life of me what it was…probably Covergirl or Maybelline.

My mom bought me my first lipsticks, which were from the Avon About Town line in Kiss Me Pink (shimmery pink) and Sheer Shrimp (frosty peach).

Mariella Avatar

First ever would have been Cutex Peppermint Pink a verrrrry long time ago. First MAC lipstick was one called Redwood (discontinued now but for a time, it was the only one I wore and this was before I understood that MAC had different textures/formulas of lipstick; it was a “glaze” which is probably my least favourite now, as they are the least long-lasting). I have Sweetie….my older son got it for me a few years ago for Xmas (along with a shadow and another 239 brush). I still think of my “sweetie” whenever I wear it.

Joyce Avatar

I want to say maybe NYX Peach… which looks nothing like peach lol! But my first non-drugstore was MAC Ever Hip! I read all the comments from a Temptalia post about the best summer lipstick and Ever Hip came up several times. Although it was limited edition, it came out in a recent collection so I thought, “Here’s my chance!”

Reesa Avatar

I was obsessed with MAC back in the day, and was so excited to purchase my first lipstick from the brand. I purchased MAC Sophisto lipstick and wore it almost every day.

Ginny Avatar

It was by Prescriptives and I think it was just called Plum. It was a dark, vampy red. Kind of a bold choice for a first lipstick but my mom led me to it haha. It was for junior prom and I was wearing a black velvet dress. I still have both!

Raeanne Avatar

It was Rimmel Moisture Renew, in the shade Summer Angel… a frosty taupe/nude pink. Some may scoff at frost but this one is actually quite wearable and very moisturizing. I still break out my old tube once in a while, especially when my skin is more tan in the summer!

Lauren S Avatar

Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick in the shade Perfect 10 – a sheer, glossy peach. I was probably around 14 or 15 when I got it and now at 22 I have more lipsticks than I could even count ?

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

I was big into opaque lips gloss when I started to buy makeup for myself with my own money, So it was montly Hard Candy shades.

When I think about it, my first lipstick was probably an Avon shade because I needed a red lipstick along with eyeliner. I also remember getting 2 shades because it was impossible to tell what colour they were in the catalogue.

Bananasforbourbon Avatar

I’m pretty certain the first the first lip product that had any pigment at all was the Dr. Pepper lip balm by Bonne Bell. The jumbo size. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was a HS freshman, but this little number had just a bit of dark, reddish plum color. It flew under my mom’s radar since it looked like all the other lip balms I hoarded.

I wore the heck out of it…yep, that was me in the early seventies, granny glasses, stringy long hair, but I was really rocking the contraband lip balm! As far as the first actual lipstick I purchased in the bullet format, I have no clue. But I still keep a little tube of Dr. Pepper balm in my stash for nostalgia. ?

Jennifer Avatar

the very first MAC lipstick I ever purchased was Sweetie…I remember that clearly lol but before MAC, I’m pretty sure it was an Avon lipstick

The first lipstick I vividly remember loving has been discontinued but it was from Estee Lauder and it was called Vinyl Voltage…it was a gift from an aunt

J S Avatar

I think the first one I ever bought was a cheap red lipstick from NYC or Wet n Wild to be used for a Halloween costume. The first lipstick I bought with the intention of being worn in real life was Nars’ Dragon Girl. Still a favorite!

Catriona Avatar

MAC Red. I told the saleslady that I’d always been afraid to try red lipstick and she put Brick liner and this on me. I still have the tube since I don’t wear it very often. (What, it smells okay…)

Kayle Avatar

I don’t know if mine counts – it was a Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Fire! I kind of started lipstick backwards – I was all about bright reds when I began wearing makeup, but now I’m more into neutral colors and earth tones. Ha. The first non-drugstore lipstick I got was actually a gift: Mac Viva Glam III!

Patsyann Avatar

Tangee !! I was about 12 or 13 and this was all my mom would let me wear. My dad would not even let me wear this, so I would put in on while walking to school…well out of his eyesight!. Changes color, supposedly, to fit your own coloring and was very sheer. Made me feel all grownup…LOL. Believe it or not, still available.

SusanG Avatar

Showing my age to you young whippersnappers, mine was a Yardley Pot o’ Gloss in a bubblegum pink. Around 1970 or so. Scary, huh? 😉

Matilda the Lawyer Avatar

That was my first as well, back in the late 1960s. My first MAC lipstick was Sheer Plum in the mid-90s. Looked good on me then; too brown for me now.

Jen Avatar

This would have been c. 1990 (age 12), I know that it was something pale pink and frosted/pearlescent, definitely from the drugstore and probably from the Revlon or CoverGirl line. A couple of years later, I upgraded to Revlon’s Toast of New York for high school (thanks, Cindy Crawford!).

Kathi Avatar

I bought On Hold by MAC when I was 16 years old. I was so proud and wore it constantly as I had purchased it myself with my own money. I loved it so much that I had to replace it instantly, when I ran out of it.
I think I should wear it again now and then. 🙂

t Avatar

I had some other lip stain type things (there’s this one Maybelline plum stain that was my go to for a long time) but I’m pretty sure my first lipstick lipstick was MAC smoked purple.

Ida Avatar

I think it was a Helena Rubinstein in a sort of brown-red shade. Similar to MAC taupe, which I later brought to replace it.

I wish I could get HR in the US :(.

Monica Avatar

My first play lipstick at 5 was a wet and wild hot pink color. My mom bought me clinique lipstick in gauva stain and then next was either loreal natural blush or revlon coffee bean!

Hanna Avatar

It was the 90’s, urban decay in the old bullet casing tube and it was silver. My second one was a metallic blue by them too.
They were super cool at the time. Haha

BeautyCandie Avatar

Maybelline Moisture Whip in Nude Beach was my first. My mom immediately stole it, took it on vacation and let my aunt who had a huge cold sore put it on. I let her keep it!!!

CarolB Avatar

Revlon Silver City pink. Then my first more adventurous were Urban Decay Gash, a frosty red lipstick and Urban Decay Asphyxia. It’s so fun to think about the different colors over the years. Now, I have circled back around to frosty pinks again, MAC High Strung and Fabby 🙂

Chelsea Avatar

I bought 2 of the revlon lip butters. I think one was called strawberry shortcake and the other was a red… I think something to do with watermelon. But I wore those all the time. They initially got my lipstick addiction started! I think this was about 3 years ago now.

aradhana Avatar

revlon toast of new york and revlon blackberry.
my first mac lipstick purchase was paramount and fetish, along with a couple of lip liners.

Denise Avatar

My first lipstick was MAC Diva many years ago. It was the perfect deep berry red, almost burgundy for my brown skin. I lost it in the house one day and had to go straight to MAC to get a replacement. I found the first one and still have them both to this day.

janette ferguson Avatar

Yardley Slicker lipstick. I believe it came on a chain with a whistle. The color-I’m not sure, but the year was probably 1968-69. I’m loved makeup ever since, even went to school for Makeup Artistry.

Elizabeth Avatar

The first lipstick I ever bought was a Coty lip stick that you had to twist up like an eyeliner through a brush. It was in 1979, and I liked the brush so much, after the lipstick ran out, I cleaned the tube out and washed the brush really well and kept it for years until a litter of puppies I had got my makeup bag out of my purse and literally ate it. I remember it was a really pretty Garnet color, and I had to sneak it out of the house to use it. My mom only allowed me to wear subtle, natural colors then. I was 14, and already in love with makeup at the time. She did, however, allow me to wear her lipstick, Avon Instant Mocha, which she wore for about 50 years, and they still make it. When I miss my mom, I wear it.

Clio Avatar

Covergirl lip perfection in “Rich.” The frost is something I’d never wear now, but the shade was the perfect intro red for me. I loved that lipstick, repurchased so many times!

Alecto Avatar

Again, who remembers these things? I must not be a proper makeup enthusiast, because I’m not even remotely sentimental enough about my first makeup purchases to hold on to the memories. But, again, that was 35 or so years ago. Having said that, I think lipstick was one of my last makeup components to try (and fail with), so it may have been as recent as 30 years ago. Still…

KJH Avatar

Yeah, I might not go back as far as Eileen, but I remember my first, from 1958-1959. I was 10-11. Rode my bike to a nearby village, same one for the library, if I was getting a book I did not think our local librarian would approve of, secondary to too violent a murder story… I had an adult library card. Always went to Auburndale for ‘sneaky’ things. It was from Woolworth’s, which would have horrified my mum. Don’t remember the brand, but the shade was a peachy pink satin called Hawaiian Pink. It came in a ribbed gold metal tube with a replica bullet on top. This was before the pale 60s ‘sticks, like Revlon Naked Pink, etc. took over. That era was Jr. High, and ‘good girls’ still did not wear l/s to school….maybe to church or at night. I had green nylons for regular wear, before I wore l/s regularly. Garter belt and all! Most readers think panty hose was always a thing. Not. Garter belts were so old nurse, that most of us resorted to girdles, when they were completely unnecessary. Who jiggles at 12? Now that I need one, no way. Older readers even remember when there was only rouge, and no powder blush. Revlon Blush-On. THAT we wore daily.

Maeron Avatar

This brings back memories! My first lipstick was one of those 99 cents Wet N Wild lipsticks. It was a bright cherry red and was in the old packaging and formula.

Quinctia Avatar

Well, the very first one was a rather pink one…but I was limited in my color selection because my mother didn’t think I should buy anything too bold.

The first lipstick I bought without any input from someone else was a brown frost from Avon, which I bought from a girl who rode the schoolbus with me who happened to sell Avon. As one could probably guess, this was in 96 or 97.

graychic Avatar

Showing my age here–an old Coty lipstick called “prancing plum”. What’s crazy is I’m wearing MAC Syrup now and it’s very close to the same color!

Lindsay Avatar

It was by max factor back when they sell it here in the US and I was 14 years old and it was a dark vampy red color I loved it and it was one of those long wearing colors

Tonnie Avatar

In about ’83 – ’84 I bought a Maybelline lipstick called Strawberry Creme. It was the first and last lipstick I ever finished. It made me feel so pretty! I would have to guess that I have since owned at least 100. (more like 300 if you include glosses and pencils)

Sarah Avatar

Bought four ColourPop lipsticks in the same order–go big or go home with color selection, I guess–so I’m not sure if this qualifies. I would say Dazed from the fall collection was technically first, though. It was the first one I wore for any period of time and then wore fairly frequently before the other ones got used!

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