What was the first beauty product you purchased?

What was the first beauty product you purchased? Not as a gift, not by parents, but you!

I remember buying a Benefit eyeshadow brush, Show Offs, and I want to say something else but I’ve forgotten!

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Wet n Wild black nail polish, back when that was the most unusual color polish you could buy. It’s so nice to have so many non-red and pink polishes these days!

Right? I’m still not jaded about it! When was painting my nails with the Sephora 24k top coat over this pastel shade I had on, it’s like I was nine again!

Oh wow! I had completely forgotten my middle school nail polish phase. I wore dark colors like black and navy with sparkles over them. It must have been Wet n Wild, and I stopped before high school, but that was definitely my actual first experience diving into beauty products.

Wet n’ Wild nail polish in “Denim Chrome.”

I was in 6th grade, so that would have been… 1997. It was such a dark color because I had bruised my thumbnail and I was covering it up.

Other early purchases:
Dr. Pepper lip smackers. (Maybe 1997-98)
Covergirl Cheekers “Snow Plum.” (2000-ish)
Maybelline WetShine Diamonds “Strawberry Ice.” (2000-ish)

I cannot *believe* I was able to recall those product names. Wow.

I’m going with from this time period, because I can’t remember in high school. In college it was probably something bare minerals, though. But my first purchase of my beginning to get obsessed with makeup phase was the Sephora Give Me Some Lip set from…2011, I think. I loved it so much I went and bought full sizes of a couple glosses from the package, then I started buying other makeup, and now my collection’s growing exponentially. Funny thing is, I don’t use anything from that set these days, and the products I loved from it I don’t like anymore.

It had to be concealer or mascara. Maybelline Stiletto, maybe? I know my first foray into higher end makeup was a Sephora lipstick, a very pretty ruby red that I still wear occasionally. πŸ™‚

The very first beauty product I purchased was… a M.A.C lipstick “lovelorn”!!! after that, I really fell in love with a cosmetic brand M.A.C itl this time πŸ™‚

Hmm, now that I think about it, most of my makeup isn’t stuff I got myself.

The first one I think I bought on my own was Bite Beauty’s High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate. Super pigmented, nice texture, although I don’t actually wear it very often.

The first makeup purchase I made (for stuff I use regularly) was two Chanel nailpolishes (Black Pearl, Morning Rose) and one from OPI (Mermaid Tears). I remember being extremely frustrated because I had saved some money for the summer sales to find new clothes, and bought nothing because my size was never available. These nailpolishes started my interest in makeup!
I had probably bought a couple of things before that, but I didn’t use them more than twice, so I don’t remember.

I was like 14. Covet Girl powder and it made me break out! So i bought a mac powder. it didnt work that well for me so i moved on to an estee lauder one.

Well like I said in the last discussion, the first time I wore makeup was while getting colomatched at a MAC counter. So naturally, I walked out of there with something. I believe it was the MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 tinted moisturizer (TM) in Medium Plus.

It’s probably one of the best TMs available on the market today in terms of finish, color selection, and price. It’s a pity that it provides so little protection against the sun. πŸ™

Ah well. My personal favorite, the Tarte Smooth Operator TM, beats that by a very comfortable margin.

Geez, that was so long ago. Aside from whatever drugstore stuff I bought as a kid (a failed experiment in temporary red hair dye, probably some type of lip balm, etc.) the first purchases I remember were Urban Decay eye shadows. I went straight for those bold colors. πŸ™‚

my first high end lipstick / makeup was DIOR Backstage Pink addict lipstick which I picked in 2009 in my anniversary month ….. and compromised on dinner hmmmmmm πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ it is my lucky charm till date and I keep it with so much care

my firST MAC product I remember – REBEL Lipstick ….
I can share some fond memories ….
it was 2009 and my son was almost 1 yr 4 months , in april I decided to buy my first MAC Lipstick after reading so much MAC MAC on internet … i only knew the price but nothing much about finish and all … so I was dressed up in all WHITE so that I can judge the actual color ….
soooo not me but hubby picked my first lipstick : REBEL , as that was the brightest and best lipstick amongst the whole lot .. i picked that from bloomingdales πŸ˜€
after that no looking back πŸ˜€
“TEMPTALIA” and Christine still plays a big role in my each and every makeup piece and am proud of the fact that my love for you is growing to new heights with each passing day πŸ˜€

Other than Chapstick and Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, I believe it was a Cover Girl LipSlicks in the yellow tube. πŸ™‚ I don’t know if Benefit and some of these brands existed when I started buying makeup!

I’m considerably older than most posters here but I think the first product I ever purchased was a Cutex lipstick in “Peppermint Pink”. That company has a line of lipsticks that were flavoured and the Peppermint Pink one actually tasted of peppermint. I also remember buying a Maybelline eye shadow in a frosted white shade but that was more to wear to a costume party where I was going as a “beatnik”.

Mariella, I’m probably older than you and I also had the Cutex Peppermint Pink flavored lipstick! Do you also remember their Eggnog Grog lipstick from the same collection? It was so daring for the time; a very pale, cool, sheer frosted yellow that smelled and tasted divine! I also remember a caramel flavored shade from the same collection, but I can’t remember the name of it, maybe Caramel Kiss? Anyway. I believe that this whole collection came out around Christmastime, and was mostly aimed at the teen-early ’20’s demographic. Sorry to have jumped in on your comment this way, but I seldom have the opportunity to interact with other beauty-lovers of my own age group and I love to reminesce about the early products that I loved! Most of the younger-than-myself readers here (and in no way an I putting them down; I learn so many NEW things from them!) would have no idea what I am even talking about!

I don’t recall Eggnog Grog (though, being in Canada, it might not have been released here) but I do remember the caramel one (it actually didn’t really taste like caramel at all, though I guess they tried their best!). And no need to apologize for “jumping in” – I love it too when I can share memories like this with women of my “vintage”. Do you remember the Yardley Slickers (I think that’s what they were called) lipsticks and the “Londonderry Hair” line (I think Jean Shrimpton was their “spokesmodel”). What fun memories!

I remember exactly what my item was, it was one of those large beauty train cases from Woolworth’s and it had a bunch of non branded makeup inside it. I thought it was a bargain because it was Β£15.00 and it had sooo much makeup inside. At the time i didn’t realize that quality mattered, i thought all makeup was the same. The makeup was terrible, eye-shadows and blushes were chalky, didn’t have any pigmentation. mascara was runny like water. The lipsticks all seemed to have this metallic sheen to them and they smelled like plastic. The liners were hard to use. I stopped using it after several failed attempts of trying to recreate a look from a youtube video, but couldn’t. I just started to buy drugstore makeup after that.

Doesn’t count as a beauty product, really, but I bought so many LipSmackers lip balms back in the day! I kept them all on a keychain!

My first non-drugstore buy was MUFE HD Liquid Foundation! I’ve tried so many other foundations in all sorts of price points since then, but MUFE’s is still my favorite! πŸ™‚ I think I may have actually bought it because of one of your foundation tutorials! Until then, I had always used my hands to put on foundation, haha!

The Summer I turned 15, I had a Summer job, and had done some modelling, leaaving me with quite a bit of cash in my pocket. I had already been wearing makeup, but everything had been purchased by my mom. There was a Montgomery Ward in the plaza I worked, and one day I stepped in, just to have a look. There was a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” sale on L’Oreal lipstick, and I bought Cameo, Grecian Lilac, & Sea-“something”, which was a sheer, pale pink with a bit of irridescence. This began my love affair with L’Oreal lipstick…

All my makeup was bought by my mother until college… so the first thing I bought myself was probably maybelline purestay powder foundation because I wore that stuff for like 6 years (until they discontinued my color!)

Maybelline eyeliner, the short red wood pencils that you had to take a lighter to in order to apply it smoothly to your waterline.

omg that was easily my second or third purchase! i remember a girl getting kicked out of english class for having a lighter in high school! she tried to say it was for the eyeliner!

My first purchase was MAC Russian Red. I had a neighbor that wore it when I was in high school. She left for work when I was leaving for school and I would always compliment it. When she finally told me what it was, I made my first delve in to makeup.

I didn’t actually sit down and learn about the full-face fun until I was about 19? I think. I sat down at a Benefit counter, got a makeover and purchased everything the woman had used on me. That was actually the first time that it sunk it that makeup could be so uniquely your own!

The first “real” makeup I bought was this Covergirl lipstick…It was like Bronze Goddess or something, I think. My mum thought it looked good on me, so I bought it. Looking back, it was way too warm for me. 0_o

When I was 16, I worked at McDonalds and with my first paycheck I splurged on Mary Kate and Ashley eyeliner. It was an automatic eyeliner, so I didn’t have to sharpen it, and I like how pigmented it was…and hey, only a dollar! πŸ˜€

Oh man. I can’t remember the name. It was this brown lip gloss from the drug store that I used to put on my lips (and eyes, gross!) and I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. That was in middle school. I do remember getting trouble in the 2nd grade because I took my mom’s make up to school and was playing with it in the bathroom and my teacher (who was evil) got pissed and made me take it off.

the first one i REMEMBER buying was some cover girl tinted lip balm. i saw claire danes wearing it on the cover of seventeen magazine and i HAD to have it.

Hmm… I’m sure I purchased some drugstore makeup before this, but I remember making a Clinique purchase, picking out an eyeshadow palette and eyeliner and I think a tinted moisturizer. I remember thinking… wow, that added up fast

I appear to be much older than everyone commenting. I bought my first beauty product at Woolworth in the early 70s. It was a cheap blusher that I hid from my parents. I grew to love Ultimate II cosmetics. Kevyn Aucoin really knew his stuff. I currently use his foundation.

The first product I ever bought myself was N.Y.C’s Clear Roll-On Lipgloss at age 11 or 12. I used to get an allowance, so I would always be sure to save a dollar or two just for my gloss so I would never run out.

Well….since I was 13 it was rather typical…silver eyeshadow by CoverGirl and a roll on, clear, no name, super shiny lipgloss and a Maybelline stick concealer for my acne

Two things spring to mind – not sure which was first – I bought a Black Ruby Miners nail varnish at the end of the ‘punk’ era (still something that I’d buy now!), and also I remember shocking my mother by purchasing a Guerlain Meteorities early edition with birthday money – I think they only did one colour then! I wish I’d kept it – it’d be worth something πŸ™‚ I was about eighteen I think – probably indications of expensive tastes to come!!!

My mom sold AVON so that’s always what I had, I would give her money to buy stuff from the catalog at half price. I know for sure what my first high end purchase was, it was a few things from Benefit during a promotion; Coralista, Stilleto cream shadow, Birthday suit cream shadow and BadGal plum.

Before that my only other highend product experience was getting my makeup done at a Clinique counter for prom, my mom bought be a lipgloss and powder for the $50 minimum you half to spend for getting your makeup done.

I remember the first beauty product I bought were two UD eyeshadows when I was in grade 8… It was in Stalker & Sin πŸ™‚

I’m also from the “older crowd” and I think my first makeup was frosted white lipstick made by Yardley. Probably in about 1970-71!!

No! It wasn’t the mascara, it was the covergirl foundation in the glass bottle and it was about 6 shades too dark for me. I had no idea how to blend or sheer it out either. I looked like a freaky clown before I really learned how to wear makeup. It smelled really “medicinal” too. It was awful. Beauty brands have really come a long way haven’t they?

The rule in my house was that I would be allowed to wear make up until I was 15… And when I was 15, I got a very cheap mascara from a 99 cent store, which was horrible, so I then went to the DS (I think it was Rite Aid) and got a L’Oreal Mascara, a NYC blush which I used from the 10th-12th grades, NYC lipstick in Sheer Red, and NYC WaterProof eyeliners (which I still love and use, for $3 pop, you get great color plus long lasting results) and a Maybelline eyeshadow quad in some blue and purple colors (which sucked btw) and a CoverGirl eye shadow quad in earthy colors (I think its discontinued, I have tried to look for the color all over but I can’t find it, it was such a lovely quad. My first MAC lipstick was So Chaud, great, beautiful color, but I don’t wear it that often anymore because it got so dry (darn matte formula), and then, thanks to my sister, I started to get obsessed with make up πŸ™‚

When I was a little girl it was probably one of those NYC roll-on lipgloss things. When I was in high school though, my first serious makeup purchase was a Bourjois eyeshadow trio.

An awful CoverGirl cream eyeshadow quad that gave me an allergic reaction and made my eyelids red and swollen. >_>; I bought a Maybelline WetShine Diamonds lipstick the same day in a frosty pink. I was 13 and bought them to participate in makeovers my classmates were giving each other the next day in Choir.

I only remember Bonne Belle Cheek Stain Blush. Great product! Before retreating into Lip Smackers they were a legit cosmetics company. And a friend put me on to Revlon black liquid eyeliner and a great brush for it- bright glowing pearl handled lucite and it never went wrong. Always perfect liner.

It was the 90s and i took my babysitting money to get this Lancome lipstick called “brun rose” which looked like something Monica from Friends would wear, it was a brownish dusty rose, just like the name. I loved that lipstick!

Yes! I had that one too! It was huge at our High school, along with Revlon Toast of New York. When people say a brown lipstick looks “So 90’s” I’m usually automatically interested πŸ˜‰

When I was 13 or 14 I bought a wet n wild eyeshadow palette from the only store in my really small town, but I will always remember it! It was pink,purple and blue. As an adult the first purchase I made was Dior mascara.

I think the very first two beauty products that I brought was a basic nude eyeshadow palette and an apricot blush. Both of them were from the drugstore. They have worked well for me.

My first purchase was a few really bright eyeshadows from MAC… Gorgeous Gold, Tilt, Swish, Electric Eel. Those days are long gone! I look at those colors now like, “What was I thinking?”

The first product I bought was L’oreal Feria hair dye line. But, face makeup was Max Factor cake makeup and a shimmery blue shadow stick from Maybelline.

Well my first drugstore purchase was a foundation from maybelline it was amazing!!! I actually wish I could still get it because it looked so natural. I can’t remember what the name of it was called though. And then for high end it would be a yellow MAC eyeshadow which I still have and I do use it on occasion.

The first beauty product purchase i made was a royal blue eyeliner from cover girl and a royal blue mascara to match was my second purchase. This was back in the 80’s ,lol.

I’ve only recently gotten into “high end” makeup, but the first things I bought were the Glinda Palette from Urban Decay, a Sephora Pro Shadow Brush, a Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and a brush cleaner.

Though technically I did buy a black mineral shadow at one point before, but I used it as a weathering power for Warhammer 40k miniatures…so I don’t think that counts.

Being that I am as old as the hills and things like MAC and Sephora did not exist, I remember Revlon Moon Drops as being my favorite cosmetic. Not only the lipstick but the foundation and moisturizer and I would give a weeks pay to be able to smell that wonderful scent again. I also used Yardley Slicker lipstick, actually all the Yardley makeup products as well as Oh de London perfume. I can’t narrow it down to a single item but the memories are oh so wonderful.

Each summer, when I was younger, we went to my grandparents beach house. As soon as I got into makeup the biggest treasure hunt was finding all the Moon Drop lipsticks my Nana had put in various drawers around the house and forgotten. So much fun.

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