What was the first beauty brand you used?

What was the first beauty brand you used? Share!

I believe the first products I bought were Benefit (followed by MAC; I think they were nearly on the first day), but if it was just used, then MAC, since that’s what my best friend used at the time!

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shelly Avatar

I want to say it was a drugstore brand (L’Oreal, maybe?), but I can’t remember exactly. The first high-end brand I used was Estee Lauder.

Ophelia Ngai Avatar

I am sure my very first encounter with makeup was some sort of now discontinued drugstore brand but my the one I can actually remember is Stila! Thank goodness for their easy to use colors =D

Christy Avatar

Bonne Bell from the drugstore and grocery store was the cheapest thing I could find, so I bought a few lip pencils and lip glosses from them. My first big department store brand was MAC.

Alyssa Avatar

Clinique was mine…I had supremely sensitive skin growing up and was too nervous to try anything other than Clinique. My skin has calmed a bit now and I have branched out, but I always know that I can fall back on Clinique when push comes to shove.

E Avatar

I used drugstore/dollar store brands for years, but I think the first “real” (for want of a better word) brand I used was Make Up For Ever.

Teri Avatar

Mines was a L’oreal mascara iirc, the first mid end brand was Mac, I think the gel liner, and the first high end was from Dior, an addict lippie in the most gorgeous red!

Angie Avatar

CoverGirl! My first foundation was CoverGirl Clean makeup and the powder and the blush too! I still remember that distinct medicine-like scent their products had/have! πŸ™‚

Liz Avatar

Cover Girl! Since then, I’ve broadened my horizons to many other brands, but I still remain loyal to CG face powders. Know why? Not only is it because of nostalgia, but I still love how they smell, like Noxzema.

Makaegan Avatar

I pretty much used Clinique exclusively from thirteen until sixteen, then I branched out into drugstore cosmetics…and I didn’t really go any further than that until I was about 20 (and finally discovered Sephora) πŸ˜€

Sarah Walters Avatar

My mom used to be a makeup artist for Lancome so we always had that brand in the house. I’d mess around with it when I was little and my mom would use their products on me for Halloween. But I truly started with MAC whenever I decided for myself to start wearing makeup. I bought my first foundation there!

Rachelcarlene Avatar

Revlon eyeshadow quad.. Great lash mascara.. And dollar store liquid liner that was truly terrible!! First high end brand was urban decay in high school! Then I became obsessed.

Aleeya Avatar

My first brands were Benefit and Lancome. February 2011, I applied for a Macy’s credit card and the lady at the cosmetic counter gave me a bag of samples for doing so. It contained Benefit High Beam, Lancome Juicy tubes in three shades, Lancome Mascara and a bunch of wrinkle creams that I eventually gave to my mom. So those were the first products I used. Ever since it started the most expensive love affair I have ever had.

Stacey Avatar

bonnie bell, then cover girl what not, but clinique for department store ….tons of clinique…back then there were no fun makeup brands like today for a teenager….no urban decay, benefit..(but did buy benefit’s prior- Face Place in SF), MUFE, not even MAC until the late 80’s in California…and I thought Lancome, Dior, Estee Lauder and the likes were for old people esp. when one is in high school.

Maureen Avatar

I had tried out some cruddy drugstore brands throughout middle school, but it wasn’t until high school that someone at a Benefit counter convinced me of some really cool products. My skin ended up being too sensitive for them, so my first everyday makeup was the Clinique Plum Seduction palette.

Rita Avatar

Chanel, my mother bought me my first lipstick, it was in a light pinkish brown, a very 90’s shade. I kept using the same one for years till the brand discontinued it. Oh my! i really loved that lipstick!

Dusty Avatar

If you don’t count playing around with my mom’s Revlon as a kid, then the first makeup was a bright red lipstick from Wet n Wild that I bought at a drug store near my house. I was 15 and I wore it out to our town fair’s parade. I STILL remember how I felt wearing it…

It was REALLY hot out (mid-July) and I had WINGS! I was strutting down the sidewalk like it was a catwalk with my war paint on! Emancipation with red lips!

rawan Avatar

i really can’t remember whether it was Mac or Chanel
i do, However, remember that i got them with a short period of time between them..
i remember i got Mac (studio fix powder + studio finish concealer) to hide my blemishes
and from Chanel ( glossemer + violet waterproof pencil + brown inimetible mascara)

Olivia Avatar

I was probably 14 or 15 when my mom bought me a Clinique lipstick to wear to a wedding. I was shocked at how expensive it was. Until then, I had only ever used drugstore lipglosses, etc. But it was, and still is, her favorite brand, so I gladly accepted. =)

snm Avatar

It was a Chanel powder.In my teens,there was a time when I started to complain about my skin so often-(which was pretty good by the way!)and my mum bought me that.She said I can use it whenever I feel like I need to cover something on my face.It was pretty sheer but good though:) I think it is discontinued now.Then there came the goth times and I started to buy black eyeliners,shadows and dark lippies from drugstore brands.

Mariella Avatar

waaaaay back in the 60’s, when I was a pre-teen, I distinctly recall buying Max Factor lip gloss (it cost a whopping $3.95, which really was a lot back then) – it was sort of the first lip gloss on the market. And Yardley had a line of cosmetics aimed at teens and fronted, I think, by Jean Shrimpton. There was a hair care line called “Londonderry Hair” (was it ever a front runner – it had a glossing spray way back in the 60’s) and also lots of frosty lip glosses called Slickers. And my first eye shadow was by Maybelline, swiftly followed by Mary Quant. For high end, I think my first “HG” brands were Estee Lauder, Charles of the Ritz and Germaine Monteil (the latter 2 are no longer around, so far as I know).

Dana Avatar

The first “high end” brand I used was Clinique, but before that were drugstore brands like Wet & Wild, Covergirl, Max Factor, L’oreal & Revlon.

Kellilee Avatar

First started with CoverGirl, as that’s what my mom used and what she bought us. Then played with some Mary Kay in college, and then Prescriptives the second time I went to college…then a friend introduced me to Sephora and it’s been all downhill from there. πŸ˜€

Xero Avatar

My memory is foggy….I remember black eyeliner and a cheap, bright pink lipstick from when I was 13, which I don’t remember the brand of…

What I DO remember was a light pink shimmery lipstick I got from Rimmel, that I think I got after that. I actually remember it rather fondly; when I first got into makeup a few months ago I went on quest to find a similar color. I think they might still sell it though…

Yelena Avatar

I remember seeing an ad of Christina Aguilera for MAC and she had amazing green smokey eyes. I was about 13 and thought I could do the same, so I bought this crappy green drugstore eyeshadow (forgot the brand) and “tried” to do the same…yeah it didn’t work hahaha. My next purchase was Prr or Underage lipglass from MAC though and it evolved from there!

Christy Avatar

I recall taking my 1st babysitting job $ to the drug store and buying a Bonnie bell eye shadow pallette of 12 colors around age 11 or 12. I soon graduated to Estee Lauder lipstick and so it began.

Sunny Avatar

I think it’s Clinique, which dates back to my makeovers at the Clinique counter as a high school student. That didn’t get me hooked on makeup though (I had horrific experience with eyeliners from those makeovers). What got me hooked was the Naked Palette in 2010!

Gloria Avatar

Definitely wet and wild! lol. Before that, my sisters and I used to take sidewalk chalk and gind it into the pavement and then smear that all over our faces! haha.

Eileen Avatar

The very first brand I purchased with regularity was Yardley of London with model Jean Shrimpton as the “face”. That was in the early 1960’s. The Beatles had just hit it big and it was all about the “Swinging London” look πŸ™‚

Donalene Avatar

I also started with Yardley in the 70’s. From there it was Estee Lauder, Clinique, etc. I always wore and do wear good make-up, it’s worth it! It shows! My mom worked at a cosmetic counter and that really helped seeing what she was wearing-always the latest colors!

Angie Avatar

Mac πŸ™‚ When I turned 14 and my mom told me it was time to start wearing make up (which I didn’t agree with) she took me to the Mac store and bought me an awesome starter kit. However I did not like makeup until I was about 16, so I gave it all back to her and my sister…oh how I regret that now lol.

Anika Avatar

my first was christian dior eye liner and lip stick n gloss (i was 15) as far as I can remember… was mum’s stuff … i was way too tomboyish back then and wouldn’t want to wear make up!

Rocio Avatar

When I was around 17, it was a Loreal quad, I think the color was coffee bean and Revlon lipsticks! And about 18 years later I welcome Mac, Sephora and the list goes on on. Ahhhhhh

Jetta Avatar

I am not going to count moms make up that I played with since I have no clue what they were…
So some of my first make up items that I owned (thanks to my best friend that worked at makeup counter) were Shiseido powder, Estee Lauder Eye lash primer, Lancome mascara, guerlain bronzer (i still save whatever it’s left), dior eye pencil in navy blue (this one I still have a little left)I had a dior mirror too.. oh and Ultima 2 matte lipstick <3…. how I wish the line was still available! I also had a cream blush that I don't remember what brand it was, but it was awesome! Great memories!!!!

mary clay Avatar

the first makeup i used was in 4th grade, remember maybelline kissing potions? they were huge then! in 6th grade i used my mom’s mary kay clear lip gloss. her name is also mary kay, just a little trivia!

Amy Avatar

I don’t think this really counts, but… my mom used to use CoverGirl pressed powder when I was little, and when it got down to just a little left around the rim she’d give the compact to me and my sisters to play with. To this day, that CoverGirl scent smells like “makeup” to me.

The first I actually used for real, I can’t remember at all. I know early on I had a CoverGirl blush and Mary Kay stuff. It may well have been Mary Kay, but most of it was likely random drug store brands (part of it probably stuff mom didn’t use and gave to me).

Chris Avatar

I started really using and getting involved with makeup fairly recently, and I bought a few things from MAC that jump started my obsession. MAC Carbon was my first overly-used love πŸ™‚

Jo Avatar

Either Bonne Bell or Wet & Wild. I was like 11 and could only afford that. When I started getting into makeup I used to love the eyeshadow quads L’Oreal made. I also loved the makeup from Skinmarket. Does anyone else remember that store?

Andrea Avatar

I was preteen and mine was a Yardley paintbox and it gave me a very Twiggy look. I loved that thing and used it to the bottoms of the pans. It went great with very frost pink lipgloss I remember.

Brigette Avatar

Bonne Bell, Maybelline and Aziza. Bonne Bell was the big deal way back then – you would get a Bonne Bell palette for Christmas from a Grandmother or Aunt and then we would all ooh & ahh over it at school. πŸ˜€

Dinitchka Avatar

My first item ever was a Bonne Belle gigantic Orange Crush chap stick (which I still have). My G-ma got me some Ralph Lauren and Clinique samples around this time. The Clinique was taken by my older sister πŸ™

Mum used to shop at Brown’s (J.A. Brown’s, which is now Dillard’s) and got to know the SA’s. I always came along as I was not old enough to go to school yet. As I got older the SA’s would not only give mum goodies but also give me an item to play dress-up with. Once I hit middle school and was allowed to wear make-up they would hijack me as mum shopped and give me a make-over or just have me try different products. My first crushes were EstΓ©e Lauder and MAC. Then Clinique, Guerlain and LancΓ΄me. I know their were some other but those definitely stick in my brain.

In middle school I choose an empty Revlon palette and choose 4 colours to go in it. The only one that stuck out was a blue colour (which I got hell for using by my classmates). I wish I had kept the empty palette as I have never seen Revlon do another like that. I also used Max Factor, Avon, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Aziza and I think that was it. Probably some off brands too.

Meroe Avatar

Just random beauty supply store lip glosses in the tube and jar throughout middle school. And remember little girls wearing that horrible silver eyeliner? I was one of them lol!! The 1st purchase that I actually remember though, was in 12th grade. I went to the MAC counter, had them make me up for my senior pictures and purchased every single product they put on me. I spent $112 but I told myself that it was an investment in my future lol!

Tina Avatar

Well, that was many years ago. Probably, if you are considering using my mother’s makeup, it was probably Covergirl. My first makeup I owned was probably Avon. And, my first foundation was by Cornsilk.

Sherry B. Avatar

Maybelline and Cutex (when they sold all sorts of makeup), way back in the early ’60’s. We didn’t have a lot of money, so the very cheapest had to do and I really had to save my pennies to afford it. Once in a great while, my sister-in-law’s older sister, who sold Avon, would give me a few samples, out of pity. I still don’t have much money, as I am crippled and disabled, so I’m grateful for whatever I can get. I really love reading about and seeing all the high-end stuff I see here and on other blogs, though, as it gives me a vicarious thrill!

Quinctia Avatar

My mom got me some makeup as a Christmas gift in middle school…a Naturistics lip gloss (peach flavor), Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara, and a drugstore blush duo…I’m thinking CoverGirl?

The funniest thing, is those are all about the least important products to me now. I like to wear something on my face, foundation or tinted moisturizer, and I have to wear some sort of eyeshadow, but if I’m just doing a very quick look, I can leave the gloss and mascara. I don’t wear blush at all–my main face “correction” involves the pinkeness of my cheeks, I’m not going to add color back!

Lynnie Avatar

Yardley. Sigh. I desperately wanted to be one of the hip British girls in their ads instead of a nice honors student from the Philly suburbs.

Brenda Avatar

Cover Girl. I would take my birthday money at 12 years old and buy a ton of stuff at the grocery store. I still have an old Bonne Bell lip pencil that I’ve had for at least 12 years. High end brand would be The Body Shop since there was a store at one of my local malls. I hated walking up to a counter and asking for help as a teenager, so I stuck with TBS or Sephora where I could just walk in and grab stuff.

Savvy Avatar

I sneaked into Mom’s makeup and made myself look ridiculous… and got caught… and spanked, LOL. The first product I was given permission to use was the maybelline black pencil liner that is red with a red cap. Mom taught me to warm it up with a lighter and when it cooled a bit it would go on smoothly… =/ haha The first high end brand I bought was Tony and Tina. I was working at Marshal Field’s on State in Chicago (19 y/o) and this iridescent gloss called to me… then MAC Trax called to me… then a Benefit duo in Orchid… don’t ask me what I had for breakfast yesterday I have no idea.

Leticia Avatar

Bonne Bell!! Two Lip Smackers, in Watermelon and Orange Crush, were my first ever “cosmetics”. My first ever high-end product was an Estee Lauder foundation!

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