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Agreed, skin care is key, but the canvas to the face is foundation. Good, quality foundation will carry the lesser expensive blush and shadow (IMO).

Lipstick! Hands down! I wear 24/7 due to naturally dry lips and need for color on my face! High end seems to have best colors, and healthy ingredients to keep your lip better than ever! Worth the splurge always IMO!

Skincare, without a doubt. I believe I have spent 10x as much money on skincare as I have makeup. And of the skincare products, sunscreen tops the list, as I wear it everyday. A high protection sunscreen that works for my skin is definitely worth the splurge.

On the makeup side, I’d have to say foundation for the same reason. My skin is finicky (combination and dehydrated with so many dry patches) — and coupled with sunscreens that tend to ball up, a good, matching foundation is worth a higher pricetag. Unfortunately, I haven’t found it yet.

Skincare – if your skin is healthy and balanced, you’ll need less makeup and more makeup will suit you. Taking care of your skin is so much more important than the rest. I also feel that a good foundation makes all the difference in the world.

Skincare. Your skin is your base. For makeup though, eyebrow products (and only because I have to draw parts of them in) and face cosmetics (foundation/primer/tinted moisturizer/etc).

lipstick. i love some wet n wild, revlon, and maybelline lipsticks, but as a lipstick person, i just can’t live without mac and various sephora brands (nars, ysl, kat von d, etc). basically, whatever products you love and use a lot are worth splurging on.

For me, I would have to say not so much any certain type in general. But really, I think for everyone the type that’s worth splurging on, would be the type that you absolutely adore and use the most.

That being said, my absolute favorite product is lipstick so I have no problems splurging on a really nice lippy. Then my second favorite is all the Holiday sets that come out. <3

As a college student, I’ve never really splurge on anything. Plus with all the products in the drugstore, I’ve found most of my HG items there. Like Neutrogena’s foundation and cleanser, (not exactly drugstore) Costco face wipes, Revlon’s lip butters, and etc.

However I more likely to repurchase an item after a year, or based on usage, and toss out the old one, even if I’m not done using it, in case of bacteria contamination. I suppose that’s my splurge?

Eyeshadow, primer and skin care. I think drugstore brands usually do things like lipstick and mascara pretty well, even foundation.

For me, I spend splurge more on a really good cream blush. I find that a good blush that lasts more than four hours on my face is hard to come by. I’ve splurged more on cream blushes & stains (such as the new ones by Chanel or hourglass aura cheek stains) because they actually last longer on my skin, do not leave a huge mess on my fingers/brushes, and are not as runny as the benefit benetints . I’ve even had blushes last fewer than half an hour on my dry skin; they just vanish. Since not many companies make them well, I’m willing to spend more on them.

I look at what’s going to be most effective. I do focus a lot on skin care but the products I use aren’t that expensive. I’d definitely rather pay more for good primers, concealers, blush and eyeliner that will last all day. Also, really good brushes make a big difference in your makeup even if you change nothing else. I do think my higher quality eyeshadows make me look more polished but ymmv.

I do break your rule a bit with lippies Christine. I tend to have to reapply my lipstick a lot because I eat small frequent meals and I feel more comfortable doing that with drugstore lipsticks. I have a Guerlain red lipstick for special occasions and ysl glossy stains for every day/special occasion.

I have my eyes on a ysl volupte shine for my next splurge but I just bought the nars radiant concealer, a nars blush and Bobbi brown gel liner & brush last week.

As much as eye shadows are my weakness, my answer is actually liquid foundation. I’d love to be able to find an inexpensive one that works for me and gives my skin the look I’m after but after trying several (which because costly because they were all fails!), I realized that Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau was the one foundation I could really count on for great results every time. And that comes at a cost.

Judging by my collection, I would have to say foundation. I don’t really mind spending $40-50 on a bottle if I find one I really like. I have also been known to go higher than that on skincare.

Agree 100%! Foundation, primers and skincare are something I always splurge on.
I have very dry, sensitive skin and if anything I feel it’s cheaper for me to splurge on one high-end foundation than try a handful of drugstore foundations hoping to get the same effect.

Skincare that clears my blemishes, foundation that matches my skin color and doesn’t break me out or irritate my sensitive skin, primers that leave me matte and don’t break me out.

I am usually more willing to splurge on an area I’m having trouble with-like my hair. I’m always in search of a good styling/conditioning product that still lets my hair bounce-I have yet to find it, although Living Proof comes pretty close. I also like splurging on high end lip products

I splurge on makeup brushes.

They make such a difference in how your makeup looks.

I’ve never regretted a brush that I’ve bought, They don’t have to be expensive. My favorite foundation brush is from eco tools.

Skincare and foundation. Primer is also worth it for me but I think it depends on whether or not your particular skin type requires it.

1) Skincare, because if your skin is a mess, nothing you do or use in the way of makeup will look good as good as it can. You wouldn’t paint a wall without cleaning, fixing, sanding and priming it first, and IMHO it’s the same with your skin.
2) Eyeshadow and creme eyeliner.
It’s been my experience that of all the skincare and makeup brands I have used over the years, Guerlain is the absolute best. YMMV

I have oily & blemish prone skin and I live in the tropics so the heat makes makeup extra difficult to wear. That being said, my top “splurge” priority would definitely be skin care including monthly facials/treatments and a foundation/concealer and eye lid primer that will definitely stay put. Finally, fragrances! πŸ˜€

I actually had this conundrum last weekend. I overpaid one of my store credit cards by a couple hundred dollars and before cashing out wanted to splurge on something high end (cosmetics of course). I looked at skin care, eyeshadows etc but wanted something issue every day. I bought Chanel Glossimer in ‘Nakkar’. I have used it everyday and just love love love it! You know I searched Pilled out my iphone and searched Temptalia fora review right there πŸ™‚

Skin care! Absolutely. The perfect base sets the stage for your entire look. Treat it well and with the best products! Foundation second, a good one is hard to find. My favorites is NARS Pure Radiant TM!

Skin care and Foundation are two things I would spend the most on.
Skin care is very important and gives you a hood base for your foundation.
A good base makeup needs to cover well and look flawless without being too heavy.
The Urban Decay Naked foundation give me that, as well as MAC Studio
Fix powder plus foundation!

I splurge on blushes and skincare serums/treatments. Everything else is drugstore save for a few MAC lipsticks. And that one time I bought a $25 Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow.

I’m fortunate enough to have found a skincare regime that is dirt cheap, and I don’t have major skin/complexion issues that require me to buy HE foundation/concealer/primer (I really did win the genetic lottery in this area). I do have have visible pores, and nothing I’ve tried remedies this, so I tend to use eye products to detract from this issue, so that’s the area I tend to splurge. I’ve also found since using natural oils, castile soap, and Calcium Bentonite clay masks my pores are much less visible than when I used “luxury” skincare products, and any redness has subsided.

As for foundation, I haven’t found a better color match in HE brands than DS, so since that would be the only reason for me to splurge there, I really don’t bother.

Anything that goes directly on your skin. I would pay a bit more for nice ingredients which would not induce allergic reactions from my skin… like foundation, concealer, make-up remover. The other thing depend on each person’s tastes and priorities. Like, if someone is dead-on having a lipstick that they don’t have to touch up ever in the day, it’s better to buy a more expensive one,

I think skincare are products worth spending more money on. Also on foundation or powder, so everything that covers most parts of my face and stays there for a longer time.

I’m willing to splurge on any beauty product, no matter they are, as long as they WORK! So many high priced items just don’t stand up to their own hype.

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