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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Highlighters and eyeshadow palettes! Actually I have a serious weakness for well-designed, pretty palettes in general.

What DON’T I often splurge on? That’s a better question for me. (The answer: Mascara.)

But I suppose what I splurge on more often than anything else is lipstick. I have more than 80 already. Just last night I was at the store considering buying a Chanel lipstick for the simple (and rather stupid) reason that I’ve never owned a Chanel lipstick. I successfully talked myself into walking away empty-handed.

I don’t know what it is about Chanel lipsticks (I’m thinking of those in bullet form), but they’re so good!!! I don’t have many, but I’ve bought several over the years, and LOVE them. If you find a shade that’s ‘you’, bite the bullet and get it! Sorry to tempt you so much, but they’re bona fide splurge worthy, imho. (Forego buying the next 3 less expensive lipsticks you’d normally buy. That’s how I’ve often justified my spending many times.)

You’ve picked some good ones. I remember hearing a lot of good things on this site about Rouge Vie.
And now, after all this, I find myself lusting after Rouge Coco Dimitri. Lol.

Brushes seem so practical. I feel like I have the much less practical need to splurge on Natasha Denona palettes/ eyeshadows I absolutely love.

Skincare. I’m always on the lookout for any product that smooths or exfoliates, plumps, evens skin tone. If you take care of your skin, your makeup will always look beautiful. I have an appointment with a dermatologist in a couple of weeks for an examination. I have a consulation to discuss laser treatment or other options…if the price is reasonable, I may have it done. 🙂

Skincare. I do not subscribe to more expensive is better, but confess to a sh*tpile of skincare products from all ranges. Some of my favs are luxury purchases, while others are budget. I like to vary things up with my routine (e.g. I have a retin, vit B, C, D, and E products, multiple acid toners, cleansers, serums, oils, and night creams). I’m on a skincare no buy while I use up a big portion of what I’ve got. Nothing at this point gets my heart pounding faster so I delete skincare emails before I have a chance to even look at them.

Lip products in my case. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily splurge on them but they are the beauty items that I buy most often.

Putting aside the makeup, the answer is skincare. And yes, this time I splurge on good quality items, made of clean/organic ingredients as much as possible.

I’ve been on a no-buy all year and the only times I’ve really fallen off the wagon were to buy eyeshadows. :/ I’ve held strong on my other vices, lipstick and blush, but I can’t seem to resist eyeshadow, argh.

My goal is to not buy ANY eyeshadow through 2018 though. Lord knows I have enough to last me that long (and way beyond).

I need to set a goal like that. I have way too many eyeshadow palettes already. And yet…and yet…I found myself at Sephora just yesterday ready to buy the Saint & Sinner palette but, fortunately for my wallet, they were not selling it yet. I’m hoping I can hold out until it’s no longer available.

I don’t splurge very often on anything, but when I do, it’s usually a LE something that haunts me until I buy it. Whatever it is, I don’t need it, but I really, really, really want it — price be damned. (It could be a brush, fragrance, anything! Maybe that’s the fun of it. I never know what it will be until I see it.)

Skincare! I don’t mind dropping serious cash on skincare, and that’s where I splurge the heaviest. I never thought I would be so into skincare!

Skincare, although I draw the line at La Mer. When I was working, I was certainly the oldest person around and I didn’t want to be perceived as that so I justified all sorts of treatments as necessary to maintain my livelihood. Now that I am not working, they would be a splurge.

Foundation and half of my skincare products are pretty pricey, I’d say. I never in a million years imagined I’d be the one buying a $49 Lancôme foundation! Or that wonderful, but costly, Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid Retinol Eye Serum, either! These are more of a necessity than a pleasure, though.

Besides those; eyeshadows! Whether in a palette, duo or single. Now that’s my guilty pleasure! Haha!

Looking at my collection, I’d say skin care (specifically SPF!) and MUFE eye shadows! ($25 for a SINGLE eye shadow is a huge splurge in my book!!!)

Eyeshadow. To me, the difference between drugstore and mid-range is more pronounced than with lipstick/blush/highlighter, and it’s very rare for me to look at high-end products.
I would choose foundation, but foundation is something I only need to change once every 9-18 months – and since it isn’t an exciting product, there’s no impetus for me to try a new color or formula (aside from keeping “summer” and “winter” shades handy!)

Eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes. I guess my recent Dior blush purchase has put me into the “blush splurge” category and I have a weakness for some of the pricier foundation primers (what’s funny is that I often don’t even wear foundation but I’ll still apply the primer because I like how it makes my skin look)

It’s always lipstick, usually something bright and pink toned, like a red or pink-purple. I do often buy a higher price point for lipstick than anything else, and honestly buying ANY of them is a splurge when you have as many as I do. Do I need a new red lipstick? Absolutely not, I have like six reds that I consider basically perfect and deserve more love. Do I FEEL like I need a new red lipstick? Against all reason, when I go to the Givenchy or Bite counter, somehow yes.

Eyeshadow, palettes or singles. It used to be palettes but I’ve been more into singles recently because I like the freedom. And it’s not like I spend A LOT on my singles individually, I’m just also not afraid to get like 5-10 at a time, and I often do. I think the only pricier singles I own are from Melt, Sugarpill, and one from Anastasia. The rest are $6 or less, and sometimes they’re from palettes I’ve depotted.

Lipstick ! I have way too many lipsticks . It used to be eye shadow palettes but I’ve been pretty good this year ….BUT several of the Natasha Denona palettes, the latest Huda , the Pat McGrath one I saw today for the first time are calling me ! I’m also really looking forward to the reviews on the Fenty one released mid-Oct. What’s a girl to do ?

I don’t know how to answer this question because my initial thought was skincare and e/s palettes. However, I have over 150 lipsticks (two 75 lipstick carousels plus those that don’t fit) , I have well over 75 single shadows, I have multiple self made Z palettes, so many e/s palettes, an entire box of blushes and don’t get me started on my foundation, concealer, powders and brushes, etc. I really have a ludicrous amount of makeup and still I buy more. I have slowed down recently though. I am trying to be a bit more selective in what products I buy and since reading Temptalia on a daily basis I have actually purchased less since I have become much less willing to purchase something that is poor quality or is just the shiny new object.

just like you, brushes. and also base products (nars, hourglass, burberry) which are pretty ex compared to other makeup items but worth it.

Fingernail polish – especially unusual shades and finishes, special effect polishes and Indie brands like ILNP or Crow’s Toes. *Especially* indie brands! Eye palettes and shadows are a close second and I’ve filled a three drawer cabinet with those, but nail polishes are like little gems gleaming in little bottles and they need a home where they will be appreciated and perhaps even worn. I have literally hundreds of polishes and have tried telling myself ‘no more’, but fall collections are out and it’s easier to buy and assemble another bookcase to keep them on than it is to not buy them. I also have no reason to not buy them. I don’t consider my collections a problem because I get incredibly, stupidly happy just looking at my nail polish and eye shadow/palette collections. I’ve been told people with ‘problems’ feel guilty after a binge – and that is definitely not something I’m capable of feeling while looking at all my pretties! 🙂

I have to say eyeshadow. I’ve never bought Tom Ford, Chanel, or Givenchy, but I can’t seem to turn away from Urban Decay, MAC, Make Up For Ever and Anastasia.
I’ve splurged on brushes, but once I invested in a full set, and I do consider it an investment, and a few extras of eyeshadow, blush and powder brushes I haven’t yet had to replace any.
Something else I have trouble passing up are different types of “z-palettes”, though I really like the MUFE ones best. I have ones for eyeshadows by brand, then one for my favorites, and blush and highlighters, then travel sizes or small ones that I can just pop a “look” into for the day. My weakness…empty palettes, lol.

It’s a toss up between highlighters and foundation.

I tend to buy, like, 15 of the same highlighters and think they’re something special (even though I know that it isn’t..lol). All the same, I still love that glow. Highlighter addiction is a real problem.

However, foundations are in a whole other ball-game when you are a melanin lady. I love trying out foundations to see if companies get the color match correct. It’s already a challenge to go to the drugstore or specified makeup store to see if companies have your shade. Testing new product is intriguing to me. It’s a bit of a thrill.

I think I would splurge a little more on foundation than highlighter, though.

Eyeshadow palettes – that’s what I splurge on. I love well pigmented, buttery shades in mostly cool toned neutrals and jewel shades and I find it hard to resist those ones.

Same as you, brushes are an addiction. It is like I can never get enough and they never expire so I have an “excuse” to get a lot of them ahahahahahahaha

I don’t know about “often,” but skincare is usually my weak point. I could easily admit that the quantity of makeup that I indulge in is a splurge in and of itself, even if each individual piece isn’t high end or expensive (subjectively).

Hmmm… after reading the other comments, it appears I understood the question differently than most; I took the critical term to be “splurge,” implying spending a lot (in my mind), but I’m thinking now that the critical word was “often.” In which case, my answer up until a couple weeks ago would have been “lipstick,” but since I decided recently to go on my first no-buy, I don’t have an answer for this right now.

Shadow palettes! I guess I splurge on lipsticks too, but not because I buy so much super high end. I just buy mid-range or drugstore but most or all of the shades.

But palettes – while I haven’t cracked and bought a Natasha Denona or even a Viseart, I regularly buy 40-70 dollar palettes.

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