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My favorite perfumes have orange or cherry as the top note (but more sour/tart than sweet). I also like oceany/salty and green/fern scents.

I may not be the best at describing notes, however, I do know that my #1 spring/ summer fragrance is Fresh Like which I believe has bergamot, orange blossoms, and it just smells happy and very clean. My favorite autumn/ winter ones are one called Absinthe by Christian LaCroix for Avon, it was LE, so I cannot rebuy it. Its notes are really different! Anise and other woodsy and scicy notes too. Also love my now DC’d Couture Couture by Juicy Couture. It smells like champaigne, fruit ( idk?), and not too sure what else, but like I mentioned, Idk my notes that well unless I have a descriptive list from the brand. I know that I like stuff that is quite different!

In all fragrances I love there always are Lily, Musk and Rose. When I go to the fresh side of things I like Bergamot, Neroli and Green Notes, while for winter I like to have Tonka Bean among the notes too.

I love scents of woods, musk, amber, vanilla, and for relaxing, I enjoy lavender. I have a tendency to gravitate towards more masculine scents. I oftentimes find myself wearing my husband’s colognes!

We like a lot of the same scents. I’m very much into the incensey, resiny, spicy, woody scents. I like some of the fruit scents and a few florals, especially pomegranate and violets.

I love warming, spicy scents: cardamom, cinnamon, woods, oud, amber, boozy vanillas (but not plain vanilla, strangely!), citrus and spice…

I’m also strangely drawn to fresh, juicy scents like red grapefruit, fresh lemon, lemongrass and just citrus in general. I love the scent of roses, but a particular type of rose – not the blousy white or pink ones, but rich, velvety red roses like the ones my Grandmother grows.

I’m most drawn to spices, vanilla, amber, frankincense, cola, honey, white florals, citruses (especially blood orange and bergamot), chocolate/cocoa, lilac, violet, fresh lavender ( but not the overdone powdery lavenders), rose (but not heavy or powdery), berries, mints, basil, rosemary, fig, plum, pear, and pomegranate.

I am repelled by strong musks, moldy-smelling hippie patchouli (the lighter patchoulis are fine), powder scent, cilantro/coriander, anise/fennel/licorice, strong artificial cotton candy, and cheap artificial cherry, grape and orange.

I change what I use as far as fragrance goes through the seasons. In the spring, I like bright crisp florals. I don’t like them too cloying or sweet, or strong and overpowering. A really fresh scent that has hints of rose, oud, violets, tuberose, and jasmine. Light florals get me in the spring mood. I wear fragrance every day. In the summer, I like more heady florals, a nice old rose, light musks, and earthy green scents like patchouli, fig leaves, a feminine floral with some depth that can withstand the heat without going off or fading. In the fall, I like really earthy scents, like mossy florals, fading green fragrant herbs, like rosemary and juniper. I also like how pink pepper can really accent a fragrance. In the fall. Even a touch of tobacco leaves, (not full blown cigarette stink), I love spicey, incensy Orientals. YSL Opium and Dior Poison are my go to winter smells. I have so many favorites I could list but that would really be a long post. I don’t really have a signature scent at this point. I did, but it was long ago discontinued. I have found a really nice substitute for it, but it isn’t the same, so I am on a quest to find a new signature scent. I have been lucky, and I have received a lot of samples, so this next year is going to be a year of focusing on finding that perfect scent that says it’s me. It will be interesting to see what works for me.

In the fall and winter, I like sandalwood, cinnamon, leather, coffee and some gourmand scents. in the spring and summer I go for light rose, gardenia, and tuberose.

I love Burberry Classic and My Burberry. Also anything that has roses and jasmine that is why I have Chloe and Stella. I also like anything that is unique like Jo Malone Violet and Wysteria, Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin which is quite leathery even though there is no leather in it and it is labeled as “sexy man in a suit” scent haha and it is unisex but I returned coz it doesnt last. Same goes for Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge. For something so expensive, both only last like maximum 2 hours on me.

Ditto that! I have tons of “sample vials” and a few bottles I switch out depending on my mood. I’m awaiting the arrival of the new Jo Malone Cherry Blossoms. Of late I’ve been wearing Aquolina “ChocoLovers” and ADORE it! Very subtle, sexy, not overly “sweet”. I’m always asked about it when I have it on. I also love a good Vanilla scent, in particular, Jalaine Vanilla. Auric Blends “Eqyptian Goddess” is another that, when I wear it, people always tell me how great it smells (and it does!).

In complete agreement! Warm, earthy, sexy smells! Most florals smell too synthetic to me and anything fruity just turns rancid on MY body. If I’m shopping for scents I usually ask for “the dirtiest thing you’ve got… I mean like something that makes you feel REALLY ashamed of what you did the night before!”

I’m drawn to the same things! I also find myself drawn to Rose on occasion as long as it’s mixed with those other things. I also love Grapefruit in perfumes. Tea is also a big one for me.

I love powdery florals with rose as the top note, like Chloe or the rose version! Also neroli, and some more fruity rose florals like Burberry London! My sister loves vanilla like you Christine! When we were younger all I would ever smell is that pink sugar scent!

A lot of the same notes as Christine, actually, but there’s a possibility I lean dirtier. I like things that are a little deep and sweaty smelling, usually unisex. When I do fresh, it’s usually men’s with some vetiver and wood in there.

My favorite notes very roughly in order are: wood (cedar, sandalwood, teak); vetiver; amber; benzoin; leather; tobacco; incense or smoke; spices (cardamom, clove, saffron, anise); patchouli; musk; rice, honey, fruit (blackberries, peaches, citrus, currants, passionfruit, tomato, raspberry); jasmine; lilac.

Notes I want to love but I think are usually executed poorly: ginger, lime, rose, basil, black tea, pepper (black or cayenne), sage. I guess it usually comes down to being able to really convey that freshness innate in these scents. It makes sense to me that it would be difficult to realistically conjure.

Of course I also love vanilla, but it seems so ubiquitous I’m actually trying to move away from it a bit.

Roses! I was drawn to my favorite scent, Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose, because of the name. I love the way it smells like flowers exploded on you.

The perfumes I own have a lot of variety. Though my preferences are typically in patchouli, woods, incense. My favorite scents are earthy.

sounds cliche but i’m really drawn towards floral scents like gardenia & jasmine. also like citrus notes too.
Right now I’m totally in love with Van Cleef California Reverie, La Chasse aux Papillons L`Artisan Parfumeur & Bond No. 9 New York ‘Scent of Peace’ but they’re sooo expensive!

Labdanum, which smells to me like a pine forest after it rains, one of my favorite fragrances ever. Fall leaves, my second most favorite. Tea, plain black or plain white tea. Occasionally something else strikes my fancy but I’m not really a flowery fragrance kind of girl.

P.S. Musk has always been a note of doooooooom for me. I’ve avoided all my life any fragrance that lists musk as an ingredient. Rarely I’m surprised that I can tolerate something with any musk in it but usually that’s because it’s well disguised by other notes and the musk is never pronounced.

Citrusy and clean notes. Sadly, most perfumes A) give me a headache and B) turn on me so I don’t wear it much. Most recent one was Fresh’s Grapefruit

This is a tough one–my favorites are each very different. Let’s see:
– white florals: lily (FM Lys Mediterranee), magnolia (VP Mito edp), frangipani (OJ Frangipani), jasmine (SL A la Nuit), and to a lesser extent, gardenia, orange blossom, lemon blossom; sadly, tuberose hasn’t worked for me thus far
– spicy roses (OJ Ta’if, VP Rozy edp, Tauer Incense Rose and Phi, SL La Fille de Berlin, NV Mohur edp)
– other flowers: lilac (FM En Passant), lily of the valley (Tauer Carillon pour un Ange), violet (SL Bois de Violette), cassie (FM Une Fleur de Cassie)
– passionfruit/mango (VP Rubj edp, NV Bombay Bling)
– citrus (Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine, OJ Frangipani, SL Fleurs de Citronnier)
– green w/blackberry (JM Blackberry and Bay, Enchanted Forest)
– geranium/musk/”clean” (Parfums de Nicolai l’Eau Chic)
– sandalwood (Diptyque Tam Dao, SL Santal Majescule)
– boozy (vintage Lubin Idole edt, SL Une Voix Nuit)
– spicy (OJ Orris Noir)

I don’t do well with anise/licorice, aldehydes, or, usually, oud, and I haven’t tried anything with patchouli as a main note. I like amber but don’t seem to reach for it for some reason.

I love scent. I have a particular attraction to tuberose. I recently spent some time in Liberty London exploring new tuberose scents and great fun I had. Historically I’ve been a fan of Miller Harris Tuberose and have flirted with Fracas but felt they were a little to sweet for my current mood. I like the heady intoxicating nature of tuberose. I’m currently adoring Carnal Flower which is a slightly more dirty and sensual scent. It draws a great deal of glowing comments. Putting on a fragrance everyday is part of getting dressed ‘properly’ and I always feel cocooned when I’m wearing one.

It was always gourmand and spices, with the occasional fruitier thing thrown in.

But my big thing? Ginger. Ginger, ginger, ginger. I wear BPAL Shub Niggurath all the time, and I get a surprising amount of compliments on it, randomly.

Although, I think if I were to sit down and compose the perfect scent for me, it’d be ginger plus sandalwood, amber, and a hint of vanilla.

Patchouli, jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla, Amber and gardenia are my favourite notes. I don’t like spicy/woody/earthy scents and I absolutely hate anything that smells of lavender or Rose, they always overpower every other note and I feel they’re quite “old ladyish” scents. I like quite soft, fresh florals that don’t smell like you’ve ran through a flower patch.

I love fragrances that mostly consists of rose notes like Elisabethan Rose by Penhaligon’s and Les Creations de Monsieur Dior Forever and Ever by Dior. Also, I like white floral fragrances such as Anais Anais by Cacharel and a classy chypre, Miss Dior L’Original by Dior.

this is going to take more than one sitting to write but i pretty much like anything that isn’t too overpowering or overtly floral. most of the time my perfume changes with my mood, but something warm and spicy is definitely a fave

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