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Contouring and highlighting. I don’t take it to the extremes like the Kardashians. But I feel like my face shape looks so much better when I define the hollows of my cheekbones and jawline and put a little highlighter on top. So I take a few extra minutes to use contour and highlighter every day.

Nothing recent – I think I fell of the trend train when everything started leaning towards metallic and/or multicolored (highlight, lips). I don’t even contour regularly anymore. I have 1 liquid lipstick and that’s it ?

*Highlighters – I wasn’t really into highlighters before, but after switching over to a foundation with more coverage and slightly matte finish, I find they really help add depth, glow, and dimension to the face. So now I got a whole drawer full of them.
*Metallic lips -I was avoiding them for a while since they reminded for the ’80s, but there’s been some really pretty ones launched, so I’ve been adding them to my stash

Nontraditional lip colors. Not a bunch, because I don’t include my truckload of purple shades in that, as purple has gone *fairly* mainstream? But I have the bluish-gunmetal shade UD Time and the insanely neon blurple Colourpop So Wavy. Next up, once I have UD Vice Lip Palette in Junkie, the teal green shade the palette is seemingly named after. Other than this, just that I’ve let my brows grow in thicker and healthier over the past several years.

Highlighting: I’m doing a very subtle version of the trend but I do use my highlighters a lot more often that before, almost every day.
High coverage foundation: I’ve had skin issues in the past year so I’m glad that higher coverage foundations are trending, a lot of great formulas have been released lately!
Brows: I do try to fill my brows and keep them in shape better than before, although I still go for a very natural look with tinted fiber gels rather that pencils or creams.

I think that’s about it! No contouring, no baking, no strobing for me I also don’t apply my undereye concealer in a triangle shape, and I don’t start doing my eye looks by applying the crease/transition shade (that’s the second to last step for me)!

Hi Lulle — what do you recommend for tinted fiber gels? Brows are my next project to nail down. I just don’t have it dialed in the way I want to.

Love your blog. My husband and I have one, and only one, thing on our bucket list. To start in Paris and live in France for at least a year. 🙂

No. It’s there from her main site. Don’t know about direct Google. There is a tab at the top left for beautypedia reviews. When the next page comes up, you have to tap the line/index bar to get to brands. It confused me for a while, too.

Contouring! But just a tiny bit of powder in the cheekbone area.

I’m also glad I’ve found a few liquid lipstick formulas that I like. Now I can be confident that my bright lips will stay on with minimal touch ups.

I need an intervention. 🙂 I’m nearly serious. Anyone else get to the point where they feel they are incorporating everything under the sun? That’s me right now.

I guess I would say what has made it into my routine is contouring. I’m still not sure I truly understand the different between that and bronzing. I mean, I know the difference, but aren’t they somewhat interchangeable? For me, the straight “contouring” like with the Kat Von D or Anastasia Cream palette — well, I never seem to be make it look like it enhances anything. Maybe it just doesn’t work on me? Dunno. I’m about to give up on the whole deal and just swipe a little bronzer and blush and call it a day.

Then there’s the whole highlighter thing…. 🙂

Linda I am with you!!!!! I feel the same way. Its getting me so crazy, to the point where my makeup would take me only 15 minutes, 20 tops. Now, way too long. I am doing the primers, the cremes, the drops, contouring,bronzers ,blush,highlighters (2 kinds) the shimmers. Then the shadows,liners,and everything else combined. Lipstick is the finale. I think I need intervention as well. I left some stuff out. HELP!!!!!

New for me: The halo eye. I’ve also been contouring for the past 4 years, which was not a “thing” when I was younger. Highlighting my cheek and brow bones for the past year or two. Applying my lipstick more to the outer edge of my lip line instead of inside the line for the past 6 months or so. Setting my under eye make up with Guerlain Meteorites instead of regular setting powder.

YES!!! You just reminded me that I’ve gotten VERY into the whole “halo” eyeshadow effect, as it gives my heavily hooded, almond, flat looking eyes the dimension I wasn’t born with. Makes my eyes appear larger and more open.

Darker color on inner and outer third of lid, lighter shimmered color in center of lid where the “ball” of eye is. You do the crease and transition the same way for a regular contoured eye, it’s just the differing placement of the shimmer and the darker matte. Same placement on lower lashline but not necessarily the transition or crease color, unless you want that too. It’s a really neat look but I found for me after a while, because I have hooded eyes, it kind of loses its punch.

This is me as well! I used to be really self-conscious about my eyebrows but now everyone is doing their makeup to replicate what mine look like naturally, lol. I hope this trend never dies.

Double cleansing. I started off using my cleansing balm and then doubling up with an actual oil like pure jojoba. Now I just start with a wipe that doesn’t contain alcohol to get most of the makeup off and follow up with a balm or oil. I ain’t got the wallet to run out of my fancy oils twice as quickly.

SAME HERE WITH THE BROWS! I completely stopped plucking them for like, a month and then I let them take on this gorgeous archy huge eagle wing shape. I have been very happy.

I consistently use a highlighter. My go-to favorites are several BECCA shades. I am also using a concealer/highlighter with setting powder. I think the powder is the key. My two current favs are by Laura M. and Sacha (Buttercup). It is brown-girl friendly.

Not really as a lot of the makeup artist technique I already did before they became a “TREND” to sell products the past 5 years.

I’m not interested in thicker bolder brows because it makes me look angry/man-ish because I have low set straight brows on my face that sit on the ridge of my brow bone completely. If I fill them in naturally the look harsh as F.
I actually shave my brow tails off now to open my eyes up and complete the arc I’m lacking! lol

Contouring and highlighting. I am very subtle with my contouring, but I don’t feel as put together if I don’t do it. As for highlighting, it accentuates my otherwise barely noticeable cheekbones, and I’m all for anything that gives me yet another excuse to use sparkly or shimmery products.

The thick brow look is my normal (I hate plucking any more than necessary to get rid of stray hairs, and my brows are thick and dark enough that I don’t need brow products)…this is a case where the current trends caught up with my routine rather than the other way around.

Highlighters. I’ve found that too metallic doesn’t wear well on me at my age, but a light touch or a just lightly shimmery product can add something to even daytime / office looks.

I’m right there with you on the bigger and bolder brows.
I actually have loved the under eye bold liner. Lately I’ve been wearing more daring colors under my eye with little to no shadow on my lids. I’ve also reverted back to my old style of less is more.

I wouldn’t call it recent, but the Korean method for skincare (ie 12 steps, layering products). I generally do it in the evening and do shorter version in the mornings. It does take time to do it and let products sink in, but the impact it’s had on my skin has been amazing. Other than that, I think I tend to avoid trends. I still apply foundation with my fingers (hated the beauty blender), don’t bake, contour, strobe or whatever else the big thing is. I do bronze now that I have a good shade for very fair, pink skin and I have used the CdP highlighters and Guerlain’s Meteorites for years, so I don’t really attribute that to the recent boom of the last few years.

The most recent set from the Nordstrom anniversary sale? That one works on me, but it’s my third choice overall – something about the color isn’t as good as the other two, but I can’t recall what. Armani is certainly the one that showed pale pink undertones can wear bronzer and not look like an Oompa Loompa.

Well, Lea, in a word, SNAIL. Snail heaven. Not new to the AB community, but new to me, and I def feel the love. As to m/u, all the grayed and greiged shades. Thistle, oblivion, deep rooted, gelato, gone greige,even plum princess straddles that line. Keepers. Can’t say I can retread metallics. Contouring/highlighting is limited, but I love the offbeat shades. Brows: mine are invisible, blond and transparent, also look as if I have a thyroid problem. This is historical and genetic. So I pretend they aren’t part of the face drill. Product looks worse than nothing.

Facial highlighters. I can’t get enough. Tastefully of course. Eyebrows too but I have lost a lot of my brow hair so I can only line a small amount. Matte lips.

Not really, I don’t do primers or bronzers or highlighting or BB creams or CC creams, it just seems so unnecessary to me. If anything I’ll change up my eyes!

contouring. still cannot get on the (powder) highlighting train, however I love my creams and liquids!! been loving a tasteful metallic lip, it has to be a relatively dark color though ofherwise it looks quite off on me. bold brows, but slightly toned down, I only fill in where I have hair. color on the lower lash line is a look I LOVE! not sure if it’s a trend

Keeping my brows better groomed and filling in with product more often. I have very full, dark brows, but I used to just let them go au naturel. I used to really despise matte lipsticks, but I’ve learned to appreciate them more, both in liquid and traditional stick form. I’ve been lightly contouring and what’s now called “strobing” since the late 80s, so those aren’t new, though I do them. Ditto on glitters, metallics, and unconventional shades.

Highlighting! It started off with the Becca Jaclyn Hill palette and the game is still going strong. I’ve gotten so many compliments every time I’ve worn Champagne pop.

I also agree is taking me a bit longer to wear all the new inventions! Lol! I already have high cheeks in an oval face and do contour but ever so lightly and blend well with blush. I have fallen hard on highliters have many different kinds and love them all again, i don’t like a heavy noticeable line so I blend everything well. I notice some beauty bloggers which contour their ridge of the nose too harsh ending looking like the nose of a fox. Way too heavy. Also too noticeable the triangle concealer under eyes I do not like that tip I just wear it and blend under the eye I use Maybelline and it is great. I like a natural eyebrow and use the gel/powder instead of a pencil, more natural and I brush with a small (clean) child’s toothbrush to even it out works wonderful. Also after foundation and light powder I use light bronzer. None of that other funky proving and what have you.
I’m dying to get Moondust eyeshadow is gorgeous.

Hi Christine and Temptalia,
I have to say no with anything that has made it’s way to my beauty routine. I only use one primer for everything and if you want to cut down on the amount of time and money with beauty products, you can always go back to the old school before primers… foundation and powder everything on your face. It was a beauty secret for along time and it works, in my opinion. ?

1) Embracing my naturally straight full brows. I spent my teens in the 80s when heavy brows (think Brooke Shields) were in and the older gen were lamenting their overplucked 70s brows. I remember taking to heart the advice of one TV makeup artist warning young girls NEVER OVERPLUCK YOUR BROWS! Consequently, I’ve never gone too thin. I have occasionally toyed with a thinner look. Just never did that for long enough to actually prevent the hair from regrowing.

My sister, however, had thick and naturally arched brows, which I envied. Until now! Muahahaha! Finally! It’s my time! It took 50 years, but it’s here!

2) The metallic/frost lip works well for my lip shape. I feel like it adds a bit of natural shading, highlighting the centre of the lip and imparting a more graceful delicate contour, rather than the somewhat dimensionless look of the matte lip. Both looks are nice for different reasons, though. I still love my BITE Jam!!

3) Liquid foundation. Not sure if this is a real trend or just an improvement in formulations, but it seems as though the foundations of a few years ago sat ON your skin and proceeded to rub off over the course of the day, but newer formulations seem to vanish into the texture of the skin and transfer much less. I used to stick to powder foundations (MAC Studio Fix was my long time favorite and before that I’d have a Prescriptives powder mixed for me… I loved those!!). Now I have several liquid foundations that I adore!

4) Primer. Like liquid foundation, this has always been around, but seems to have upped its game and my favorite, BECCA Backlight Priming Filter, brings me to my next point…

5) Glow. I realize a matte finish is returning for fall, but a little radiance does make my 50 yo self feel a lot dewier.

Liquid lipstick has not been a trend I’ve embraced. I just don’t like the texture of any I’ve tried and I never have the patience to be as precise as one needs to be. My 30 second allotment for my morning lipstick routine leads to a certain requirement for correctability! I screw up a bit and have to fix it. Liquid isn’t as forgiving. Also, I like a slightly soft (not quite smudged) margin on my somewhat full and slightly asymmetric lips. Lipstick is better for that.

I’ve never embraced contouring. I’m 50 and at my age I’d look like the Cryptkeeper if I started accentuating the angles of my face! Foundation softens the shadows and evens the tone of my skin and that’s all I want. I suppose “reverse contouring” could be useful, but I haven’t tried it. Maybe that will be my next project…

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