What recent trend did you decide to skip?

I don’t mind contouring, but it’s just not a step I care to include in my regular routine. I’ll do it occasionally or as an alternative to noticeable blush for a particularly sculpted or deep eye/lip look. It is funny, because early on, it was a daily step for me.

— Christine
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Nancy T Avatar

Dry-down liquid matte lipsticks. I have only ONE that is in this type of formula, Colourpop Cheap Thrills. Had I not read in the review that this shade along with just a few other exceptions in CP’s Ultimate Matte line didn’t become that shriveled raisen, powdery feeling lip that this type of formula usually ends up being; I wouldn’t even own the ONE! I’m serious. I have tried on some other over this past year, and I hate that almost chalky sensation and tightness. On the other hand, there are wonderful liquid mattes that do NOT dry down 100%, like CP Ultra Satins or Ofra’s line. Those are perfect for me!

Katherine T. Avatar

Same here!! I don’t like liquid lipsticks that dry down, especially the matte ones! I have a few liquid lipsticks that dry down and are suppose to be “best in class” but they still aren’t as comfortable, forgiving, and easy to wear as traditional lipsticks. I always have to worry about something– dryness, cracking, flaking, uneven wear, turning into different color, weird chemical smell, and/or pain-in-the-neck re-application. I’m ok with the ones that stay wet, just not the ones that dry down.

Pearl Avatar

1. Metallic lips,
2. Rainbow or multi-color highlight,
3. Strobing, and
4. Non-traditional lip colors – never say never, but I’m pretty certain I will be skipping these. I prefer a more classic aesthetic.
5. Liquid lipsticks – I have one and it’s okay, I just prefer the bullet application.
6. Cushion anything – I can’t get past the unsanitariness of it.
7. Korean skincare – I feel like this is first gen and I want to wait a for more options/products to come out. I have tried a few products, Tony Moly and Belif and . . .meh.
8. Jewel-toned hair

About the only things I have added to my repertoire in the past three or four years is modest highlighting, occasional contouring, and light foiling. I love sparkles and shimmers but I have to be careful that I’m not too heavy-handed.

This was a fun question! I like reflective questions like this because it helps me figure out more what my style is.

Kelsey Avatar

The instagram trend. So no baking, contouring, fake lashes, overdrawn lips and too obvious brows for me. It just doesn’t suit my personality! I prefer my (base) make-up light and not heavy layered.

Jade Avatar

I would have to say pink and reddish/burgundy eyeshadow. I just feel it’s a look which suits few skintones (definitely not mine). I did cave and buy Naked 3, and I regret it. It just doesn’t work on me. Plus I think it’s going to be a huge burnout of a fad. Deep dark lips, however, I am all over.

Astrild Avatar

Baking and Strobing. I have some fine lines under the eyes and a little bit of texture on my cheeks, so I fell this two trends can make emphasize those.

Astrild Avatar

After reading the coments, I’ve realized I forgot matte liquid lipsticks . The look awful in my dry lips, The new metallic lips trend is a no-go for me as well.

Luna Sea Avatar

Me too! The overdrawn lips look crazy to me. I think they want the appearance of fuller lips, but it just looks like they drew a line around their lips lol. I saw a youtube video recently and the girl drew out around the corners of her lips too. Looked insane, like the Joker. I tried contouring as well, but my face is thin and it made me look older. It slims and defines your face, so if you have a slim and defined face it may not look great.

MissJae1908 Avatar

Winged liner. When I first started doing my makeup, I felt like I had to have one for my look to be completed. Once I started really doing my research into makeup, I found out that I have “hooded” eyes. So basically, by adding a wing, it covered up all of the work that I just put in on my tiny bit of lid space. Now I do winged liner less than 10 times a year! I have transitioned into doing a reverse wing on my bottom lash line instead.

Luna Sea Avatar

I have hooded eyes, but I LOVE winged liner! I like to wear shadow sometimes too, but there is not room for both. I watched many tutorials on eye makeup for hooded lids. One trick I learned was making the line on my lids as thin as possible, and subtly get thicker into a small wing at the end. You can also start the line in the middle of your eye instead of across the entire lid. That way you can still see the eyeshadow when I want to wear both. 🙂

Donna Avatar

I also skipped contouring. Sure don’t need it for my cheekbones and blush and highlighter are just fine. Don’t think there’s any hope for the jawline – age and gravity ?

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Funny, it the last one I mentioned thick brows in the last “HAS ANY RECENT TREND MADE ITS WAY INTO YOUR REGULAR ROUTINE?”. But overdrawn brows can look too heavy on some people if you don’t balance it out with another bold element on the face.

The new “hollow brows” is interesting but editorial for sure!

I don’t do blush unless I’m wearing full coverage foundation as my face is ruddy, but if I blush I go subtle with the contour. If I do strong contour I skip the blush.

Linda Avatar

So many trends, so much to skip! (I say that, but trust me, I’ve adopted enough of them!)

Purple, green, black or blue lipstick
Glitter of any kind
Purple or blue on my face as a “highlight”
False eyelashes
Eyeliner wings
No red/pink eye shadow — never on that one
Rainbow eyes or any brights in shadows

I will say all of the above can work beautifully or be “super cute” on any number of other women. Just my passes. Although, I am thinking of cutting my hair a la the Claire Underwood trend, just keeping it a little longer.

AB Avatar

Contouring — it’s less that I’ve decided to skip it than I’ve just not gotten into it, because it’ll take time: I’ve seen enough to know that it has to be done very well or it looks very odd. Also, the most metallic and/or glittery versions of highlighters, eyeshadows, blushes — at my age it just doesn’t work, though I do like shimmer or pearl in eyeliners and lipsticks/glosses.

Rachel C. Avatar

I usually skip liquid matte lipsticks, winged liner and false lashes. I love seeing the trends on others, but like to stick to what works for my personal style.

Mo Merrell Avatar

Contouring isn’t my thing, personally I find it wasteful because unless it’s done dramatically, it’s ineffective.

I’m not into “baking” it’s so rehashed they took “setting” and remarketed it to find a way to make more products to sell PLUS I don’t like the look it gives. It – on me – makes me look dead and ashen hiding my natural glow and dewy skin (when it’s moisturized)

The overdrawn lips….I will never lol nor do I need to. I don’t get it.

Strobing is also another fad trend that they remarketed to resell the same items at a higher price. I will not ever put a rainbow highlighter on my face lol for many reasons other than it’s unappealing in normal every day life.

Beauty Blenders – I have a bit of germaphobia. I can’t ensure that I clean it well enough to reuse daily. I feel like I can see little tiny micro bugs crawling on my skin when I’ve used it.

Cut Crease – I didn’t know what that was at first, looked it up and eh it’s a more dramatic eye than the normal way I wear my eyeshadow and takes entirely too much time to perfect.

100 layers of anything because….WHY?

thirteen Avatar

I feel like most of them. Cut crease, no way. Nude lips? Definitely not. Contouring looks overdone to me. (At least, ON me.) Highlighting, don’t want to have sparkles on my face. I hated the one liquid lipstick I tried and returned it immediately.

I don’t want to be a hater but I’m just not interested in most of the trends, I guess.

Celia Avatar

Weirdly it’s filling in my brows. My brows are naturally bushy and arched well. So I pretty much don’t touch them except to clean up hairs fair below the brow line or when things get too close to a uni. I stopped doing much to them years ago and just let them grow back out fully. They are in the Cara Delevingne/Emilia Clarke/Brooke style since both women also barely touch their natural brows since they are quite big. I’m proud of my natural, bold brows and glad they’re in style but they’re big and dark enough not to need anything more than the occasional light touch of Brow Wiz or a clear brow gel on occasion. Dip Brow in any color makes them look very drawn on even with strokes that look quite natural and lovely on others because it’s just too much for a big brow. So while I love that bigger brows have been cooler, I haven’t joined in on the drawing on and painting trends for those reasons. I like that lots of people have embraced a more natural brow, even if I’m not the biggest fan of super drawn-on Insta brows. That’s different IMO but everyone you do you!

Also, never been someone who mostly uses winged liner. My eyes are very deepset and look best in other styles, graphic or classic, rather than a classic cat eye wing. Again, I like the way the trend can look on others but for me even when I do a wing I get bored easily with eyeliner styles and switch them up often.

Eileen Avatar

I’m all for wearing a subtle, natural highlight on the cheekbone or swept in the classic “C” from browbone to cheekbone, but I’ve never liked the extreme spotlighting or the strobing that uses rainbow colors. It’s too My Little Pony for this septaugenarian! LOL

Kylie5 Avatar

The Trend to emphazise the eyebrows and wear them very “thick” like this Model Cara delevigne (I Do not Know how to Write her Name but I think you all Know her).

Erica Avatar

Uggh hate that look esp if not natural. I’m all for full brows and even filling into sparse areas. But yeah some people look downright scary with such bold brows. Yeah skipping that!

Nicole Avatar

Baking, strobing, contouring, instaglamming, bronzer, super matte lips, overdone brows… I guess anything that would make me look or feel not myself. I see the purpose of those techniques for editorial shoots or the stage, just not for daily makeup. However, if that’s what you like, go for it! 😉

Chacha Avatar

I’ll be really to have one because these days its just like i add a another one everytime! And my time for my makeup grow up more and more its scary!!!! Sometimes im tired by myself,and say “common today you need to hurry up” after 30 mins of makeup, i’m still sad… lol 🙂

Luna Sea Avatar

I think they are called “Instagram brows”. It is where the brow is very blurry in the middle. I realize brows may be more sparse there but some people do it so it looks like they’re drawn on with a sharpie and just wiped off in the middle, or blurred. I guess the point is to look unnatural? I am not sure, but there is no way anyone would ever think those kind of brows are real. Same with the overlining of lips. A little is nice. I see people do it, and they want the illusion of fuller lips but it just looks like they have a line drawn around their lips.

Sallyc Avatar

Contouring, highlighting, massively thick eyebrows, matte lipstick, cat eyes,and 15 different skin products for either day or night. Matte lipstick for me dries out my lips and makes my relatively small lips look old. Big eyebrows on a small featured face look ridiculous and scream “EYEBROWS” to everybody that looks at you. I want them to see my whole face, not a single feature. More and more, Alicia Keyes no make up look is beginning to appeal to me. Skin care can be very inexpensive and still be effective. CeraVe moisturizers and sunscreen are amazingly effective. Aquaphor is a great eye cream and lip balm. I know that working with color cosmetics is fun and creative and I do that on occasion, but not every day. But, I am retired, so this scenario is not going to work for every one.

Anne Avatar

I’ve never baked (my face…), and I am definitely going to be skipping the upcoming frosted/metallic anything & liquid eyeshadow trends because those are just ugh. I’m also not a fan of the cushion formulation stuff because hygiene. I’m at least waiting on the K-skin stuff as I have very sensitive skin so I need to be sure of the ingredients first. I’m also not into the super nude lip stuff as that makes me look like a corpse.

Genevieve Avatar

There is a few trends that don’t work for me at all:
Over highlighting
Matte lipstick
Liquid lip gloss
Non traditional lip colours
Metallic eye shadows – love them, but they don’t suit me.
Eye liners – especially black and winged (having hooded eyes, it just doesn’t work)

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I don’t use matte lipstick, non traditional colors of lipsticks, false lashes because I don’t do them well, winged liner. There are probably others but I can’t think of them now.

Donna Avatar

Strobing. dark drawn in eyebrows, false lashes, rainbow colored or sparkly highlighter, baking – too drying, metallic lipsticks, liquid lipstick – not on these dry lips.
I would like to learn how to do a winged liner (I have hooded lids).
Christine, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group of wonderful women! I look forward to the forum every day.

Naomi Avatar

cream contouring, strobing, baking, brow pomades, liquid to matte lipsticks, dewy skin (my skin does that on its own! bring on the mattifying primers and foundations!), ultra metallic lips, very bold out there lip colors (i do own a couple purples and a blue and a green just to play with though!), cushion foundations, stick foundations, and K-beauty (waiting for it to become more mainstream)

on the other hand, some trends that I love are: micellar water, colored mascara, glossy lips, color correcting, contouring and (subtle) highlightling. though most highlighters are too frosty for my extremely textured skin (I like the essence pure nude highlighter and the elf illuminating palette for example)

Arpita Avatar

I am also not much of a contour person. Also, among the latest, I have really skipped the liquid lipcolors and the metallic colored makeup ( esp metallic lip colors) so much in vogue now.

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