What recent beauty trends have you skipped over?

What recent beauty trends have you skipped over? Share!

Definitely the BB cream trend (and probably CC, DD, or whatever else they want to throw out there) – it was just SO many that it was overwhelming, and a lot of them didn’t have great shade ranges.

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I know this is off topic (I agree with the BB cream thing btw) but do you think you will ever go back to making YouTube videos every once in a while? I just remembered today how informative and nice it was to hear you talk about products. I know you are super busy but I would love it if you would make one every once in a blue moon haha

CC cream trend as they doesn’t give much coverage and i’d prefer a primer which has all the functions of CC cream. Frankly, i don’t know why CC cream is a trend.

Orange & bright pink lipstick (or blush). I realize they’re very popular, but that doesn’t mean either are particularly flattering on many who wear them.

Textured nail polish, and those with larger chunks of glitter. They seem a bit juvenile, particularly those that are multi-colored.

Accent nails. I think this speaks for itself…

Ombre *anything*…

I don’t understand how one becomes an arbiter of what looks good on *others*. I detest lipgloss, false lashes and tanner of any kind but I limit that judgement to how it looks on me. How does an accent nail speak for itself? Serious question there!

@ 18thcenturyfox

All I’m saying is alot of people I know seem to think those shades are “universally flattering”, and because cosmetic companies insist on saturating the market with them, particularly *every* Summer, it must be so. I’m not saying noone should wear them if *they* think they’re flattering, but noone should jump on board just because it’s “trendy”.

As for “accent nails”, just take a look at how many others answered the same, even *prior* to my comment actually being posted.

At the end of the day, we *all* wear something that others may not think is particularly flattering on us, and we have that choice. However, just because it’s the latest thing, doesn’t mean we have to hop on the bandwagon when there are more options.

I think there is a special place in hell for people who indulge in internet drama, but I have to say I see where 18thCenturyFox is coming from. You didn’t seem to answer the question “What beauty trends have YOU skipped over”… Rather you chose to point out what you wish others would not wear. There’s a big difference in something like Christine said (BB Creams don’t have a wide enough color range”) and “X doesn’t look good on most people and Y is so stupid it’s self explanatory.”

That said, who cares? if you want to be judgy that’s your right, and I don’t really see why anyone would care.

I get where you’re coming from, but I think you’re missing one crucial thing here: People won’t wear anything they don’t like.

So yes, while people might be inspired by the current trend (ombre hair, accent nails, etc), I doubt they’d wear it if they didn’t like it, no matter how “trendy” it is. And if they did wear it, whether us onlookers think they’re flattering or not, who are we to judge? People’s bodies aren’t public property, after all.

This may sound odd, but I get a happy warm feeling when I see people wearing stuff that doesn’t flatter them. Because in my experience, it usually means they simply do not give a hoot whether it flatters them or not, and I wish I could loosen up and express myself that freely. 🙂

Thank you Jen, this sums up my attitude to life entirely 🙂 especially now that I’m a redhead, there are less things I can ‘go crazy with and look good’, but…I DON’T CARE! =D

I completely agree with your statement. When it comes to trends I decide whether that particular look fits me and solely me. Orangey blush such as Taj Mahal look great on women of color especially women with peachy/orange undertones.

Sorta similar–western BB creams and then, all CC creams. I’ve decided that if I’m going to wear something on my face, I want it to have a certain amount of coverage, and that whole trend over here has seemed to lead to nothing but really lightweight, low to no coverage formulas. Bah.

Bar glitter in my nail polishes, I can’t stand that either. I thought I’d had texture polishes, but it turns out, if they have glitter, I love them. 😉

Trends I’ve skipped: colored mascara (only black looks right on me), BB creams, ombre lips and hair, cool fingernails (no time), and the Goth look. Pretty much a slave to fashion for just about everything else.

LOL. Not recently, but for a moment, Goth was a fashion and beauty trend. Not a mainstream trend, but big among the younger set – including a ton of Goth wannabes. The hair, jewelry and make-up. 50% of my kids’ friends sported a Goth look at least a few times in their lives. My kids are way too conventional – they make me look adventurous.

Oh, Christine, I love BB cream sooooo much! I haven’t tried any of the CC or DD creams. Missha has a good selection of shades and types of BB creams, in my opinion. I can’t imagine going back to regular foundation. However, I haven’t seen any yet that don’t have very chemical-y ingredients (dimethicones and parabens and the like).
I have skipped a lot of beauty trends, actually. The ones that come to mind at the moment are crackle nail polish, ombre dyed hair, sea-salt hair/beachy waves, and caviar beaded nails. I will totally go for a trend if I like it (sugary textured nail polish and lip crayons, for example), but I won’t like it just because it is a trend. I’ve also skipped tanning/bronzing, body-piercing, and tattoos; if you want to talk about era-long trends.

Colored mascara. I just don’t get it!? Black is all you need. It looks so weird with green and plum coloured lashes! Maybe it’s just me, but that’s one trend I will be ignoring!

Back in the early 90s my mum had a stunning bronze/ copper mascara from YSL. Seriously amazing, it just made eyes pop and a little sexy. I wish they would re-release it or introduce a similar shade.

I had a coworker show up with pink mascara… Just no… Why would you want to look like you have pink eye? Especially in a hospital setting…

As a make up artist, I can tell you that anything aside from the real Asian BB creams are all a marketing scam. All you need to do is dilute your standard foundation with your moisturizer or primer to get the same effect.

RIGHT?! They just slapped a label on a tinted moisturizer to cash in on the fad. A true BB cream has loads of benefits! I refuse to buy BB anything stateside, and the new BB hair creams are ridiculous. Your hair does not have blemishes and the creams have no tint. Shush.

OMG this 1,000 times! I am lucky enough to get to test out Asian BB creams at work. Some of them ROCK! Great coverage, moisturizing, excellent high-SPF sunscreen, and a dewy finish. I love them! But the stuff that is made to be sold here is just tinted moisturizer. And the BB hair creams literally fill me with rage. Next it’s going to be BB Nail Polish and BB toothpaste. It needs to go away.

The ‘chipped nail polish’ trend that was in a few years back. I’m picky about my nails, and any small flaw must be fixed as soon as possible. I’m just too OCD about my polish to even consider following a trend like that.

I’ve also skipped the BB creams, although this has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve felt I’ve never needed them.

Most of the hair style trends have passed me by, because I have curly hair which won’t go poker straight or sensually waved (or pastel chalked). I’ve also mostly given neutral eyeshadows a miss. I have jumped behind the bright and matte lip trends though.

My first thought was when people were painting one nail a different color than the rest. I thought that was silly. Also, the super tanned look that keeps coming into fashion in the summer. I don’t do anything to make my natural color any darker.

Same answer as yours, Christine. I’ve tried a lot of Asian BB Creams before, and wasn’t really impressed. The limited shade range is a major downside, seriously who would want to look like they have a mask on? 🙁 And, they don’t really hold up well in hot, humid weather.

The two that come to mind are colored mascara (I prefer my lashes to look as black as possible) and BB/CC/etc cream. Although I do own one BB cream by Devita. The only reason I bought it is because it’s an all natural moisturizer with a hint of color, which is perfect for evening out my skin tone.

Hair chalk lol. To everyone saying why wear coloured mascara instead of black, personally I love wearing blue mascara. I find it the same thing as why wear coloured eyeliner? It’s just something fun, especially for summer, and I get a few complements when I wear it so can’t be too weird! 😀

I haven’t tried colored mascara in ages, and although I liked the idea of a bit of color, the formulas were sooo bad, like tar. The last one I tried was by Revlon, and it was basically a blacked red, and it was quite nice, but given my previous experience with them, I’m afraid to take a chance. Perhaps they are better now, but maybe people commenting are basing it on the older formulas?

I’ve skipped CC cream (though I tried and loved BB since I was able to get one from a Korean brand that works with my fair skin). I’ve also skipped hair feather extensions, crackle polish, caviar nails, foil nails, colored mascara (sorry Chanel!), glitter mascara, the tan/bronze look, super glittery eye looks, super bright lipstick, super dark lipstick…

I guess I’m not very trendy! 😉

Ombre hair (it just looks like roots are showing to me)
Crackle nail polish and decail nail art
The “really tanned” look, fake or real

I’d agree with the BB cream trend as well , they’re pretty much just re-packaged sheer foundations/ tinted moisturizers. I’m also not into nail art because I don’t have the patience, and also because I can’t imagine inhaling all those fumes from nail polish when I mess up.

The pencil lipstick trend, I haven´t bought any, don´t see what makes them better or more convenient and don´t really like the aesthetic of the whole trend anyway.

I’m not into any nail art, give me solid nails or french tips.

I also avoid really opaque lips, so usually also matte colors.

I am one of the weirdos who does love colored mascara, I’m not going to go for seafoam or yellow, but a nice purple, blue, or bronze absolutely!

I’m another!! I have a plum mascara and a blue that I layer over black on the tips of my upper lashes, and sometimes I put it on my lower lashes. My favourite colour when I was younger was blue-black, but I can’t find that shade anymore.

I passed on textured nail art but I guess I’m the odd man out when it comes to CC creams! I was intrigued by Clinique’s version and figured what the hell, I’d simply return it if it ended in catastrophe. I was pretty much expecting to be disappointed, but surprisingly, I love it! I found that it gives just the right amount of coverage for me (and I don’t have flawless skin by ANY means) and is easily buildable. I’ve actually taken to wearing it in place of my usual foundation for the summer, it’s THAT rad for me.

I’m not sure if it is a beauty trend but I would say cream eyeshadows. Every brand nowadays seems to be coming out with a new non-powder eyeshadow formula and I am definetely not interested. They always have the claim “long wearing” but on my oily eyelids they never work. To me it is a big sale gimmick.

I’ve skipped the holographic nail polish and bb creams, I agree with diluting your foundation with moisterizer or primer. However, I LOVE Zoya’s Pixie Dust textured polish. I also love nail art and accent nails. I think they’re very creative and done right, very beautiful. I don’t find them juvenile or childish. I’m 42 years old and often wear nail art and frequently get complimented.

Ombré hair, caviar nails, stiletto nails, contouring & highlighting with different shades of foundation (Kim K style), vampy lips, using gel eyeliner to fill in brows…I think that’s it lol.

Those long talon-like fake nails trend (as seen on Adele, Rihanna, etc). I shudder to think how much of a nuisance it would be in day to day life. Also, BB creams, yes. The Bobbi ones are the most varied in terms of shades and even they fell short. Not even going to bother with CC creams.

Self tanner!!!! I am very active and will easily get tanned but self tanners look way too orange on me. I do not like the smell and h

It would be quicker to list the trends I HAVE adopted instead of those I haven’t, but here are a few: self-tanner (I’m fine with my NW15 skin!), (unnaturally) colored streaks of hair, BB/CC creams, blue eyeshadow, and brightly-colored eyeliner on lower lashes.

I thought that, too, until I tried a few Asian brands (Skin 29?) that are very light and illuminating, and Chanel’s. It’s like Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer made by an angel. I use a good sunscreen with moisture under it (usually Philosophy) and just the Chanel CC now, no foundation. I get compliments every day…

Crackle nail polishes, even the OPI collections which is very unusual for me because I love the brand. Crackle ? Not for me !

Nail art, crackle coats, “caviar” coats, no no no. I think most of the nail trends are best left to pre-teens. Except for matte coats mixed with shine, those are interesting. Glitter anything. Everyone looks like they got smacked in the face with a 4th grade craft project. Dark oranges and primary greens.

Textured and crackle nail polish. I think crackle is ugly and I don’t have anything against textured, it’s not really for me. The sparkly pixie dust ones are appealing but too expensive to risk it. I also only did an accent nail once, and it just didn’t really speak to me I guess…I’d rather have soft, sparkly neutral nails than anything bold that stands out.

Haha the lack of shade range is exactly why I never tried BB creams. They usually had 3 shades and a $45 price tag. If I’m paying that much for something it’s going to be my exact shade!

Textured nail polish doesn’t work for me, but accent nails do. I find that my favorite look this summer is Estee Lauders Ultra Violet Mascara on my upper lashes and They’re Real Black on my lower lashes with Channel Crushed Cherry on my lips. Day and Night. Makeup is fun. But self tanners on my fair skin….kah…never work. My skin in the summer goes from burned pink to white again.

Ditto talon nails, ugh…caviar texture, and magnetic polish. I do like the accent nail thing, though, I love a strong color contrast. Not super crazy about bushy eyebrows or 90s style dark purple lipstick.

Crackle nail polish. Brown lipstick. Nude lips with dark lip liner. Over plucked eyebrows. Mega-bright summery lip colours…they’re just not me. Pretty much any trend that involves colours that aren’t flattering on me.
I will wear just about any colour eyeshadow though.

I could get you into BB creams! 😉 I’m a nut for them! Especially when my skin needs a little extra hydration – the good ones feel like FOOD for dry, winter skin!

Crackle polish (gross), fake tan, coloured mascara, any coloured lip other than the usual red/pink/nude, anything with feathers, anything ombre, pigments (just hard to work with), nail decals, anything glitter (I distinguish between “glitter” and “shimmer,” though not everyone does)… haha, I’m pretty plain Jane!! I only recently wore my first orange lip and wore my first textured nail (Nicole by OPI “Gumdrops”…and I love it!!)

I tried some BB creams and one CC cream but that’s pretty much what I skipped. The Asian BB creams weren’t quite the right tone for me and it really is just a tinted moisturizer if it doesn’t have all the extra functions. Also I skipped the crackle/caviar/furry nails.

Textured nail polish I don’t get. Like the liquid sand thing – ick! I don’t even like glitter polish because it’s so hard to remove. Actually the whole newfangled nail art thing, stickers, stencils, whatever else you can pour or sprinkle on your nails, who has the time?

I had to first read all the comments in order to figure out a. what the beauty trends are and b. which ones have I skipped. xD

I never ombre dyed my hair or used hair chalk. I don’t know what caviar beaded nails are. I haven’t tried the sugar nail polish, crackle nail polish, stiletto/claw nails, or gel manicures. Colored mascara. Ombre lipstick. Tanning (I don’t tan, I burn.) or Self tanner.

Nude or white eyeliner. It’s supposed to brighten your eyes but it just makes me look like I’ve been crying. I don’t like the textured nail polish or long pointed nails. I love my BB cream ,I don’t use foundation and it gives me a little coverage and SPF. How’s that saying go “one persons trash is another persons treasure’!

I’m pretty bad at following trends, so I have the special ability to unknowingly skip everything. Then again, I’m horrible even at wearing seasonal colors, largely because I grew up where seasons don’t exist.

I do agree that the whole BB craze has gone way over the top, though. Not to mention non-Asian BB creams are just riding on the coattails on the real BB creams without bothering to formulate them properly.

I skipped the BB creams, too. Mostly just warmed over tinted moisturizers, and for some reason all the ones I tried made me look ashy.

I also tend not to go with the color trends of the moment – like, how lip colors are supposed to be bright one minute and deep the next and metallic the next… whatever, I get lost in the shuffle and just wear all sorts of looks however and whenever I like. I enjoy changing it up too much.

And nail polish trends. I actually like funky polishes, but I’m really picky about polishes in general because I don’t feel just any old thing looks flattering on my fingertips. So I won’t jump on board just any ol’ nail trend.

I’m such a bore when dealing with my face, but I’m more adventurous with hair and nails.

I don’t do any non-neutral eye color (even a dark purple seems to much for me), but I like shimmery products. Orange and bright pink lip color are out of the question for me, as is tanning, thin eyebrows and coral or brown blushes.

Bright jewel tone nail polishes, long nails in any shape and glittered red nail polish. But, besides that, everything is game for me.

On a tangent, I’m still on the fence about BB creams, I’ve never tried, but I’m curious.

probably UV Gel nail polish or Soak off gel ..

I hate something that need to use LED light or UV light..

I think it hurts your health and skin!!! the Lights got UVA/B!!!!!!!!!

I much prefer to use the nail polish only…

Stiletto nails. I don’t like the way they look on me, and I play tennis. Too impractical.

Also, seasonal trends in general. I love bold lips and think a dark lip in the summer is easy and flattering on my fair complexion. I won’t change my color choices based on a particular season, although I am willing to switch around textures for comfort and convenience.

My hair gets much lighter in the summer and then The lighter bits grow out so I have a natural ombré. I guess I was never a fan of the color orange except on the cheeks. I like to use lighter orange tones as they are quite flattering on my fair, olivey skin.

Not sure about recent but there have been a couple. Caviar nails – loved it, then tried it in a shopping store and couldn’t. Stop. Picking. Them. Off!!! Until there were no little beads left =C waste of money no? Crackle nail polish…I bought a black one and just think it look crap (on me anyway!) BB creams. I’m faaaaar too pale for most foundations so to even try one from a brand that does only 2-4 colours is just asking for it.

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