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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

“What is one step in your makeup routine that you wish you could skip?” (I thought of this the other week when I was doing my most time consuming and least rewarding necessary step)

Speaking of questions, am I the only one who can’t seem to get off the first page of “recommendations” in the past few posts where you’ve asked for recommendations (“most versatile palette” and, I think, one or two before that). No matter what I do, I can’t get off the first page, no matter whether I click on 2, 3, 7 or “next”. Is it me or are others having this issue?

I can replicate the issue, so there is a problem! I wasn’t having an issue with pagination in some other areas of the site, so I am not sure what’s causing it specifically – if it was impacting all areas with pagination, I’d make my brother-in-law get online ASAP but recs is one of the most niche sections on the site so it can wait until Monday!

I think i asked the same question, probably not as succinctly, and then did not look back for the answer. Or else it was on Muse, if sales notification points are deleted, after the sale is over. I wish some site were having a major sale on brains. Sign me up.

question: how multi task color compare to just eye shadow or blush
question: how do you use color differently than what is purposed for
question: do you use lip color on your eyes and or cheeks, and if so, what formula do you prefer
question: how many palettes do you use on a regular basis
question: what is your favorite blush formula and why
question: is color more important than skincare to you, or just former some occasions, like going out or family gatherings

I loved your music question!!! Helps get to know the community 😊

Other questions in the same vein….
Beat recipe of the month/week ?
Favorite comedy of quarantine?
Last book read?
Any indoor garden plans 🤓

Makeup related…..Is anyone (besides this goof) going to do a Project Pan in 2021?

If anyone does a Project pan, what kind? Are eyeshadows a different project than the rest?

My question: Has wearing makeup ever gotten you into any trouble? At school/work/meeting your inlaws etc? Could be either because makeup was frowned upon or just because you walked around with lipstick on your teeth the whole time and didn’t realise.

1.) How has your skincare routine changed since mask wearing has become mandatory in most public places?
2.) How has your makeup routine/methods changed since the beginning of the covid pandemic?
3.) What are your Holy Grail hair products? And what is your texture/scalp type?
4.) What are your absolute must-have skincare products, and what makes them effective for you?

Hey, I tried! My brain is basically a bowl of mush these days, so I guess I’ll pay myself on the back for effort alone! 😅

What products not available in your country do you most wish you could get?
If you could start any makeup trend, what would it be?
What discontinued products would you most like to bring back?
What are your favorite makeup looks throughout history?
If you had to give your makeup “aesthetic” a nickname, what would it be?
What are some of your outside (i.e., non-influencer) influences for your makeup?

-Sorry if these have been asked a lot before!

I’m always interested to know what makeup people love and use regularly but wasn’t hyped or even got poor reviews on social media. Or the reverse, what hyped up products didn’t work for you. Overrated or underrated products…

My questions:

How do you coordinate the color on your cheeks and lips with your eye shadow?

How do you variety eye color placement or pattern on your eyelids?

What new techniques have you recently learned or tried to enhance your look?

What are your favorite “unpopular”/indie/not well known products?

What are your favorite drugstore price point lip balms and/or tints?

What was your “gateway drug” product that got you into cosmetics?

If you could only buy one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I’m definitely interested in knowing other peoples’ answers. Mine would be Liplix by Bonne Belle.

I saw them advertised in Seventeen magazine back in the 90s while on holiday in America, and we had NOTHING like them back home. I was fascinated, and it started me down my tinted lip balm obsession.

Do you watch YouTube makeup tutorials for eyeshadow palettes that are in your collection? Do you recreate the eyeshadow look at home?
Who are your favorite YouTube or Instagram beauty influencers?
Do you watch YouTube “haul” videos or “product update” videos?

I have been on and off the blog for the past month or so as I have been in a funk so I apologize if my suggestions are questions that have just been asked and answered!! As usual, I am sure you can clean up my questions, Christine.
1. What skin care product has made the biggest difference in your skin and what condition are you using it for? How long did you have to use it before you saw an effect? Did it replace a different product in your skin care routine?
2. What is your favorite drugstore dupe for a high end product?
3. What makeup are you carrying in your purse/pocket right now? This gets asked a lot but I am always curious?
4. Do you de-clutter and if so how often do you do it? What is the criteria that you use to determine what products you let go of?
5. What is the most that you have ever paid for a beauty product, what was it, and do you think it was worth what you paid for it?
6. How do you determine your monthly beauty budget? Is it a hard and fast budget or do you allow for some wiggle room?
7. Do you make a major change in your skin care between winter and summer and if so, what do you do differently and what drives that change?
8. Do you ever buy used makeup and if so, where do you shop for used makeup?
9. If you could set up a rewards program for a major beauty brand or carrier, how would the reward program look?
10. If you are in a super hurry but still need to put on some makeup, what specific products do you choose and do you keep these products together to enable you to do a quick face?
11. Besides here on the blog, do you post about your purchases, do reviews, put your FOTD on Instagram/Facebook.

All excellent questions .. Nothing much. To add
just curious..

Since in store swatching is out 😷 How has this impacted your purchases of beauty products any blind buys surprises?

The questions that I would like to ask the beauty community here are:

1. Which brands are the most reliable for you in terms of skincare? Makeup – eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations and blushes?

2. What products are you using less of nowadays?

3. How have you found your skin changing over time? What skincare products have helped you best?

4. What eyeshadow combinations do you use now that you didn’t in the past?

5. What is your holy grail lipstick shade?

What are your favorite “unhyped”/indie/not well-known products?
What are your favorite weird beauty tips/practices? ( I do some odd things like trim the inner corners of my eyelashes to make my close set eyes look farther apart.)

Oh, hey, I just remembered, if I use Rakuten after following a link from Temptalia does that mean you don’t get commission? :'( If that’s the case I’ll try to not use Rakuten at least now and then.

Hey Lucia,

Right now, it actually depends on the retailer! If you see a shop-links.co in the URL, it most likely wouldn’t impact commission on my end, but all the other types of URLs you might find, using a cash back program would negate commission for me. I appreciate you wanting to use my affiliate links, but I definitely wouldn’t want you to sacrifice your cash back either!

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