What question would you like to see asked here?

What question would you like to see asked here? Share!

It’s that time again: I need ideas! The best questions are ones that are more open-ended or “discussion questions.” Don’t worry about repeats; if we haven’t asked in awhile, it’s all good, and if we have, I can keep it for later. You can submit your suggestions as a comment on this post or email them in. Thank you in advance for your creativity and suggestions ๐Ÿ˜€

Please note, these are questions to ask the Temptalia community as a whole, not me personally, thank you!

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1. If you could ask a seasoned cosmetics salesperson one question and have them answer truthfully, what would you ask? Why?

2. What was the most important things(s) you’ve learned about cosmetics in the last year or so? How did you learn this? Why was this the most important lesson?

3. Are you constantly on the hunt to find an HG product, or are you satisfied with a good–but maybe not great, product? Why?

4. Is it more important for a skin care product to contain high concentrations of a few “good” ingredients, or do you prefer products that contain low concentrations of many? Why?

5. For those of you who do this, why do you take less care of your body skin versus your facial skin?

1) What was your most embarrassing makeup mishap?
2) If you had to rebuild your makeup collection again, what would you do differently?
3) What makeup fad did you regret following?

One question that may be cool to hear the responses of is ,”which celebrity would you like to see for an upcoming M.A.C. (or other brand) collaborative collection” or, “what color lipstick do you perceive to be the most timeless?”

What is your favorite indie brand?

Strobing: Yes or no?

What kind of makeup look would you love to wear, but are afraid to try?

Do you de-pot your makeup?

I thought of a few more:
What are your favorite products for sensitive eyes and skin?
What is your favorite firming cream?
What are your favorite brands or products for very light or very dark skin?

I would love to know more about your rating system. Yes, I realize there is some subjectivity in personal. More specifically, which flaws in a product cause a bigger dip on the downside or increase on the upside. An example with eyeshadow is it can swatch and look beautiful. If it creases more than once, automatic C or lower. I am more forgiving on other flaws though, like pigmentation. As long as the colors can be built up, I would give lack of pigment less of a deduction.

Best way to store your make up?

What trend are you sick of?

Best look as a wedding guest?

Best brush wash soap?

I could go on… ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m wondering how many people have had assumptions made about them due to their makeup.

I’d also like to know what products others use for something other than their intended purpose (such as eyeliner as lipliner or visa-verse).

What is your favorite facial oil for day/night based on your skin type (dry, normal, combination, oily)?

What misconceptions did you have about makeup before getting in to it?
What products have changed your mind about?
Have you ever had your makeup done horribly by an MUA?
What colour(s) do you most wish you could pull off?

OK, I will have a go at this:
– What are some products that you’ve found to be truly unique?
– What are your favorite “my lips but better” lip colors?
– What are your favorite matte shadows?
– What are some past makeup looks that, in hindsight, you’ve realized were perhaps not the most flattering (and post photos if you dare)?
– What makeup niches, if any, do you believe still need to be filled?

Do ingredients in a product help you decide whether or not you purchase a product? Why or why not?

What was a look you used to wear when you first started wearing makeup that you would tell your younger self to avoid?

What’s one beauty product that you are forever searching for “The One?”

Thanks Christine for asking for our input!

I’d love to read about folks’ spending plans for makeup, so my questions are:
How do you organize your makeup budget? Do you set weekly/monthly spending plans?
Do you allow yourself “unlimited” access to, say, one specific brand or one particular product?

Thanks so much for all the hard work you do, Christine!

It’s fairly specific, but…

What blushes would you use to coordinate with purple lipstick (both warmer and cooler purples)?

Do you prefer your lipgloss sticky? and what is your fav lipgloss?

Favorite way to remove your makeup?

Mascara: favorite type of formula, favorite type of brush, ride-or-die mascara

If you could buy one high end brush, what would it be?

Do you like having other people do your makeup? Do you like doing other people’s makeup?

Things I’m curious about:

* What makeup company do you wish you had in your country? Have you ever paid for international shipping on something you wanted badly enough?

* What drugstore item do you wish had never been discontinued?

* What’s a bigger spending/effort priority for you: skincare or makeup?

* What’s a bigger spending/effort priority for you: clothing/fashion or makeup?

* Do you consider yourself a collector or do you try to actively use everything you buy?

* How long do you hang onto makeup? Have you ever kept something way beyond the expiration date, because you couldn’t bear to let go? (If so, what?)

* How has your makeup application evolved over time? Anything specifically you used to do one way and changed, or a change in color preference?

I like these questions! Especially the international one, haha. I feel like I’ve been a sucker for things only available in America! (I’m Canadian ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I’m always so curious about people’s experiences across the globe! I lived in the UK for five years and it was a whole different consumer landscape.

And of course now I lust after continental European brands…

Thanks! I’m hoping a lot of these get asked. Many responses here are interesting enough that I want to answer their questions right now!

Do you have a product that does “double-duty?” For example, a contour that works as eyeshadow, or a blush that also works on lips.

Is there a product that actually works better for a purpose other than the one it was intended for? For example, both Nyx soft matte lip cremes and Revlon Colorburst Soft Matte Lip Balms work better for me as cream blushes.

What product do you adore that gets absolutely no attention from blogger/reviewers?

Yay! I was ready to start typing away and then I started reading all of them and . . . .everyone has asked what I was going to ask. Can’t wait to see them posted daily and all the answers!

I would be interested to know what makeup, if any, people wear when flying, especially if they’re in transit for more than, say, five hours.

How long do you keep using makeup before it is too old and needs to be thrown out?
How do you tell when makeup should be tossed out?

What’s your current brow routine and how do you maintain the shape of them?

What’s your one desert-island beauty product you couldn’t live without?

What’s your summer go-to special occasion look? (It is wedding season after all!)

What’s your favourite unusual/ unexpected makeup look?

What’s your favourite makeup look to wear with glasses?

1. What are your favorite liquid bronzers and liquid highlighters/illuminators? Any “mid-end” options?

2. What do you/would you do to fix “separating” foundation or concelear, after you have already applied them (and previously moisturized, etc.)?

3. What is your favorite instant or cleanse-off face tanner (or which one would you pick if you had to (in order to match your body’s natural/self tan)?

4. Best creaseless underye concelear (and worst for that matter)?

5. What is your favorite lip crayon type of formula, brand and shade?

6. Best volumizing mascara you have ever tried?

7. Best pore-minimizing or skin smoothing primer you have ever tried or use?

So many questions come to mind!

One more thing!

What do you think of the youtube and instagram beauty communities and the youtube/instagram’s “overhyping” of certain products and brands? What do you think of the way brands are choosing to approach them in order to get that type of promotion? And also, why did you stop doing youtube reviews? Have you consider start doing them again?

What is your favorite MAC eyeshadow combination?
What is your favorite Urban Decay eyeshadow combination?
What is your favorite nude lipstick? (Give skin tone please!)

Personally I’m super curious about whether you fellow beauty enthusiasts strategize using up products, and if so, how? I’ve seen a few challenges take off on youtube, project pan and pan that palette to name two, in order to help people finish things up. I’m currently doing a mini challenge to finish five products by September 23rd for example (I’m not a youtuber though but I do it by myself).

1. Have you ever written/given feedback to a cosmetic company concerning a subpar or inferior product? Did you receive an answer? If so, did it satisfy you?

2. Have you ever received poor customer service or client support from a major cosmetics brand or store? How did you handle it? Was the issue resolved?

What’s your go-to makeup look for ___________ (insert occasion here)?
What are some products you can’t live without?
What makes a luxury or high end product worth the money to you?
What are some problems in the beauty industry you think should be fixed?

I’m new to your newsletter, so this idea may have been used a great deal already, but a question I’m always interested in seeing answers to would be along the lines of: What fragrance or scented body lotion do you think works great in summer heat?
I love all discussions about perfume, and this time of year it’s sometimes difficult to find a warm-weather fragrance that holds up in the heat without alienating (too badly) my fellow public transportation riders! I don’t mind alienating some of them a tiny bit, because hey, some of them don’t mind inflicting their various body odors on Me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever bought a super-hyped product or a super expensive product and it was ALL you hoped it would be? Like you can’t believe you waited so long!

Do you have different looks for different events, or do you stick to one tried and true makeup look?

Have you ever loved a product that was discontinued? What did you substitute?

– what do you think of the current contouring trend?
– eyeliner: pencil, liquid, cream, powder? What are your preferences and why?
– how do you feel about seasonal collections being released a whole season in advance (ie fall collections launching in the beginning of the summer)?
– How often do you purchase beauty products after seeing them in a blog or a video?
– Do you notice other people’s makeup, and have you ever given a compliment or advice to a stranger about their makeup?
– Do you spend more money on clothes/shoes/accessories or on beauty products?
– What’s your sun protection routine? Have you suffered a sunburn recently?
– How much of your beauty shopping do you do online vs in stores?
– Do you have a regular workout routine? Do you do it for the general health benefits, or for weight control?
– Do you have a weekly/monthly beauty budget? How do you manage it?

I would like to know what brand of eyeshadow, either powder or cream, do women feel is the gentlest and least apt to irritate very sensitive eyes. I cannot handle any glitter because the pieces are too scratchy, even from high quality brands like Tom Ford, etc. I have found that the Laura Mercier powders are good, almost a creamy feel, and not drying by the end of the day. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.

Hi Roberta,

This is always indicated at the top of the post – it will say “purchased by me” or “press sample” ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully I’m not too late to add two more questions:
Once a month I would love to see you ask What new product are you loving right now and how are you using it?
And several times a year is like to see you ask What new products are becoming holy grail products in your arsenal?

What HG beauty product(s) have you been loving consistently for the last few years and why?

If you were about to get portraits taken, what products and/or makeup look would you choose and why?

For an outdoor formal event in warm temperatures (like an outdoor wedding), what products would you choose and why?

Any tips on how to reduce acne?

Any tips on how to reduce redness?

How often do you cut and/or trim your nails?
Do you gravitate towards certain finishes for blushes, lip products, eyeshadows, or is it important to you to have variety? Why?
How distressed would you be if forced to use only 8 color cosmetics for the rest of your life?
What tends to be the most important/”dealbreaker” aspect of a foundation for you? (coverage, longevity, color match, finish, price)
Whats your favorite brand of makeup? Least favorite? If you were in charge of one of those brands, what would you want to change about the line (including marketing, availability, etc)?
How important to you is variety in your makeup looks? Do you use the same products every day, or the same look with different colors, or do you dress up as different Disney villains for different days of the week?

How do you feel about sponsored videos from beauty vloggers?
If you could only use one brand for the rest of your life what would it be?
3 makeup products you couldn’t live without?
If you could only wear one lip color for the rest of your life which would it be?
What makes or breaks a product for you?

I would ask:
1. What are the best cool toned eye shadow palettes that you have come across?
2. Where do you buy most of your skincare products and makeup products? If they are in different places, why?
3. What lipstick colours would you never wear? Why?
4. What was your first eye shadow palette? Do you still follow that brand? Why/Why not?
5. Does contouring work for you?
6. What are your best chip free nail polishes, base and top coats?
7. Drugstore makeup vs high end makeup. Which products do you happily buy from the drugstore and which makeup do you purchase from high end brands?
8. Helpful MUA – tell us about your best experience.
9. What are the “essential” makeup items for you?
10. How has your skin changed over the past 5 years and what products do you now use that you didn’t before?
I hope you find these questions useful Christine. This a great blog and everyone appreciates the work you do to maintain it.

I love a good question that makes you think. Like
If there was only one makeup brand left in the world, which one would you want it to be and why?

This can be phrased into a lot of smaller questions that could be asked everyday for like a week,

What if you could only use one(lip gloss, foundation, mascara, nail polish) what would it be and why?

A top three series of questions would be great! Like: What are your top three foundations? Top three bright lipsticks; nude lipsticks; primers; powders; highlighters; bronzers; moisturizers; blushes; contour products; beauty brands; brow products; concealers; mascaras, etc., etc.

I work in a low-key environment, and few of my coworkers wear much makeup. (I work with a group of therapists providing therapy to children and their families.) How do you fend off comments or perceived judgments that you look overdone? Do you ever feel judged for wearing makeup? How would you do your makeup for working somewhere professional yet casual?

My questions would be to describe lip application tricks used to make lipstick last more than one hour. No matter what I do or use, mine always fades to nothing.
I see so many ways of tightening. What is it really and ways to do it.

Have you ever thought/dreamed about giving make up lessons ?
Would you be enough confident in your skills to advice other people ?
Would you prefer a small group or you like a big audience ?

How do you like your collections? (Frequency, numbers of products, types of products!)

Is there a product that works for a lot of people that just doesn’t work for you? / Is there a product that’s not popular that is a favorite of yours?

Is there a collection you remember that really stood out to you?

What are your earliest/best makeup memories?

Do you notice people’s makeup in real life? / What makeup have you loved and seen in real life?

Where do you draw your makeup inspiration from?

Is there a fun or outrageous look you’ve always wanted to try? Share!

Do you have a signature makeup look? What is it?

How many nail polishes do you have?

What does your makeup bag look like?

Are your makeup looks more or less varied than they were years ago?

Do you have a travel beauty routine?

TELL ME, TEMPTALIA COMMUNITY. I want to hear all about your love for makeup!

I’d also be curious to know:

If there was one place in the world you could go on a makeup shopping spree, where would you go? What would you like to buy?

I love these questions, it’s like a collective makeup dream. I’m looking forward to hearing some makeup stories and seeing what you all have to say.

1. What’s your all time favorite face highlighter?
2. How many bottles of nail polish do you own and how do you store them?
3. Describe your dream vanity/makeup area!
4. Can you recommend a MAC Satin Taupe dupe?
5. What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a makeup item? Was it worth it?

What makeup brand do you think has really upped their game in the last couple of years? Alternately, what brand do you think has lost ground to competitors?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing cosmetic companies right now?

What brand do you feel most loyal to? Don’t forget to share why!

What product, more than anything else, would you recommend to purchase?

What product, more than anything else, would you recommend to avoid like the plague?

How much money would you estimate that you have put into makeup/your makeup collection over the span of your lifetime?

If you were do design a makeup room, what would it look like?

What are your limits for a certain type of product? Are there any cases in which you might make an exception? (For example…having a $25 limit on lipsticks, with the exception of it being your wedding shade that you spurge on or celebrating a promotion at work, etc.)

What makeup products do you believe to be universally flattering?

Do you prefer pre-made or design-your-own palettes?

If you were to put a complete ban on makeup purchases, how long do you think your collection would last before running out of certain types of products (lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows, etc)?

What are your holy grail products, and how did you discover them?

How often do you really wear makeup, and to what extent?

Do you feel like you get treated differently depending on whether or not you are wearing makeup?

What type of product do you wish was out on the market that you have yet to find?

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