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— Christine


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Abir Avatar

Love this one! Sometimes there are items you can’t afford but really desire. The only thing I would add is not to choose the most expensive item just because.

Denise Avatar

Oh my oh my, how I wish it were true!! right now I’d scoop up Armani luminous silk foundation, bumble n bumble hairdressers oil, BE new drench moisturizer, MUF artists palette 2 and some huda beauty lashes!

Momo Avatar

OMG! I want that Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, as well. I visited Sephora this weekend, and only snagged a sample of the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation. I should have asked for the Armani foundation too, but I didn’t want to be greedy. Lol

Kathryn Avatar

I would add to this. I think most YouTube beauty bloggers try their best to give honest opinions of products they sample. In addition to honesty, I’m interested in knowing which ones give the most thorough, intelligent reviews — like Christine. I really want to know why they think something is or isn’t worth purchasing.

Yen.Lin Avatar

Here are some potential questions! ?

• How does your outfit affect your makeup?
• What do you think the next biggest “trend” will be?
• Have you found a way to make an unflattering colour/texture or difficult formula work?
• What is your fondest memory associated with makeup?
• How do you deal with combination skin (i.e. oily t-zone with dry flakes)?
• How do you prolong the wear time of your makeup?
• Is there a trend/habit that many others seem to swear by, that you don’t get the point of/don’t want to try?
• Can a makeup look be androgynous in its presentation?
• How do you speed up your makeup routine?
• What is one product you wish was invented?
• What is something you want to see changed in the beauty industry?
• What are the biggest influences on your style of makeup?
• How was your interest in cosmetics triggered?
• What is the best beauty tip you can give?
• How do you store your makeup?
• At what age do you consider appropriate for a child to start wearing makeup?
• How do you deal with rude salespeople at a beauty counter?
• How have the genres of music or film you like influenced your look?
• What is the “ideal” makeup look you strive for?
• How do you touch up post-sweating or in a hot and humid environment?
• What is your biggest makeup-related pet peeve?
• What is the best method you tried for keeping lips hydrated and avoiding lip lines?
• How do you keep under-eye concealer in place (e.g. no creasing) without it looking caked and dry?
• How do you minimise the appearance of pores?
• How do you deal with unwanted facial hair, if any?
• How do you justify a makeup purchase?
• Does your hairstyle influence your makeup look?
• What have you found most effective in dealing with pimples and blackheads?
• If you could launch a cosmetics/skincare brand, what would your products be like?
• What is your favourite beauty brand? If you became its creative director, what would you tweak and why?
• What questions do you want to ask Christine/Temptalia?

Kathryn Avatar

Yen.Lin just gotta say…. these are all great questions! I like three in particular:

– What is the one product you wish was invented?
– How do you justify a makeup purchase?
– What is the best beauty tip you can give?

Victoria Avatar

I would like to ask the following questions:
Question 1: Which product in your makeup routine do you most enjoy applying?
Question 2: Which product in your makeup routine do you least enjoy applying?
Question 3: Which of these makeup steps do you look forward to more, and why: putting on your makeup, taking off your makeup, or touching up your makeup?
Question 4: Do you ever ask anyone what brand and colour of makeup they are wearing? Have you ever bought the same product as a result?

Celia Avatar

.What is your absolute favorite color to use across all types of makeup?
.If you could only wear neons or pastels forever, which would you choose and why?
.If you could only pick three general colors for makeup use forever, which would they be and why?
.Which beauty product has proven to be the biggest mulitasker in your collection?
.If you had to pick three products to discard immediately from your collection and never use again which would they be and why?
.Which kind of makeup palette is your favorite? Why?
. What was your best surprise in makeup? Your worst?
.If you could only chose one makeup brand per cosmetic (ie one brand for eyes, one for lips, one for face, etc) which would you pick and why?
.Who are your biggest makeup/beauty inspirations and how do they influence your choices?
.If you could work in one aspect of cosmetic production, which would it be?
.Does your makeup reflect your mood? Do you gravitate to certain looks and colors based on how you feel?
.What sort of makeup makes you feel happiest?
.Do you feel you’ve mastered any particular look or technique?
.What aspect of your beauty routine do you feel has most improved since last year?
.Where you do spend/splurge and where you do save when it comes to choosing products?
.What do you do during your beauty routine? Just focus on the look? Keep music or TV on in the background? Watch tutorials or examine sources of inspiration? Etc.
.Which eye colors or palettes do you find yourself turning to the most?
.Is there any aspect of your routine you find most crucial? Most skippable?
.Which aspect of your routine do you enjoy the most?
.If you had to base your look around just one color, which would it be?
.Where do you turn to find look inspiration? What’s your biggest source?
.Are there any colors you will never use in makeup? Why?
.Which skincare ingredient do you look for the most? What makes it so key to you?
.Are there any beauty trends or looks you’re dying to try but are too scared to?
.What would be your ultimate makeup find?

(I know some of these have been discussed to some extent before but always curious!)

Celia Avatar

Few more:
.Which characters from film, television, video games, and/or literature (etc) inspire your beauty look most and how?
.How do you narrow down and choose what makes it from your wishlist to your shopping cart?
.If you could choose one splurge item to get free of charge, which would it be?
.What has been your best makeup experience? Your worst?
.If you could head up one existing brand for a day, which would it be?
.What would your dream makeup store carry?
.If you could invent one perfect product, what would you choose?
.What notes would your dream fragrance have? What would its bottle look like?
.What does your dream vanity look like?

Fran Avatar

I would love to know if readers have worked in the beauty industry in some way, or considered it, and what the pluses and minuses of it are.

I’d love to know if readers have tried any eyelash-growth-enhancing products, and what the results were.

I’d love to know 1) what motivates you to put on makeup each day, and 2) what’s the most fun about makeup for you, and 3) if those two things are the same or different.

Chelsea Avatar

Sorry the email link is being wonky on my outdated OS; so I’m submitting my question here: Do you have any colors in your stash that you don’t wear as often as you’d like? I know I have colors I really like but can’t seem to get to!

Nell Avatar

What is your favorite makeup mirror?

What is your favorite lighting for applying makeup?

Do you sit or stand to do your makeup?

What lipstick did you wear on your wedding day?
Eye shadow, blush, etc.
Special occasion, etc

How do you keep and store Beauty Blenders?

How do you “set the table” to prepare to apply your makeup?
Do you?

Name that ……. Day
Suggest a brand, ask which product is most: known or purchased
Show a photo of lippie, blush, shadow, etc and see if we can guess what it is.

Are there any makeup trends you consider to be out of style?

What is your favorite hair brush?
Other brushes?

Let’s talk ……..
Color, etc

What makeup tricks do you suggest to handle heat and humidity?

Do you have the need to touch-feel-swatch before a makeup purchase?

Do you read the ingredient label before a makeup purchase?
Do you understand it?

How often do you use discounts in makup purchases?
Where do you find the best discounts?

How long do you keep products?
What did you do with an unloved but in date product?

What makeup are you wearing right now?

Pearl Avatar

1. I would like to hear from those in the industry (freelance makeup artists, sales associates at counters) – what are your pet peeves with customers/clients? What makes for a good experience in dealing with a customer/client? Any horror stories about a certain experience with a customer/client? What makes the job appealing? Unappealing?
2. Is packaging a criterion in purchasing a product?
3. Is brand a criterion in purchasing a product?
4. Other than quality, what factors contribute to you buying a product?
5. Pet peeves as a customer/client at a makeup counter or beauty store?
6. Good experiences as a customer/client at a makeup counter or beauty store?


Ashleigh Avatar

Do you have any specific application tricks for your own eye shape?
What kind of lighting to you use/prefer to do your makeup in?
If you wear it, do you pair your fragrance with your makeup look?
What are your favorite resources when it comes to skincare?
What is the last makeup item that you bought on a complete whim? Did you end up liking it?
What is the last body or skin care item that you bought on a complete whim? Did you end up liking it?
Do you enjoy fragrance in your makeup? If so what is the type of fragrance you prefer?
Has your significant other ever done your makeup? If so, what was the result?

Tracey E. Avatar

I would love to know (1) what singke skincare product has made the most difference to readers and 2) what skincare product(s) effectively treat and minimize dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.

Kam Avatar

1. Given $1,000 to either spend on skincare or makeup, and from only one place, what would you choose, where would you go, why?
2. How do you apply makeup during runny watery eye days?
3. If you could only wear 1-2 colors of each eyeshadow, blush, brow, bronzer, highlight, mascara, lipstick and lip liner.. What would the be and why? Brand/make/color…
4. If you were offered to have either your skincare or makeup be fully paid for you for the reactor your life, what would you pick?
5. Have you had any beauty modifications? Why and how did they result? Are you happy you did or do you have regrets?
6. What products would you include in your most loved and wanted cosmetics beauty bag?
7. If you could create your ideal color collection, what would it consist of? (Bronzes, eye shadows, what colors, finishes, etc.)
8. Do you have any products you’re afraid to use? Why?
9. Do you do anything while applying makeup or cleaning up that some might consider weird but it works wonders for you? Share!
10. After beauty, what are your other interests?

Genevieve Avatar

Hit List Questions:
1. How many eye shadow palettes do you own?
2. Favourite shade of eye shadow and why
3. What eye colour do you never use?
4. Favourite lip colour

Reader Questions
Does the name of a product encourage or discourage you to look at it?
What make up products would you most like to see improved or revamped?

Abir Avatar

Do you care about makeup being flattering? How much? Will you wear a color even if it clashes against your undertones?
Do you wear super shimmery highlighter even if it emphasizes pores and skin texture?
(I just notice that so many women will pile on the highlighter and their pores will look huge. I personally don’t get it. What’s the point of having “luminous” skin if it’s going to look bad. I almost feel like because highlighters are so big right now, they think that highlighter is a necessity.) But to each their own.

Cat Avatar

*How many chances do you give a brand before deciding it’s just not for you?
*What product have you struggled with that seemingly works for everyone else?
*When it comes to color, how frequently do you try something outside of your comfort zone?
*How likely are you to purchase a palette, a duo, or a set knowing that only half of it will work for you? If you do make such a purchase, what do you do with the other portion?

Cat Avatar

I forgot a topic. To those of you who have a blog or vlog, how often do you deal with trolls, or rudeness in general? How do you deal with it?

To readers and viewers of blogs/vlogs, do you prefer ones that are strictly moderated? Have you ever unsubscribed from a blog/vlog due to the amount of negativity in the comments?

Rachel R. Avatar

There are already so many good ones here, so I don’t have much to add.

*What are your beauty predictions for the rest of this year?
*Do you buy from indie brands?
*What makeup style from what decade is your favorite? Do you incorporate it or update it into your current look?
*Do you read beauty books? Do you find them helpful?
*What makeup look have you worn that you now wish you could take back?

Claire L Avatar

– What is your favourite makeup look from history and why? It can be from any time from ancient history up to the 90’s/Noughties.

– Worst makeup disaster?
– Best makeup look you have ever had?

– What’s the worst/best ever makeup product and why?

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Please discuss what tips and products you use to keep your nails strong, attractive and prevent breakage,both vertical and horizontal. Thx.

TwoDiffSocks Avatar

For someone who worn make up for years (on & off) how has your own make up evolved?
How & why have you incorporated the trends aka hippie, disco, rocker, grunge looks, contouring, highlighting, eyebrows etc
If a male member of your family (son, husband, brother, uncle) wanted to wear make up & came to you for advice/help, what advice/help would you give?

Kam Avatar

I have a few others!
• What about an introduction to Drugstore makeup or what are your favorite eye, lip, etc. products from the drugstore and why?
• If you could go to the Bite Beauty Lab and create your own lipstick, what would yours be like?
• What, to you, exemplifies a season’s collection? For example, what kind of shades do you personally use and equate with each season?
• If you could rock any look flawlessly for one day, like emerald sparkly eyes, the perfect no makeup look, or even a total brand makeover face, what would you rock tomorrow?
• If you were told you could perfect only one look to wear the rest of your life and always be flawless in it, what look would you choose? What products? Why?

Mai Avatar

I’m curious about the amount of “expired” makeup the Temptalia readers have. Do they keep expired makeups? And if they do, do they still use it or just keep it for collection purposes? What’s the makeup that you’ve kept the longest and for how long?

Lauren Avatar

– Do you wear makeup on the weekends?
– What product did you think you would hate, but you actually loved?
– What is your go-to, every day, goes with everything blush?
– What was your biggest beauty splurge and was it worth the price?
– What SPF product do you wear under your makeup?
– What product did you recently buy due to hype that you found to be overhyped?

Lindsay Avatar

Been dying to get this out to as many readers and watchers as possible my question is if you could all join in with me and ask all the drugstore brands to help go cruelty free and not to sell to any third parties either who test on animals! Especially Maybelline, Rimmel, Cover girl, and Loriell because these are the most used products and most love products across the YouTube seeing that I have heard of and Maybelline and Rimmel are my favorites along with Almae I almost forgot to mention they don’t irritate my eyes at all and another brand especially for face care is Neutrogena there are so many brands that need to go cruelty free! Not just for my sake but for poor innocent animals were being harmed The most cruel ways you could imagine I will spare the details but if you would really like to know what you are wearing look up how animals are tested for your most favorite brands that you wear every day

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