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Guerlain Voyage Meteorites – the ridiculously expensive compact. I’d love it, but I don’t love it $170 worth.

There are also some brands I’d like to try that are either only available online or through international sellers, and I’m hesitant to buy without being able to see *any* of the products in person. I don’t know much about Sisley; are they supposed to be good?

I hope you do try Sisley Christine! Pricey product but worth the investment. It’s a French family owned business/product. I recommend u try the Express Flower Gel Mask for hydrating, toning & firming. Says to leave it in for 3-5 min but I leave it on all night & wake up to radiant, glowy skin in the morning. I recently bought their Black Rosé Cream Mask for Smoothing Plumping & brightening. I also leave it throughout the night. Results r also amazing! These 2 masks r by far my favorite to use! I bought mine while I was in London at Harrod’s. xx

Sisley as far as I have heard is a luxury brand, maybe even higher end compared to Chanel, Ysl and Guerlain for example, I think is closer to Tom Ford. They are supposed to have very high quality products, that use plant extracts or something like that…

Yes, I love my Sisley blushes far better than my Burberry and Chanel ones. Also the Sisley lipglosses i find are great and well pigmented in relation to other brands.

Out of curiosity, what makes the Sisley blushes better than Burberry? Because I love my Burberry blushes to pieces, they’re my absolute favorites.

oo I would love to have the By Terry Baume de rose lip balm! It looks so pretty but I don’t think I can spend $80 on a lip balm, I’d rather get a foundation or an eye shadow quad for that much.

Maryam – I hear you about the price tag! Well after several weeks of a self-imposed ban on beauty buys, I indulged in this tiny jar of wonders. The reasons are 1) it works so beautifully as surely you know, 2) the results (fuller, deeply moisturized lips) last for days which means 3) I only have to use it about twice a week and 4) a tiny amount goes a really long way.

Just thought I would share because I rarely find such a HG skincare product and this one makes me so happy each time I use it.

I’m definitely itching to try the Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Powder in Mythic! Despite several impressive entries from Hourglass and NARS as of late, I don’t think they quite match up to Guerlain’s photoshopping effect; at least not according to Christine! I admit though, I need to personally compare them side-to-side in order to reach a final verdict.

The other probably splurge-worthy item is the Cle de Peau concealer. I haven’t had good results with cream concealers in both the pan or stick forms, since they all tend to be quite powdery in finish, accentuate bits of flaky skin, while creasing in the lines. I’ve always had better results with liquid formulations. In fact, both of my current HGs are liquids: the Estee Lauder Double Wear and the Lancome Maquicomplet. I’m really excited to try the new LORAC Touch Up to Go and the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer though; they look promising. But getting back on track, the CdP product receives such rave that I’m always tempted to try it!

I have the Cle de Peau concealer and haven’t found it to be any better than the OCC concealer. In fact, I would say the CdP concealer looks more like makeup than some other concealers I’ve tried. It does last a good long while, but it’s not a holy grail (to me at least). See if you can swap for one on MakeupAlley before spending the money.

I’ve seen the Cle de Peau concealer in person. Had a huge RED pimple too. Covered it up completely. It’s really not a gamble for $70.

oh my gosh, my list is miles long. Burberry lip velvet, DiorSnow bb cream, Jo Malone earl grey perfume, it goes on and on! I did get myself the Guerlain Meteorites around Christmas time and while I don’t see too much of a difference on my face I love them too much to care!

Most things!! I’m always hard on cash, so I don’t splurge allllll that often, and when I do, it’s with careful deliberation. I’d love to be able to spend money on high-end stuff more often, but it wouldn’t be responsible on my budget 🙁 boooo…..

Specifically, though, I want pretty much every lipstick from the new MAC line, haha. All of the shades are so so so lovely! But $22 for lipstick? Oh my gosh! I’ll have to choose wisely.

The new NARS powders; I do plan to buy them, along with Sheer Glow foundation, concealer, etc, but unfortunately I’m on a “no-buy” for the rest of the year, or until I finish 3 foundations-whichever comes first. This is literally the hardest thing I’ve done in terms of makeup, but it’ll be a nice reward at the end.

I also want the UD Oz palettes, but I really can’t justify buying them. None of the shades I’m really drawn to are so unique I have to buy them.

A Guerlain lipstick! They are kind of expensive but I want one so bad! I think I will get one for my birthday 😀

Here in Canada MAC eyeshadow quads cost upwards of $70 each, so I definitely count those as a splurge! I tried to restrain myself, and ended up making lists of colours and narrowing them down over the course of several months before I actually went ahead with buying my first quad (ended up choosing Swiss Chocolate, Cork, Expensive Pink, and Woodwinked, and they work beautifully together to create several looks). Even though I’ve been using them every day, I felt a little guilty about the purchase at the time – I’m very happy with the quality of these shades, but it will probably be AGES before I buy another quad from MAC, just because of the price!

I also find it hard to justify spending more than $20 on foundation and so I’ve never tried any HE brands, even though I’d love to give them a go. The Revlon Colourstay whipped foundation works well on my skin, so I doubt that’ll change any time soon!

I am currently using Sisley eye cream because nothing seems to moisturize and it doesnt have a heavy scent like Dior or Guerlain. Sisley is super super super expensive. This eye cream also has parabens. I just wish Sisley would be with the times. I used to buy this soap from Sisley to help with my acne. It was non-alkaline- calendula cleansing bar. It was like $60 back in the late ’80s and I somehow used so little that it lasted me a year. Then I found this non-alkaline soap at some beauty store for $7.00….probably without the botanicals that Sisley touts. If you are going to try Sisley, go to Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. Carol has been there for at least 30 years. She knows Sisley well.

Right now, if I were to splurge, I think I would splurge on a brand that has no paraben, no strong fragrance or none, and something to firm up my skin….some French brand. I love La Mer….but I want something more. Those products which cost $500.00 would be what I am eyeing. I would buy it if I new it works because I am not going under the knife and no injections for me.

estee lauder tease gelee blush( love it!!!!) but it’s around 75 dollars in my country and i just can´t afford it cause i need a new foundation and mascara:-( maybe next mont if it isn’t sold out…

Guerlain Meteorites. In Australia they’re $117, though I’ve seen them on eBay for much less. Every time I’ve had the spare cash available I’ve ended up buying something else. The other things I’m dying to try are the Hourglass Ambient Lights and a few Nars products.

Definitely Cle de Peau and Tom Ford. Unfortunately, they’re not available in my location. I can only pick up products from those brands whenever I go out of the country. I prefer seeing the products up close and being able to swatch/try them on so buying online isn’t really an option.

All of the SKII skin products really. I really want to see what they would do to benefit my skin, but its really too expensive when you consider the other products out there!

The fragrance Burberry Body and the new Lancome In Love collection. Guess who is the reason why I covet these things? Hint: “It’s Levioosa not Leviosa”

Burberry Body is my FAVE scent! I’m torn between the regular one and the intense. My mother took my regular bottle but I won’t let her get her hands on my intense lol

I know! The prices are Sci-Fi, but the reviews have been so promising. This is of course discounting the ones done with products provided for PR purposes. Without naming names, I found myself SHOCKED by how many blogs seemed to have glowing, fluffy, non critical, thoughtless reviews for PR products. I don’t mean they found a great product, I mean it was written like ad copy. Bless Christine.

Second that! I have read a couple reviews where the product was provided but where I think the blogger can be mostly trusted to be objective, but sometimes…yeah. I just wish they carried it in stores so I could get a sample and try for myself before I fork over $125 for the product.

Hi Blue, I emailed the Omorosvka (misspelled, I know) customer service, and they sent me a couple of samples of the BB cream. It took a couple of weeks at least for shipping from Budapest, but they were free! It’s good stuff – great coverage, but best for normal to slightly oily skin, IMHO. Good luck!

A Chanel eyeshadow quad, it looks so luxurious and I would really like a lovely neutral toned one. I´m a lipstick girl so I would prefer a limited number of eyeshadows ( 4 or 6 ) to work with when I want a more complete makeup look, and I figure if I´m going to have such a small quantity let it be high end. However I don´t know when I will purchase that Chanel quad, since currently I have a wish list full of lipstick and lip gloss products, particularly Chanel glossimer Mirage and Chanel extrait de gloss Insolence, also Guerlain Chamade Rouge Automatique, so I´m afraid that quad will have to wait some time more…

T. LeClerc loose powder in Parme. There’s just something about what that shade of lavender does to my complexion. I want it, I need it, but $50 on a powder is kind of a lot. I know I’ll buy it eventually though, I can only resist for so long. It’s just such a huge chunk of my monthly allowance.

I ended up splurging on sisley just going off swatches online. There aren’t many swatches floating around so it’s difficult to make an informed decision. I bought Dune and Ebony eyeshadows. The color is lovely, but Dune creases on me no matter which primer I put underneath. Ebony has made a pretty liner on a number of occasions, but I don’t think I’ll buy any more colors until I can see them in person.

Lash-growth serum! I guess I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try one, but they tend to be pretty pricey and if it doesn’t work, I’m going to be so bummed!

By Terry lipsticks! They look soooo good, but at $78 AUD ($79US) each here in Australia it’s definitely not something I’ll be splurging on anytime soon!

Lately I’ve been wanting to try the BECCA radiant skin satin foundation, and while it seems like it would be the perfect one for me I can only get in online. I really want to see swatches of the foundation or something but I haven’t heard much about it and I’m really hesitant to spend over $40 on a foundation only to find out I couldn’t even get a color match!

The next beauty product I am going to splurge on is Guerlain’s Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder! But how does it compare to Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder Nudes which I currently use?? I would also like to get more Givenchy & Dolce&Gabbana products. These 2 luxury items I seem to bipass alot. I own 1 D&G eyeshadow quad in Desert, beautiful & 1 Givenchy lipstick.

If I had lots of cash I would probably be at the fragrance counters, Guerlain, Cle de Peau, Le Metier de Beaute, and skincare brands which I can neither spell nor pronounce. I would like to try Sisley!

Probably the Hourglass eyeshadow duos. There are 2 or 3 I’d really like but they’re pricey and I have so many similar eye shadows that it seems wasteful. If I didn’t have so many shadows, it might be different… I’d also like to try concealers by Cle de Peau or By Terry but neither brand is readily available and there’s just no way I’d buy them sight unseen online. Oh yes, and some of the Burberry eye shadows but, again, they’re not available near me and since I am interested in several that are very similar in colour, I’d need to see them in the flesh to see which one or 2 are “must haves” for me.

Chanel blushes and a full MAC eyeshadow palette, but specially the latter. I do not wear eye makeup regularly, so spending more than 250€ in eyeshadows seems crazy to me, but I know I’ll eventually (and little by little) end up buying one.

A burberry eyeshadow, more specifically the ones with 4 colours that are around £40…absolutely gorgeous but I can’t bring myself to spend that much money on an eyeshadow!

Expensive Japanese brands like Suqqu! Suqqu always looks so gorgeous! Oh, and also brands like Rouge Bunny Rouge, Chantecaille, Edward Bess. All the brands I mentioned aren’t available to me readily and the websites don’t ship to my country, but a girl can dream! hahaha
Oh, and Hakuhodo brushes.

I’d love to try some of the higher end skin creams or foundations, but they’re just SO expensive (some of the creams are over $100!).

A Clé de Peau lipstick, it looks really beautiful even if it’s 60 $ I would gladly purchase if we had the brand here !

Tarte’s Amazonian Clay foundation. I can’t buy it until I’ve used up what I’m using now, a BB cream, because I doubt I would finish it if I was given another choice.

The Clarisonic Pro. I already have their sonicare toothbrush and I never use it, so I can’t justify spending over a hundred dollars on a face brush I’ll probably quit using in 6 months as well.

Honestly, I think you might love the Clarisonic enough to use it for longer than you think lol. Especially if you have skin issues. I love my Clarisonic Acne system although I was extremely skeptical about it at first. If I skip a few days of using it my skin definitely lets me know lol

I’ll testify as well! I lose interest easily in novelty beauty products but I LOVE my Clarisonc.

I cannot recommend Sisley enough. I’ve been using it since I was 20 and the products are phenomenal. I’m in my mid 30’s and people routinely think I’m about 27-28. Worth every penny. Some of my favorite products are the Emulsion Ecologique and Sisleya face cream. I tell people who are on the fence about the price to stick to more budget friendly cleansers and toners, and splurge on a face cream or serum.

I don’t work for Sisley in any capacity. Love your blog!

A limited edition Dior palette. They always look so cute and pretty, girly like me but I just don’t know if I can justify spending $60 on one. Are they worth that price?

The new one for spring (the bow shaped one) is so gorgeous! I could never justify it though since I know the quality isn’t any better than my Inglot/Urban Decay/thBalm shadows.

It’d have to be spring shadow palettes from Estee Lauder and YSL. Love the colors but at $48 and $55 they’re priced high for my taste, especially since I’ve more or less put myself on a no-bit since I already have so much as it is!

Tom Ford products, mostly the eye shadow quads. I want Cognac Sable so much but SO expensive. I wouldn’t mind picking up more Chantecaille products, too. Anything I have purchased from them has been stellar.

Clé de Peau Beauté Exra Rich lipstick and Tom Ford Lipstick. I swatched a few and they’re gorgeous…but more than around $30 starts to feel too precious.

I’ve always wanted to splurge on Burberry’s makeup since it came out… last Sunday I picked up a blush from their line, so excited!

I would love to try the hourglas ambient light powder. I heard great stuff about it. But I haven’t tried it becouse they don’t sell the brand in Holland.

A work colleage always buys sissly products! She loves it and never ever buys other brands. All products are natural and good for sensitive skin :-).

Greetz from Holland

Really tempted by the new Hourglass lighting powders but they are so expensive. I’ve also been really wanting to go for the Too Faced Candlelight Glow highlighting powder, but again I can’t afford it right now. Lastly, I want to buy all the Sugarpill palettes and those are definitely on my radar!

tom ford quads! tom ford lipsticks and guerlain lipsticks, although i m planning to buy gigolo in some time. they’ve gone up in price, 49.50 now. i always regret not buying stuff sooner when that happens. i know the logic where one says, what’s a dollar fifty when you’re willing to spend 48, i know, but i could have saved money if i’d bought it sooner.


I’d love to splurge on a Dior or a Chanel eyeshadow palette or a Guerlain foundation! I’d also love to try Burberry makeup, but as far as I know, it´s not available yet here in Mexico.

GA Maestro Fusion foundation, Guerlain Wulong, Cle de Peau concealer. These are the ones that always freeze my hand at the “Checkout” button.

I also have my eye on the Hourglass Ambient lighting powders and possibly the new NARS powders because why not.

Let’s also throw in a few YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks for added guilt.

Kevyn Aucion SSE! Not super-duper expensive, but it’s out of my price range right now, especially since I’m trying to finish up several tubes and bottles of foundation and BB cream, as well as jars of concealer. Hoping I can pick it up by the end of the year.

Burberry lip velvets
Mac’s Sculpting Powder in Shadowy (not quite sure if this will work on my warm NC37-42 skin, so I’m using a random NYX grayish-brown powder right now as a contour to see if the shade will suit me)
Lorac Pro palette (I really like this and it’s not that expensive, but I can’t justify the amount I’ll spend considering I don’t use eyeshadow that often.)
Chanel Dragon – You convinced me to try and find one, Christine! Here’s hoping I don’t end up purchasing a fake from a random ebay seller. /crosses fingers

Joelle Ciocco skincare. I’ve seen raves and recommendations for her products, but it’s so difficult to find/get/browse them in the U.S.

Guerlain lipsticks. Even if I felt okay about splurging on one, I don’t want to set a new standard and then not like my other stuff, when I can’t afford to keep buying Guerlain. Hahaha. I have tattoos I’m saving for! I can’t be spending all my money on lipsticks that will be gone by next year. 🙂

I don’t even look at luxury products, because I’m just not willing to spend that much money on makeup, and I’d rather not expose myself to sadness or anxiety about that fact.

I do have a wish list of high end makeup products:

– Benefit benetint lip stain.
– Benefit badgal plum.

– NARS Sheer Glow foundation
– NARS Eyeshadow primer
– NARS 413 Blkr duo
– NARS Outlaw

– Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation

– Urban Decay Smoked Palette
– Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup remover
– Urban Decay lip pencil in Ozone (clear)

– Dior J’adore perfume

I sometimes wish I had never made the sortie into HE cosmetics. They couldn’t, and mostly did not, live up to my expectations. I miss my cosmetic salad days when going to the MAC counter for a new lipstick was a HUGE deal and exciting because it wasn’t a common occurrence. I love makeup but I swear I am chasing the high of that first Frostbite UD eye shadow. As silly as it sounds, it feels more compulsory and less fun nowadays. HOWever I hope you ladies enjoy your Guerlain lippies just the same 😉

Meteorites. Hands down.

Also, I really really want the Sugarpill quads, which would be a splurge not because of the price, but because a a 41-year-old music teacher has no business wearing rave makeup. But I still want them.

Oh I would say as a 41 yo music teacher it is practically your *duty* to have colorful make up! As a kid I loved that my music teacher had a nose piercing. It was the mid 80’s at a fancy private all girls school and I appreciated her shaking things up.

I agree with 18thCenturyFox! I’m a nearly 43 year old music teacher, and cool music teachers are awesome. I try to wear fun nail polish so my students look at my fingers. I have a tattooed and pierced cellist friend who works in the public school system, and her students think she’s the best.

Definitely the Voyage Meteorites. I put some on at a counter a few weeks ago, I’m not sure I could see TOO much of a difference… I’m going to go back today and try them again!

I also would love a Clarisonic, however I’m not convinced you should exfoliate your face so often and so deeply. Part of me goes “Look at all my blackheads, they could be GONE!” and another part thinks “Surely it’s better to leave my skin to it’s own devices?” I already apply and remove products every day though, so it’s not like I’m au natural.

Brushes! I would buy several face and eyeshadow makeup brushes from Hakuhodo and Chikuhado. I would also buy a beautiful compact from Guerlain. I would also like to try the La Mer face cream to see what all the fuss is about.

Chantecaille Les Petales de Rose Highlighting Powder. It’s a bit steep at $74. I am quite fair with pink undertones and just don’t know if it will work on me. I don’t own any type of highlighter, so surely I need one! Right?!?

I have been dying to try a few shades of Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss. I have read positive review after positive review about how these are opaque, shiny, non-sticky, long lasting glosses. Ultimately, it sounds like my dream gloss in a tube! However a couple things have kept me from experiencing their goodness already. For one, I like to swatch and see products in person before buying and no Sephora near me has Illamasqua products in store to play around with. Second, I am a lip gloss junkie and honestly I have colors that are pretty similar to the colors I’d like to try from this line, so technically I don’t have a need to add these glosses to my stash. I’m just so curious to try the formula, but the logical side of me won’t allow me to spend the money on them. I’m not above receiving them as a gift though. LOL

Meteorites! Just a container of the balls. I can’t pull the trigger on ’em because I’m afraid the scent will kill me, and there’s nowhere nearby I can go to check it out.

If it’s the same scent as the Rouge Automatiques and just as lightly scented, I know I can tolerate that to a certain extent.

Aside from that, I need to order Two-Fingered Salute from Nordstrom. When Butter London does unique colors, they’re great.

Pretty much anything upwards of $50+ hits me right in the first world privilege. It’s not that I won’t buy very pricey products, but it takes a lot of research and counter-swatching and mulling over it before I’ll lay down the money. If I’m going to spend that much on a luxury item, I want to make sure I get my use out of it. 🙂

Just bought my first Sisley product a few weeks ago, the smell is so heavenly! It’s price though.

According to my SA, Sisley doesn’t discontinue or change their product formulations – a testament to how confident they are in their products.

Mmmm, Guerlain Meteorites! I have’t lusted after them that much, but I do like them. I’ve read a few good reviews and they look so pretty and delicate.

Only one thing currently: the Suqqu face brush. It lives in my dreams and I hear music playing when I see pictures on-line. It will be mine, oh yes, one day it will be mine! 🙂

I eventually indulge most of my makeup lemmings….so I have enough lipsticks to wear for 3-4 months without repeating colors…Nevertheless I don’t yet have a Tom Ford or Edward Bess lipstick, and intend to own some someday. I also really want some Ouidad hair products–Cleansing Oil Shampoo and Whipped Conditioner, cause my long curly hair loves variety, and the Devacurl products I use most of the time…I could use some more “rich” products to throw in the mix, but I always tell myself I can just take time to deep condition with olive oil+honey+banana/avocado/pumpkin….But I am sure the Ouidads are awesome, and convenient, and if they smell nice I would be absolutely sold….

I have 2. Tom Ford Black Orchid and Oskia Get Up & Glow.
They both look so amazing, and between the two, the TF lipstick is worth it, since lipsticks last forever. The Oskia GU&G however is almost $100! I just cant with good conscience spend that much. I practice enough cognitive dissonance with all my other beauty purchases, this would be too much!

Armani fluid maestro foundation and the Tom Ford shade & illuminate. Have wanted both for what seems like forever!

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