What product would you have loved MAC to bring back?

What product would you have loved MAC to bring back? Given that MAC is doing their By Request collection, what would you have loved to have seen on the voting ballot?

Queen’s Sin lipstick, Firespot eyeshadow, Rye eyeshadow, Marisheeno lipstick, Femme-fi eyeshadow.

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divinem (Melissa) Avatar

Hold the Pose lipstick, but I bought three of them when I heard they were being discontinued. Several new lippies have come out since that fulfill my needs, so I trust that when something is discontinued, an equally cool item will replace it. I’m not stocking up anything anymore. Well, except Estee Lauder VΓ©ritΓ© Moisture Relief Creme. It took so long to find a moisturizer that didn’t cause irritation that I would buy a decade’s worth and find a way to store it long term.

Liz Mc Avatar

Yes, definitely Femme Fi. Also Silverthorne eyeshadow and Lollipop Loving and Marquis D’ lipsticks.

Even though Marquis D’ was just out for WW I still need more, I didn’t buy enough backups!

Shivani Avatar

Rich and ripe lipgloss from cult of cherry, colour corrector from the mickey contractor collection, the manish arora collection because I missed it and I love India inspired collections.

Summer Avatar

Definitely Smoke and Diamonds, as well as Ripe Peach! I’d also love to see a return of their Crystal Rose lipglass from the Turquatic collection in 2007.

At least they had the good sense to include Candy Yum Yum in the lineup! And I never tried Moth Brown or Guacamole, but I’ve heard buzz about both, so I’d like to check them out.

Marisa Avatar

Although I’ve always thought Flash of Flesh was amazing now I think I’m too old for it (30) and may vote for something else.
I would have loved to have seen face products such as Pink Cult blush, Hyperreal foundation, and the Pinkerpeach/Trustfund duo.

But I would have to say above all else I miss the Sheer Colour Extracts from the Pool Party collection more than anything!

Pamela Avatar

I like your suggestion of Firespot and Rye. Firespot should be permanent!! But for shadows I also like: Aegean Green, Parrot, Scarab and Atlas. For lipstick: Huetopia, Luv N Lust and Santiago.

Ju Laur Avatar

Coco e Pink Opal Pigments
Smoke & Diamonds eyeshadow
Ever Hip Lipstick
#131 brush
Artifact Paint Pot
Fancy Moves Technakohl
Blush Afterdusk
Solar Bits

Ju Laur Avatar

How could I forget???

Grand Entrance Starflash eyeshadow
Africanial fragance
Microfine Refinisher
HyperReal Foundation
By Candlelight MSF

Miss J Avatar

TOO.MUCH.STUFF. Honestly, MAC comes out with so much freaking stuff that there’s a lot I missed out on in the past, so it gets kinda hard to remember! SUPER excited Candy Yum Yum is on their ballot. I wish they’d bring back the Heatherette Hollywood Nights Lippie. There are a ton of shadows I would love to see again; for instance some of the old Veluxe’s (Melton Mauve, Jewel Blue, and Velvet Moss). I’d love to see Metamorph from Madame B. Petalescent was one of my favorite glowy pinks. Too much stuff, I can’t think! Haha.

Miss J Avatar

Oh, and two others things I wish MAC would bring back: HyperReal Foundation and nude liners!!!! I about died when HyperReal was discontinued. It was suggested to me for photos, which I thought was weird since it had SPF (I believe) and was pearlized, lol. It matched me perfectly IRL and didn’t flashback in photos. It was amazing for photos and for going out at night. I miss that stuff SO much. Also, MAC in the past has come out with nude/brightening liners (I Get No Kick, Tendered, Buttery, Fresh Cream), but it seems they always take them away and never re-release them.

Georgia Avatar

I buy a back up whenever I see one on Ebay/Specktra but one day these back ups are going to run out!
Its THE perfect pink blush.

Dusty Avatar

Grid lipstick FTW!!! LOL! and the Volcanic Ash facial mask… I liked it WAY more than the exfoliating scrub (I bought three or four, I still have half of one left)!

Jasmine Valistreri Avatar

I’m going with the obvious answer here: Jealousy Wakes! I never could get my hands on a pot of it and it looks so pretty from the swatches.

Tulie Avatar

Oh my, Honeyflower lipstick!!!! I didn’t even know it was going to be gone and I couldn’t stock up! :'( If it came back I would buy every piece I could find, for sure!

Alison Avatar

Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick and Midnight Snack fluidline – I actually wish these were permanent!

Blacktrack is too black/dark and Dipdown is too light on me! It’d be a welcomed expansion if MAC were to add on more shades, like the recent Cook MAC Fluidline shades.

Yazmin Avatar

*Blunt blush i dont know if its discontinued anywhere else but it is in the uk, i pay ridiculous ebay prices just to get this blush.

*OTHERWORLDLY BLUSH. omg i search high and low for this! My friend has it and it looks frickin gorgeous, i must have it πŸ™

*Parrot eyeshadow

*the duo msfs, the ones with a shimmer side and a natural side.

Melanie Avatar

Yeah we dont get the Mac Blunt blush here in Taiwan either =(. I also wish they would bring back my favorite lipstick Mac riveting from the “riveting collection”. I am literally scraping the tube now…been looking everywhere for a dupe..

Nic Avatar

I wish MAC brings Smoke & Diamonds back as a refill. I love the color, but I hardly reach for my pot.
And I like MAC tu rerealease my fist lipstick called “Pink”. I still have some product left and for me it is the perfect lip color.

Margie Avatar

Hi Christine,

I love your website. Thank you for your high quality reviews, detailed photos and swatches.

I missed out on all of the fuss for MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish. By the time I realized I wanted it, it had vanished. I’d like another chance! Do you think it will happen?

Carmen Ana Avatar

I would have loved to have seen back Flamingo Lipstick!! It’s so lovable!! And I didn’t have enough time to buy it, cause I was living in Ireland and they didn’t have it there….so sad!!!

Sarah Avatar

This times a thousand! Even after watching the UK website like a freakin’ hawk I STILL managed to miss out! πŸ™ I’m convinced they only sent like what, 200 max for us lot.

Lisa Avatar

TOTALLY BUMMED that they don’t have a blush section… would love marine life and that peach ombre πŸ™

However, I hope everyone votes for 3N because I would love some of that!

Ju Laur Avatar

You can buy the Chromagraphic pencil in NC15/NW20 at PRO stores and the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light-Medium just change the name for Light Plus…

Joanna Avatar

botanical e/s, mega metal e/s, magnetique lipglass, firespot e/s, 222 brush, kelly e/s, starflash e/s, fiction e/s, talent pool e/s, smoke and diamonds e/s, marine life…. sorry i feel like there are so many things i missed out on πŸ™

they should absolutely make the 226 a permanent brush as well!!!!

Julia Avatar

I agree with you on Femme-Fi eyeshadow. I had to pay twice the price to get it on e-bay! I wish Mac would have brought back some of the old MSF’s- particularly By Candlelight and Lightscapade.

Keen Janine Avatar

Petals and Peacock l/s, Metal Rock MSF, Lavendar Whip l/s, Pillow Talk l/s, Bite of an Apple Blush. That’s all I can think of right now.

Shannon Avatar

I know this won’t help with the collection, but I and many others would LOVE if MAC brought back every tendertone and made tendertones permanent!!!!And if they even got new colors too!!!

Safyre Avatar

I am absolutely dying for Queen’s Sin to be repromoted. In fact there are entire collections that I missed out on that I’d like to see items repromoted from – Moonbathed, C-Shock, and Barbie, and Hello Kitty. I realize that it would be mega-lame to repromote an entire collection, but alas, having missed out I long for certain items that I just can’t get my hands on anymore (especially with the cute packaging).

Mai Avatar

I read about the Chanel Knightsbridge limited edition lipstick. Love the colour, finally arrived here in Toronto.
Great colour and thanks for the heads up.



Sonja Avatar

I have always thought Mac should do “Vote to repromote” type of collection! They have so many items from years and years that it would be great to bring more of them back! I would probably say “Glamour for all” gloss but I have so many back ups it wouldn’t make a difference anyway!!!!! Maybe some great neutrals from long long ago that I am not even aware of……………:).

Styrch Avatar

While I love that they are voting on Moth Brown and Rebel, I also agree with your Firespot suggestion. I would also add Afterdusk blush, Coco Pigment, Pink Marabeau lipstick, Penned Fluidline, and Valentine’s Lip Gelee.

Michelle Avatar

I’d love to have the opportunity to get Toxic Tale cause I missed out on it the first time =/
And I’d also like to get the blush Bite of An Apple, from the same collection.

Ally Avatar

Fabulush creme colour base (even though it was just discontinued) and Shrimpton lipstick, my mom used to love it so i would love to try it!

fabiola Avatar

I would like to see coming back some products that I didn’t have the chance to get:
MSF stero rose.
Toxic tale lipstick.
Ripe peach blush.
Marine life highlighter.
Costachic lipstick.
Candy yum yum lipstick. It should be permanent, since everybody is looking for it, and ebay prices are crazy.

Brittany Avatar

I really wish they would bring back Playing Koi from the Quite Cute collection, it was a perfect peach color. And the Sculpt and Shape duos too because I missed out on grabbing one of those!!!

shelly Avatar

* Scanty l/s (why the hell did I throw it away all those years ago when there was likely nothing wrong with it?!?!). It was the perfect bright-but-not-too-bright” pink, IMO. I’ve read/heard Pink Nouveau and Pink Plaid are close, but… no. πŸ™

* Bizaarish lipgloss (yep, threw it away when there was probably nothing wrong with it). Good way to play with a dark red lip without using a dark red lipstick.

* the Mega Metal eyeshadows

* Tease Me l/s (again, why did I throw it away when there was likely nothing wrong with it?!?! First MAC product I ever purchased too!)

* Strada blush in its proper pot/pan form. (That said, is the refill pan form permanent at PRO now, or was it also LE?)

Melody Avatar

Lollipop Lovin’ and Lavender Whip lipsticks, pleasureflush, stereorose or the orignal lightscapade msf, pretty much all of the Hello Kitty and Moonbathe collections.

Karla W. Avatar

I’d have to say I would love for my favorite blush called Strada to come back. I haven’t hit pan yet on mine because I’m scared to use it as much as I want. I would love to get a back up of “by candlelight” MSF, or maybe they should bring back the McQueen MSF in New Vegas, I would love to own something like that! Hopefully if they bring back Candy yum yum I won’t miss out again :/

Orlane Avatar

SO SCARLET LIPSTICK. Omg, I’m so sad I missed it! Theere’s cult of cherry lipglass on the ballot but So Scarlet would have been so great! :'( it’s such a wearable red! it’s seriously lovely!

Also : Morning Frost paint pot from Glitter&Ice ( they had a problem with their stocks and Europeans could not get it!! ), I get no kick khol ( it was so great!!) , Hey eyeshadow, Soiree and Bad Fairy nail polishes!!

bxboricua Avatar

Ripe Peach blush ombre, Bite of an Apple blush, Viva Glam Cyndi, I Love Winter lipstick , Innocence Beware lipstick (I keep missing out on it!), Bloodline pigment, Solar White e/s

Vilkas Avatar

and of course it’s on the list, but Candy Yum Yum.
also, the turquoise lippie from the eden rocks collection that was i think, permanent for a while.

Carla Avatar

Mac’s Brow Shader in Ivoire/Walnut.

Package was shaped like a small black box of match sticks. Came with a powder highlighter and powder brow shadow.

Cynthia Nogueira Avatar

I would be very, very happy to return the Blue India. It was a mythical enamel and that I could not buy one for me. I am very sad when I look at my collection and I see this beautiful enamel to complete it … it hurts!
MAC please hear me!
Bring back the Blue India!

Vern Avatar

Sweet Sienna pigment
Lavender Whip Pigment
Warm Blend MSF
Eversun Beauty Powder Blush
Tete-a-Tint e/s
Smoking Signal Quads(both)
Mattenes: Bing, Kirsch, Night Violet, Midnight Media
Ripe Peach Blush Ombre

t_zwiggy Avatar

Am I the only one who keeps a list? lol

Cheeks: Fleurry!!! Ripe Peach! Petalpoint, Fab, Don’t Be Shy, Afterdusk, Tippy, Stark Naked, True Romantic BPB, Joyous BPB, Sweetness BPB, Shy Beauty BPB, Serenely BPB, Pearl Sunshine BP, Pearl Blossom BP, Fashion Frenzy

Eyes: Greenstroke PP, Moss Scape PP, Nice Vice PP, Time & Space, Illegal Cargo, Twillery!!! Cosmic, Elite, Stormwatch, Terre a Terre

Lips: CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’!!!!!!!!! Flowerplay l/s!!! Funshine slimshine!!! Tropic Glow slimshine, Kissable slimshine, By Degrees slimshine, Urgent slimshine, Grenadine slimshine, Intimidate slimshine, Long Stem Rose slimshine, Gaily slimshine, Party Mate l/s, Ahoy There l/s, All’s Fair l/s, Full On Lust l/g, Totally It l/g, Sugar Shock lipgelee, She-boom lipgelee, Semi-Annual l/s, Total Wow l/s, Lightly Ripe l/s, Rich&Ripe l/g, Pink Manish l/g, Shine Manish l/g, Too Fab l/s, Fashion l/g

Brushes: 165

Ivy Avatar

Outre & Ochre Style eyeshadows. 3N, 4N, & Squirt lipglasses.

Also the Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask, I really don’t understand LE skin care products.

Cherry Avatar

Possum Nose Pink Lip Glass from the Dame Edna collection. I haven’t found anything similar and I loved it so much! Such a gorgeous coral lip gloss. It was utter perfection.

kate Avatar

I would have liked to see Mac reaching way back into their past a little more, although at least there are some old classics in there. Sad that they didn’t have a blush/ MSF section, but staying within the categories chosen, here are a few picks

Eye shadow: Innuendo, Oceanique, Rite of Spring, Illegal Cargo (the original, not the crap version that came out with the holiday collection) and how about Jealousy Wakes?!?!? πŸ˜‰

Lipstick: Strawbaby, Jet, Isis, Jungle Juice, Grid, Overdone, Queen’s Sin… I am glad to see that Rocker is on the list. It’s a classic!

Lipglass: Cultureclash, Surfbunny, Palatial (technically a Lustreglass, but still my fave of all time)

Aud Max, R.N. Avatar

I would be so thrilled if Mac Cosmetics would bring back my most favorite Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Cocca Fix. They discontinued my favorite color
about six years ago. I managed to locate about a dozen of them and now I am on my last one. I am a research and OR nurse and this lip color stayed on all day. I really miss this as it went with everything and you could also use their lipglass over it. I hope one of these days it will find its way back. I just can’t find anything close too this color. It was a beautiful shade.
Aud Max

Enna Avatar

The Lipstick Marquis D’, I am checking all the new MAC collections with the hopes of getting 4 or 5 of these lipstick…. I got it with the wonder woman collection, but did not know that I would love it so much, the color suits my skin color incredibly well and it is my favorite formula, lustre.

Lindsay Avatar

Mac tendertones all colors, and everything from the naturally and iris arpel collection! Also I think Mac should make things a little easier to get instead of everything being sold out so fast and if you want it or missed out on it you can sometimes find it on ebay for 3 times the cost!

Kathryn Avatar

BINGO! Plushglass. I had back ups and I lost them all. I would stock up if they did a repromote for sure. Its my HG MLBB plumping gloss and I miss it so much.

Candi Avatar

I will die if they don’t bring back my HG brow pencil – Impeccable Brow Pencil in BLACK. Nowhere to be found online anymore=( It is PERFECT for my black brows, anything brown or another color just looks totally WEIRD on me, no matter how “natural” a shade it is. This one is light enough to look totally natural, just somehow is still dark enough to still make perfect pointy ends! Please MAC I beg you lol.

Katherine Avatar

MAC made a lipglass a long time ago – called Chance Encounter. A gorgeous full color coral/red – no shimmer. It was awesome and I can’t think of anything else that have done similar to that since.

Dinitchka Avatar

I have a few πŸ™‚

1) #136 brush (My fav powder brush)
2) Merrily blush (super pigmented for my fair skin but one of my loves!!)
3) Goldbit (from the Belle Azure Collection. This was my first ‘go-to’ e/s. I think I used it everyday for like 6 months straight)
4) Bask lipstick (I lived in this beautiful lipstick for many months, until I left it in my pocket and washed and dried it … and ruined it)

I know some of these products are available on-line (like Ebay) but I refuse to pay so much more for a product that I will get over and find a dupe or a new love.

Paula B Avatar

It would be a dream come true to see Siahi Fluidline and the lipsticks Candy Yum Yum, Party Parrot and Flamingo back in the stores. Would buy at least two of each item just in case.

queenfrostine Avatar

PEARL SUNSHINE FROM BARBIE LOVES MAC!!!!! *ahem* please MAC, repromote this! I’ve been kicking myself for 5 years for only buying one of these and I haven’t been able to find a product to take its place in my heart. It worked both as a blush and an all over brightening powder on me. On days when it skin was looking good, I’d just wear a light dusting of this over moisturizer instead of foundation.

Jampacked lipglass from the Cult of Cherry collection (I know PopMode is similar, but for some reason I’m not a big fan of it and its other dupes).

Most Wanted slim shine

Funky Fusion marbled lipglass- one of the only corals that don’t turn neon orange on me

Goldbit eyeshadow- my favorite highlight shade ever.

Casanova lipstick- they only ever sold this as part of a holiday lip set in 2006 but I was so in love with it.


Courting Rose l/g, Playing Koi l/s -something about this color is so perfect for my fair skin, Foxy pencil eyeliner – this was the ONLY burgundy colored eyeliner I’ve ever found that is so complimentary and fab on green and hazel eyes!!!

Liz Avatar

Mancatcher, Illegal Cargo and Wintersky eyeshadows, VG Cyndi and Laugh a Lot lipsticks, Fierce & Fabulous lipglass, 222 and 272 brushes

JEN Avatar

-Glamour Check e/s and all the Starflash e/s
-Perennial High Style lipstick from Liberty of London collection
-Stereo Rose
-Port Red lipstick

Lisa Avatar

ripe peach blush, smoke & diamonds e/s, style snob e/s, french cuff e/s (just finished mine), by candlelight & stereo rose msf, and artifact & idyllic paint pots, narcissus cream sheen glass ( i know you can still get it, but want it to be perm).

s&d and style snob need to be permanent and offered in refill pan form. currently, they are each over $50 on ebay!! I finished mine long ago and always regretted not picking up backups. narcissus is the first “color” lip product I can wear on my fuller lips that doesn’t take over my entire face! I picked up three and am about to finish the first. It’s making me nervous!!!

I’d like to see them repromote entire collections actually. star flash and hello kitty come to mind…

Laura Avatar

Eyeshadows: Smoke & Diamonds, Illegal Cargo, Style Snob, Moth Brown, Innuendo, Hypnotizing (on its own, not in a quad) French Grey, Clue, Femme Noir, Velvet Moss, Oceanique, Relaxing, Flirty Number, Top Hat, Metamorph, Sunday Best

Paint Pots: Stray Gray, Cash Flow, MossScape

Pigments: Sweet Sienna, Coco, Subtle, Sunnydaze

Face: Ripe Peach, Mighty Aphrodite, Stunner, Pink Cult (I know it’s being re-promoted, yay!), Perfect Topping, Refined, Stereo Rose,

Lipsticks: Marquise D’, Lollipop Loving, Fresh Salmon, Pet Me Please

stephanie Avatar

I would love to see Joy Berry lip glass again. It was so pretty. I also liked Dance Mix, and Flipside eyeshadows, which were colors in the Diana Eyes 2 palette.

stacey Avatar

I have Rocker lipstick. I have less than 10 items from MAC. And Rocker is ok…I rather MAC repromotes stuff like Hello Kitty, Barbie, Marine life and other hot items from the past.

Natalie Avatar

Don’t laugh since it’s a product that can be so easily duped…3N lipstick!! I just adore it! I’m saving my tube like there’s no tomorrow!

Natalie Avatar

Wow…this is what I get for forgetting to check the post first and impulse replying…3N IS BACK!! I must start saving so I can buy the entire stock!!

Mar Avatar

There’s a couple of things I’d like to bring back…

Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finish
Ripe Peach Ombre blush
A lot of the red lippies they threw out
Smoke and Diamonds e/s
Next to Nothing e/s from the ‘Tempting’ quad (Cult of Cherry)

Lori Avatar

I am absolutely *DYING* for MAC to bring back the Barbie lipstick collection. I don’t even care about the other facial features….just let me get some Sweet & Single on my lips!

Kelsey S Avatar

I wish they would make the chromagraphic pencils part of the regular line, not just PRO products… PRO is just a pain in the derriere because there isn’t a PRO store anywhere near me, and ordering over the phone is such a hassle..

evangelia Avatar

i have no idea why they have solar white as an option but not FEMME-FI!!!!!

fresh salmon l/s
skew l/s
love knot l/g
long stem rose slimshine
high 90s slimsline
the nude blush from LoL, i forgot the name

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