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Taking it off! Sometimes I’m super tired, sometimes I’m in a hurry, and sometimes I really like the end of the night, slightly smudged, lived in look.

Cleaning up! Washing it all off at the end of the day. I try to keep it at as few steps as possible! I have a fatigue disorder and at the end of the day I’m already so TIRED. LOL Cleansing and moisturizing is Def my hardest most annoying part.

Same, I have Chronic Fatigue, by the end of the day to drag myself to the sink to wash everything off and do my moisturizing steps really does me in.

I would have to say concealing. I have hyperpigmentation on both of my upper cheek bones and some days it seems darker than others. Some days no amount of concealing really covers the pigmentation and some days it seems that attempting to conceal just lifts off any foundation/product underneath. Hate it!!

Is, has, and will always be mascara until the day that they take that dang wand out of my cold, dead hands. Seriously. In 45 years, I’ve not only hand smudges and whatnot, but have jabbed myself on several occasions.

(Applying nail polish isn’t exactly my idea of having a fun time, either!)

Have you tried gel nail polish, Nancy? The whole process takes about 20 minutes and the effects last up to 3 weeks (the polish grows out with the nail and doesn’t chip).

Undereye concealer is still a pain! Even though it’s the 2nd thing I started wearing regularly, I still have issues with it after 20 years!

Eyeliner! Especially if it’s *winged* eyeliner. Trying to make it making it look even when your eyes are not symmetrical, in addition to being monolids, is always a chore.

Eyebrows. They’re sparse and can sometimes look too obvious that I’ve filled them in.

applying foundation is not very enjoyable sometimes – a lot of work to buff/blend/spread and needs at least 5 mins to work it. it actually creates the bulk of the brushes i have to wash weekly as different formulas work better with different brushes/sponge and i’m a fickle sorta
person who cherry picks the favoured foundation every day. ?

HOWEVER, the payoff from a well-applied foundation is ? worth it at creating beautiful skin so…

Definitely mascara. I can screw up a beautiful smoky eye just by applying mascara!! I’ll always make a mess, or sneeze while putting it on (why do I sneeze when I put on mascara lol?). Then I wait for it to dry because it’s easier to flake it off my skin with a Q-tip than smearing it while it’s still wet. I can usually correct the mistake, but it’s not my favorite part of my beauty routine.

Powder, sometimes when I’m in a rush I can be a bit more heavy-handed which doesn’t look good. So, I always have to make sure I have the correct amount on my brush.
Blending eyeshadow can make it less enjoyable too, especially if the color is just not wanting to blend right that day.

Curling my lashes. I hate it, but it is so necessary. I have poker straight eyelashes that jut out and point downwards and in outer corners actually crisscross and point every which way. The use of lash conditioner has improved look, length and texture, but they still behave in a rather beastly fashion so stubborn that they do not want to hold a curl. I have to be ultra careful with the curling wand to encourage the direction I wish as well.

Lash routine… I have really straight lashes and have to curl my lashes really carefully and put on waterproof mascara. Sometimes when I’m not careful curling my lashes they get stuck together and it’s really not fun separating afterwards.

Lipstick/lip gloss; not because it’s “difficult”, time-consuming, or even takes any real effort, but because I don’t feel it ” makes or breaks” a look on me, given my particular features, and it’s just a simple swipe (or two), and requires no work…

For me it’s concealer; I have to get it just right (both in amount and on the exact area), and I have to check in different light to ensure everything’s covered properly. I have really bad dark circles and still haven’t found one I’m completely happy with.

Pretty much. I s.t. use tinted eye moisture, primer, corrector, concealer, and brightener. Maybe set it. OMBFG! Now that I cannot wear glasses most of the time, have become even more finicky, disappointed, bec. I can’t hide the circles behind frames. Gotta go for a second opinion eye appt, before concealer puts me in an early grave.

My least favorite part is covering my acne marks. My fave is a tie between blush and eyeshadow (depending how much time I have).
I totally agree with people saying taking off makeup sucks!

Eyebrows. It’s hard enough to do one properly, but doing two and having them come out nicely … not to mention matching … is a chore.

setting my under eye concealer – too much powder = a cakey mess and not enough powder = concealer sliding all over my face 🙁

I hate mascara! I find it takes forever to build up my crappy lashes to where they’re visible and pretty ahaha.

So I usually wear falsies, I find them so much quicker and easier.

I also hate eye liner. With my uneven, hooded eyes it’s a paaain!

Removing it. Or putting on false eyelashes, I never got the hang of it. Luckily, I don’t have very many occasions to use them!

Eyebrows…hate them, hate doing them…takes a long time because I have so few. 2nd place would be eyeliner. I always mess up and then they get thicker, and the wing gets longer and longer.

dido Mascara! My eye lashes are long but they go every which way so putting on mascara is real challenge even if I curl them they are very full and crisscross each other.

I don’t mind the mascara part, but I hate having to use that torture device known as a lash curler. I never know if I did enough until after it is all over.

The least favorite part of my makeup application is my eyebrows! My brows are very sparse, I’ve let them grow out two years once and they just will not thicken up. So my brows need a lot attention. I get that my brows will not be twins but they aren’t sisters either. Maybe they live on the same street lol. My right brow is the good one, I can get the tail to start where I want it, the start of this brow looks natural and not squared off. It’s just easier. The left brow is another story. The arch into the tail is never even with the right brow, the start of this brow tends to look like half of a square. The hairs in the left brow are more sparse then the right, so I fill it in, then notice it’s darker than the right one so I then have to darken it to match.
The main thing that makes this my least favorite thing in my makeup application is I at the end, I’m never satisfied, I just eventually quit because I need to move on to the rest of my makeup. So I don’t look forward to doing my brows.

Mascara for me too! I have hooded eyelids and mascara always smudges on them! I sometimes do my mascara first then clean off the smudges then let it dry before doing the rest of my eye make-up but then a bit falls on my eyelashes. Can’t win!

Probably eyeliner as I cannot touch my eyes without them watering or me constantly blinking. It means tightlining is out of the question, but any precision eyeliner is sometimes a no-go.

This was fascinating to read, very interesting. For me mascara is the part I dread. I love putting on my makeup but the whole time I’m having fun I know I’m going to fk it all up with mascara …and I do. My shaky hands ensure smudges, my ridiculously long lashes and hooded eyes mean I can be as careful as possible but dots WILL end up on my hood and on my glasses. Unfortunately I only have about 5 lashes total and they’re blonde so for volume and color mascara is a must. Thank goodness for elf’s makeup remover pen! Best $3 I spend!

Washing it off! Especially getting the mascara off! I’m so dang tired when I get home. I don’t mind moisturizing bc my skin feels yucky without it. AND I HATE waiting for the different products to dry to apply the next.

But removing it all is the worst !

It has to be my eyebrows. I can do them adequately but I need a lot more practice. I envy the you tubers that have perfect looking brows lol.

Setting my foundation. I’m trying to use up a loose powder right now and it’s so tedious and annoying and just takes forever… I also need to moisturize pretty well before foundation because I tend to get really dry, so I never feel like I can set everything fully anyway.

Removing it before going to bed when I’m dead tire.
Hubby trying to use my bathroom to comb his hair or talk while I’m making myself beautiful (or trying). Lol! I’m No! Noooo! Go to yours this is my very special time to myself and I love it! 🙂

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