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Brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush/highlight loose powder/MSFN, and then lips! Trying to find a good Contour now tho, blunt is just blends into my skin. Any recs?

My order is as follows: Concealer (if needed), foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, loose powder. Not quite similar to yours, but I’ve been using this method for about five years now and it feels weird if I change it.. =/

Foundation, concealer, powder, brows, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, lips and finish with blush. I do blush last bc I have a tendency to put on too much when my lips are pale–I feel the need for more “color”! Also, a lot of times I use a powder foundation so then concealer is first followed by the powder foundation. I like to do brows before eyeshadow bc the brows really bring out the shape of my eye and I can use it as a guideline. It’s all very technical, this makeup stuff;)

I have a very specific order for my makeup application. I like to think I’ve optimized the routine.

Sunscreen: DDF Organic
Primer: Fresh Rose Freshface
Concealer: MAC Select Moisturecover
Foundation/Powder: EDM semi-matte/Natural Reflections
Eye Primer #1: UDPP
Brow Powder: Anastasia Duo
Eye Primer #2: MAC Paint Pot

crease/outer corner
lower lashline

Curl lashes/Mascara: Koji Soft Curve & Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl
Liner: Prestige WP or UD 24/7
Highlighter, if any

Chapstick, UDPP, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, blush, remove Chapstick, lipstick, lipgloss. Phew! LOL. I usually don’t wear foundation but if I do, I put that on before anything else. I use a pressed mineral foundation by Pur Minerals.

Oh wow! I’m such a dork — I feel kind of honored you used my question!

Up until this week I was in a 15 year rut and did everything in the same order: foundation, then eyeshadow, mascara, eye liner, concealer, cheeks, powder to set, then LIPS LAST…. But now I’ve scooted lips up to right after foundation. I think I want the lips to be the star (b/c of your Spring Season inspiration). The eyeshadow now has to match the lips instead of the other way ’round!

I’ve been having more fun this way! I also read somewhere that if you do your lips before your eyes, you don’t need to use as much eye makeup as you think. Who knows if that’s true!

My order is kinda weird: primer – brow liner – foundation – e/s – eyeliner – blush – l/s – touch up my brows lol, but I hate applying e/s w/o my brows done – mascara – l/g.

toner, moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, eye primer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush, lipstick and gloss, bronzer, highlighter.

I actually skip the setting powder step now because I like a dewy finish.

Primer – concealer – foundation – blush – mineral veil – brow fix – mac paint pot rubenesque over the entire lid – mac starflash e/s dreammker as highlighter – urban decay pp sin – one or more eyeshadows – eyepencil(s) / eyeliner(s)- eyecurler – mascara (lower lashes first) – lip balm – lip pencil – lip gloss.
In that order I apply my make up normally!

Eyebrows, eyeshadow, upper liner, primer, foundation, concealor (if needed), set powder, contour, blush, highlight (if in the mood), mascara, waterlines, lips.

lol, well, it’s how i do it ;-D

Christine, your order TOTALLY makes sense to me….I don’t know why I do it different (and then curse the shadow fallout cleanup)….I must change my process!! Thanks for the tip!!

I changed my order, six month or so ago.
Before I had a weird order: eyes (not bottom lashline), face, brows, brow highlight, bottom lashline and mascara.

Now I’m more normal and do: brows, whole eyes and then face. This saves me a lot of time, but I’ve done the other order for many years because I liked it. I don’t anymore.. 😀

If i wear light eye makeup:
moisturizer, concealer, foundation, powder, blush
eye base, shadow or whatever, waterline, mascara

if i wear dark eye makeup or bold colors on the eyes:
eye base, eye shadows, waterline
moisturizer, concealer, foundation, powder, blush
mascara at least.

forgot to mention the moisturizer first thing after washing my face. wait 20 minutes (make coffee walk dog : D ) face primer and then the above. Also put on eye primer before shadow.

Eyebrows, Brow Highlighter, Eye Primer, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, False Lashes, Moisturizer, foundation, mascara after glue has dried on false lashes, blush, bronzer or shader, Fix+ Spray, Cinema Secret Sealer, and then gloss.

eyebrows, eyeshadow base, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, curl lashes, mascara, carmex moisture plus, lipstick, and lipgloss. =)

hope you have a great day christine!

Eyes first? Interesting. You’re the second person this week that has told me they do their eyes first (the other was a lady at the Estee Lauder counter). I guess it makes sense because you don’t want the eyeshadow that falls off your lids and brush all over your foundation. Maybe I’ll try that this weekend.

P.S. I’m COMPLETELY addicted to your site. This is my go-to site every morning when I have my coffee at the office lol. Even my boyfriend knows about you and will ask me “so, what has Christine convinced you to buy this week?” Hahahaha!

Forgot to add how I normally do it:

Loose Powder
Eyeshadow Primer

First, primer. Second, foundation, then mineralize skinfinish (or some setting powder!). After that, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara. Then, lipgloss. Annnddd… finish!

After moisturizer w/ spf, I apply primer, then foundation, setting powder, lip moisturizer to prep my lips then I blush and/or bronzer.

I do my eyes afterwards, then a lipstick.

mmmm….i disagree with the eyes first (even though I usually do)..when I was modelling they did the eyes first and foundation last to get rid of any mistakes or fall out

Yeah, I hear eyes first is to get rid of fallout… but I like to do my foundation first so that my face starts off even before I start slappin’ color everywhere, haha. I don’t usually get much fallout though, so I guess I’m lucky!

lol..i just read what i wrote..it didn’t say what it should have lol…I mean that yeah, everyone (ie pros) do eyes first but I usually do my face first as well LOL..I don’t have much fallout either usually but every now and then esp. with Maui Wowie i get sparkles and it’s really annoying 🙂

the only reason i do my eyes first is because at the last minute i seem to want to try something new on my eyes and sometimes it just doesn’t work so i have to wipe it off and start all over. I don’t want to mess up the rest of my face so I do face last:)

My daily cream mixed with my liquid foundation, pressed Powder with a Sponge, Concealer. pressed matifying powder with abrush, eyebrow colour, eyeshadow base, eyebrow-gel, Eyeshadow and sometimes eyliner, mascara, blush and then lips

Eyes first, so i can clean up fallout, glitter, etc.

Then, I prime my skin, and do mascara while the primer absorbs. Then, I do foundation(I apply with a dense brush, let it warm to become more workable, and then blend a bit with a fluffy bronzer brush), and do eyeliner while the foundation sets. Then, I powder my face, if needed, apply more mascara or eyeliner, and then apply blush, contour, etc. I do the lips last, choosing the color based off the product of the others.

foundation, loose powder, blush, eyeliner, lips, eyeshadow, mascara.

I am baffled at how to do eyes THEN foundation . . . but definitely want to learn because I’m darn sick of eyeshadow fallout!!

Eyeshadow,Foundation,Brows,eyeliner,Blush Loose Powder, then my lips. it sounds a weird order but I do my eyeshadow first, because then I can tidy it up wherever I like without smudging, my foundation next, then my brows, because I don’t like to do them, then go over it with foundation by accident, then my liner, because I often have winged liner, and when I put on my foundation I used to smudge it, works well everytime!

concealer, foundation(MSFN), eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows, cheeks, lips, mascara.

I love putting on mascara last–it really pulls the look together and makes me looks MUCH more awake!

Eye primer potion, face primer, eye shadow, concealer, eye liner, foundation, loose powder, contour, cheek hilighter, blush, mascara then lip stick and gloss.

On a daily bases, I’ll do my foundation first then eyes, cheeks, and finally lips. If I’m going with dark, heavy eyes then I’ll do that first then foundation and so on.

it’s everytime the same order, but I don’t use everything everyday:
lip balm
creme rouge
mineralize skinfinish natural (softer over the creme rouge)
translucent veil powder
highlighting powder
eyeshadow base

spot/eye treatment if necessary, concealer, (if I have time) foundation, powder, blush, highlighter/illuminator and then to my eyes.

Primer, powder, shadows, mascara, liner, brows and then touch up on blush and highlighter if necessary

Mine is kind of weird, but it’s what works best for me! I can’t line or put eyeshadow on my lower lash line until after I put on mascara because it really irritates my eyes if I do. Not sure why!

tinted moisturizer
loose powder
eye primer
eyeshadow (lids)
eyeliner (upper lash line only)
YSL Touche Eclat (under eyes & on bridge of nose)
eyeshadow (inner corner and lower lash line)

Mine usually goes as follows (but sometimes I change it up): Eyeshadow, Foundation, Concealer, Setting powder, Brows, Highlight/Contour, Blush, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lips.

Sometimes I’ll save the setting powder until after the blush/highlight/contour, but I usually only do that when I’m using cream/liquid products instead of my usual powder.

foundation primer, concealer, foundation, eye shaddow primer, eye shaddow, liner, brows, mascara, blush, powder (sometimes), lip primer lip liner (sometimes) and lipstick and gloss (sometimes.

1. moisturizer
1.a)(primer sometimes)
2. concealer
3. foundation, liquid
4. setting matte powder
5. eyebrows, fill in
6. eyeshadow
7. liquid eyeliner
8. mascara
9. MSF, for contouring
10. blush

… dang I have a 10 step process for my face, never thought about it until this post. Thanks Diane/Christine! 😀

I don’t use foundation, so yeah. Lip Balm/Conditioner, Concealer, Eye Primer, Powder, Eyeshadow (f use any that day), Liner (If use any that day), Mascara (School: Great Lash Clear, Any Other Day: Loreal Telescopic Explosion or CoverGirl Lash Length), Lipgloss/Lipstick, Blush.

Foundation, blush (unless I’m doing a more creative makeup look, then I do this after eyes), bronzer (if applicable), eyeshadow, liner, mascara and then lips if I’m using anything.

Fun question! I recently changed it up as one day I forgot to put my loose powder on before eyeshadows and found I quick like doing it after eyeshadows 🙂

Foundation/tinted moisturizer, concealer (if needed), eyeshadows, liner, mascara, loose face powder, blush, lips

moisturizer, primer, eyeshadows, blush, lips

If i dont use a foundation and use a sunscreen when do i wear it before the primer or before the moisturizer

Primers (eyes and face), foundation, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, face powder, blush, eyebrows and lips last. Although sometimes I do my eyes first and then do foundation, powder, etc. It depends on how much time I have and when I do my make up.

foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, cheeks, lips. i save the cheeks and lips for last because i like to go off of what my eyes look like.

It’s fun to read everyone’s different routines!

Here is mine: eyeshadow (start off light and move to the darker shades), eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow filler, concealer, powder foundation, blush, highlight loose powder, MAC spray fix, lip liner, lip gloss.

Eyes (lid, lashes, brows), then lips. I don’t actually wear makeup most of the time; only for photos–and if there’s something I don’t like about my skin, I can edit it out on the computer. ha ha ha

My order: eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brows, concealor, foundation, lightly dusted setting powder, countouring, blush, highlighter, lips. Wow, that looks like a lot!

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