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OK, so I’m a Star Wars geek, and I hated that horrid Cover Girls weak attempt at a Star Wars collection. Now, I would love to see UD or MAC really BRING IT! The gold, the silver, the red & black, purple laser iridescence, earthy tones, too, all of it! A very Sith-y eye palette would be in my cart and BOUGHT! They need to hire me!!! ?

Harry Potter
Big Fish
Moonrise Kingdom
Moulin Rouge or any other Baz Luhrman film
The Great Gatsby
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Witches of Eastwick
Hocus Pocus

I remember most of these being so vividly colorful and being really drawn in by the scenery, costuming and makeup.

Frozen – but it would have to be a mainstream, adult aimed concept rather than the cutesy, little girl packages designed for the under-10s.

Not a movie but a tv series – Downton Abbey! Mind you, most women wore little makeup in that era but I’d still like to see a collection that might give me Lady Mary’s skin (much as I loved the Dowager Duchess, I don’t think I’d want skin like hers! But her name was Violet, so there’s even scope here for some eyeshadow colours!)

Yes! I think that is such a great idea. Minimal and skin-like stains, cream blushes, face powders, and lipsticks all in packaging of the era would be so fitting and fun!

I agree with you, because I am a big fan of Downtown Abbey, too. I would imagine some sparkle in the packaging and berry colours.

I was going to say I agree with you, but the more I think about it, I realize I just don’t like the inspirations they choose. The Simpsons, Trolls, Pirates of the Carribean, Mortal Instruments, Minnie Mouse, Betty Boop, etc…

I think there would be some great collabs that wouldn’t be as gimmicky, but they probably require high licensing costs or corporate partnerships between companies that don’t care about each other much.

Tbh I just want quality products and not just junk that have a particular label on the packaging. It’s nonsense and I’m done with it. Hello Kitty, Disney, Wonder Woman. We’ve seen it all and being a particular color or having a certain packaging shouldn’t be what gets ne buying makeup. It’s all just a cash grab for companies and it’s silly. Sorry about it. Plus most of the time, it’s gobbled up by Ebay sellers who turn around and sell it for double or triple the cost. Such BS and I’m no longer participating in any of it !

Anything Wes Anderson! I had fun thinking of a few products, but imagine how gorgeous the packaging would be.

Grand Budapest: Eyeshadow quad with a light pink, blue for Mendl’s, purple for the hotel uniforms and warm gold like l’air de panache/detailing on the uniforms. A light pink creme lipstick, and a glossy red like the back of the concierge desk. A gold highlighter just to be over-the-top like Monsieur Gustave. Nail polish in the colors of the eyeshadow quad, also adding a blood red.

Fantastic Mr Fox: Eyeshadow palette with warm browns, dark/burnt orange, olive green, forest green and maybe a steel/grey colour for the wolf. A plum-brown lipstick and a warm peachy-brown sheer one (along the lines of UD Ex Girlfriend).

Steve Zissou: I’m not too keen on a full range of this but a red lip to match the beanie would be very important. Light blue nail polish.

Moonrise Kingdom: Eyeshadow palette with warm gold, peachy pink for Suzy’s dress, blue to match her eyeshadow (would I use a baby blue eyeshadow? no. is it crucial to this palette? yes), maybe a teal, olive/khaki for the scouts, light brown. Baby blue and pink nail polishes. Pink blush to match Suzy’s dress. Maybe a blue mascara?

Dario Argento’s Suspiria. KVD ELL is a reference, but not a color I associate with the film. Gialli are such fun, so stylized…and I’m not a horror fan at all. Maybe Swept Away with Giancarlo Giannini (sp?). That would make a wonderful Med island flavored collection for summer. Some of the Terrence Malick films set a def color vibe.

I would love to see a collection inspired by Titanic! I’m not really sure how this could be incorporated into makeup lol, but I think it would be cool.

50 Shades of “Gray”….but not because I love the movie ( I think it’s just porno) but because I love gray eyeshadow and when I find a beautiful, unique shade, I’ll buy it. I love purple grays, green grays, blue grays….lol. But if I had to choose a movie I liked because of the makeup and fashion, I would choose The Devil Wears Prada. It would have classy colors and packaging…nothing bright, no orange….just lovely classic shades of eyeshadow SINGLES (not a palette) of satiny deep green, gray, VERY dark blue, champagne, etc., with eyeliners in those shades also, plus a shimmery black eyeliner……beautiful red and neutral pink lipsticks and glosses and blush to complement those shades. THIS would be my kind of collection.

Sephora used to make an interesting gray called “Truffle”. It was purple-brown-gray. But I agree, a series of gray eyeshadows with different undertones would be interesting. Check out some indie brands like concrete minerals and geek chic cosmetics.

I totally agree! Someone could do something really cool with a Harry Potter collection. It would have been great if MAC did one with Fantastic Beasts – imagine the packaging!!

I’d like to see a better Star Wars collection than whoever (was it Covergirl?) put out.

I’d also like to see ones based on like Universal Monsters or Bond girls through the years or X-Men.

There used to be a nail polish collection inspired by the Bond Girls- I think it was done by OPI? Some beautiful, inventive, show-stopping colours. Maybe they still sell them somewhere? It’s worth looking into.

LOTR, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Pirat of Caraïbes, but in good quality packaging (not cardboard) and with really interesting color selections.

They should make good quality plastic or metallic rechargeable palettes (should be as good as UD plastic packagings, not those cardboard ones by Benefit or those tint can ones by MUFE) inspired by movies in which you can put the eye and face products that you want !

I like the way you think. Also, Game of Thrones should try to capitalize on their popularity while the show is still airing.

Well, I was sooooo disappointed in MAC’s rendition of the women of Star Trek for the 50 year anniversary! Fans everywhere must have seriously been upset with the rendition of the products. And though the design of the women worked for me, the colors could have been so much better and truly in line (or better imagined) with the colors the women wore in the show. So that said, I concur below with Avatar (great colors there) and maybe I missed it, but “Too Faced” should have done a Willy Wonka/Chocolate Factory one (great themes and colors), say for Christmas. (Apparently, Storybook Cosmetics will do it.) And last thoughts, since DC & Marvel is so hot, why not do a bad girls vs. good girls collections: Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Storm vs. Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Emma Frost (some great colors there, especially if you add Mystique for the blues.)

Jel888, yes! Especially loving that LAST one: DC Heroines vs Villainesses! That could be EPIC if done properly. I’d hand it to UD or MAC. Possibly Sugarpill.

Sugarpill could definitely do it, and Kat Von D, would be excellent for it, but I’m not sure that’s her style. May be collaboration with her doing the villainesses and hmmm who for the heroines??? Let me dream crazy, Natasha Denona or Kevyn Auction (some classic high end who wouldn’t typically do such a thing), but I ‘d like someone who does really pigmented quality stuff. Little lesser known Coloured Raine could pull it off, they make great eyeshadows.

I’m here for MCU makeup – Gamora green, Black Widow black, Winter Soldier silver, Loki gold, Hawkeye purple, Scarlet Witch red, Cap blue…arc reactor sparkles! Mjolnir makeup brushes!

Please, someone do this.

I’ve always thought Finding Nemo was visually stunning and would be a great summer collection with bright aquas, blues, corals, etc.

Mainstream Harry Potter would be BEAUTIFUL for fall! All those rich jewel tones and colors… I mean, if Pirates of the Caribbean can make a mainstream collection for a new movie, why haven’t we got one for Fantastic Beasts and all those new things?!

MAC should do a “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar” collection. The colors, the packaging, the glossy lips!

The Devil Wears Prada Collection by Nars would be awesome. I’m not a NARS person but I’d buy the entire set!!

A Lord of The Rings set created by Nars as well.

While I don’t own a lot of Nars, their packaging is by far the best to me (excluding the higher end brands like Tom Ford and Burberry, etc.) and everything they touch is sleek and sexy and can be dark and exciting all in one collection. There isn’t a collection that NARS has put out that I did not like in terms of package design.

Urban Decay makes the most intricate packaging to follow themes so I’d like to see what they can do with LOTRs as well.

I would LOVE a Shining Themed Collection for Halloween by Kat Von D. I think she can really make it special.

Although I have never seen the movie The Notebook, a collection made off that. Can you imagine the Ryan Gosling adorned items and I can see the lipstick tube being designed with that famous kiss on it. That would be sweet.

I’d love to see the vibrant colors of The Beatles Yellow Submarine translated into a makeup collection with stellar packaging. I’d also love to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (original, not CATCF), and a mainstream collection for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I agree that Star Wars and Star Trek need proper collections.

Now the submarine idea I’d go for, but we’d have to have ta bit of the music when you open it! Great summer collection idea.

Geek Chic Cosmetics actually covers most of my nerd bases with their collections. But it’s always nice to get higher quality packaging and different formulations from major brands. In that respect, I would love more retro collections that draw from different time periods or historical collections that are inspired by international ancient cultures.

Christine- Their HP themed eyeshadows: http://www.geekchiccosmetics.com/witchcraft-and-wizardry.html

Yeah they really have interesting stuff, including monthly limited edition colors. They used to have a much larger shade selection with more fandoms represented. However, every couple months they do a sale called “the reckoning” and put soon-to-be-discontinued colors on super clearance.
It’s always strange to me they don’t get enough love because the quality is great, the pricing reasonable, and collections fun!

House of Cards and Game of Thrones – the makeup doesn’t even register (except maybe Lady Melisandre). However, each character is very distinct in appearances and colors.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Wonka’s suit, The girls’ dresses, Oompa Loompa orange and green and amazing chocolate browns, etc. and Snozberry scented/flavored lip products, I could imagine a lot of people arguing over what they imagined they would taste/smell like. If Too Faced had better pigmentation for their pops of colour i’d love to see them tackle this(especially for the chocolate scent) but I’d want some intense pops of colour like the KVD Metal Crush eyeshadows. I could see an indie brand like Sugarpill or Lunatick Cosmetic Labs doing this justice.

Um, Snozberry has been researched, and I don’t think we want or need that flavor/smell in a lip product, or anything else. : /

Oh my goodness Christine! Brilliant ? I would Love for someone to do that!
Would have to be of high quality!!!
Harry Potter⚡️

For me personally I do not need a collection inspired by a movie.
But maybe avatar.
A movie with a lot of intense colours, could have been a nice topic ?

Practical Magic — the one with Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing all as current day witches — or Witches of Eastwick
Breakfast at Tiffany or other classic, old New York style movies

There are a ton of great suggestions on here, the only two I would add would be:
Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette. The movies aband their queens are bursting with collection possibilities.

I am totally with you, Christine! I would flip for a HP makeup collection. There were some great ideas in this thread but I was kind of shocked that no one brought up The FIfth Element yet. It could be so colorful, metallic, grungey, and fun.

How about the “Hunger Games”? The scenes in the “Capital” are just awesome with regard to make-up creations …

Hummm …….
Dangerous Beauty ( fascinated with the Courtesans)

The Karma Sutra ,( love exotica )
And the frothy , excessive romp of a movie “Marie Antoinette” by Sofia Coppola

Well I am going way back in time, “Gone With the Wind”, “Moonstruck”, “Grease”, ” How to Marry A Millionaire” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds”. All classics. Would love the makeup collections that they used in these movies!!!!

Anne Rove’s Vampire Chronicles. She is currently deep in planning ohasento bring the series to television in the same type situation as Game of Thrones. Her fan base is large so I hope it happens. No kitsch, though!

I would give anything and everything to have UD re-release their Pulp Fiction collection and for Mac to re-release their Rocky Horror Picture Show collection. I would love if a brand did a Beetlejuice, Heathers, or a superhero inspired collection.

X-Men – not just the movies but also the comics! So many intriguing options…the superhero allure, the different characters and character progression throughout the series, the outfits, the fight for peace and equality, and my personal favorite Jean Grey and the Dark Phoenix Saga! (Yes, total X-Men nerd here!) Great question – someone needs to make this happen!! 🙂

Snow White and the Huntsman! The visuals and cinematography in that movie were gorgeous. A lesser known brand, Diego Dalla Palma, did do a palette based on the movie, which I bought, but it was not impressive.

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